How to open a small cafe

Many people think that they need to start their own business, which will bring income and pleasure. For most people, these desires remain in fantasies, because nothing original comes to mind. Most people find it difficult to take the first step, and everything is so simple.

A food business idea is a great option. We will tell you how to open a small cafe. This article will become your assistant, here you will find step-by-step instructions that will become the beginning of your business.

Room selection

First you need to choose a room. Self-construction of the institution will not lead to anything good. This is a very expensive undertaking, which is doomed to loss, because the payback will not occur earlier than in decades. So it is necessary to follow a different path.

Consider two options:

Upon completion of the renovation, the design of the future cafe is carefully thought out. The priority should be comfort, home warmth and unobtrusiveness in the environment. Various provocative and flashy interiors are useless. It is important that visitors feel comfortable and wish to visit you again.

Documents and Permissions

An important component, without which your business will not exist, are documents and permits for starting a business. In this matter, it is very difficult for a beginner, and sometimes impossible, to figure it out on his own. So let's look at everything in order that is necessary.

  • Premises lease agreement. Long-term in a start-up business must be ruled out. Various force majeure circumstances can shake your plans.
  • Written permits from the SES and fire safety authorities.
  • Approval from the Bureau of Technical Inventory. This moment is necessary in case of redevelopment of the premises during the renovation.

If your business plans to sell alcohol, then in this case you cannot do without obtaining an appropriate license. All of this is very tedious and time-consuming, and also requires a bit of legal advice.

Alternatively, you can contact an organization that provides legal assistance in these matters for help. This solution makes the whole process easier for you and saves you valuable time.


How to open a profitable cafe in a small town?

Where to start?


The most important factor in success is choosing an advantageous location for a cafe, especially in a small town. The best option is the city center, where banks, large firms and other institutions are concentrated.

How to make your establishment profitable and popular?

High-quality advertising of a new establishment will initially attract the attention of people and provide an influx of visitors.

It is necessary to choose an interior style and adhere to it when decorating all areas of the room. It is necessary to create a pleasant cozy atmosphere so that you would like to return there.

The kitchen is where the most important process takes place - cooking. It is necessary to provide kitchen staff with quality equipment and install good ventilation grilles to ensure effective air circulation.

It's very important to have a good menu. It should not be too big, but it should contain a list of the most necessary dishes: all types of appetizers, first and second courses, side dishes, desserts, cold and hot drinks, as well as a bar list. The most important thing is that all these dishes are delicious - this already depends on the qualifications and skill of the chef.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of personnel, because the correct organization of work and responsible friendly employees are the key to success.

Opening your own business should be taken with full responsibility, because this is the only way you can increase your investment.

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Business idea: Cafe

A cafe is a place that brings people together, where you can meet friends, work on your laptop over a cup of coffee, for example. In these places there is a lot of poetical and interesting things, and who doesn't just like to eat? We think creating another great place is definitely worth it!

So what is a cafe, and what is the difference between a cafe and a restaurant?

A cafe is a rather cozy establishment, but it is not as big as a restaurant, it has fewer seats, staff, and sometimes even self-service, the range can also be quite limited. All this leads to the fact that the cafe requires less costs, the average check is relatively lower, therefore, you will have a larger target audience!

Types of cafes:

Choosing the format of the institution

Drawing up a business plan should start with choosing the format that suits you. The cost of rent, furniture, equipment and designer services depends on the chosen concept. For example, if you want to locate your future cafeteria in an office center building, then there should be a large number of seats, but the interior design may not be very flashy, even rather modest. On the contrary, if this institution is planned to be thematic, then you cannot do without the services of a designer, therefore, more investments.

In order to create a roadside cafe, it is worth understanding the geographical location, the range of food and drinks for travelers.

