Creative marketing ideas for your business

Why do we need creative ideas for business?

As you know, in order to effectively attract customers to your business, you need to start with a product. The product must certainly have a unique selling proposition to be noticed and chosen. And creative ideas for business will help to make it noticeable.

What manufacturers and their marketers don’t come up with to distinguish their product from competitors. Sometimes the ideas of the most enterprising of them reach the point of absurdity and even absurdity. And the most amazing thing is that sometimes they work, delighting the market with something completely new and unusual, and rewarding entrepreneurs with multimillion-dollar profits.

In our today's selection - 5 incredibly creative business ideas that worked and brought their creators a lot of income. I draw your attention to the fact that there will be practically no technical innovations and scientific developments here. Only an endless flight of fantasy, incredible courage and loyalty to one's convictions.

Superhero Restaurant

Once the owner of a small restaurant in Bangkok, Narongvit Sutkhiviriyakul, dressed all the staff of his establishment in Spiderman costumes. Everyone became Spidermen - from takeaways to barkers working on the streets. Incredibly, after this innovation, its sales doubled.

However, Marvel soon got in the way of the creative entrepreneur and demanded that his unauthorized action be canceled. And a week later, the resourceful Thai man dressed all his employees in Austin Powers suits.

Austin Powers' copyright holder - WPM Film International - not only gave him the right to use his character to attract customers to the restaurant, but also sent him 10 knitted suits - for each member of the Narongvit team. including himself, his wife and children.

He is currently negotiating with the copyright owners of Catwoman, Lara Croft, Batman and other famous characters.

Elephant Wash

In one of the nature reserves, the flow of tourists has decreased, and the management has come up with a way to attract them to visit. A special service was organized in the reserve - washing your car with elephants. Elephants will water your car from their trunk and wash it with a sponge.

The number of tourists in the reserve has grown rapidly - everyone wanted to try this unusual service.

What techniques work in marketing? Practitioners share their experience with practitioners.

In 2021, the CMO Survey found that the marketing budgets of US businesses increased by 11% in 2021. As more companies realize the value of a robust marketing strategy to their bottom line, the marketing landscape becomes a complex web of ideas and approaches that is sometimes discouraging.

Site fitsmallbusiness. om asked the owners and top managers of the companies to share what marketing techniques they find effective. Today we are publishing the first batch of creative marketing ideas. The second part will be published on Executive. u May 14, 2021 Are you using these ideas in your business? Share your experience in the forum under the publication.

Use unique videos

Jeremy Levine, Fit Small Business

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Practice your Facebook holiday giveaways

Tory Shanks, Director of Content and SEO Marketing Nu expression

During the holidays of 2021, we worked with a client who sells cookies, cakes and other goodies on the Internet. To increase brand engagement and sales, we decided to run a competition. However, the client's brand was southern, warm and family-oriented. Therefore, we decided not to publish the contest on social networks, from where users are redirected to a web page to fill out a form, but to implement chatbots on Facebook. We have advertised on Facebook and published new posts daily to promote the competition. Every day, we associated a word or term with the chatbot in such a way that a site visitor who saw the message about the competition could immediately become its participant by simply commenting on the trigger word or phrase.

After a person left a comment, a message was sent to him via the Facebook messenger. The message contained a couple of questions about his favorite treats, he provided an email address and - surprise! - a person was on the list of those who could win 12 days of prizes! It was all organized with automated chatbots! This allowed our client, after the end of the competition, to continue communicating with its participants, and also made his business more attractive to the end consumer.

Donate your services for charitable purposes

Designer is a creative profession, the boundaries and possibilities of which have no limits. In the modern world, every person comes across the work of people of this direction when he buys clothes, orders a wedding photo album, creates an apartment design plan, or simply wants to improve his own courtyard. The profession is worthy and well-paid, so if there is an entrepreneurial streak combined with design views, then it is worth trying yourself as a designer in order to self-actualize and receive a stable income. This article will focus on three business ideas that are know-how in the modern world.

Why do you need a creative business idea?

What marketers and manufacturers do not come up with today in order to distinguish a product from other competitors. Sometimes creative ideas for business on the part of the most entrepreneurial go to the point of absurdity and absurdity. And the most amazing thing is that such ideas often work, while delighting the market with something unusual, completely new. As a result, such a creative business idea brings the entrepreneur a multimillion-dollar profit.

Below you can familiarize yourself with incredibly unusual ideas for your business, which have already worked and brought their owners considerable income. Therefore, if you want to start a profitable business from scratch, a creative idea is a must. It should be noted that innovations and scientific developments will not be presented here.

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Superhero Restaurant

Once the owner of a small restaurant in the capital of Thailand dressed all the service staff in Spiderman costumes. Everyone was in disguise in the restaurant: food hawkers, barkers who work on the streets, waiters. After such an innovation, the entrepreneur's sales almost doubled.

However, after a while she demanded to cancel the unauthorized actions on the part of the creative entrepreneur. But the Thai was not taken aback and a week later dressed all his subordinates in the suit of Austin Powers.

