Garage production: what options are possible

Manufactures in the garage began to open in Russia back in the 90s. With all the advantages and seeming simplicity of the organization, entrepreneurs are faced with difficulties in obtaining permits to open a business, bringing communications to the premises. A variety of ideas for the "garage" business from Europe and China and advice on their competent implementation will help to determine the field of activity.

Best Garage Business Ideas from Europe

Antifreeze washer fluid production

Sandpaper production

Making wooden toys and accessories

Photo printing on tiles and PVC panels

Actual ideas of garage production from China

Making and decorating wooden furniture

Production of designer interior accessories

Top 20 Mini Garage Productions

Your own business in a garage is ideal for those who do not want to face the problem of expensive renting premises. We will tell you about which direction of activity to choose and how to organize it correctly in the article.

The payment for the garage, if it is rented from relatives or friends, is possible both in money and in various services, including those types of products that are planned to be produced in the garage.

Examples of garage use:

  • renting;
  • organization of tire fitting, auto repair shop, car wash;
  • locate a locksmith shop;
  • arrange production of clay, plaster;
  • to produce furniture;
  • to repair household appliances;
  • manufacture of joinery;
  • manufacture of monuments; <
  • turning;
  • glass processing;
  • sewing fabric products, production of blinds;
  • advertising studio, printing house;
  • shoe workshop;
  • placement of a mini-workshop for packing dry building mixtures;
  • organization of a small confectionery, canteen, mini-cafe;
  • production of toys;
  • point of sale;

Not all types of activities that get along in garage boxes are listed. Ideas already implemented in practice are given.

Conventionally, the types of production and services can be summarized in several groups:

  • Low-cost, budgetary activities.
  • Medium cost.
  • High cost.

Low Cost Activity

Low-cost, budgetary - an economical type of activity that requires a small (no more than ten thousand rubles) investment of initial capital.

These types include:

  • Renting out your own garage. Possible initial capital investments include the cost of strengthening the gate, connecting a burglar alarm. Without these works, the rental amount, if any, will be 3-5 times lower than expected.
  • Placement of a mini-workshop for packing bulk building mixtures. Initial investments are expenses for the purchase of a welding machine for plastic bags, the actual plastic bags, instructions on paper and scales with a set of loads. Raw materials - bags weighing 25-30 kg each with dry mixes, at the first stage and in small volumes, can be taken with a deferred payment from wholesale suppliers upon mutual agreement. In this type of business, as, indeed, in another, the decisive role belongs to the organization of sales of finished products. Without marketing, all the effort spent will be in vain.

Medium Cost

It is very difficult to launch a large-scale manufacturing enterprise. Not only is it not easy to find a profitable idea, but a lot of capital investments are required here. What is left for those entrepreneurs who are strapped for funds? That's right, use the resources that are available - for example, your own garage. And it is not at all necessary that on the basis of such a small premises the business will not bring a decent income. By no means, one can single out quite cost-effective business ideas of production in a garage. It is absolutely clear that you will not earn millions on the "garage" business - the scale is not the same. But it is quite easy to set up a small business for the production of this or that product, which brings a stable income. So what ideas in this niche can be adopted by aspiring entrepreneurs? And where to start bringing your project to life?

How profitable is garage-based production today?

It is unlikely that it will be possible to give an exact answer to the question of the benefits of a mini-workshop based on your own garage. Moreover, no one will name a specific figure of profitability. One thing is clear - in the current state of the economy, when every entrepreneur is trying to save on the resources used (raw materials, renting premises), organizing your own small production in the garage no longer seems such a crazy idea.

There are several advantages:

Is it worth worrying about the legality of this activity? Everything is individual here. If the plans so far are only to study small-scale production in the garage of products, to practice a little and decide exactly whether it will be possible to carry out the plan, you can at first postpone the registration of the mini-shop. With full confidence that things will go well, and having already found customers for the products, you can safely go to the relevant authorities to register a mini workshop in the garage.

Garage Based Manufacturing Business Ideas

It is worth starting to implement a project only after analyzing the consumer market. And here we are looking for those areas in which in a particular region there is either no competition at all, or it is not too high.

The following promising business ideas can be implemented:

  • Manufacturing of metal structures (shelves, gates, gates, canopies).
  • Furniture manufacturing (wood, wicker).
  • Organization of a sewing workshop.
  • Manufacture of nails.
  • Manufacturing of building materials (bricks, wood concrete, porcelain stoneware, tiles).
  • Filling of glass wipers and antifreeze liquids.
  • Organization of a forge for the production of original metal structures.

