How to open shawarma from scratch: business plan, costs, payback periods

Selling shawarma, or shawarma, is popular for small catering businesses. Its weak link is high competition, but despite this, such a business usually pays off quickly. Starting a shawarma stall does not require a lot of start-up capital, and the demand for shawarma, as well as for pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and other street fast food, always remains high. People can eat these dishes on the go: this is a quick option for a snack or lunch. Let's see how to open such a business.

  • 1 Business on shawarma: cooking technology
  • 2 Format of doing business
  • 3 Shawarma as a business: important points
  • 4 Shawarma business plan
  • 5 Project summary
  • 6 Production plan. What equipment is needed for shawarma
  • 7 Financial plan. The cost of equipment for shawarma
  • 8 Marketing plan
  • 9 Risk analysis
  • 10 Kiosk staff
  • 11 What you need to open shawarma: check- sheet of 10 points
  • 12 How to open a tent with shawarma: a list of documents
  • 13 Cost of 1 shawarma

Shawarma business: cooking technology

Shawarma is a famous Turkish dish. In the classic Middle Eastern version, it consists of an Arabian tortilla stuffed with minced meat, as well as chopped vegetables and gravy. In the Russian version, for shawarma, they take a translucent pita bread, which is stuffed with grilled meat.

The technology is simple: the meat is cut into thin pieces, fried and strung on a rotating spit. When the meat is ready, they take a sharp knife and cut off pieces, which are then put into thin pita bread. Vegetable salad is also spread there: they can be both fresh and pickled.

In addition to meat, lavash and vegetables, the dish may include cheese or chips. A mixture of finely chopped meat with vegetables is poured with ketchup and / or mayonnaise sauce, wrapped and packaged. It only takes a few minutes to cook. There is a variety of shawarma for vegetarians - no meat.

Business format

There are two formats for doing business: a mobile van or a regular stall. In any case, water and gas supply must be connected there.

The advantage of a wagon or trailer is mobility and the ability to move. This is especially important during festivities. On it, you can quickly find yourself in a place of maximum congestion. Such a stall can be bought or rented.

You can buy a stall with all the necessary communications inexpensively, for about 150 thousand rubles. But the location of the tracker must be agreed with the city administration, and this is not always easy. Sometimes it is more profitable to buy a stall with an approved location, or to sublet the space.

The main fast food lovers are students and youth. They prefer to eat on a budget and quickly, so the proximity of any educational institution or hostel would be a good option for location. For the same reason, it is important to design your outlet in a modern style. It is important that it is visible, in a place with good pedestrian traffic. You can also place it near the train station and shopping center, in a business center or near a park.

The stall should have windows through which customers can observe the process of shawarma preparation. You need to think about good lighting for the dark. In case of vandalism, it is better to insure the stall and all the property inside.

Shawarma as a business: important points

Street fast food is becoming more and more popular. Especially among the residents of the metropolis, who strive to be in time everywhere. People do not always have the opportunity to have a leisurely lunch in a restaurant or talk in a cozy coffee shop. And young people increasingly prefer to eat "on the go". Therefore, it is not surprising that making shawarma as a business is becoming more profitable. This type of fast food has now become as popular as pizza and hot dogs. But is shawarma profitable as a business?

Startup Features

Before developing a business plan "How to open shawarma", you need to understand all the features of this area. What is this fast food? Shawarma (or it may be called shawarma, kebab, doner) is a dish of Arab origin. It is made from minced meat that is fried on the grill. And also fresh vegetables and an interesting sauce are added there. All this filling is wrapped in a flat cake or pita bread. This is a classic shawarma recipe. But every chef can make the recipe more original.

This is one of the features of this business: thanks to various variations of the recipe, you can create an unusual shawarma and easily focus on the taste preferences of the target audience. Therefore, shawarma, like fast food, is becoming more and more popular. And now this dish can already be seen in the menu of some restaurants and cafes.

And also one of the advantages of making shawarma as a business is that all the ingredients are prepared in advance. This allows you to cook a dish in 5-15 minutes. All components are low in cost, which makes the dish inexpensive for the consumer. Business plan "Open shawarma" is one of the most popular and profitable startups, while it requires a minimum investment.

Key aspects for a startup

Fast food is one of the most popular and profitable destinations. Therefore, there are more and more such establishments. One of the important points in a shawarma business plan is choosing the right place.

