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In addition, the staff does not constantly improve their qualifications, but changes professions, superficially getting to know each new one. Features of the external environment of Russian business Also, the features of doing business are directly related to the external environment in which the company is forced to operate. The first such feature in Russia is the large institution of mediation. Western businessmen can independently enter the European market to purchase goods; Russian entrepreneurs rarely manage to do without the help of intermediaries.

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Corruption is one of the most unpleasant business problems in Russia. It is extremely difficult for an honest business to function in our country, given the fact that aid from the state and the legal framework in Russia are insufficient.

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This is a new business from Europe and so far it can only be in demand in big cities or in megacities of Russia. Due to the fact that sushi and rolls are a product that quickly deteriorates, it is better to install vending machines with their implementation where there is a lot of traffic, so that the product is sold out as quickly as possible and fresh is served.

Bicycles for rent. In big cities, traffic jams are an eternal problem. People take hours to get to work. So, in order to avoid this trouble, many people in Europe prefer to travel by bike.

She offers to rent bicycles. For just a small fee, a cyclist can take a vehicle at the bike rental machine and then return it there.

Business abroad, which is not in Russia: options for ideas

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Many people are interested in both moving to a European country and also starting a business there. This is quite possible and not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Every year people from Russia move to Poland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and other countries to start their own business there, and they do it successfully.

General information on starting a business in Europe

Even if you want to do business from your home country, there are several options that are actively pursued by European entrepreneurs.

Positive and negative aspects

The European Union is not at all an earthly paradise, as many believe, so everyone who wants to get there will not be able to. It should be remembered about the prejudice against foreign citizens, this is due to the fact that the number of immigrants is constantly growing, prosperous countries are not always replenished with law-abiding residents.

Residents of countries that were previously part of the USSR with a low level of development, always dream of a rich and prosperous Europe. Although it is not at all an ideal place with certain problems and difficulties, the standard of living in such countries is considered to be higher. However, this does not mean at all that it is impossible to live on the territory of Russia and Ukraine with a high level of income.

Most people still want to move to countries such as Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, because this is much easier to do. The same is difficult to say for the UK, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

Although doing business there is also quite realistic. This process will be successful if you are a highly qualified specialist in a particular field or are open to investing in the budget during your entrepreneurial activity.

If you are going to start an honest business that will be somewhat original, then in European countries you can count on a positive attitude. Subject to confirmation of its usefulness to other states, it is possible to quickly obtain not only a residence permit, but also citizenship.

Ideas for starting a business in Europe:

Given a sufficient amount of finance and an interesting idea for implementation, a new business project can very soon become in demand and successful. If you fail, you can just go to your home country.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas from the USA and Europe" with full explanation and justification.

Top original business ideas from the USA and Canada that make the most money

More than 300 million people live in the United States - only a very active and productive business can serve, clothe and feed such a number of people. Therefore, it should not be surprising that America became home to a huge number of business ideas, which were then replicated around the world. A good idea can bring billions to an American entrepreneur, since the number of potential buyers in the country is large; in addition, in many areas America is the trendsetter for the rest of the continents.

Urban Farms

The idea of ​​using skyscrapers to grow greens and vegetables pushed the demand for organic farming in the United States. The shelf life of natural plant products is short; during the delivery, vegetables lose valuable vitamins. Greenhouses on the roofs are organized in Canada, South America, Singapore, but it was the Americans who came up with the idea of ​​growing edible herbs using a high-rise building not horizontally, but vertically.

Enthusiasts have installed a device that resembles a Ferris wheel: instead of booths at a vertical farm, trays with plants. The electric drive rotates them, providing uniform watering and light access. Also popular is the idea of ​​growing greens without land at all - using the hydroponic method. In this case, the soil is replaced with mineralized water, which is offered to be collected during rain in special reservoirs on the roof.

This is interesting! Skyscrapers are located mainly near the coast, so enterprising US residents use abandoned warehouses and factories for organic farms. An example is the agricultural firm FarmedHere in an empty warehouse in Chicago, its owner Iolanta Hardey grows organic greens here.

According to estimates, the yield of 1 square meter of vertical farm is 20 times higher than with the traditional method of plant cultivation. But such a small business requires additional investments - for equipment, electricity, mineral fertilizing. However, urban eco-farms are considered not only popular, but also profitable, because the costs of delivery, staff salaries, chemical fertilizers, heating and irrigation systems are reduced. Plants on an innovative farm grow 2 times faster, and crop losses (due to the elements, pests, temperature changes) are minimized.

The "relative" of the previous concept is a kind of indoor mini-farm, in America they are called phytowalls. Walls of living plants are created in offices, hotel halls, catering establishments - in the latter case, greens can be edible and served on the client's table right from the wall.

