How to open a bathhouse from scratch? Business organization instruction

Placing a snake bathhouse has long become a common thing for many people. First of all, this is due to the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, and, as you know, bath procedures very well strengthen a person's physical health. In addition to basic services, you can also sell additional services, such as massage or fitness room. In fact, the bathing business has broad prospects for development.

Let's look at the main pros and cons of opening a bath.

  • high demand for this service. A lot of people regularly visit such health centers.
  • it is possible to expand the scope of services. The prospects are huge, as you develop, you can offer beauty services and massage, a fitness room and more.
  • with a competent approach to this business, you can get high profits.

  • large start-up capital;
  • frequent repairs. Due to the high humidity, you will have to regularly change the cladding of the room.
  • seasonality of business for renting a bath.

Is it profitable to start in this direction, you have already decided by reading this article to the end, but one thing is clear - that this is a promising direction that deserves the attention of entrepreneurs.

Location and premises

One of the main issues in this business is the selection of a place, but rather premises for a business.

Depending on where the bathhouse is located, several basic formats are shared.

If we talk about cost, then the first option is the most expensive, plus you will need to spend money on transportation. The second is the cheapest, but the level of service there is also minimal. And the third one is the average price decision.

You have three options for building a bath:

  • to build a bath complex from scratch - the price will be approximately $ 850 per 1 sq. .;
  • to repair the existing building and convert it into a bathhouse - the price will be about $ 300 per 1 sq. m.;
  • buying a ready-made bath. The price tag is usually overpriced, since you are buying not just a building, but a ready-made business, and in this segment the prices differ significantly.

What do you need to open a bathhouse? The room must be segmented by sector, you must have:

In 2021, the demand for services related to recreation and health is growing. Saunas and baths are very popular. A constantly upward trend has been observed since 2021 - 2021. On average, the market volume is annually added by 1 - 2%. In 2021, the indicator in monetary terms amounted to about 25 billion rubles. The market is not oversaturated. There is a deficit in the supply of baths and saunas by region. These features create favorable conditions for starting your business from scratch.

Brief analysis of the market and competitors

The demand for sauna services in the Russian Federation is higher than for baths. The establishments are visited by people aged 20 - 45 years. There is no gender gradation, since the service is in demand among men as well.

There is a shortage of supply in the industry. However, there is still competition. About 78% of commercial baths and saunas are owned by large and medium-sized enterprises.

Clients will be attracted by low prices, promotions, discounts. Maintain high quality of services. Locate your new organization away from major leisure centers. This will avoid direct conflicts of interest.

There are fewer small enterprises on the market, but they are also present. Fighting the competition is easy. Choose a place for a new bath or sauna, away from such organizations, pay attention to advertising.

Market structure differs - it depends on the city. When starting a business, do market research and assess the market. The cost of services is formed in a specific way, there is competitive parity. When determining the value, entrepreneurs start from prices in other organizations.

What kind of sauna should I open?

When choosing the type of sauna, consider the audience. Customers willingly visit such establishments:

  • Classic Russian bath. Most of the citizens of the Russian Federation are used to the service. The temperature regime in the room is 50 - 90 degrees. The visitor is in the bath for up to 25 minutes, then spends time in the dressing room. There is a demand for related services - massage, brooms.
  • Finnish saunas. The establishment differs in the type of steam and temperature. The indicator reaches 90 - 100 degrees, and the duration of the visit does not exceed 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Turkish baths. They differ in design and heating method. Marble walls. A special boiler is installed to warm up the room. The temperature in the steam room is lower and the humidity is higher.

There are private and public baths. People come to private baths in narrow companies - here the prices are higher.

A century ago, steam rooms and baths were an obligatory attribute of houses - then there were no showers in every apartment. Then more and more people moved to cities, to small apartments, and the love for saunas and baths remained at the genetic level. Only now, the baths are treated not as a place where you can wash away all the bad things from yourself for the past week, but more as a place for a good and healthy rest. In the conditions of the accelerated rhythm of life in modern megacities, such a rest is worth its weight in gold. Entrepreneurs have felt this, and now more and more new saunas are opening in cities.

If you want to start your own bath business, you should know all the pros and cons of such an enterprise, as well as expenses and incomes, and our article can help you in this interesting business.

Types of baths

What kinds of baths do not exist: Russian, Finnish, Turkish, Japanese, sports and many others. In our Russian market, the most popular are Russian, Finnish and Turkish baths.

A classic Russian bath is a bathhouse where the temperature is kept from 50 to 80 degrees Celsius with a humidity level of about 50-65%. People can stay in such a bath for quite a long time. Traditionally, they are steamed with brooms, there is also an opportunity to relax with a massage.

