How can you start your business from scratch and without money; tips and advice

Everyone at least once thought about how to start their own business from scratch, what needs to be done for this. Not the last question in this case is where to start a business plan, how to draw it up.

Knowing the main points and ideas, as well as taking into account possible mistakes, you can start your own business with minimal investment. The advice of experienced businessmen will help you earn your first capital.

What you need to know to start a business without money

Starting your own business without money in Tashkent, you need to pay attention to some important points. First of all, one should psychologically prepare for ups and downs, have the intention to overcome many obstacles.

A beginner businessman will need:

  • to determine the goals of the business, to outline the development prospects;
  • assess the risks, rely on borrowed funds only as a last resort, if there is complete confidence in success;
  • develop your own business in stages, without trying to instantly achieve global indicators;
  • engage in a familiar area, in which you already have at least initial knowledge;
  • be confident in your own abilities, overcoming uncertainty and fear;
  • to offer only quality services and products.

Those who are thinking about how to make a business from scratch need to prepare for a laborious step-by-step process during which capital will be accumulated. By investing in alternative ideas, you can expand and strengthen your business.

How to start a flower business from scratch

Selling flowers will bring a good income, since this product is in demand constantly, at any time of the year. At the initial stage, you can plant flowers for sale on your own in greenhouse or greenhouse conditions. Having accumulated capital, you can establish a wholesale purchase of flowers.

For a start, flowers are best sold via the Internet with courier delivery. This service is relevant for big cities, such as Tashkent. An online flower shop is a great option for promoting a successful business. To make a name for yourself, you can use Instagram, social media accounts, place ads on online shopping platforms.

There is no need to register a business to sell bouquets in parks and restaurants by hand. If the business began to develop successfully, a decision was made to open or lease a retail outlet, an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system will need to be opened. The next action plan will include items such as:

  • selection of premises for trade;
  • search for suppliers, focusing on prices and assortment;
  • purchase of commercial equipment and inventory;
  • recruiting;
  • advertising placement.

As the business develops, the assortment should be expanded to include additional products: seedlings, soil, ceramics, souvenirs, etc.

Where to start?

To start your own business, first, you need to understand the business idea. It is unlikely that a thinking person will choose an activity, even the basics of which are not familiar to him. You need to exclude such options and focus on what you really understand.

There is an opportunity to buy a ready-made small business in Uzbekistan, but its cost can be many times higher than the cost of starting a business.


The second and crucial step is the start-up capital. To create your own business, of course, you need finances and their size is determined in accordance with the desires and capabilities of the future entrepreneur. After all, you need to think about the premises, labor, equipment and many details. Currently, entrepreneurship is not as developed as one would like it to be, and small business in Uzbekistan is supported by the state in every possible way. Loans and special loans are given at reduced rates.

How to open a business in Uzbekistan?

A beginner entrepreneur can open his own business both as an individual and as a legal entity. Currently, there are a number of organizational and legal forms of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan:

An individual entrepreneur is a form of doing business without forming a legal entity. Such entrepreneurship is carried out at your own peril and risk, with the investment of your own funds and property. It implies the absence of hired workers and the possibility of doing business with other individuals in the following forms:

  • Family entrepreneurship (doing business by spouses);
  • Simple partnership;
  • Dehkan farm (farm).

Private entrepreneurship is a legal form with the formation of a legal entity. This is an organization created by one individual and carrying out its activities on the basis of its own property. The specificity of such a business lies in the sole leadership of one person and in the exclusion of other founders.

A joint stock company is a form of business that is created on the basis of voluntary contributions from the founders (shareholders). In Uzbekistan, joint stock companies can be open and closed. A closed JSC means that the shares cannot be freely offered for sale. The minimum authorized capital of this form of entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan is 400,000 US dollars. In accordance with the profit, the holders of ordinary shares are paid dividends, and the preferred shares are securities, the dividends for which do not depend on the company's income.

A limited liability partnership is one of the most common organizational and legal forms that is required to register a legal entity. The authorized capital of the partnership is divided into the shares of the participants, who are not responsible for all the activities of the organization, but only within the limits of their contributions.

Over 135 nationalities live in Uzbekistan, which are friendly towards each other. However, completely different laws rule in business. Everything is based on convention and mutual respect. Anyone who runs his own business must necessarily share income on a voluntary-compulsory basis, not only with the tax authorities, but also with those who have a higher status.

  • Naturally, most local residents are satisfied with such peculiarities of doing business. The situation with foreigners is much more complicated. The newcomers are not accustomed to additional waste, they have everything calculated to the smallest detail. Therefore, most external investors or entrepreneurs do not stay long in Uzbekistan.

People who are already comfortable with local business etiquette may be lucky to stay afloat for a long time to come. When a foreigner opens a small business, no one cares about him, but as soon as it comes to large investments "pockets" are right there. No one will help with advice, but they can easily spoil relations in the absence of monetary compensation.

