Fast-payback high-profit business: new ideas

Starting a business in any field, every entrepreneur hopes to receive a high income and a very quick return on investment. If you look at doing business from a financial point of view, any business should be highly profitable and quickly pay off (even if it is a legal business that pays off very slowly). This is the main goal of every entrepreneur.

However, in practice, of course, things are not so smooth. Any business is a risk borne by its owner. First of all, this risk is displayed on the wallet. If the niche for a private business is chosen incorrectly, or the business owner does not take responsibility for his work, he will suffer serious losses. And this will be the result of his decisions as to what production ideas he used.

In this article, we will not talk about this, criticizing or justifying certain approaches used in private business. Instead, we present you with a list of ideas that can grow into a highly profitable business. In fact, there are many more of them. As you understand, it is not possible to simply fit everything into one article.

Maybe you are interested in one or another of them, and you want to start working in a certain niche. Check out this article, and, hopefully, it will help you decide on your choice of what kind of highly profitable business with minimal investment you will build.

Banal idea: food point

First of all, we present to you such an inconspicuous and in no way original idea at first glance, like starting your own business selling some kind of street drinks or food. It would seem that there is enough such "good" in every city. Why build more?

And in some ways, you are indeed right. Yes, today at every bus stop you can see dozens of stalls with shawarma or coffee in any city. But this does not mean that all of these outlets are a "wall" that their competitors cannot bypass. Typically, these businesses operate in a more conservative, customary model. This means that they have nothing new to offer. But you can do it by applying your new production ideas. What does this mean in practice? How do you get customers to appreciate your efforts and get used to your products?

Original approach

From an ordinary food outlet, you can make a fast-paying business if you correctly approach the question of what exactly you would like to launch. And now, it should be noted, unusual work formats are in great demand. People are not interested in buying something that has been on the market for a long time and, perhaps, has become boring, but want to try something new - something that they have not yet encountered.

Sell a new kind of ice cream. Or study some rare foreign coffee recipes, which will allow you to create a novelty that you can offer your customer. Try to make it as original as possible and you will see that at a low cost you can get high income on an ongoing basis due to the originality of your idea.


Today's business area is a very interesting phenomenon. The global economic crisis has significantly shaken the positions of most large enterprises, while at the same time forcing the market to organize the latest types of business. Recently, the main direction is directly small business, which allows, with small investments, to get a fairly high income and quickly pay off.

The main question in this article is the question of what kind of relevant business in our time can be done. I would like to note the fact that in our modern times of crisis, there are already not so few highly profitable quick-payback business ideas.

This article will discuss the most attractive types of business. So, let's try to answer the main question of any businessman, that is, we will find the fastest-paying types of business. Here we go.

Business at gunpoint - shooting range

Total all costs will be approximately $ 3,000. The average monthly income is around $ 4,000. Thus, this business will pay off in the shortest possible time.

A slice of summer all year round - solarium opening

  • annual rent of premises - approximately 200,000 rubles;
  • purchase of a solarium - 300,000 rubles;
  • an employee's salary - on average 10 000 rubles.

The total cost is approximately 510,000 rubles.

  • the cost of one minute of tanning is about 15 rubles;
  • the number of minutes per day - 200x10x30 - about 60.00 rubles per month.
  • Payback period - from 6 months to one year.

Music business

A good fast-paying business is the musical holding of various celebrations, for example, name days, weddings, anniversaries, and the like.

Today every person strives for complete independence, including from the employer. There are more and more new businessmen who want to get a stable and good income by starting their own business from scratch. But there are a number of serious obstacles to start your business. First of all, this concerns a series of recent crises and high inflation rates. In addition, Russia is one of those countries that have an extremely unstable economy and have recently experienced an unstable political situation. All this darkens the situation and confidence in the future weakens every time.

Prepare your step and practice it many times. Focus on explaining your business and how you are going to use the money you want to borrow in clear and compelling terms. Remember, most of your commercial work convinces your banker that you have confidence in your mental talent and ability to build a strong business. Having a relationship with only one financial institution can limit your options, especially if your business gets caught in a collision on the road. “You don't want one lender to hold all the cards if something went wrong,” McKean says. "So, just as you diversify your suppliers or your customer base or your personal investments, you want to diversify your credit relationships."

Because of this, many entrepreneurs try to first consider ideas that require a small financial investment and have a quick payback. Moreover, many businessmen pay more attention to the payback period. The faster the investment returns, the faster you can get income. Thus, it turns out that the payback period is the guarantor of the success and prosperity of the business.

Banal idea: food point

Share with other lenders and think about how to use different institutions for different types of financing. What are the best business opportunities with the maximum return on investment? What business opportunities have the potential to grow rapidly? What business opportunity can help me become a billionaire like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison or Warren Buffett? If any of these questions best describe your thoughts, then please read on.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs tend to get confused when it comes to starting a business because they can't figure out which is the best investment opportunity. This is from London, UK. Which field is more suitable for business, for growth?

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Would you like to suggest me something? Well, you will soon find out. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or employee with a strong desire to start a business? If you are looking for a business opportunity to help you make a million dollars or become a millionaire, please read because this article is for you. Real estate investors claim that real estate is the best investment with the highest long-term return on investment; while stock traders argue in favor of the stock because of its short payback period.

Decoration of fresh flowers with stickers with inscriptions

In fact, the truth is that there are so many investment products out there hungry for attention. StocksHigh return on investmentBonksMultivariate fundsGedge fundsReal estate listingIndividual goodsAccessoriesCommunitiesBusiness metals. Some of the successful entrepreneurs mentioned in the list above have chosen high school billionaires. Whether this list is exhaustive, my answer is no. Oprah Winfrey has become the richest black woman in the world with TV show productions.

Where to start?

