Do you like working with wood? List of Small Business Ideas for Carpenters

Wood crafts for sale are an extremely creative and rewarding way to make money. Naturally, as with any art or craft project, some items will sell better than others.

Consider the most profitable ideas for a woodworking business.

If you are determined to turn your creative skills into money, check out the following 14 most profitable woodworking projects.

Wooden toys

Unlike many of their plastic cousins, wooden toys stand the test of time. Not only do they have durability, but wooden toys look fabulous in children's bedrooms, so these unusual items will always be in demand.

Start making wooden dolls, train sets and more - the perfect Christmas present for your child.


Wooden hangers can transform the interior in an amazing way. These home accessories are also easy to assemble, making them a very profitable woodworking project.

Fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are a ubiquitous feature in almost every household, providing an attractive and practical function in kitchens and dining rooms. These home accessories look even more impressive when made from natural wood.

Whether made from solid wood or fragmented pieces, fruit bowls are a popular household item and therefore a lucrative woodworking project.

Wooden interior as a business

How to make money on interior design?

You can decorate interiors with decorative letters, shelves, modules (paintings and built-in kitchens). Today, there are many design options - the selection of the interior is carried out under the guidance of experienced specialists, taking into account the needs of everyone who lives in the room or the design is being developed for business and commercial premises.

Today, a designer can earn not only on his knowledge and skills, which need to be constantly refined and developed - new trends appear, progress offers more and more qualitative ways to save personal time and facilitate household chores, but also on the fact that knows how to apply new trends and ideas with maximum benefit for himself. Wood interiors are the safest from an environmental point of view and are chosen by people who own luxury real estate - which means your potential paying clients. Wood interiors will perfectly fit not only into panel houses and cottage houses outside the city, but also become a personal space of comfort and safety in a bustling city.

Wood interiors as a business can become an additional source of income not only for designers - after the interior concept is developed and approved with the customer, it becomes necessary to search for the necessary building materials, and quality often plays an important role ...

Wood interiors can use not only the usual panels, beams, cladding and furniture. Today, it can be unique furniture made of pellets (pallets), from which literally everything that is required for personal and client comfort can be made: beds, sofas, shelves, chairs, dressers and much more. Furniture for pets is also included in this segment of the wood interiors business.

You can order pellets from wholesale suppliers and design interior furniture yourself, or act as such a supplier of quality wood for interior decoration.

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How to make money on wood interiors: business ideas

Minimalism has always been in vogue: it is a cozy and functional interior, which has everything you need for a comfortable life. Most often, owners of luxury real estate want all the most fashionable trends in the interior to reign in their country cottage or apartment. One of the most classic and environmentally friendly materials is wood, which can be presented in the form of a facing material, solid or light furniture, designer room decorations.

Wood interiors are also used in business premises. These can be restaurants-pubs, barbershops, vape bars, restaurants, hotels and even anti-cafes, which freelancers often use as a free workspace.

Basic styles that can be used when drawing up the concept of wood interiors

Classic style

Wood products for sale are a profitable and promising business line. But there are some nuances regarding the choice of premises, the purchase of tools and raw materials, and design. To create demanded objects, you need to have creativity, artistic vision. To increase sales, you need to competently build a marketing strategy.

Features of the woodworking business

Like any kind of activity, the manufacture of wood products has its own peculiarities. Positive points:

  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Development of technical skills in working with the material.
  • Availability and low cost of raw materials (small items can be made from leftovers from furniture production).
  • Buyers' interest.

  • Risk of injury while working.
  • Lots of waste.

The cost of starting a business from scratch depends on the direction. For machine-tool production, they will be higher, if manual cutting is organized, they will be lower. This type of business is suitable for creative people who are not afraid of physical labor and are ready to constantly develop in this direction.

Room selection and preparation

It's worth starting from the workspace. Criteria to be met by the premises:

  • Sufficient space. Large production needs more space, it is important to take into account the space for equipment (tables, machines, workbenches), the placement of material and finished products. It is recommended to find a space of at least 60 m 2.
  • Lighting. Ideally, it should be natural - this will allow you to more accurately identify defects in the complex structure of a tree, and your eyes will be less tired. This does not mean that you should completely abandon artificial light sources, but the more windows in the room, the better.
  • Ceilings. Their height is important for the manufacture of large-sized items - furniture, slides and swings for playgrounds, etc. If the items are small, you can set up a workshop at home or put the carpentry in the garage.
  • Energy supply. This criterion is important if you plan to use electrical equipment with CNC: grinding, turning and milling machines, etc. To provide such machines, a voltage higher than the standard 380V is required. If it is not possible to provide such sockets, there is a way out - the purchase of mini-machines designed for 220V.

  • Availability of ventilation. Wood processing is associated with the formation of shavings. It is presented not only in large, visible fractions, but also in volatile suspensions. This wood dust adversely affects the health of the human respiratory tract. To minimize the harm from production, it is worth installing exhaust equipment or a modern air conditioning system. If it is planned to hire workers, the installation of such a system will be mandatory, therefore, when looking for a room, you should pay attention to the possibility of installing a hood.
  • Rental conditions and cost. The most profitable option is a room with the possibility of equipping a point of sale for finished products nearby. In this case, the profit from trading will quickly cover the costs of renting a workshop. Before concluding a rental agreement, it is worth checking all the conditions with the landlord.

