Four Inspirational Small Business Success Stories for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For your business to be successful, it would be nice if it had individual features, that is, characteristic only of it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with relying on the experience of others in your activities, but this is not always possible. After all, not everyone will agree to share their experience of their success. By the way, if you decide to become an entrepreneur, then you can collect all the necessary information about certain businessmen who have achieved positive results. Listen to their advice and continue to act.

Here are four stories of how aspiring entrepreneurs were able to grow their businesses.

Step by step to success

In 2021, according to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), Cheryl Page was named Florida Business Person of the Year. This woman is the president and CEO of a company like Page One Consultants in Orlando. How did Cheryl's business become so successful?

Paige began operations in 1993 as a management company providing design and construction consulting. Not everything worked out right away: sometimes the business moved rather slowly, but, nevertheless, forward, albeit in small steps. Several times Cheryl was on the verge of giving up everything and abandoning her idea. It was not easy to win a place under the sun in an industry dominated by businesses owned exclusively by men. In addition, it was difficult to find sufficient funds to provide quality services to their clients. Page had to take about 15 loans to stay afloat in the early to mid-1990s. It helped her that in 2021 the SBA provided her with a guaranteed loan of $ 250,000. Ultimately, Cheryl was able to attract a healthy clientele and pay off all the debts.

Today, Page is very successful: over the past two years, the company has recruited 30 people, increased its area almost 2 times, and also purchased 13 new cars. That is, the success is obvious. The company has been in business for 25 years. I'm not kidding! It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Cheryl team as a whole.

When asked for advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Paige always says, “Be patient and keep the faith. Never give up".

Take care of your health

Now, on the Internet, there is a huge number of sites broadcasting about beauty and health. But 10-15 years ago there was no such dominance of medical companies. It was then that two journalists, Melissa Jelula and Alexe Bru, came up with the idea to launch their Well + Good media platform covering wellness and health. At that time it came in handy.

Today, Well + Good has a huge audience (over 5 million people every month) and is an online publication dedicated to health (nutrition, wellness, exercise), beauty, travel, and related topics. The company generates huge revenue, which is estimated at eight figures per year.

In the face of growing unemployment and low wages, many Russians have thought about starting their own business at least once. For some, their business remains just a dream, because they do not know where and how to start, while others are afraid of total failure: you will invest your strength, time and money in the business, and you will be left with nothing.

In addition, a considerable number of people believe that Russia is not the best platform for starting a business. However, some modern examples prove otherwise.

While some are confused by the upcoming difficulties, others consider the emerging problems quite solvable and become successful entrepreneurs

Own business does not always require large premises, sophisticated equipment and even start-up capital. The following stories of people who have achieved great success will prove to you that even in difficult economic times, you can start a profitable business with the will, perseverance and hard work.


One of the most striking examples, telling about an ordinary person who managed to build an entire Internet empire out of nothing. This person in the history of Wildberries is Tatiana Bakalchuk, an English teacher.

Tatiana was pushed to a decisive business step by serious financial difficulties. A recently born child, a low salary of her husband and a lack of work - these are the reasons why a woman began to order clothes from the Otto catalog and resell them with a small margin. At this stage, Bakalchuk herself dismantled the clothes that had arrived from abroad, took pictures, sold them to acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances.

The 2021 crisis and falling sales forced to reconsider the situation: Tatyana decided to expand the sales market and switch to wholesale purchases. A website has appeared with a simple and intuitive interface, the possibility of online ordering and convenient payment. Hundreds of thousands of buyers were attracted in a matter of months, and now the annual turnover of Wildberries is more than one hundred million US dollars, and Tatyana Bakalchuk is rightfully considered one of the most successful business women in Russia.


Unlike Tatyana, for whom her own large-scale success was probably a complete surprise, Pavel Durov methodically walked towards self-realization. The young man studied brilliantly at the Academic Gymnasium, and then at the Philology Department of St. Petersburg State University, more than once became the owner of government and presidential scholarships.

The social network "VKontakte" was not always called that way: after graduating from universities, Pavel Durov, together with his brother, developed a platform "Student. y ". Successful marketing moves and the progressively growing popularity of social networks made VKontakte one of the most visited Russian Internet communities with a “population” of about 560 million accounts (at the time of this writing).

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