How to start a small business

Every entrepreneur needs to consider many factors before deciding to start a business. Subsequently, they can affect the success of the undertaking or lead it to bankruptcy. The first thing to consider is the size of the settlement. Business ideas for small cities with a population of up to 100 thousand people should fundamentally differ from the ideas of entrepreneurs in large metropolitan areas.

To make the right decision, it is important to follow simple rules:

Personnel question

Employees of a future business project should not have a high level of qualifications, since it is not easy to find them in a small settlement. You can still find one or two, but basically, all professionals leave for megacities.


Small business ideas in small towns should not be narrow-profile, because then they simply will not find their consumer.


When starting a business from scratch, it is important to have the appropriate knowledge and be well versed in the topic. Otherwise, your business idea for a small town will not be able to come true.

If you are seriously thinking about a new project and are confident in your abilities, the following features that business projects for a small town have will make you very happy.

First, there is a small start-up capital. Unlike entrepreneurs operating in metropolitan areas, you do not need to invest a lot in renting premises, on employee salaries and on an information company.

Secondly, you will be able to produce products for consumers living anywhere in your region, and thus find your client. For a budding entrepreneur, a great small town business idea is an online store. With a small investment of funds, the return can be significant, the main thing is to choose unique products for production and putting up for sale.

In small settlements there are people who also need quality services and the purchase of good-quality goods, just like the inhabitants of megalopolises. Well-chosen ideas of a profitable business in a small town are not as difficult to implement as it might seem at first glance. It can be difficult for a budding entrepreneur to deal with some of the skepticism and distrust of the local population at the start. However, as soon as consumers become convinced of the proper quality of goods or services, the business will begin to generate a stable income.

Collection point for dry cleaning clothes

Even in our time of omnipotent washing machines, there are wardrobe items that require special professional care, which can only be provided by dry cleaning specialists. Opening your own even a small enterprise is a great idea of ​​a profitable business in a small town. But for its implementation, 2,000,000-2,500,000 rubles will be needed. If there are no such funds at the start, you can organize a collection point for clothes for dry cleaning. The implementation of such an idea of ​​a topical business in a small town will require financial investments in the amount of 150,000-200,000 rubles. An important point in the activity of the reception center is the conclusion of contracts with enterprises that will clean the received clothes with high quality. Network dry cleaners sometimes provide transportation services, which will reduce your costs. Also, large enterprises providing dry cleaning services give a guarantee for their work and are responsible for its quality.

The staff of the point will only accept things, prepare them for shipment to the cleaning department and give out cleaned clothes to customers. Of course, the enterprise that directly performs cleaning work will have to give about 60% of the proceeds, but the owner of the collection point will be able to receive 60,000-90,000 rubles. income monthly. The profitability of this idea for starting a business in a small town is 10-30%, which is quite good for a beginner entrepreneur.

Cleaning and restoration of down and feather products

It is quite easy to implement this business idea in a small town. You just need to find a small room (up to 10 square meters), purchase equipment and you can start accepting orders for restoration. The process itself consists of several stages. First, the old bedcloth is opened and the contents are placed in a restoration unit, where they are sifted and quartzed to kill mites, bacteria and other inhabitants of downy and feather fillers. Next, the cleaned filler is placed in a new pillowcase and used up. The process is uncomplicated with a modern restoration installation. With a stable flow of customers, such a business can bring 50,000-80,000 rubles. per month, having recouped the initial investment in just a few months of work.

The cost of equipment for the restoration of down and feather products starts from 70,000 rubles. To implement the business idea of ​​services to the population in a small town for the restoration of pillows and blankets, it will also be necessary to purchase a sewing machine, on which updated products and bedclothes made of high-quality material will be built up.

The restoration of down and feather bedding is one of the real business ideas for a small town, which are successfully implemented by entrepreneurs and, in the future, become reliable sources of income. Starting with the restoration of blankets and pillows, over time, you can expand the scope of activity by purchasing additional equipment and starting to produce down and feather products yourself. Initially, you should offer your products to customers whose favorite blankets and pillows cannot be restored, gradually expanding the circle of buyers.