The idea spun off from small businesses on vertical farms, replacing potted flowers with vegetation that does not have land. The plant wall works for a positive image of the restaurant (hotel) and oxygenates the air, so the number of customers for the novelty in the United States is growing - this startup promises to become one of the most popular in the near future.

Personalized food business

The principles of healthy eating are actively promoted in America - they also do business with the right food. The novelty of the Chop't cafe is an offer to customers to "design" their own salad. The visitor chooses vegetables, fruits and other ingredients - they are immediately cut into empty containers by the cook and seasoned with sauce. A custom-made fresh salad serves from $ 8 to $ 14.

Other catering establishments are installing small-format ovens with a grate right in the tables so that visitors can prepare a hot meal from fresh pieces of meat or fish on their own. The idea itself comes from Japan, but it managed to become extremely popular in New York restaurants.

Consider how foreigners can do business in Poland in 2021


Small and medium business is well developed in Poland. This is facilitated by a stable economy, support for small and medium-sized businesses from the state, the presence of various bonuses, a cheap labor market (this is due to immigrants from the former CIS countries - Ukraine, Belarus), a reliable legislative framework, developed infrastructure and social protection. Income tax for a legal entity (CIT), one of the smallest among the countries of the European Union - 19%, if your turnover is less than 1,200,000 euros, then even 9% (for example, in Italy 24%, in Germany it is 30% , in Belgium 34%).

To avoid a recession during the crisis, the Polish government is taking urgent measures to save business. You can read about it here.

The listed factors contribute to thinking about what kind of business to open in Poland? The UniConsulting team has selected 8 ideas for business in Poland that have every chance of success. And also 8 bad ideas that are doomed to fail.

Foodservice in Poland | Idea

Regardless of the circumstances, people must eat. Therefore, you can make money on this. If the cuisine is distinguished by its original menu and reasonable prices from other catering outlets, it is guaranteed to be noticed. And you will be able to attract regular customers in a short time.

It is important to think over the location in advance, because if your institution sells alcohol, then there should be no kindergarten or playground, school, hospital and church nearby. Is there a parking place.

Benefits of a catering outlet:

  • Pays off quickly
  • Is in demand among the population
  • You can start with minimal investment

Grocery store in Poland | Idea

When thinking about which business to open in Poland, pay attention to a grocery store. As the practice of life in Poland shows, Poles buy food directly near their homes. Therefore, you can start with a small retail outlet in residential areas, where residents can buy essential goods without going to large stores. A grocery store in residential areas is more profitable compared to a outlet in a public bazaar, where there is a lot of competition.

Benefits of opening a grocery store:

Wise businessmen with vast experience and understanding of the essence of the laws of market development advise not to start your business path from areas with high competition. They recommend looking for innovative products and services, occupying vacant niches in which only a few are working.

You don't have to enter the market with your own start-up. You can use new ideas that have begun to be implemented in the United States or European countries. Many of them are already successful and in demand abroad, but they are not yet available to the Russian consumer.

Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation

The relative abundance and marketing policy of grocery stores gives shoppers a choice of vegetables and fruits. This picture looks especially vivid in supermarkets, where customers line up in long lines and inspect each apple or orange for a long time, trying to buy the most beautiful and ripe fruits. The remaining products are quite usable, but look unsightly. The shelf life of products, especially fresh ones, is short-lived. The supermarket management will have to throw away the leftovers.

But you can use this resource wisely and launch a line for processing illiquid assets and producing various food products from it: juices, jams and purees, fruit and vegetable salads, soups and cereals.

We are not talking about rotten vegetables and fruits, but about those that have simply lost their presentation. Enter into an agreement with the management of several supermarkets and buy raw materials from them at a low price.

Finished products can be sold in the same supermarkets.


This is a very fashionable and promising direction. Rest in the outback, living in a country house or in a tent, hiking along picturesque and non-trivial routes attract the wealthy and tired of the city bustle of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Eco-tourism is a great alternative to the rather boring luxury resorts and idle reclining on the beach.

The organization of such tours requires a minimum of costs and is not particularly difficult, but brings high profits. Eco-tourists do not expect comfortable conditions, they are looking for new, sometimes, thrills, want to test their endurance and get closer to nature at least for a while. But it is still necessary to ensure the safety of customers.

Selling liquid that repels water

A profitable business can be created by selling innovative products. One of them is Ultra Ever Dry. It is a revolutionary substance that has the ability to repel any liquid. The surface treated with Ultra Ever Dry does not get wet, is not contaminated with liquid concrete mixtures, oils, liquid mud. This product can be used in everyday life, in construction and repair work, in production.

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