For a children's cafe, it is necessary to have information about current trends in the children's world of entertainment, as well as be aware of which superheroes are now held in high esteem in order to properly design the hall. In addition, increased requirements are imposed on the children's menu, and the main set of dishes and drinks should be expanded, taking into account the fact that children usually rest accompanied by adults. Before opening a family cafe from scratch, you should choose a room near places where families spend their time en masse and make sure that those who are resting in the cafe are not bothered by lovers of strong alcoholic drinks and noisy pastime.

Business Planning

It is necessary to start opening a cafe with a clear understanding of what it will be like. The basis of the business plan will be a detailed description of the very idea of ​​the establishment, on the basis of which they will be selected: location, design of the premises and the necessary equipment. The format of the institution will also determine the number of employees, the requirements for them and the appropriate work schedule.

How to open your cafe from scratch, you will learn by reading the recommendations of this article. It reveals the legal aspects of the design of a catering enterprise, which must be foreseen in order to start working correctly.

How much does it cost to open a cafe and how to do it without money?

All calculations for opening an establishment are tied to the number of seats. So, in accordance with clause 5. 5 SP 118. 3330. 012 * "Public buildings and structures" the minimum area of ​​a dining room in a cafe is calculated from an indicator of 1.6 sq. M. m for 1 seat for a visitor. From these indicators are calculated:

  • design price;
  • reconstruction cost;
  • furniture, tableware and technological equipment costs.

The results will be the final price for opening the cafe.

If there is no starting amount, then this is not a reason to abandon the idea. In this case, the only way out is to draw up a very detailed, competent and convincing business plan. With it, you can contact private investors (these can be relatives, friends, acquaintances), post your offer on specialized Internet sites, or take a loan from a bank.

How to open a cafe: where to start?

It is necessary to find a room. There can be 2 ways here:

  • The easiest one - if you manage to find a variant of the former cafe. Then you can rent or buy it, make cosmetic repairs, renegotiate contracts with all supplying organizations (for electricity, heat and water supply, sewerage), bring in your equipment and work.
  • If the premises have a different purpose, you will have to contact the project company. It must be a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for exploration and design work. Conventional design firms can't do this job. It is important. Together with the design and construction (also a member of the SRO, but already for construction work) organizations, you go through all the stages, including:
    • design ;
    • obtaining permission for reconstruction;
    • direct reconstruction;
    • obtaining permission to put the object into operation.

Then in the BTI you need to get a new technical plan for the premises.

Naturally, before all this long procedure, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement for a period of more than 1 year and register it with Rosreestr. This is what you need to open a cafe if you are going to sell alcoholic beverages. It is impossible to obtain a license without documents for real estate.

What needs to be done to open a cafe (setting up an organization and tax registration)


Interest in small business in Russia is constantly growing. Even those who are far from the topic of business and its processes often think about starting their own business, which will bring pleasure and money. The fast food cafe business idea is one of the most noteworthy, as it is one of the most profitable business activities. Consider a fast food business idea.

Why fast food?

At all times, people have needed places where they can eat inexpensively and quickly, for example, after work or during lunchtime. The popularity of such places does not decrease even now, so fast food will be of interest to many people.

Premises for placing the establishment

By standard, small amounts of food are prepared in modular buildings that require little effort during construction. Such places can be kiosks or small stalls. In addition, especially large costs are not required during construction, but only a few documents are needed. The equipment that is installed in the room is chosen by the owner of the establishment, depending on the required volumes of food being prepared.

Space requirements

Building such a modular building requires building permit documents. Connection to city water supply and drainage facilities is not required. Records of conducting fire safety briefings between employees are mandatory. Three permanent fire extinguishers and a fire extinguishing device are also required. It is also worth choosing a waste disposal site, which should be no more than 15 meters from the building.

Required Permissions

In addition to preparing the premises, you will need to issue medical records of personnel and state registration of small business - LLC, individual entrepreneur. After a successful check of the sanitary and epidemiological station, fire and labor inspections, the work of a fast food point of sale can begin.

Product selection

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