Family mini farm is our business and can become very profitable over time

Every second Russian has a suburban area, every fourth asks the question whether business in the country is profitable, what commercial initiatives will make money on their own piece of land. The dacha business is possible, and it has its own secrets. At the same time, it should be understood that such commerce is risky. The weather factor, the lack of civilized sales markets, access to cheap loans and vehicles complicates the life of those who want to make money at their own dacha. But it doesn't stop them. For a Russian person there are no obstacles that cannot be circumvented.

Before starting your own business at your summer cottage, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • find out what products are in demand in the region in which you live, as long-distance transportation increases the cost of production - sometimes several times;
  • determine (or organize independently) sales channels - where and how to ship (sell) the received products;
  • understand the production (cultivation) technology;
  • draw up a business plan in which in detail the estimated expenses and income are described.

Important! Large-scale business in a summer cottage is prohibited by law. You cannot build a supermarket or brick factory on farm land. However, if the site is located near the highway and there is a desire to build a store on it or open a car repair shop, you can change the purpose of the land.

Little secrets of income from a summer cottage

The combination of business ideas and dacha farming has its own secrets. What grows in everyone's yard cannot be sold at a high price, and transportation immediately increases overhead costs - the business becomes unprofitable. Growing seedlings and early varieties requires heat, light, frequent watering - at the same time, there are land plots without water and electricity. Building a greenhouse will have a beneficial effect on plant growth and increase yields, but will require additional financial investments. In addition, in order to implement a business idea at a summer cottage, you need to live there around the clock or come often.

Important! Any commerce that involves earning a minimum investment is built on significant labor costs. In addition, work on the ground itself requires labor - it is difficult for one person to independently carry out the entire cycle of work. Automated tools make the process easier, but they cost money - you don't have to talk about a business from scratch in this case.

ideas of earning money at their dacha for the brave and hardworking

The first thing that comes to mind is to use the suburban area for its intended purpose: to grow edible and ornamental plants. Vegetation requiring a minimum investment of labor and time includes green onions, parsley and dill. Chickens are also raised at the dacha, fur-bearing animals (rabbits, nutria) are raised, and this is double income from the sale of meat and fur. There are unusual ways to generate income. Let's consider in detail how much you can earn.

Important information! In crop production, profitable options for earning money on seed and planting material, flowers, early vegetables and berries. In animal husbandry - on fur-bearing animals, raising quails and ostriches, rabbit breeding.

Income from edible greens

In the modern world, more and more people want to change their jobs in a stuffy office to quiet work "on the ground." People of different generations strive to start something of their own. And if at the same time they have a small piece of land, then the choice becomes obvious.

Main directions for business on your site

Most city dwellers believe that business on land can only generate income if you are engaged in the cultivation of garden plants or animals. But this area can also include food processing, beekeeping and even fish or worm farming. You can also monetize your hobbies or skills by doing home production on site.


If you have a desire to create a business on your personal plot, you can start breeding poultry or animals. This is a rather laborious activity, but if the dirty work is not intimidating, you can make good money on this type of activity. The most common animals for earning money on the site are:

  • pigs (meat);
  • chickens and ducks (meat and eggs);
  • cows (meat and milk).

The best option would be to combine several animals and two or three dozen birds. This will give you the opportunity to receive a stable income throughout the year.

Note! By breeding animals, you can not only earn money, but also yourself do not experience a shortage of meat and dairy products.

A big plus of animal husbandry is the ability not only to raise animals for meat, but also to breed them and sell young animals.

Crop production

Residents of cities experience a shortage of environmentally friendly, "home" products. Therefore, growing fresh vegetables is a great business on your land. It is not difficult to sell products on your own in any residential area with high-rise buildings.

For many animal lovers, breeding expensive dog breeds can be a profitable business, not just a hobby. Despite the fact that a few years ago this idea was attractive only for experienced breeders, now its demand has grown several times.

How to create passive income in 4 days

A marathon where you will create passive live income from scratch and learn specific strategies for investing in apartments, houses, garages, cars and even profitable sites

This is due to the high price level for breeding puppies. In addition, in the process of establishing a business, you can enjoy communicating with a four-legged friend. However, in order to raise a healthy dog ​​and get high-quality offspring from it, you need to study all the intricacies of care and completely immerse yourself in this area.

Is it profitable to breed dogs for sale

The number of owners of purebred dogs is growing every day. Having decided to have a pet, people are wondering which breed is better to choose. Miniature dogs are often purchased for the soul, and representatives of large breeds are often purchased to guard the home. Dogs of certain breeds with a high level of intelligence serve as guides, rescuers and are involved in search activities.

The profitability of such a business at first glance seems quite obvious, but this type of activity has a lot of risks. This is due to the variability in demand for one or another expensive breed, as well as the likelihood of developing a serious disease in the pet, which can affect the ability to reproduce or even end in death.