The main rule is to always smile and speak courteously with higher officials. Bickering and arguing will get you nowhere. If you need to promote a large enterprise, then you need to act more cunningly and switch from one task to another with lightning speed.

There is another characteristic feature of local entrepreneurs: in most cases, everything is based on simple contractual relations, sometimes not even documented. If a person is offered to do something bypassing the law, you should think several times about the advisability of conducting business negotiations.

Business immigration to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is not a state that is in the first place in the lists of countries in demand for immigration. But it has a lot of advantages for people of the post-Soviet space who are looking for a calm and peaceful life with their families.

Uzbeks are not fanatical adherents of the religion of Islam, so here you can safely live according to your established customs. Only human relationships have been modernized, but also the country itself. New and modern buildings and business centers under international projects are erected here every day. The economic space is bouncing back, and the absence of sharp leaps allows you to smoothly conduct business and resolve issues with living space.

Now the country has taken the side of entrepreneurs from foreign countries and offers extremely profitable options for founding an enterprise, acquiring a residence permit and doing business when immigrating here. Real estate by a foreign person can only be purchased with a residence permit.

Cancellation of the visa regime between Russia and Uzbekistan enables residents of both countries to freely cross the borders. For permanent residence, a foreigner will need to issue a documentary permit and a residence permit.

Muzaffar Kasymov, years old, city - Tashkent, entrepreneur, @muzikus

About myself and business

I love change, development. From childhood he loved to read, was imprisoned for learning, education and comprehension of new things. He did not come to business right away. At first he worked in the civil service, then in the structure of international organizations. More than 15 years ago, my friend and I decided to start a business. We were educated enough, tolerant and could find a language with representatives of different nationalities, so we decided that we would help our entrepreneurs to create their own industries.

We have opened an office in China. We attended exhibitions, helped entrepreneurs organize trips to factories, and purchase equipment. In the future, this business began to grow in branches. At the same time, they found another niche - they became the first in the country to create business tourism at the systemic level. Now this direction is international business travel ibt. z.

Created a leasing company clg. z, the first coworking network in Uzbekistan - GroundZerogroundzero. z, projects for the provision of consulting services in the field of business, management, HR, marketing and finance for small and medium-sized businesses, combining all this under the common brand HM Partnershmpartners. z. One of the young areas is the supply of medical equipment or the opening of turnkey medical clinics meditech. z. There are non-commercial areas - they participated in the creation of the Association of International Business and Technology. We are representatives of the Global Entreprenership Network in Uzbekistan.

A new project that we and our partners have been pursuing for many years is the first private entrepreneurial university in Uzbekistan Team Universityteamuni. z. The university will issue diplomas from London South Bank University, which is one of the top UK universities. In 2021 and 2021, it was recognized as the best entrepreneurial university in Europe.

If we combine all directions, we have created one window for B2B. Small and medium-sized businesses can come to our company and receive a full range of services in the field of modernizing an existing or creating a new business, positioning. Can train employees in various skills on the GroundZero network, and use the services of an entrepreneurial university TEAM in the fall.

About money

Money is a tool for achieving goals, providing comfort for yourself and your family. You can also look at money as a KPI of the result of your work. My company creates value for customers. They take advantage of this and pay with certain means. The more funds, the more customers are satisfied with the activities of our company.

I invest in my children, their education, I study myself. Over the past few years, one of the largest investments in education has been training at the Skolkovo Business School, Workshop-13. I invest in new emotions, travel. I invest fixed assets in business.

About the future

The best thing that can be passed on to children is a craving for self-development, self-education. Then, no matter how life changes, they will be in demand. In addition, kindness and love should be passed on to children. We see that positive people are happier.

About trends in entrepreneurship

Founder of Asaxiy. z Firuz Allaev told Spot how to open an online store from scratch, what are the initial investments and payback periods.

All information in the article is presented for informational purposes only. The figures are approximate and may vary depending on the individual case.

How to open an online store from scratch, what are the initial investments and payback periods - about this the founder of the Asaxiy online store. z Firuz Allaev spoke especially for Spot.

Where to start

First of all, you need to decide what you will sell. Now the categories with stable demand include clothing and footwear, electronics and household appliances, smartphones, computers, books and stationery, food and others.

Be sure to work on creating a memorable name - the popularity of the success of the entire business depends on it.

It is desirable that the brand name should consist of a maximum of seven letters and sound close to the Uzbek language - it will be easy to pronounce and remember. A lot of people are using English words now, but I think this is wrong.

Website development

For a website you will need to find a professional programmer or use existing developed systems where ready-made websites can be adapted to your business. It will be much cheaper this way.

The site is only a part of the visible to us, but behind it are systems that automate and organize your workflow. For example, CRM (the database that manages the orders of your customers), "Accounting and warehouse".

I advise novice entrepreneurs to use simple programs such as 1C or My Warehouse.

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