Coffee shop (coffee to go)

Here you can consider 2 types at once

  • Coffee to go. This option is becoming more and more relevant today. This approach will attract the maximum number of people by eliminating the need to book a table. Many coffee purchases will be spontaneous - a person walks past a coffee shop and catches the aroma of delicious coffee, he has a desire to buy a cup of hot drink.
  • The hall itself, equipped with tables, chairs, sofas for a comfortable pastime over a cup of coffee. This format will allow attracting visitors who like to spend time in cafes - students, youth, women.

It is better to open such a coffee shop in a city where the stated idea is not yet used. This will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

To attract visitors, you need to build your strategy on the following advantages:

  • low cost;
  • great coffee taste;
  • high level of service.

Opening a coffee shop will require about 250-300 thousand rubles. Investments will be able to pay off in about six months. After a few months of active work, with the right marketing policy, you can reach a profit of 130 thousand rubles. Then you can already open another coffee shop under your own brand.

Fresh bar opening

Nowadays many citizens care about their health and try to eat right. Therefore, opening a bar where freshly squeezed juices will be sold is a very urgent idea. The clients of such an institution are all without exception.

It is not necessary to open a whole bar, you can rent a small space in a shopping center to trade in juice. It is better to specialize in the sale of just juices, it can be sold in disposable cups or bottles so that people can not only drink them right now, but also take them with them.

The main cost items will be: equipment, rent, staff salaries, fruits and vegetables for juicing. Additionally, you can use spices and sweeteners to improve the taste. You will also need to take care of the availability of cups, tubes, bottles, napkins. In total, the opening will take about 350-400 thousand rubles.

This business can pay off in 6-8 months, reaching a profit of 120-150 thousand rubles.

Quail Farm

Material on the topic: "Fast-payback business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

The fastest paying business in Russia

Surely many dream of opening the fastest-paying business in Russia, but in what direction is it worth moving in order to achieve such a goal? This is what we will talk about in our article. In fact, it is quite possible to choose a business with a quick payback, for this you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the industry, calculate the approximate costs and profits, and analyze the demand and demand for the enterprise. Of course, everyone wants to feel in their hands the result of painstaking work as soon as possible, and sometimes entrepreneurs are looking for a fast-payback business for other reasons, for example, if a loan was taken on the basis of the development of the company.

What is the fastest paying business in Russia

Fast-payback business in Russia - some examples

To start such a fast-paying business, you need to invest a certain amount in its development, in addition, do not forget about the risks. There are many external factors that can stretch the payback period indefinitely. But all the same, it is precisely this variation of work in the field of catering that is much more relevant and easy to implement than a restaurant or cafe. In order to work according to the 'take away' system, it is not necessary to equip a large hall for visitors, as well as to prepare meals with delivery. It is a fast-payback business with minimal investment, which, considering work in both directions, is capable of generating good income.

This fast-payback business in Russia is becoming more and more popular with clients every year. The masseur takes a lot of money for his work, but this does not affect the number of people who want to receive services. You can organize a massage parlor in a small room, and a fast-payback business with minimal investment involves going home to a client, or working in your own apartment. So it will be possible not to pay for rent, not to equip the premises, which will minimize costs. To get started, you need to go through training - this can be special courses, seminars or lectures. A tangible item of expenses is the purchase of high-quality equipment for the provision of services, but a profitable business will return all investments after four months.

A certain amount of knowledge will allow organizing a fast-payback business in a small town, practically without investing material resources in it. An entrepreneur can work as a teacher, conduct various lessons, a master class, both for children and adults. Do not forget about the work of a tutor. For such work, it is not necessary to take a place for a lesson for rent, it is enough to equip a work area in your apartment or house. To start a fast-paying small business, you will have to stock up on educational materials: literature, manuals, raw materials for crafts or production, but these finances will be fully reimbursed within two months.

Modern people love to stand out from the rest, and the original knurling on a T-shirt, T-shirt or jacket makes a thing almost unique. This is a profitable business, but to organize it, you will have to buy special equipment, with the help of which it is applied to fabrics, and it is also advisable to buy in bulk monochrome multi-colored T-shirts. Such a production process can be organized at home, then the selling price will be three or even four times higher than the cost price.

How to turn a business into a business with a quick return on investment

By drawing up a detailed business plan, an entrepreneur already has an idea of ​​how long it will take for a business to pay for itself. Of course, not all forecasts come true, sometimes a variety of circumstances can cause an increase in the payback period of projects. That is why it is impossible to say that this or that enterprise will pay for itself in the shortest possible time with a 100% guarantee. A variety of circumstances can play a role here: bad advertising, lack of financial resources for the newly appeared necessary investments, the crisis situation in the country, currency fluctuations, and much more. But with all this, the business is in the hands of its owner, and it is within his power to stimulate a reduction in the period of return on investment. To do this, you need to focus on the following principles:

  • It is advisable to invest practically all the proceeds in the development and support of the business, improving their services or products, promoting the company, expanding the range, and so on. Expenses for own needs will have to be minimized.
  • When opening an enterprise, it is advisable not to forget about savings, but only within reasonable limits, so the quality of the final product should always come first, but you can wait a little with the organization of your own comfort.
  • If an entrepreneur decides to hire employees, then it is better to do it in specialized agencies, and it is best not to recruit staff on a permanent basis at the start of a business, but to contact specialists once. For example, for the design of knurls, you can contact the design service, and the accountant will fully cope with his duties, coming twice a month.
  • The range of services or goods needs to be paid attention to constantly. People are attracted by everything new, there is a desire to appreciate this or that innovation. It is advisable to highlight the most popular products and work on expanding the offerings in this area.
  • Discounts, promotions, bonuses and a loyalty program are essential tools for promoting your business and expanding your customer base.

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