How to organize a small business up to 300 thousand

The volume of available investments is one of the key factors for successful business development. The wider it is, the more prospects and profitable segments are available to an entrepreneur. But the ability to correctly distribute finances and invest them in business with benefit is no less important. It is also necessary that the product or service is relevant in the region, and the purchasing power allows you to pay for it. An investment of 300,000 thousand rubles is a pretty good start for a small business, which can provide an entrepreneur with a high and stable income.

How to open a profitable business for rubles?

300,000 rubles is not the largest, but significant capital for the successful development of small business. With such investments, you can realize yourself at a decent level and form a stable source of good earnings in almost any area. But in addition to the volume of investments, there are many more important factors that affect the profitability of the business and the percentage of sales: saturation of the sales market, the price policy of the supplier of raw materials, the quality of advertising and marketing strategy, the relevance of the service or product for the region, the purchasing power of the target audience. Starting a new business includes several basic steps:

  • Preparatory stage (writing a business plan, searching for potential clients, opening a bank account, choosing a tax regime, organizational and legal form of activity, searching for funding sources).
  • Registration with the tax service, other government services.
  • Conducting an advertising campaign, implementing a marketing strategy.
  • Purchase of goods, preparation of the enterprise for work, personnel search.
  • Starting a business.

It is possible to organize a successful business and for less money. What kind of business can you open for 100 thousand? There are many options: a clothing repair shop, photo printing on ceramic tiles, a shop on wheels, bird breeding, a law firm.

Tip: you can make money at home with a small investment by buying a machine for the production of nails. The profitability of such a mini-production reaches 13-15%.

The most relevant business ideas with investments of up to thousands of rubles

300,000 thousand rubles is a pretty good amount of investment in your business. With a competent distribution of funds and a responsible approach to organizing the business, this money will be enough to create a successful enterprise. We propose to consider the most popular business ideas.

Household goods and building materials

The segment of manufacturing household goods and production of building materials has always been a profitable niche for entrepreneurs. These products are invariably in demand by almost any target audience and in every region.

300,000 rubles will be enough to create a mini-production for the manufacture of custom-made kitchen furniture. With such investments, the project should pay off in about 1.5-2 years. Design details will help to make your products original and distinguish them from competitors' offers - drawing on glass, facades pasted over with a film with a 3D picture, decoration using craquelure technique. In addition to materials, it will be necessary to purchase accessories (for a specific order) and select high-quality equipment:

It is also necessary to take into account the costs of registration of their activities, taxes, salaries of employees, utility bills, advertising.

Cinder block structures made of dropout, cement and water are considered the best option for the construction of residential buildings. Low cost and availability of components for the manufacture of products allow the cinder block to compete with brick and foam concrete. To make your product stand out from other offers, you can give it a corporate color. At first, every ruble will count; you can save a little on the amount of cement used if you make cinder blocks based on a semi-dry concrete mixture (cement, water, screening). A plasticizing additive will help to increase the strength of products, their water resistance, frost resistance. The cost of one product weighing 20 kg will be approximately 15-17 rubles. For the full operation of the workshop, you will need to buy the following equipment (based on the production of 180 thousand cinder blocks per year):

Having asked the question of which business to open for 300,000 rubles, you should pay attention to various options for small business with the prospect of its expansion in the future.

Trade area

The initial capital of 300,000 rubles will be enough to open a small lingerie store, a store of stock clothes or bijouterie.

This amount will include the cost of renting premises, purchasing a cash register, counters, shop windows, as well as the first salary of employees and the initial purchase of goods. For such a store, it is not at all necessary to hire more than two employees.

Another good business option in the retail area is opening an online store. If you are thinking about what kind of business to open for 300,000 rubles, then in the case of an online store, you will definitely meet this amount.

For example, you can sell items bought overseas at lower prices, it is very popular now to buy goods in China.

You will have to spend money, first of all, on the creation of a functional and attractive Internet site, its promotion and advertising. But such a business is in many ways simpler than opening a store, in particular, the lease issue disappears by itself.

Operating cash

Currency exchange has always been a profitable business. Open a point, or rather several, for currency exchange. The main thing is to choose the right place.

It can be the city center, large shopping areas, it is a good idea to place such kiosks near railway stations and bus stations.

In self-isolation mode, you can not only watch TV. At such an unusual time, many need to think about the future. Most travel enthusiasts have saved money because the borders are closed and there is nowhere to fly. Someone was able to save on shopping and restaurants. And someone managed to accumulate a decent amount in a short or longer period even before the onset of the dangerous coronavirus. Do you have about 300 thousand rubles in your piggy bank? Don't waste it on entertainment. Invest them in a business that will make a profit! We offer you ideas on what you can spend 300 thousand rubles with the most profitable benefit.

Own business

If you feel the makings of an entrepreneur, it's time to start your own business. Such a volume of funds available for investment most often implies self-employment, that is, a business without hiring employees. In most Russian regions, self-employment is regulated by a special law.

The main risk is associated with constantly changing Russian legislation in the field of taxation and the acquisition of permits for most areas of activity. The second most important - if this business is "not yours". The soul does not lie, there are no abilities, etc. Then it is better not to try your luck, but to invest the accumulated funds in other tasks.

Real Estate Investments

It is unrealistic to buy an apartment for 300 thousand rubles now, but such an amount may well become the first installment for buying a home on a mortgage. Of course, if you are going to buy an apartment not in Moscow. This option has its drawbacks. For example, a living space cannot be sold without the permission of the bank until the mortgage debt is paid in full.