Many ideas for garage production from Europe came to us:

But which of the manufacturing business ideas is the most promising? It is difficult to answer, since a lot depends on the performance of competition in a particular region, on the required investments and entrepreneurial skills. For example, the production of custom-made furniture and building materials and the production of metal products show excellent profitability indicators.

The knowledge and skills of an entrepreneur are important when choosing an idea, since at first, most likely, you will have to carry out many operations on your own, without the help of hired personnel.

Business ideas in the garage for starting their own small production from scratch attract the attention of many Russians who want to start their own small production. This raises questions about what you can do inside the iron horse stall in order to have a good income in the future.

Garage business prospects

Jobs' experience confirms the fact that a parking space can be a starting point for a successful business. It is enough just to insulate it and equip it for production needs. The main advantage of the garage business is the absence of the need to pay for the rental of premises, which is especially important in conditions of a small start-up capital.

Popular garage ideas: how to open a business

Besides assembling computers, there are many other activities that you can do in a garage. The nine most promising of them are presented below.

Baguette production

One of the simplest ideas is to make frames for a baguette. All that is required for work is a tabletop version of the baguette guillotine and a stapling machine. The equipment is inexpensive, and you can even master the specifics of the production of products on your own (see How to open a baguette workshop).

Installing anti-theft systems

This type of business is attractive because it is directly related to the automotive theme, which means that a garage is perfect for it. In addition, the installation of vehicle alarms is in high demand. Before starting work, it is necessary to obtain a qualification in this area. This will be helped by master classes and similar forms of training in companies that sell alarms and mechanical blockers for gearboxes.

Metal can be used to make fences, stairs, gates, gates, window bars, furniture and much more. To do this, you need to equip a small forge: purchase a forge press, a cutting wheel, a forge and a welding machine. Experts point out that in the long term the smithy is the most profitable type of garage business. Start-up costs are from 50 thousand rubles, while the monthly income can reach 30 thousand rubles. You can start with a smaller production of metal plates.

Car repair and maintenance: a business with minimal investment

A car service is able to generate maximum income with a comfortable pit with lighting, tools and skillful hands. This business is ideal for those who have the skills to repair their own car or provide similar services to their friends.

In order to start your own business on a small scale, a good business idea in a garage is enough, the implementation of which does not require a lot of capital directed to the initial investment.

The registration system for this type of individual entrepreneurship is simplified, that is, it does not require special difficulties and specific knowledge to carry out the registration procedure.

Contents of this article:

Garage business prospects

Ideas for small business in a garage are quite diverse and do not require large financial investments. What are the main prospects for this kind of mini-business? A number of the following aspects can be attributed to them:

  • Government support. In order to open and establish your own business from scratch, you should develop a clear business plan that fully reveals all the nuances of future production. In each region there are a lot of government programs developed and aimed directly at supporting private industries. In accordance with them, the municipal authorities provide an individual entrepreneur with a certain amount of funds so that he can start his own business.
  • High competition. The consumer market is oversaturated with goods of low cost and, accordingly, of low quality. In the event that an entrepreneur sets up the production of any goods of excellent quality and reasonable prices, there will undoubtedly be a buyer.
  • No significant investment. Due to the fact that the establishment of a mini-production does not require a large amount of money, opening such a business is available to almost everyone.
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Advantages and Disadvantages

Starting a business in a garage space to generate real income includes both certain pros and cons. The advantages of this kind of production include the following:

  • One of the main advantages in this case is the lack of direct leadership. That is, an individual entrepreneur has the right to independently carry out and control his activities, without needing the guidance of his superiors, and having the opportunity to develop in any direction.
  • Simplified checkout procedure. In view of the fact that today individual entrepreneurship is actively encouraged by the state, the system for registering mini-production takes place in the shortest possible time and does not require endless walking through the authorities with a huge number of all kinds of documents.
  • Flexible schedule and no control. These aspects mean the following: a private entrepreneur has the right to independently plan his own working day and follow the previously planned schedule.

Despite the rather bright prospects, a mini-business from scratch also includes some disadvantages:

  • Quite a lot of competition. In order to achieve certain success in small production and open a business that will bring tangible income, you should carefully study the market, which is currently replete with many products. An entrepreneur should fill exactly that niche in the field of activity that has certain prospects, that is, to produce exactly such a product that will be in demand.
  • The presence of some difficulties in the organization of such a production, such as the manufacture of food products, all kinds of semi-finished products, and so on.

Room arrangement

Establishing any mini-production from scratch on the territory of the garage initially provides for the arrangement of the specified premises.

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