Foreign business ideas

Many believe that women are only meant to have children and run the household. In fact, representatives of the weak are quite capable of earning money on their own, and often more than men. We offer several new working foreign business ideas for women.

Wedding Gift Aggregator

A very interesting idea, in which Social Capital has invested over $ 40 million. The work is carried out with the Zola application, which is a wedding gifts service with the following features and benefits:

Realizing such an idea will require considerable investment, but if you bring it to mind, you can develop a truly interesting and, most importantly, profitable business.

Salad Constructor

One of the most interesting ideas that originated in the United States is perfect for a woman. The idea is similar to Subway, it is an opportunity to collect salads in places where there are a lot of people, or in a cafe. By the way, in America there is such a cafe, and it is called Chop't. There are no analogues in Russia yet.

According to clients, the cost of a salad ranges from $ 8 to $ 15. Investments amount to more than 500 thousand rubles, since you will need your own cafe, a permit to operate and comply with sanitary standards.

Coffee in edible cups

Edible tableware is among the European trends. On the territory of large cities there are coffee shops where you can order coffee in an edible cup, and of different tastes.

Sometimes the inside of the glass is covered with tempered chocolate, which is resistant to high temperatures. Even under the influence of a very hot drink, the chocolate does not melt.

There is an opinion that coffee in such dishes has a pronounced taste and has a kind of uniqueness. This serving of the drink is environmentally friendly, because the environment is not polluted.

Foot hammock

Today, many people dream of raising their income level by starting a small business entrepreneurial activity. However, starting your own business will require a good idea that can bring high profits and get the required level of demand in the market. An excellent solution in this situation would be to study foreign ideas for business.

At the same time, it is very important to find good information sources, determine the type of activity, and also take into account all the features of the domestic market and analyze the possibilities of implementing projects of foreign startups. Let's take a closer look at this topic.

The main nuances of entrepreneurship abroad and in the countries of the former CIS

First of all, it should be noted that in the countries of the European Union the small business segment is considered one of the most important points of economic development. Small businesses are provided with significant benefits and optimal conditions of the current legislation. In addition, the EU countries are distinguished by both a stable economic climate and excellent development trends. It is much more difficult to implement ideas for business from abroad in the CIS.

The citizens of the United States of America, who are provided with support directly from the state, including consulting and information services, also have optimal conditions for starting their own business.

Entrepreneurs from the countries of the former CIS will need to make serious efforts to create and develop their own project in the domestic market.

Modern experts identify several of the most profitable and promising industries for business development in the countries of the former CIS, including using foreign ideas for business:

  • service sector;
  • production processes of various kinds;
  • trade segment;
  • construction works of varying complexity ;
  • private legal practice, accounting, auditing services;
  • appraisal practice;
  • medical sphere - cosmetology, dentistry, innovative treatment;
  • hairdressing and beauty salons;
  • interior and landscape design studios;
  • entertainment establishments;
  • printing of various kinds of advertising materials;
  • goods in high demand;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • furniture and interior elements;
  • atelier.

Using foreign ideas for business, you can implement the project on your own, or purchase a franchise. With the independent development of a startup, the main advantage is the lack of competition in the domestic market, however, there are also many risks, such as lack of demand for the product in the market, unfavorable economic conditions and the lack of the necessary legal framework.

Franchising will require significant investments, however, with such cooperation, the risks of loss of funds or project failure are reduced several times, since the franchisor in most cases provides direct support to entrepreneurs.

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