In order to assess the prospects of an undertaking at the initial stage, it is necessary to analyze the level of demand for different breeds of dogs, as well as the corresponding offers on the market. Resource information from large nurseries as well as private breeders should be used for the assessment. If the demand for the selected breed exceeds the supply in the region, then the business will certainly be profitable.

The main feature of this method of making a profit is that the primary task of the breeder should be to create the best conditions for the dogs. Entrepreneurs who do not have love for their pets will not be able to achieve great success in this business.

It is rather difficult to determine what breed of dog will be in demand for a long time. Experts do not recommend giving preference to rare, expensive breeds, since their breeding requires a rather difficult care and a large amount of financial investment. The most popular of all dog breeds lately are:

  • The Siberian Husky is one of the most attractive and ancient breeds. The cost of a puppy varies from 7 to 20 thousand rubles and depends on the presence of a pedigree.
  • The German Shepherd has a strong constitution and developed intuition. You can buy a shepherd puppy with a pedigree for at least 15 thousand rubles.
  • Labrador - has an attractive exterior and flexible character. The price of a Labrador puppy with a pedigree is about 30 thousand rubles.
  • The Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Alabai) is a very large breed of dog that needs regular exercise. You can buy such a puppy with documents for 13-15 thousand rubles.
  • Pugs are optimal for keeping in city apartments. They are very friendly and charming. To acquire such a pet, you will have to pay at least 10 thousand rubles.

When purchasing a dog for breeding, you must remember that it must fully comply with breed standards. To assess the quality of a puppy, you need to look at its parents, as well as carefully study its pedigree.

Percentage of Russians with a dacha, according to the inmyroom portal. u ranges from 60 to 86%. Most of them own 600 sq. m. We considered possible business ideas for a summer residence and a personal plot and found out how to effectively use every hundred square meters of land.

The best business ideas in the country

At the dacha, you can organize a profitable business that will bring additional income or become the main source of income. Some ideas for making money in the country will allow you to make a profit all year round. And to start your own business, you do not need to have special education or skills. Many ideas are available for implementation not only by experienced summer residents, but also by beginners.

Growing snails

A snail farm is a rather rare business at the moment. At the same time, the meat of these mollusks is in great demand in restaurants, the medical industry and among fans of exotic cuisine.

Price of one snail according to business-poisk website. om varies from 20 to 30 rubles. But these costs can be avoided if you collect the biomaterial yourself. Snails grow for about 6 weeks. Starting capital for 750 snails - 35 thousand rubles, including purchase of snails - 5 thousand rubles, aviary and inventory - 10 thousand rubles, feed - 20 thousand rubles. The cost of snails is from 90 rubles. per kg. With the sale of 4 tons in 1.5 years, the income will be 360 ​​thousand rubles. After deducting current expenses (1,500 rubles) per month, the net profit will be from 20 thousand rubles.

Growing strawberries / raspberries

Growing berries can generate year-round income. During the harvest period, you can sell fresh products, as well as canned berries for future sales.

Raspberries, depending on the variety, can bear fruit 1 or 2 times a year. The price of one escape according to the portal zlatpitomnik. u is 150-300 rubles. depending on the variety. There will also be inventory and product shipping costs. If 6 acres are completely sown with seedlings, when harvesting twice a year, you can get about 1 ton of berries. At a price of 300 rubles. per kg, the proceeds will be 300 thousand rubles, and the cost of seedlings is on average 70 thousand rubles.

Strawberry cultivation can be organized both in the open field and in a country house. A cost-effective and easy way is to plant the seedlings in bags filled with soil.

What will you get with farming?

As already indicated, farming is hard work, where you need to be patient, responsible and ready for all sorts of surprises. But, having made a decision for yourself - to become a farmer, you, without even knowing it, get a lot of positive moments:

  • Your life will be transferred to the countryside, where the air is cleaner and the food is fresh, which has very good health results;
  • By organizing a family farm, you get a huge a chance to achieve success together with family and friends, which will definitely strengthen the family;
  • Working with the whole family, you will save on hired workers who would have to pay wages;
  • By choosing several directions at once, you you can avoid the risks of being left without profit (for example, the potatoes did not disfigure, but the strawberries made me happy);
  • Having set a goal and asking the question, “I want to start farming, is there any government assistance?”, you can always count on benefits in taxation, and if you are wondering how to get a grant for a novice farmer, you will find out that the state is very supportive of such businessmen and in every possible way contributes to the development of their business.

There are some drawbacks though:

But if there is a goal and a desire to achieve it, all problems can be solved. After all, what business is everything going smoothly?

Farm business ideas - opening mini farms

One of the most promising areas of small business

is currently agribusiness. Now in this area there is a huge number of new technologies, tools and methods. Thus, all you need is a good business idea. Rabbit breeding

Well-organized mini farm

will allow you to achieve good profit from rabbit farming. Compared to other farm animals, rabbits have a huge number of important advantages. First of all, it is important to note that these cute animals are excellently fertile. Supermarkets and restaurants are ready to buy rabbit meat. You will definitely not have problems with the sale of products. Rabbits never accumulate poisons in their bodies. That is why their meat is so highly prized.

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