It should be distinguished by a high flow capacity, i.e. a large crowd of people. Therefore, so often you can see kiosks with shawarma near bus stops or not far from shopping centers or educational institutions. It will be ideal if you can open your own establishment on a busy street.

An equally important point in the shawarma business plan is to obtain permission from the local authorities and purchase or rent premises for production. Usually this is a small stall, and when the startup begins to generate sufficient income, you can already expand production. It is very important that you have a constant source of electricity - without it you will not be able to produce shawarma.

And also each city and region has its own rules for the opening of catering outlets. You can collect all the necessary documents yourself, or using the services of intermediaries. When opening a shawarma production, you need to take into account that the competition in this direction is quite high. But you can stand out from the rest by making the original recipe for the dish.

Required equipment

Below is a business plan for shawarma with calculations for the purchase of equipment for its production. This startup stands out among others in that it does not need to purchase very expensive kitchen appliances.

The main thing that you need to make shawarma is a shawarma machine or a vertical grill. It is on it that meat is roasted so appetizingly for your dish, which is at the same time an excellent marketing ploy. It consists of a rotating vertical skewer and trays for cutting meat. Shawarma machine can be gas or electric. Its cost depends on the capacity and country of origin. The price range for a gas shawarma machine is from 10,000 to 200,000 rubles, and an electric one is from 20,000 to 250,000 rubles.

Modern people constantly have to rush somewhere. In the daily routine, it is difficult to find time for a full meal, and therefore fast food comes to the rescue for many.

Shawarma is a famous dish originally from Turkey, consisting of a mixture of vegetables and grilled pieces of meat, which are wrapped in thin pita bread. The demand for this dish is extremely high.

Shawarma as a business - is it profitable or not?

The current shawarma is ranked among the dishes of a universal type that have historical roots, but at the same time instantly adapt to the needs of our time, changing the design and ingredients of the filling.

At some points, fitness shawarma is sold, which does not contain meat, and the filling consists exclusively of vegetables. In European countries, a product with pork is often served, which generally contradicts all the origins of the dish, but fully satisfies the demand of the buyer. Large chains of fast food restaurants offer to taste the so-called rolls stuffed with meat, which are wrapped in a flat cake made of wheat flour.

As you can see, shawarma easily changes ingredients, satisfying market demand and preserving the main advantages - uniqueness of taste, rapid satisfaction of hunger, unnecessary cutlery and budget cost.

Therefore, this is an extremely profitable business niche that does not require large investments for a successful start. It remains to understand how to open the sale of shawarma.

Business plan with calculations

Initially, it is necessary to determine the location of the stall. Such a decision is of great importance, since making a mistake with a choice can be left without profit. To implement shawarma, it is better to choose places of intersection of streets, at public transport stops or not far from educational institutions. In large cities, it would be logical to install a stall near the metro station. A walk-through place for a kiosk is the first step so that the “shawarma” business idea does not burn out.

You will also need to conclude an agreement for the lease of space for trade. For a stationary stall, the rental amount can be from 15 to 20 thousand rubles. In addition to renting a place, you will need to take care of obtaining permits from the SES authorities and fire authorities. Registration of such a package of documents will cost about 10,000 rubles.

The next step is to purchase the required equipment:

  • Grill of gas or electric type - the cost ranges from 35-45 thousand rubles.
  • Grill burner - the price equals 5,000 rubles.
  • Refrigeration equipment - the cost is at least 20 thousand rubles.
  • Cooker hood - the price ranges from 5-8 thousand rubles.
  • Contact type grill (product heating) - from 3000 rubles.
  • Crockery - not less than 2,500 rubles.
  • Washstand - the cost is about 2,000 rubles.
  • Tables for manufacturing operations - the price equals 12-15 thousand rubles per unit.

Each person who has a certain amount of financial resources, in order to increase them, seeks to properly invest them or open their own business. If in the first case it is not always necessary to expect a quick payback or generally the safety of money, then opening your own business looks like a really attractive prospect.

In this case, the question arises as to which direction should be chosen, since it is almost impossible to occupy a free niche in the modern market. That is why the best option would be to pay attention to the super popular and demanded street food. In this case, the business of making shawarma can be called a kind of gold mine, and at once for a number of parameters:

  • minimum financial investments - about 300,000 rubles;
  • high payback level - about six months;
  • stable net profit at about 100 000 rubles;
  • minimum number of service personnel - 2 people;
  • minimum required retail space;
  • high demand for products.

