Features of entrepreneurship in Belarus: profitable ideas, facts, opinions, details

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I will try to list what you can and must calculate and read when opening a small retail business in Belarus. After all, the majority starts things like that.

Activity definition

If you intend to engage not in self-expression, but in business, then to choose the type of activity you will need to consistently answer four questions:

  • What is in demand on the market now? It is advisable to concretize the issue, to limit it to a certain territory or sphere.
  • What can I do that is in demand?
  • Who and how is already doing this business?
  • Is there a free niche on the market?

To answer the last question, you need to understand the situation in detail. It is impossible to give advice on studying any market, because. everywhere has its own specifics. However, the basic information about the retail business can usually be obtained by observing it from the consumer's point of view - what is displayed, what is more often asked and bought.

In most situations, a business is worth starting if:

  • you have a competitive advantage over those who already operate on the market, you can offer a better or cheaper product;
  • there are free niches on the market, demand is not satisfied until end, some consumers will go to a new seller.

Obtaining Permits

Having decided on the direction of activity, all permits and licenses should be obtained from the state.

You can understand how the state sees your activities in the National Classifier OKRB 005-2021.

Example for beginners: retail trade in food (ice cream, beer, etc.) in closed packaging goes through code 47, the same beer, ice cream, etc. in cups goes through code 56, like public catering, with other requirements and regulations.

Obtaining permission for one activity and doing another means:

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business ideas from scratch in Belarus

Many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business in Belarus are wondering what are the advantages of doing business here compared to neighbors in the European Union and Russia. Belarus is a relatively small country located practically in the center of Europe. The market capacity in Belarus is not as large as, for example, in Russia, but the country's location in the Customs Union allows using the advantages of this association to promote goods and services to the markets of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. At the same time, the availability of colossal raw material opportunities for the CU partners, as well as the relative cheapness of labor, makes it possible to produce high-quality and inexpensive goods for the EU countries.

Business ideas for small businesses in Belarus, as well as for any other post-Soviet country, are in the field of trade, services and production. Let's try, taking into account the peculiarities of the country, to answer the question of which business is the most profitable in Belarus.

Trade can hardly be regarded as an idea for a small business in Belarus with minimal investment. This is primarily due to the need to have significant working capital for the purchase of goods. But the start-up costs of $ 5,000– $ 10,000 cannot be considered excessive.

Despite the constant development and expansion of the supermarket chain, there remains a fairly wide niche in Belarus for small stores inside residential areas and in rural areas.

Of course, the problem of renting premises for opening a store is quite acute in big cities. If the location of the “retail outlet” is not chosen correctly, the lease can eat up all the potential profit. However, there is still a shortage of specialized outlets for the sale of exclusive goods in the country. The proximity of the EU, in the presence of established relations with suppliers of goods from Europe, allows quite successfully to trade in very expensive products "for an amateur".

Gourmet cheeses, elite varieties of tea and coffee, as well as some meat products and fish will always be in demand among wealthy residents of Belarus. Online shopping and dropshipping remain promising areas of commerce, despite rather fierce competition.

How to start your business in Belarus from scratch. Let's make a reservation "from scratch" does not mean that there are no costs for registering a business. You will not be able to work for a long time "on black" in Belarus. Paying taxes is an unpleasant but necessary obligation. The fiscal authorities are working properly.

Providing services is the most effective answer to the question of how to open your business from scratch in Belarus. But to provide services, you need to have certain knowledge and skills. Here are just a few ideas for a business from scratch in Belarus:

  • tutoring and teaching a foreign language;
  • consulting and accounting services for small businesses;
  • maintenance, repair of computers and mobile phones;
  • courier services (in this case, at least a moped is required);
  • sewing curtains from the customer's material remains a highly demanded service, especially when equipping country cottages;
  • production of confectionery products to order for special occasions.

If you have the opportunity to invest a little money in organizing your own business, then your choice of which business is profitable to do in Belarus is significantly expanding. First of all, this concerns the opening of roadside catering outlets. Their saturation of the road network of Belarus is still insufficient, and the peculiarities of the transit country make such a business very promising.

The opening of hotels for pets on the outskirts of large cities allows you to have a stable income throughout the year. The same applies to veterinary pharmacies. The complex registration system for such pharmacies pays off very quickly.

The prerequisites for interest in entrepreneurship are based on the personality traits of a person. Such people show a pronounced desire for independence, independence, a desire for success and a willingness to rely on their own abilities, strengths and skills. This cannot be prevented by any restrictions of a legislative or socio-political nature. A striking example of this is the economy of the Soviet Union, where private property was treated in a special way, as if it did not exist. Even in such harsh conditions, there were manifestations of entrepreneurial activity both in a permitted form in different periods, and in an underground one. Over the years, in the USSR there were artels, cooperatives and other organizations that operated in the legislative field and carried clearly expressed features of entrepreneurship. In addition, there were shop workers. They can be perceived as those who sought to illegally enrich themselves, but the fact that such people had all the hallmarks of an entrepreneur cannot be denied.