Austin Powers is copyrighted by WPM Film International, which not only authorized the restaurant owner to use this character to attract guests to the restaurant, but also sent the owner 10 knit suits for team members to change. In addition, the outfits were transferred to the owner himself, his wife and children.

A Thai businessman is currently in talks with the copyright owner for the Catwoman, Batman, Lara Croft, and other popular characters.

So if you decide to start your own restaurant business from scratch, a creative idea for you using the costumes of famous superheroes is a great solution.

Stereotypical thinking has long associated an "artist" with a free creator who creates beauty and lives on a penny. Fortunately, things are completely different. Practice shows that contemporary artists can become successful entrepreneurs.

DNA Portraits

The idea is based on a standard salary for artists - portraits to order. But if the artist had a five in anatomy, then he can offer unique products - portraits from the customers' DNA. This idea was invented by the artists Adrian Solomonovich and Nazim Ahmed. They paint portraits with amino acids - they have different colors, so the work is bright and lively.

Such creative creativity did not go unnoticed. Large galleries in New York and Tokyo became interested in DNA paintings. And the artists themselves have already earned more than a million dollars from their work.

Painting with unusual materials

Continuing the theme of unusual drawings. The artists quickly realized that it was quite difficult to surprise the public with ordinary paintings and began to experiment. One of the most proven and successful schemes is to use unusual materials for drawings. You can come up with something of your own, and for inspiration, we will show a few examples.

Elisabetta Rogai uses exclusively white, red and rosé wines in her art. She sketches in charcoal and then paints them with wine. The trick of her work is that over time, the color of the paints in the picture changes, as the wine ages and takes on new shades. The result is canvases, each of which is completely unique.

But the artist Carne Griffiths is not limited to one drink and mixes ink with tea, vodka, brandy, etc. Drinks allow you to create a unique color palette, make your paintings multi-layered and airy.

American artist Tarynan von Anhalt paints in the style of "reactive painting". Abstract pictures are obtained using air currents from a jet engine of an aircraft. The creative process itself looks so large-scale that people are ready to pay 50 thousand dollars for the opportunity to watch the artist's work.

And Ramon Bruin from the Netherlands makes money by painting in 3D. For several years now, he has been surprising the whole world with his drawings and actively collaborates with various brands.

Popular photo artist Ben Hein has created a successful project that combines pencil drawings and photography. First, he makes a freehand pencil sketch, and then combines it with a real object and takes a photograph. The result is an interesting augmented reality effect. 3D drawing is a mixture of pencil drawings and photography. First he makes a freehand sketch with a pencil on paper. Then he photographs the drawing against the background of a real object and refines the resulting image in Photoshop, adding contrast and saturation. The result is magic!

There are also unusual entrepreneurs among artists. For example, a charming Shiba Inu dog named Hunter became famous throughout the Internet. He paints abstract paintings that sell well. Hunter has already earned $ 5,000 and thousands of fans. The talented dog has his own Instagram and shop on Etsy, where you can buy his paintings for $ 38 apiece.

Another artist from the animal world is a pig named Pigkasso. By chance, the owner of the pig discovered her craving for drawing. As a result, the hostess Joan bought paints and an easel and began to actively promote the pig in social networks. The work has borne fruit - today paintings in the style of "abstract impressionism" are sold for 2 thousand dollars apiece. So if you can't draw yourself, teach your pet to do it!

Although the image of the starving artist is still popular among the people, if you were not born a programmer and are not friends with numbers, this does not necessarily mean that you will be financially shallow. As practice shows, you can make a great living if you skillfully apply your creative abilities. Artists create things for the sake of aesthetics, and let's face it - it's not really appreciated in the practical world of business. But times have changed, and the modern economy offers tremendous opportunities for those who want to create, not just reproduce or resell.

True, you have to learn a little bit of marketing basics to learn how to sell your products or skills. But even that can be done with a creative approach.

Why not combine the pleasure of creating something new with making money? If you're a creative person, here's a selection of 12 business areas to consider as options for starting your own business.

Handmade goods

If you have a talent for creating a variety of things from available tools - from children's toys to jewelry or interior items - you can start your own business right at home, in comfortable conditions. To be successful, you will need to find a reliable source of raw materials and time to create the first batch of products.

Besides all kinds of offline fairs, there are many ways to sell handmade goods online. These can be classifieds sites, themed marketplaces, or your own online store. And you can start by posting photos of your work on your own pages on social networks.

An interesting case in this niche is the myBOOKmark-shop project. om by Ukrainian designer Elena Misnyk, who produces only one product, namely bookmarks for books. The girl has already managed to sell them for an impressive amount of almost $ 400,000. / P>

Also, if you manage to effectively scale production and hire assistants, you can negotiate with shops in large cities that are focused on selling gifts and souvenirs. This is especially true for tourist cities.

Jewelry & Jewelry

This is also one of the handmade directions, however, the jewelry market is so large that it is worth making them a separate item on our list. The first thing that comes to mind is bead products, which are consistently in high demand and popularity.

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