Entertainment business in a small town

In any small city, you can open a successful, flourishing business. If you want to become an independent person and make all your dreams come true, find a lucrative idea and start your own business. What kind of business you can open in a small town, we will figure it out in this article.


Many people are thinking about how to open a business in a small town. The most profitable and affordable option is a cozy street cafe. In small towns, such establishments can be counted on the fingers, so inexpensive eateries are very popular among the population.

Such a fairly profitable business for a small town, does not require large initial costs, but at the same time brings a good profit. Serve customers with a wide variety of different drinks and inexpensive homemade food, and you will never suffer from a shortage of visitors.

Entertainment business

If you are thinking of something to do in a small town, you can build your business on entertainment. Offer your clients services for organizing all kinds of festive events.

This could be:

In small cities and towns, there is practically no competition in this area, so such a business without investments in a small town will allow you to quickly conquer the market and become a monopolist.


Another great business idea with minimal investment in a small town is a nightclub with a disco. To do this, you can rent the premises of the former club and equip it as an entertainment facility. A real nightclub where the best DJs will perform will certainly attract young people. This will provide you with a good profit. In addition to discos, you can offer clients theme parties and other entertainment events. During the daytime, when the institution is closed, you can conduct all kinds of training sessions, for example, dancing or singing.

Private kindergarten

Many who have no experience think that starting their own business is very difficult. In fact, this is not the case.

Anyone with start-up capital and desire can. You don't need special knowledge. The main thing is to carefully study the type of business you want to do, take into account all the points and nuances.

The decisive factor at the start will be to find a good supplier, if it is a store and a place. It is very important. Many people inexperienced opened stores in places with poor traffic, saving on rent and burned out. As for the quality of the goods, this is also a key point, since we need regular customers. The person who bought the goods once from you must be satisfied in order to return to you again.

So, how to start a business in a small town? In our article we will consider the most profitable ones. For production, a large start-up capital is needed, so we will not consider this type of activity.

So, you can either open a store or provide some services. First, let's look at which stores are the most profitable.

Which store is better to open in a small town: ideas

Grocery store

Perhaps the most profitable small business option in a small town. But a lot is needed to start. At least 20-30 thousand dollars, and this is provided that you will rent the premises, not buy. Few people have such an amount in a small town.

Again, this type of business has many nuances and pitfalls. If you have no experience, then I would not recommend opening a grocery store to start.

Second-hand clothing store

A thousand dollars is enough to start. You rent a room, buy showcases and goods. Second-hand clothing is sold (purchased) in kilograms and is inexpensive. Cheating is usually 400-500 percent, which is very good. Most people in small towns are poor and willingly buy used clothing.

Planning to start your own business, but don't know how? You need business ideas, one of which can be starting your own business in a profitable and popular niche - entertainment and recreation. Places for recreation and entertainment, the creation of which takes into account the number of crowds, quickly pay off and bring a stable income. Particularly popular are children's attractions and centers, bowling, as well as extreme types of entertainment, which have become a favorite vacation spot for many. The profitability of entertainment centers, according to experts, is 20-30%. Entertainment business ideas are always relevant and profitable.

Entertainment. Business ideas in the field of entertainment and recreation of the year.

What is entertainment for a modern person? This is one of the ways to get away from boring reality and give yourself new sensations, to become better than he is. Startups can make good money on the desire of people to experience new bright emotions.

For example, the hosts of blogs and YouTube channels, who “don't get a word in their pocket” and know how to make funny comments on a video or publication, earn more than their serious colleagues. The success story of blogger Max Golopolosov lies in the fact that he managed to shoot a 5-minute video review, in which he commented funny on several videos from the network. Now the businessman has about 7,000,000 subscribers. His very first video was filmed at home on a webcam.

Content for teenagers and schoolchildren is popular - they are looking for answers to their questions, they like parodies of stars and original performances of songs by teenagers like themselves.

Another profitable niche in the entertainment industry is the organization of children's entertainment. This segment is very heterogeneous, but the main purpose of such entertainment, no matter how cynical it may sound, is not only to give children the opportunity to play and / or learn, but also to free up some personal time for parents, especially if they are parents of 3 or more children.

As noted by successful businessmen who have built their own business in the entertainment industry, the “child has fun - parents have a rest” format has become incredibly popular in the mall.

Reasons for such a demand for services among the population:

  • The presence of an entertainment zone in shopping centers increases the time of visitors' stay, which has a positive effect on making a profit - parents can safely choose the product they are interested in, without being distracted by the fuss and discontent of a bored child.
  • In children's playrooms, parties are often held - birthdays and so on.

Experts who are engaged in the production and supply of equipment for children's rooms are confident that business ideas related to the field of entertainment are easy to implement and pay off quite quickly with a relatively small investment.

Business ideas in the field of entertainment are an opportunity to start working for yourself, doing what you love. The entertainment business niche is a chance to show all your best human and professional qualities. Such a field of activity is suitable for people of creative professions - designers, artists.

Sega brought the popular video game Sonic Forces into real life by creating a parkour room based on one of the game levels. “1000 Ideas” wondered what other games are worthy of such a fate.

New York is one of the most populous cities in the world. Not surprisingly, in the stone jungle, people lack nature. They decided to fix this outside the box, starting to build the world's first subz.

Investments from 1,000,000 rubles.

Franchise of cutting-edge hairdressing salons "Haircut-SHOP". Any haircut is 250 rubles! Open your own hairdresser with a unique concept and income from 150,000 rubles per month!

Designer and programmer Yusi Liu has created a robot that writes poetry on the coast, based on the personal perception of what he saw and heard around. Poet on the shore (. / P>

Amadeus has developed the world's first virtual reality travel booking service. Navitaire, recently acquired by Amadeus, is testing.

Psychological training "spree" is a real test for representatives of top management and workaholics of the elite. Participants are encouraged to ride shopping carts, run on go.

Don't throw away your old grandma's troughs! You can become an honorary member of the Broken Troughs Club, and maybe personally take part in the races. Organization by.

Investments from 500,000 rubles.

The diamond franchise of a solid brand with a high level of awareness. Guaranteed return on investment. Own cutting and jewelry production, quick opening of the salon from 1.5 months.

A new rain-room business is gaining popularity in China after the British company Random International presented its installation in Shanghai under the name R.

The Spirit of the City Photo Observatory is a public space where, instead of a starry sky, visitors can see online photos taken by the citizens themselves.

Do you live in a small village or town and have a commercial streak?

At the same time wondering what you can open in a small town?

Then the article is written for you.

Of course, there will be fewer potential buyers, but the costs of opening the project will also decrease (compared to the megalopolis).

Competition in small towns and villages is usually low.

A small town is a settlement with a population of 50,000-100,000 people.

There are more than 80% of such settlements, towns and villages in Russia.

Experts believe that starting a business in such towns is more profitable than in megacities.

What to discover in a small town: taking into account the pros and cons

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business in a small town:

ProsMinusesLess investment than in a metropolis: lower rental costs, advertising costs. low purchasing power, this reduces profits. or the salary of employees. selection of qualified specialists is difficult. Broadcast radio will reduce advertising costs. Bad radio can quickly destroy a reputation if it gets punctured. Also, personal negative reputation can affect the business. Cheap local raw materials. Orogo imported raw materials. like competition: it is easier to discover something that is not yet in the settlement. more competition for the main, traditional groups of goods. With low competition, the demand for goods and services is higher. Fewer buyers - less profit. Starting a business has fewer hurdles than in a metropolis. There are preferential programs. Narrower choice of business ideas due to conservative tastes. It is better to refuse exotic ideas.

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