After the collapse of the Union and its transformation into a number of independent states that were once republics of the USSR, entrepreneurial activity began to slowly come out of the shadows. And people who had previously been forced to "stifle" their craving for entrepreneurship were able to realize themselves and start their own business.

Naturally, each of the republics of the former Soviet Union had its own path. And small business in each of them developed according to the algorithm, which was determined by the characteristic features of the national economic and social policy, legislation, and other criteria inherent in this or that state. Some of them, due to historical circumstances, very quickly overcame the transition period, and small business in these countries has already begun to closely resemble the Western model. Here it is worth remembering the Baltics. Some today are actively pursuing reforms so that small business truly becomes that institution that brings income to the country's budget akin to what developed countries receive. Some are pursuing a cautiously moderate policy and slowly overcome the transition period from an authoritarian economy, in which the state regulates relations, to a market one. But practically all the newly formed states, the heirs of the USSR, today perceive small business as a full-fledged component of the economy, a legal activity that makes it possible to make a profit on a legal basis.

Therefore, today every resident of the post-Soviet space, or rather, the overwhelming number of ex-republics, can register as a business entity, start an agricultural business from scratch, or open his own cafe or shop on completely legal grounds, work in legal framework and be the owner of a private enterprise.

Achievements of the post-Soviet states: Belarus in figures and ratings

According to experts, the former USSR countries have chosen different paths for further development and embody different economic models. The rate on state capitalism is clearly traced, where the state sector in the economy is dominant (in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Belarus), to a lesser extent, this system is used in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In these countries, private business accounts for a relatively smaller share of production than the public sector. However, it does exist, and progress towards its increase is observed in many states.

This is largely facilitated by the efforts of their governments to create a comfortable atmosphere for opening and running medium and small businesses. Naturally, in some states more attention is paid to this issue, in some - less. Belarus is distinguished by several characteristic features of its position in the development of the business environment. International ratings, indicators determined by a special group of the World Bank, as well as data from surveys of domestic entrepreneurs themselves will tell about them most clearly.

According to reports prepared by the World Bank, which take into account various factors that exist in a particular country, Belarus is in 44th place out of 189 in terms of ease of doing business. But this position is average, and the rating itself consists of various criteria, where Belarus has significant differences. For example, in terms of the ease of registration of enterprises and property, the country takes high positions - 12th and 7th. But in terms of taxation, the ability to connect the facility to the power supply system and obtain loans, the picture is somewhat different. According to these indicators, Belarus ranks 63rd, 89th and 109th, respectively.

Surveys of entrepreneurs have repeatedly shown that almost half of businessmen assess their position as stable, although another indicator may be alarming. More than 30% of the respondents said that the economic condition of their companies and projects is more in the position of “below average”. On the other hand, in recent years, the level of competition in the country has seriously increased, the Belarusian small business is developing not only traditional trade and production, but also consumer services for the population, printing, tourism, consulting, education. Perhaps this factor initiates such an assessment.

The main obstacles and difficulties, in the opinion of entrepreneurs themselves, reflected in the surveys, are external factors that they cannot influence:

Business ideas are concepts that help you start your own business. The main thing is to choose the right business idea. In this case, you must rely only on your own strengths and give preference only to those ideas that are personally closer to you. Perhaps there are some skills, abilities or relevant special education.

What are business ideas?

Business ideas are a way to make money and start your own business. Their feature is availability. Since such business ideas are designed for a wide range of people and involve a minimum of investment. Meanwhile, the success of this or that undertaking depends on several conditions. They are universal and fair to any type of business:

  • Own funds. Do not rely on credit money. It is advisable to do without loans at all. Indeed, at the initial stage, it is completely unclear how profitable the business will be. Therefore, if you have to take out a loan, then its size should be within the capabilities of the borrower. Otherwise, a business, instead of a stable income, can simply lead to disaster;
  • The demand for a particular business must be taken into account. At the same time, great demand means great competition. A new business will have a difficult time in a busy market. At the same time, the sale of famous goods or the provision of popular services will find their client and this will give an opportunity to get on their feet. And unique, little-known offers are good because the level of competition will be low or there will be none at all. This is good, but you have to try to find your target audience;
  • Legal arrangement. You should not choose an activity that will require a complex design. As a rule, this is also associated with serious tax deductions;
  • Rent of premises. If there is a limited budget, then you should choose a case that does not require a large room. Ideally, it is best to do with your own space. There are many options that can be organized either completely without premises or on your own personal plot.

