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What business is better to open, where to invest money in Rostov-on-Don, in the largest city in the south of Russia with a population of more than a million people, such questions are often of interest to our readers.

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As a rule, the most popular investments are: deposits, precious metals, securities, Forex, as well as investments in real estate. With each house, the volume of housing construction increases significantly, so such investments will help not only save personal funds, but also increase them.

Most popular types of investments:

Many large Russian banks and business companies are located in Rostov-on-Don, the city is very attractive for the development of medium and small businesses, as well as larger projects. Read about business ideas here.

Among the promising areas of starting a business are the following

    Greenhouse business. Such a business will quickly pay for itself and will not require large investments. Products such as vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers are in good demand.

    Thus, in Rostov-on-Don it will be profitable to invest in opening a business for the production of cereals and cereals.

    Rates on deposits in banks of Rostov-on-Don

    If you are not yet ready to invest in your own business, then you can consider more conservative options for investment, namely, opening a deposit. This type of investment is the most popular among the population of our country, because it allows you to receive income without additional efforts on the part of the depositor.

    What programs are now profitable at their rates:

    Business in Rostov-on-Don - ideas for entrepreneurs are not limited here. Rostov is open to investment and economic development. Warm climate, trade position at the crossroads of land and waterways, support of city authorities create conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and business in Rostov-on-Don. The ideas are based on "classics" and on innovations.

    Region Features

    This springboard for an entrepreneur with a population of one million welcomes tourists. Transport hub, center of industry, "gates of the Caucasus" - all this is Rostov-papa. When choosing a concept for your future business, consider:

    • 1130305 Rostovites suffer from typical problems of a millionaire - roads with potholes and holes, shabby public transport.
    • People are engaged in agriculture all year round. Including experimental. It is not for nothing that the Don is the extreme northern zone where rice is grown.
    • The FIFA World Cup has left behind many interesting objects.
    • The South IT-Park is located here - a space for growth, development, interaction of professionals, employees of firms and brands. They are the ones who bring innovation and technology to life. Park residents receive state support.
    • A creative approach will make the "classic" directions sound in a new way - from small homemade products to industrial giants.

    If you get creative, there are 101 ideas for growing your business in directions that at first seem inert and outdated.

    Best Business Ideas

    Rostov's dad accepts both non-standard ideas and already tested proposals. Franchises or daring experiments - this city has something to show.

    Growing Rice

    Rostov region is considered the extreme northern zone for growing rice. Yes, the business idea is not new. But! To carry out this activity, a reliable technological irrigation (irrigation) system is needed, which minimizes the problem of canals salting. Varieties of this cereal have been developed, which take root well in the vicinity of the Don and give record yields, two tons per hectare more than similar varieties, which were considered the most productive.

    Virtual Reality Polygon for Team Games

    Having developed a polygon with virtual reality, you are getting closer to bold fantasies about the future. The interest in such services is increasing many times over. It is predicted to surpass even the mobile market.

    The opportunity to try on someone else's personality, to play in a team in another world attracts not only children, but also adults. Team games will become a "feature" of informational Rostov. To implement the project of the company "My reality" requires an investment of 2.5 million.

    Depressed breadwinners

    The Accounts Chamber has two main complaints: the state program does not provide employment growth in the small and medium-sized business sector, and federal subsidies to regions to support this area are distributed unevenly.

    But that's not the saddest thing. Worse yet, the business gets depressed. These conclusions were made by the experts of Alfa-Bank, conducting a study in conjunction with the International Research Center MARC.

    After interviewing 3.1 thousand individual entrepreneurs and companies with revenues of up to 350 million rubles a year, the experts delivered their verdict: “Business is getting ready to survive in difficult economic conditions and is concentrating on working with costs and retaining customers.”

    83% of respondents believe that the current economic situation in the country hinders business development. The reasons for the total pessimism: a decrease in the purchasing power of the population, an increase in VAT since 2021, a constant increase in taxes, the alleged withdrawal of self-employed citizens from the shadow sector.

    And also: competition with the shadow sector and administrative barriers. 50% of the respondents are sure that the situation will only get worse in the future. However, there are also optimists - those who consider their business successful and hope for the best in the future. There are 22% of them. By the way, their number does not change steadily.

    But all this is the average temperature in the hospital. There are 85 regions in Russia and each has its own situation.

    No money, but holding on

    The Rostov Region Administration has published the results of a sociological study of the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region. It was conducted by DSTU specialists. On Don does not make optimistic plans for the future 52% of the surveyed representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. The main thing for them is to keep what they have. But the main factor that hinders the development of small business in the Rostov region is the high level of competition from large business. This is the opinion of 58.4% of the respondents.

    By the way, businessmen are also worried about the decline in purchasing activity.


    business ideas that can be opened in Rostov-on-Don:

    Decorating candy bouquets

    A business idea for decorating bouquets and chocolates is suitable primarily for women. A girl or woman with creative thinking and design abilities at any age can create unique bouquets and sweets, while the investment in the business is no more than $ 200.

    Culinary business. Opening your cooking

    The culinary business is directly related to public catering and therefore you need to get all the necessary permissions to start. The scale of this business can be very diverse, both small and medium-sized.

    The purpose of a business idea is to organize additional income or a full-fledged home business (at your discretion). Cucumbers should be grown using environmentally friendly methods. When organizing a small home cucumber business, it will be enough to have your own vegetable garden.

    Business: processing oil sludge into diesel fuel

    In the past, incineration and burial technology has been doing well, but the industrial capacity of humankind continues to grow, and the hazard of waste, from an environmental point of view, is increasing.

    How much do dating sites and social media earn?

    Today, all existing design work is implemented for capitalism or venture capital. The key word for exiting entrepreneurship (business) is the word - "Exit". Going out of business in the form of an IPO can be ensured by a takeover by a large company such as Apple or Google.

    Making pizza as a business

    Pizza is not only a favorite dish of Italians, it has become almost international. And although there are many different restaurants and pizza delivery companies, due to the high profitability of the business, entrepreneurs are increasingly opening such establishments.

    Salary 100,000 rubles per month

    See playlists on my YouTube channel with companies in which I earn, register and we will earn together:

    If you have any difficulties, please contact us always ready to help!

    Hello! We remind you that tomorrow (June 30) Ziferblat will host the main business event of this hot summer for entrepreneurs, as well as those who are just thinking about starting their own business.

    The Rostov Region Startup Forum invites you to visit interesting platforms for business, leadership and motivation. Master classes from the creator of the coffee chain "Drink Coffee" and the group of companies "Good restaurants" Roman Panchenko, as well as the director of the shopping center "Horizon" Dana Polonsky will change your ideas about business. In the program of the forum you will find interesting business trainings from Alexander Kostin and Alexander Ganaev, interactive and exchange of experience with the same active young people.

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