How to do a small business in a garage: popular ideas

Today, starting a business is available to most people. However, only a few manage to achieve a positive result in this matter. The reasons for failures are often the lack of a sufficient material base and incorrect project calculations. Nevertheless, having free space, anyone can start making money on it. For example, running your garage business can be the first step towards building a thriving business.

Conditions for obtaining a positive result

Of course, the secret of a successful project is a deliberate and balanced approach. Therefore, before considering specific business ideas for a garage, you need to learn about the principles of building your own business. So, experts recommend starting with a detailed analysis of your chosen industry. The buying segment of the market, the level of competition, and the formation of prices for the final product should be assessed. All these nuances can play a key role in organizing and implementing your idea.

Even considering that you are planning to start a business in a garage at home, you should not neglect the detailed calculations of investments in the business. Successful businessmen always provide exhaustive cost estimates. This helps to determine the size of the start-up capital that will have to be counted on. In addition, be sure to formalize the business so that you can avoid paying fines and other sanctions from the control authorities.

It is also important to think over the production plan of your event. Decide on the type of equipment, raw material suppliers and staffing. Of course, for novice entrepreneurs, for whom some business ideas with minimal investments in the garage will be presented below, it is advisable to focus on creating a family business. This will help significantly reduce running costs.

In a word, the implementation of any project will have to spend a certain amount of effort and money. True, adhering to a previously developed strategy, an entrepreneur will be able to reduce the risks of bankruptcy. Indeed, according to experts, the most difficult stage for any enterprise will be the first year of operation. By keeping the company afloat after this period, you get high chances of business development and strengthening of your market position.

Determining the concept of the event

So you've finally decided to start a mini-business in your garage from scratch. Ideas for such an activity usually do not come to mind right away. After all, you can start work in completely different directions. Today, there are a lot of all kinds of ways to get both passive and active earnings. Of course, at the stage of choosing an industry, take into account your project budget and your own skills.

Believe me, working in a familiar field, you will be able to control the development of the company and quickly come to success. Although there are many examples when newcomers achieved impressive results, starting a business in a completely unusual direction for them. To make the task a little easier for novice businessmen, here are some ideas for a business in a garage, which today have every chance of becoming a successful venture.

Making greenhouses

This idea is not new, but it is popular with most entrepreneurs. After all, such products are necessary for large agricultural companies, farmers, and are also popular among private summer residents. Of course, you will have to think over the design of the greenhouse so that it can compare favorably with many analogues on the market. For example, it can be a universal transformable system. Also, light and durable structures will be in demand.

Of course, when developing a concept, do not forget about the final cost of the product - after all, it is it that determines whether your small business in the garage will be profitable. Ideas that work for the success of the business as a whole will always be a good start. In addition to the pricing factor, consider the list of equipment for the operation of the enterprise. So, you will need tools for working with metals (angle grinder, welding machine, key sets, machines for rolling and milling).

We produce building materials

Garage business ideas at home

All business ideas start with an assessment of available resources. What if in your arsenal there is only a garage, skillful hands, a desire to work and earn money? Then this article is for you!

Wooden toy making as an idea for garage production

Modern everyday life is oversaturated with products made of synthetic materials, toys for children, even the youngest age, are no exception. These products are relatively cheap, rather impersonal due to the mass production, they can be easily replaced by buying a similar toy, so they do not cause much emotional attachment.

In addition, toys made of synthetic materials are far from always safe, and, despite state control over production and imports in this area, news about the identification of consignments of goods that are unsafe for the health of babies is often flashed in the media.

Of course, it is impossible to reproduce the entire product range of plastic toys in wood, but toys that develop a child, improve fine motor skills and stimulate logical thinking, are just advisable to be made of this material. Also, a wooden toy will be a wonderful gift, especially for people who have nothing to surprise.

If you own carpentry tools, a private garage and a desire to understand children's play preferences inherent in a particular age, then this activity will not only appeal to you, but also bring a stable income:

  • In order to establish sales, it is enough to register on specialized sites or forums, post photos of your products.
  • It is also possible, under a contract, to hand over toys for sale to shops selling goods for children, office supplies.
  • If you have an impressive number of samples, you can open your website, and, if you wish, an online store, filling it with all the necessary information about the products.

Organization Features

In order to conduct this business law-abiding, it is necessary not only to register a commercial organization or individual entrepreneur, but also to obtain a certificate of conformity for manufactured products.

The certificate of conformity, in this case, will be issued upon confirmation of quality and safety.

The certification procedure can contain various schemes, but the most common are the issuance of certificates of conformity for:

  • serial production,
  • a specific batch of products
  • or per contract.

If you are not going to work for export, then, most likely, you will not fall into the field of vision of the regulatory authorities, but it is better not to risk it, but to issue all the necessary documentation.