Popular business ideas with minimal investment

Business ideas 2021 with minimal investment are profitable and promising concepts that do not imply large-scale investments. Among them, the most famous can be distinguished:

  • business ideas with minimal investment, this is dropshipping. Such a business means trading the manufacturer's goods online and making the difference in profits as your own income. To do this, you can rent an online store and pay very modest rental fees;
  • tire fitting. For such a business, you do not need a long registration. He always has a large number of clients and is in demand regardless of the season. In addition, the equipment can be purchased used. And for the first time you can do it yourself and one employee;
  • greenhouse business. This is another interesting option. You can make greenhouses with your own hands and arrange heating in them. For this, there will be enough materials at hand. There is no need to hire employees, because all the work at the initial stage can be done independently. In addition, the greenhouse business can be engaged even without any registration. This will help save a lot of money and withstand a difficult period of formation;
  • raising poultry. Chickens, turkeys, geese and other poultry are very unpretentious and do not need large rooms. Such a business can be started in a garage or on a personal plot. At the same time, poultry meat is always a popular product on the market;
  • making souvenirs. Despite the increase in the tourist flow to Belarus, the souvenir market is not sufficiently developed. Therefore, it is an affordable niche with great growth prospects;
  • a small cafe or canteen. This option will be good for those who have a culinary education or are good at cooking. Eating outlets with inexpensive homemade food are always popular. Such a business can bring good profits and develop steadily;
  • a sewing workshop. Sewing and repairing clothes is always beneficial. And if you sew children's things and hand them over for sale, then you can grow to your own store in one year. After all, high-quality domestic things are always interesting to consumers;
  • an online store. You can trade on the Internet with the same goods as in a regular store. At the same time, Internet commerce does not need its own warehouse premises, sales areas and large staff. Therefore, such a business is economical and profitable;
  • flower trade. Flower shops are a stable and promising business. Bouquets, seedlings and other related products are invariably in demand;
  • if there is a passion for photography and appropriate equipment, then such a hobby can be easily turned into a flourishing business and shoot weddings, weddings, anniversaries, christenings and so on.

IMPORTANT. For photo and video services, you may not even register as an individual entrepreneur for the first time, this will save money. And if you have your own equipment, you can practically do without investments. Such business ideas with minimal investment will allow you to get on your feet and develop your own business in a short time.

Small Business Business Ideas

Small business internet business ideas have many advantages. So, such business ideas of a small business do not need their own employees. A universal call center can receive calls. In addition, such small business business ideas do not imply the presence of their own warehouse or office space. These can be started to be implemented while at home.

“If a businessman with a good grip - and business will go” - this can be heard often, especially at training seminars for beginners who have just joined the ranks of the business or are about to start their own business from scratch. But it’s just a good businessman who understands that grip is by no means enough to get things going well. What are the most important steps of a novice entrepreneur, where to start - about this in our article.

Starting with an idea

Oh yes. And here you will most likely have to choose between what you like and what is really profitable, and this does not always coincide. Start from how you would answer the question "why do I need this?" (for example, to achieve financial independence, simply from having nothing to do, or maybe in order to try something new, etc.), and everything will immediately become easier.

Of course, it's best to choose a business for yourself. For example, if you are a good seamstress, then you can consider the option of your own atelier, if a housewife and at the same time an excellent cook, then you should think about your cafe or something smaller, if your life and passion are computer games, then it will be quite a business your internet club. There are many options, depending on what you like.

Ideally, what you love to do in everyday life can be turned into a profitable business. But do not get a fever, do not decide everything in a day or two. If you live, say, in Minsk, walk around the city, shop, look around, analyze. Ask yourself a question: what is lacking in the capital, what could be in demand?

If possible, drop by local authorities, talk to officials or their entourage. They know exactly what goods or services are in abundance in the city, and which ones are in short supply. True, such an option is not excluded when you will be told directly that your business is undesirable. For example, officials may have their own views on something, or just someone else should do the same thing as you want. So if you can feel the waters, go ahead.

Start your own business by identifying the needs of the community.

Forming an idea into a business plan

Got an idea? Fine! But this is not enough. Now you need to formalize it into a business plan: form goals, as well as describe the concept of achieving them. Calculate, as they say, up to kopecks, how much money needs to be invested; schedule how long it will take to recoup these costs, etc. A well-written business plan will make a good impression on you at the bank where you go (if you need it, of course) for money.

Break your head over the title

There is no need to rush with the name of the future company, it is better to smash your head once again to make it memorable. In addition, for the name to be approved by the Ministry of Justice, certain rules must be observed. So, variants of spelling of names in a foreign language are not accepted, the name must be unique (i.e. one that has not yet been registered). By the way, you can check if there is already such a name that you have invented without leaving your home, here, in the database of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.

It is important to remember that the name should be simple and euphonious (no words and roots in words with a negative meaning or negative connotation!).

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