There are three key rules that must be adhered to:

  • The point of sale should always be located in the place where there is active pedestrian traffic. As a rule, such places include areas near the metro, entertainment centers, educational institutions and other places with a large crowd of people.
  • The cost of shawarma (or shawarma) should be as affordable as possible. In this case, even with a minimal margin due to the total turnover, the profitability of each particular kiosk will fully meet even the highest expectations. The traditional ceiling is no more than 200-300 rubles per serving of fast food.
  • Manufacturability. The entire cooking procedure should be as automated as possible and fully comply with the production technology. Thanks to this, each buyer will see the whole process with his own eyes, which in itself automatically inspires confidence on the part of a potential buyer.

Features of production technology

As for the production technology itself, it is distinguished by its simplicity and efficiency, which makes the shawarma business idea one of the best options in the field of street food preparation. The step-by-step process is as follows:

  • Prepared meat is cut into thin pieces and then pre-fried on special grills.
  • The finished tenderloin is strung on a special skewer, where the meat is fully roasted using special flameless burners that run on gas.
  • Small pieces of meat are cut from a large skewer with a special knife and placed on a special tray, from where they are placed on prepared sheets of lavash with the help of a spatula.
  • In addition to meat, pita bread is packed with vegetables and other ingredients, after which it is rolled into a tube-like shape.
  • After that, it is possible to additionally grill almost finished shawarma with subsequent packaging.

List of required equipment

The second most important aspect is the choice of the optimal equipment that will meet two main criteria - an appropriate level of quality and an adequate cost. In general, the list of everything you need consists of several items:

  • Grill. Its average price is about 20-30 thousand rubles, although it can be much higher depending on the model.
  • Refrigerator. It is designed to store all food products and will cost 15,000 rubles on average.
  • Refrigerator for drinks. This is a real necessity as the demand for drinks is about the same as for the street food itself. The average price is about 20,000 rubles.
  • Fryer. Its cost will be approximately equal to 7 thousand rubles.
  • Microwave. Good options can be found for 5-10 thousand.
  • Contact grill for heating ready-made shawarma - up to 5 thousand rubles.
  • Washing for dishes and equipment - about 3,000 rubles.
  • Other expenses - about 50,000 rubles.

If you are wondering how to open a business with shawarma, then it is enough to familiarize yourself with this list for a better understanding of all the necessary costs for the implementation of such a project. It is also important to remember about additional costs, which include renting a plot, paying for utilities, refueling a gas cylinder, paying a pipe for employees, etc.

How to open shawarma - profitable, cost-effective and low-cost? The backbone of most of the world's economies is small and medium-sized businesses. Fast food falls into this category unconditionally. It is difficult to imagine a modern city without shawarma stalls or Doner Kebab in the European version. Street food is in great demand. Excellent taste, affordable cost, prevalence - no one will be left hungry at lunchtime. For a beginner entrepreneur, such a business is of great interest.


What is shawarma?

The popular Levantine dish of shawarma (shawarma, doner, shawarma) has become a national treasure of Russia with the light serving of numerous guests from the East.

It was in the places where ethnic diasporas lived that the first kiosks selling delicacies began to appear. Lavash with minced meat and sauce, similar to a huge pancake, quickly won the love of the population and not only due to its gastronomic characteristics. Now everyone can not only buy the famous dish, but also open shawarma with their own ideas, alternative recipes.

In the original version, only lamb is used for making shawarma. But in adapted versions, you can make a filling from any type of meat - chicken, beef, veal, turkey. Pork is ubiquitous in non-Muslim countries. Using a special technology (on a vertical grill), the meat is fried until crispy, then carefully cut and finely chopped.

The filling is wrapped in thin bread (lavash, pita, flatbread), poured with sauce (tomato, garlic, kefir), then fresh vegetables and salads are added to taste. The whole process of "twisting" takes 5 minutes at most, taking into account that all the ingredients are prepared in advance.

As you can see from the general description, shawarma is easy to adapt to the tastes of most people. It is enough to change the ingredients and now several items are added to the menu. The ability to quickly and inexpensively have a snack is always in demand, especially for a familiar, tasty dish. Therefore, opening shawarma is definitely beneficial.

Stages of starting a shawarma business

Before opening a shawarma, a checklist or checklist of priority tasks is drawn up. This helps to avoid common beginner mistakes and ensures the completeness of the task.

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