Starting a small business in a garage is a good solution. Ideas that work for the success of the business as a whole will always be a good start. Some of them are presented here

One of the simplest and most affordable sites for small business development is a garage. Perhaps this unclaimed building will turn out to be a source of good income. At first, the garage business can be a part-time job, and then the main activity. Here are ten of the most promising ways to get richer.

Making decorative sculptures

The garage business can be based on the production of plaster or concrete garden figurines. You will need to learn how to prepare a high-quality solution and acquire a variety of molds for casting - wooden, cardboard, metal, polyurethane or foam.

This will require a minimum of equipment costs. Even if the initial capital is only a few thousand dollars, feel free to start building a business in the garage. Ideas for the production of decorative products can be brought to life even in a room with a small area.

Metal casting

Possible product range may include doorknobs, soldiers, fishing tackle weights, etc. A small electric smelter is required to operate. You can either make it yourself or purchase it. It is important to have high-quality forms so that the finished products do not cause complaints about quality. In addition, the production area must be connected to a three-phase electrical circuit.

Foam Handling

Considering the payback business ideas in the garage, one cannot fail to mention the artistic styrofoam cutting. It is best to work with customers directly, providing them with bespoke products. The only drawback of this type of activity is that you will have to purchase expensive equipment for the production of decorative items in the garage.

On the positive side: the vast majority of foam plastic workshops do not cut material. Large firms prefer to make money on volume. This is where opportunities open up to organize a successful small business. Any ideas in the garage can be implemented - from Roman columns to curly foam patterns.

Glass matting

The most difficult stage for a beginner entrepreneur is the moment of starting his own small business and the first months of its existence. The number of problems that a beginner has to solve at the same time often exceeds his physical and financial capabilities. Therefore, the use of your own garage somewhat simplifies the task and allows you to save time on finding premises and money for renting it.

However, do not think that working small business ideas in the garage due to the limited area can only represent various options for handicraft or clandestine production. Numerous examples show that in the presence of a serious approach to business and modern equipment, entrepreneurs are able to produce in such conditions products that successfully compete with factory products in quality and cost. The difference lies only in the scale of production, although businessmen eventually solve this problem: doing business in a garage allows them to accumulate not only experience, but also significant funds - the most important resources needed to create larger enterprises.

Garden furniture

The production of such products is a business that any entrepreneur with minimal experience in working with wood and metal and with a capital of 75-80 thousand rubles can open in the garage of a private house. This amount is required to purchase a set of power tools, which includes:

  • Circular saw and jigsaw;
  • Drill and screwdriver;
  • Welding machine;
  • Roll forming machine; <
  • Belt grinder;
  • Angle grinder or pendulum cutting machine;
  • Painting equipment.

For the assembly of garden furniture, a metal profile, elements of cold forging and lumber from various types of wood are used. Approximate retail prices for such items are as follows:

  • Bench - from 9000 rubles;
  • Shop - from 3500 rubles;
  • Chair - from 4500 rubles;
  • A swing with an awning on a metal frame - from 14 thousand rubles.

Accordingly, the income of an entrepreneur doing business in the garage at home, with the full sale of products, will amount to 45-70 thousand rubles a month.

Wooden stairs

Many companies working in this area limit their assortment to standard models, while wealthy clients often prefer projects developed in accordance with the design of a particular interior. Therefore, an entrepreneur should choose a niche based on demand, personal experience and professional training.

To start production at home in the garage, you will have to buy some woodworking equipment:

  • Band or flywheel sawmill;
  • Miter saw;
  • Lathe;
  • Milling machine;
  • Hand tools - screwdriver, hammer drill, welding machine, grinder.

When it comes to home business, the garage is a great place to start. In addition, I counted over 200 business ideas in the garage. In the article, we will talk about how to properly document how to open a business in a garage, what needs to be done for a successful start, and we will analyze more than 200 business ideas in a garage for both men and women, students, youth.

For convenience, I divided everything into subgroups and indicated the content for reference. Happy reading!

How to start a business in a garage

Without registration as an individual entrepreneur

There are no rules or restrictions. Do whatever you want with your business and garage.

But be careful: some ideas, despite their simplicity, require payment of taxes, and therefore registration of an individual entrepreneur. Any activity that involves the transfer of goods or services for money more than 1 time per year is called entrepreneurial activity.

  • Example: You are fixing bicycles in your garage in a small town. If everyone knows you, you do not need advertising, clients and profits are not permanent, you do not equip your garage for a professional entrepreneurial activity - you do not need to register.

With registration of individual entrepreneur

There are rules, and basically they are of the following nature:

1. You will need to reissue documents for the garage as a point for business. To do this, you will call the architect, take measurements and do what he says.

2. The garage must meet the requirements: be on a foundation, be properly documented, have an emergency exit, be surrounded by a high fence in a residential area, have a parking lot.

3. In the department of architecture in the city or district, you will be given an act, which will need to be registered with the fire protection, with utilities and in the electricity supply.

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