When choosing a room, you should focus on a specific situation. Guided by these recommendations, the master will assess the conditions and development prospects necessary for himself and find the ideal premises for business.

In 2021, Andrey Krasikov from Kamensk-Uralsk started making wooden products and became an entrepreneur. Today his company KRASwood2021 earns up to 150,000 rubles. per month in the production of furniture, gazebos and children's toys.

Andrei Krasikov, founder of KRASwood2021, talks about metal and wood, seasonal business and honed craftsmanship in an interview with Kontur. urnal.


I am building my own business in the middle Urals, in the city of Kamensk-Uralsky with a population of 170,000. The city is famous for its large metallurgical enterprises: the Sinarsky Pipe Plant, Kamensk-Uralsky Metallurgical Plant, Oktyabr Production Association and others operate here. The whole life of my parents is connected with this industry. Therefore, when the question of career guidance arose, I decided to go to metallurgy according to the established family tradition. In 2021 he graduated from the local polytechnic college, and then continued his studies in Krasnoyarsk, at the Siberian Federal University, specializing in pressure metal processing.

After graduation, I got a job in my specialty - at the Sinarsky Pipe Plant. He worked in this industry for six years, but ultimately decided to deal with wood. My grandfather, a professional carpenter, introduced me to the tree. From childhood I watched his work, he also instilled in me the first skills. By 2021, at the age of thirty, I decided to start my own business - the company for the production of wooden products KRASwood2021.

By that time, I already had my first and not very successful experiment in entrepreneurship. A few years earlier, my acquaintance and I, who had experience in banks and various commercial organizations, tried to launch a consulting agency in the field of finance. The service turned out to be not very popular, and this project never took off.

I invested about 70,000 rubles in the launch of KRASwood2021. own funds - mainly for the purchase of the necessary tools.

Serious financial support was provided by the Entrepreneurship Support Fund of the Sverdlovsk Region, which allocated me, as a beginning entrepreneur, a grant of 300,000 rubles two years ago. This money was also used to purchase equipment. I didn't have to spend money on renting premises: I rebuilt a garage for my own workshop - 35 sq. m was enough for me. Thanks to cost savings, the KRASwood2021 project paid off in just a year and a half.

Independent work

The biggest challenge at the start of the project was building up expertise. Since I was not a professional carpenter, it took me about a year to develop my skills and increase the speed of order execution.

My product is quite standard - any wooden products, including furniture, wooden gazebos and verandas, birdhouses, bathhouse decoration, children's toys and play areas - therefore the main competitive advantages are service and quality of work performed. I always personally communicate with the customer, control the process at all stages, adjust to individual requirements. Among the most unusual orders: a unique wrought-iron chandelier, a picnic-table basket, a vertical flower bed for flowers and strawberries, and a rod stand.

A Success Story on Designer Wood Products

Yana and Tamara have created their own studio of designer wood products and earn money by decorating the interiors of their clients' premises.

Today in the field of design there is a stereotype that designer “carpentry” is a business exclusively for hipster guys with neatly trimmed beards and manicure.

Girls argue that this area of ​​entrepreneurial activity is very diverse and multi-layered, literally every person can find himself in it, whose hands grow from the right place and there is a creative approach to solving problems.

Yana and Tamara know that both former top models and civil engineers and even philologists work in the field of interior design products. Startups work in the niche of designer wood interiors and are gradually conquering their target audience segment in the city of St. Petersburg.

Yana and Tamara are 28 years old, they worked as freelancers, doing photography and interior design, respectively. The startup began its work in 2021 and today it successfully promotes its products on the market: clocks, hangers, mirror frames, accessories for decorating tables, etc. Products are sold via the Internet and a number of partner stores in the city.

The girls met while still children - in a summer camp, then they got to one department of the university. Tamara admits that wood products have always attracted her the most, she liked to create something with her own hands, to work. Yana essentially became her first client - she ordered a wall clock in the shape of an owl for her daughter. Together they began to think about the layout, create unique versions of the product. They enjoyed working together.

Yana notes that the idea to make an owl wall clock came to her from childhood memories: in the house of her grandparents there was a clock in the shape of an owlet with a pendulum mechanism. At first Yana wanted to order watches from abroad, but there were problems with transportation and delivery, so the girl decided to turn to a friend for help. This is how their startup and fruitful joint work began.

The clock from which the startup actually began was put into production only a couple of months after the start of the business. The series was posted in a group on the social network VKontakte, and people became interested in unique author's products.

IT tools used in the Yana and Tamara project

The girls also worked on the naming of the project together. They came up with unusual associations with wood, wood, wood, and settled on the very mark, in their opinion, the name. They also designed and drew the logo together.

Yana jokes that their example is a bad example for novice startups, as they did everything the other way around: the business was built on the same enthusiasm and desire to create. About a dozen logo layouts were rejected, the girls did not write a business plan at all.

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