Finnish sauna. There is practically no steam in such a bath, the humidity is low, only 8-20%. To warm up the body deeply, you have to raise the room temperature to extreme levels - about 110 degrees Celsius. It is not recommended to be in such a bath for more than 10 minutes; moreover, to get acquainted with this type of bath, it is worth starting with only 2 minutes, and the intervals between visits should be significant. Naturally, wellness procedures should be done between visits outside the steam room, in the dressing room.

Hammam (Turkish bath) is a bathhouse where high humidity, which reaches 90-100%, rules the ball. The temperature regime is mild - 30-55 degrees Celsius. Here, massages, masks, peels and so on are most often done. The decoration of the room is necessarily made of marble.

Japanese water bath. This is one of the most exotic types of baths, which is a barrel of water heated to 45-60 degrees. Basically, it's a hot bath. Human skin does not breathe under water, but the high temperature provokes strong sweating. Hot water washes away all slags and fats from the pores.

Concept of the future institution

Not only how much money will you spend on creation, but also the level of income depends on the concept of your future establishment. For example, now private baths are more popular among businessmen, that is, this is a small building where several individual steam rooms are located and designed for a small group of people from one company. Such a bathhouse will require up to 2 million rubles, but there is an opportunity to do it even cheaper.

If your funds allow and you have a positive experience in business, then you can create a full-fledged elite bath complex, where there will be not only individual steam rooms, but also pools and many spa rooms. Such bath complexes will cost much more - over 4 million rubles.

There are also public baths, where a large number of people come. Recently, more and more entrepreneurs come to this option of baths. The fashion for such baths from old films and stories of the older generation has gone.

The choice of the bath concept is yours. First, decide on the target audience and then choose what you can afford and suit you according to other criteria.

The bathhouse is actually a multifunctional institution. Some like to take a steam bath in it with brooms, others to gather in a close company of friends and drink beer while talking, others to get a healing effect, and there are those who visit the baths to maintain prestige.

Simply put: a private bath is a profitable business! But where to start a bathing business? This is already an interesting question.

One of the private Russian baths, furnished with a bang

What is the greatest demand today

In Mother Russia, the following are popular today:

Attention! The most labor-intensive and costly in construction, of course, is the Turkish "Hamam". This is because the traditional wood is replaced by stone.

In the photo - a luxurious Turkish "Hamam"

From the point of view of benefits, the most promising solution is the construction of a whole bath complex, where there will be all the buildings listed above or at least several Russian baths. However, this option is only suitable for solid cities.

Private bath - a tasty idea for business

Are you seriously on fire with your own hands to "put together" a profitable business? In this case, the tips collected in this article, based on the real experience of successful entrepreneurs, will be very useful to you. So, the idea to develop a bath complex has already matured, and this is a solid foundation for further work. So do not waste time and move on ...

Organizational and legal nuances

Let's assume that you will open and run your business in the form of individual entrepreneurship. This is the most acceptable option for taxing UTII, and this area is just the same fits it, as stated in the explanatory letter of the Ministry of Finance.

A private bath as a business falls into the OKVED 93 group. 4 "Physical culture and recreation activities", as it includes: "entrepreneurial activity with the aim of improving the physical health of people and providing them with comfort, for example, through solariums, mineral spas, massage treatments, saunas, baths, etc. institutions ". The number of this section on OKUE is 019100.

The bathhouse as a type of business (by the way, quite often a family business) attracts many people - everyone loves to have a good rest, with a competent approach to business, it will not be difficult to open and develop this type of activity, so further we will consider a business bath or sauna plan, and also talk about market analysis, what an entrepreneur needs to consider and how to get started.

Market Analysis

Before starting your own business, you need to analyze the market - competitors, risks and threats are permanent components of any business, especially such a competitive one as providing services in the field of recreation.

Despite the fact that the solvency of many citizens has not only not increased, but also decreased, the demand for visiting a bathhouse or sauna has not decreased. And here you need to pay attention to the target audience - saunas have recently become more in demand, as most of the visitors to such establishments are people aged 20-45.

  • Large enterprises - these include establishments that provide a range of services. As a rule, these are not separate baths or saunas, but large recreation complexes - several baths (of different price segments), massage services, spa treatments, cooking, barbecue rent, etc. At the initial stage, it will be almost impossible to compete with such organizations, so it is better to settle down far from them.
  • Small organizations - at the moment they make up a large part of the market and, subject to a competent approach, it will not be difficult to compete with them.

Please note that this is only a general analysis - before opening a sauna or bathhouse for public use, be sure to analyze the market in your city. This is important - at this stage there is no need to use template solutions, since there are regional nuances in any business.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis means the definition of external and internal factors that in one way or another may affect the development of a business. External factors include the following:

  • Increasing the relevance of the offer.
  • Offer additional services.
  • Increased consumer demand.
  • Low fixed costs.

Be sure to pay attention to threats:

  • High and possible further growth of competition.
  • Change client preferences.
  • High requirements for business organization.
  • A somewhat complex workflow if you are considering a Russian bath business plan.

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