Having invested 300 thousand rubles, you can buy a dacha. Now this is a very promising area that enjoys particular popularity. On a suburban area, you can grow vegetables and fruits for sale, breed livestock and just relax from the bustle of the city.

Some experts recommend buying a garage. A small room can be renovated and resold profitably in the future. Garages are often rented for a small profit. It can also be used as a warehouse. Some open up a car service or a tire service.

Investments in land

Since the advent of the land market, it has become a highly profitable asset, the value of which is only increasing day by day and year by year. At the same time, the amount of land that is not yet private property is steadily declining. It can be rented out. On the ground, you can arrange a mini-farm. In the future, it can be profitably resold. The risks are of an exclusively bureaucratic nature, because in order to register ownership of oneself, it is necessary to bypass many authorities in order to obtain permission to purchase.


The price of gold is growing quite steadily, but there are also recessions here. Although the cost of jewelry depends on the price of a troy ounce of gold, this dependence is nonlinear. In addition, it is worth understanding the "gold-diamonds", there is a risk of running into a fake. Not every product can be a valuable asset for resale.

Yes, almost any decoration can be accepted into the pawnshop. But you want to make a profit or create some kind of airbag. Choose jewelry of the highest standard and without artificial stones.

Is it enough rubles to start

The size of the start-up capital is in many ways the key to a successful business. Naturally, the more funds you have, the wider the opportunities for doing business will be. Another important point is the competent distribution of finances.

Before investing in a particular product, you need to make sure that it is relevant in your area. This requires a market analysis and the creation of a detailed business plan that takes into account all the risks of the activity being undertaken and suggests measures to eliminate them.

300,000 rubles is a good start-up capital for starting a small business. With the right approach to business, you can get a steady income.

Opening a profitable business for rubles

Many areas of business require significant investment. And 300,000 rubles is not a large amount, but it will be quite enough to start a small business. With the right approach to business, you can get a stable source of income in almost any area of ​​business.

In addition to the volume of start-up investments, a successful business depends on the following points:

  • saturation of the sales market;
  • thoughtfulness of the marketing campaign;
  • prices for raw materials;
  • demand for a product or service in a specific region;
  • purchasing power of the target audience.

To receive a stable income, you should go through several stages:

  • Preparatory. It is about drawing up a business plan, finding suppliers of raw materials and clients, choosing a tax regime, etc.
  • Registration with the tax office and obtaining the necessary permits.
  • Purchase of raw materials, search for employees.
  • Advertising campaign.
  • Starting a business.

The most relevant business ideas with investments of up to rubles

With the right approach, 300,000 rubles can be a good business investment. In order not only to return the money spent, but also to receive a stable income, you should approach the organization of activities with all responsibility. Be prepared for the fact that a large part of the amount will have to be spent on advertising.

Household goods and building materials

A small town is a great place to do business, despite the fact that both the income of the population and the purchasing power are much lower than in a large city. But here you can pay less for advertising: word of mouth in small towns works better than any advertising channel.

What business is worth starting in such a small town? Trade in quality essential goods: food, clothing, footwear, household chemicals and household goods. We have already written about which store is better to open in small settlements in this article.

Let's consider in which profitable niches, in addition to trading in essential goods, you can quickly open and promote a business in a small town or urban-type settlement, making investments of up to 300 thousand rubles.

Small town service industry

It doesn't matter whether it's a big city or a small city - people there also consume the same services: they visit beauty salons, go to the cinema, to cafes and use the services of builders. But the service sector in a small town has its own characteristics.

  • You don't need to invest heavily in advertising here - word of mouth will quickly spread news about your services throughout the city. Everyone will learn about a good new hairdresser or about a new cafe in a maximum of a week or two from relatives, friends or acquaintances.
  • The number of people who use certain services is limited, so here you need to offer the service that is not yet in the city, or for which residents have to travel to other places.
  • The rent and salary costs of employees in a small town or small town are much lower than in a metropolis.

Here are the most promising niches for enterprises in the service sector, and a few relevant ideas that will be in demand in a small village, for which investments of up to 300 thousand rubles will be enough.

Hairdressing and beauty salon

Hairdressing and beauty salons belong to the category of services that are constantly consumed. Both in a big city and in a small city, hair, nail and body care services are in demand. The only difference is that in a small town the prices for these services are much lower than in a big one.

Most likely in a small village there are already several beauty salons and hairdressers, which the townspeople are used to going to. Before opening a similar establishment, carefully study the range of their services, choose a convenient area. An inexpensive barber shop will make more profit if you open it in a residential area rather than an industrial area. To get rid of high competition, offer new services, for example, those for which residents have to travel to a big city. This can be a service of braiding African braids and dreadlocks or a specialized nail salon.

The cost of renting premises in a small town is also much lower than in a large one. Together with the purchase of the necessary hairdressing equipment for one master (mirror, chair, tools, consumables), it is quite possible to keep within the agreed amount of 300 thousand rubles. (well, maybe spend a little more). Do not forget that you will need to open an individual entrepreneur, buy an online cashier and register it with all the necessary authorities.

You don't have to buy completely new hardware. You can also buy second-hand - it will be several times cheaper.

For a small town, it is more convenient than a stationary point, and no less profitable option may be the format of field services, when the master serves the client at his home. Such an on-site service will require even less investment: you only have to spend on tools, some consumables, such as hair dye, shampoos, etc. If you wish, you can keep within 50,000 rubles at the start, and get profit after 2-3 months of work.

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