Installation and maintenance of air conditioners and other equipment

To implement the idea of ​​a small business in a small town for the installation and maintenance of air conditioners, you will need to purchase a set of equipment consisting of:

  • Wall saw and set of diamond discs;
  • Rotary hammer;
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • Pipe cutter;
  • Pipe benders (lever and crossbow type);
  • Rolling;
  • Scraping;
  • Propane-oxygen burner.

The cost of such a set is about 120,000 rubles. When choosing a tool, pay attention to its quality; saving on equipment will not improve the quality of the services provided.

The most profitable business areas are those that do not require large capital investments. Any business based on your knowledge and skills can become quite profitable and successful. Many people believe that starting your own business is impossible without start-up capital. But this is not the case. If you are interested in small business, we will consider options for different types of entrepreneurial activity without large capital investments in this article.


During the economic crisis, many businesses are forced to close. But there are also areas of activity that, despite the difficult economic conditions, are beginning to flourish. Aspiring entrepreneurs are often interested in what kind of business is relevant now in a crisis? Experts recommend paying attention to pawnshops. These are commercial organizations that provide loans to the population secured by property. If the borrower does not return the funds within the specified period, the property becomes the property of the pawnshop.

Main expenses:

The equipment will cost about 500 thousand rubles. The payback period largely depends on the number of loans issued to the population. If there are a lot of clients, you can quickly return your initial investment and reach a net profit. This is one of the most promising ideas for a profitable business in the crisis in 2021. It is great for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Trade in kvass

Each of us knows how pleasant it is to drink a glass of a refreshing cold drink in the summer heat. In all cities in the summer, in crowded places, machines for the sale of draft kvass are installed. Few people think that this is a fairly profitable business that, with a skillful organization, can bring good income. Therefore, if you are interested in how to start a small business, try to start selling draft kvass and lemonade.

The only drawback of this line of activity is seasonality, but this problem is easily solved. In the cold season, entrepreneurs move their kiosks to shopping centers or other stores and add hot drinks to the assortment.

To trade in draft kvass, you need the following equipment:

All equipment will cost you about 50 thousand rubles. Do not forget also that you will need money to purchase kvass and salaries to sellers. Small business ideas like this in a small town will be profitable. The most important thing is to choose a convenient location for your retail outlets.

Growing petunias

Such a question as business ideas for a small city worries a large number of people in any country of the world, including ours.

If no more than 100,000 people live in a settlement, then it is considered not a very suitable place for entrepreneurial activity, since there are great chances simply not to find your client or buyer. Small towns usually have modest average wages, a shortage of active population, and this casts doubt on even the most sensible plans and calculations.

But not everything is as sad as it might seem at first glance. If you approach business wisely and show some skill, which is simply a must for an entrepreneur, then even in settlements with a population of 20, 30 or 60,000 people, you can find your niche and earn good money.

Features of doing business in small towns

Of the minuses, it's worth noting:

  • A small number of people cannot create a truly large demand for even the highest quality products. The question of what to trade is very acute here. New cars will often not be bought from you.
  • Limited partnerships. If a person plans to produce something, create something, then for components and materials he will have to travel distant lands, which increases costs.
  • It is necessary to correctly calculate the quantity of the offered goods. If, for example, these are agricultural products, then they may deteriorate over time, so it is important to provide how much production, how much the local market can absorb.

Of the pluses, the following points can be noted:

  • A small town is a minimum of competitors and possible problems with industry giants. Here, even a product of mediocre quality can be quite in demand.
  • It will not be so expensive to organize production - renting premises will not require large investments, modest salaries for employees will also play into the hands of an entrepreneur.

Considering this, you can protect yourself as much as possible and protect yourself from the rapid collapse of even the most productive ideas.

What kind of business to do in a small town

Obviously, it is not worth organizing a car factory in a town for 40,000 inhabitants, just like opening a company to organize flights to the moon.

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