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It is absolutely not necessary to then expand your financial activities, a garage business can be opened in order to receive additional income and work for pleasure. You can open such a business in a village or in a big city, the main thing is that there is a desire to engage in this type of activity.

How profitable is it to run a garage business

The profitability of this type of earnings depends on the line of business, on the quality of manufactured goods or services provided, as well as on the amount of time that will be devoted to this business. By running a garage business, you can save on the following expense items:

  • Premises rental.
  • Hiring workers.
  • Business registration.

Glass workshop of an entrepreneur from Blagoveshchensk.

If the garage is owned, then there is no need to pay a monthly rent, which can significantly save money.

Most garage self-employment options can be self-employed without additional assistance.

Although it is not safe to work without registering a business in the tax office. A garage entrepreneur can be fined for illegal business.

Making brooms from plastic bottles - this type of business is described below.

If the sale of goods or services occurs only for a limited circle of acquaintances, then you can do without registering entrepreneurial activity, the main thing is, in this case, not to “shine too much” and not tell strangers about garage self-employment.

By minimizing costs, the profitability of this type of business is significantly increased. Entrepreneurial activity will be profitable even if you devote no more than 3-4 hours a day to garage work.

The most common areas of this type of self-employment:

Win-win community service business ideas

Business ideas in the garage are promising for making money. This option of owning your own business without renting premises is safe and allows you to save money at the initial stage. We looked at 20 startups in the garage with minimal investment and impressive profit potential.

garage business ideas

Garage business is primarily about men, although many of the ideas below are not gender-specific and are great for women.

Craftsmen often start working independently, as self-employed, at first doing without official registration and employees. So you can build up a client base and "probe" the market: determine if there is a demand for services and prospects for earnings.

  • Opportunity to save money on renting premises. Working in his own garage or at the dacha saves a novice businessman up to 50 thousand rubles. monthly.
  • Minimum investment. Some of the necessary equipment is already in the garage.
  • The garage can be used around the clock, especially if it is within walking distance of the house.
  • Combines with the main job. At first, such a business can be a part-time job, and then become a full-fledged enterprise.

  • Limited space for equipment - only mini-production will fit in the garage.
  • If the garage is located next to a residential area, noise and dirt from some types of production will displease neighbors.
  • There may be problems with the official registration. If an entrepreneur decides to register his business in the form of an LLC, he will need a legal address. It is not always possible to use the garage as such.

As with any business, there are pros and cons, but with a good idea, you can make a lot of money.

Manufacture of metal products

Opening a production of metal products in your own garage is a promising idea, because it involves the creation of goods in high demand:

  • structures for domestic use: racks, shelves, fences, gates, gates, weather vane;
  • building materials: corrugated board, profile, mesh-netting;
  • decorative forged details for grilles on windows and fences.

The most promising and affordable for mastering at home is the production of forged products. To implement such an idea, special equipment will be required, the full list of which depends on the chosen specialization. We can definitely say that it is more convenient to implement cold forging in the garage. The arsenal of necessary tools includes:

  • machine for curls "Snail";
  • machine for geometric figures "Gnutik";
  • tool "Basket";
  • "Volumetric" or "Globe" machine;
  • "Wave" machine;
  • "Twister" machine.

Don't think that you can't start a business in a small town. There are many ideas for relevant services to the population that need a competent organization.

For many people, the main goal in life is complete financial independence - to work for yourself, to have your own business and not to obey the picky bosses. A garage business is the perfect way to make that dream come true.

Converting a garage into a service space is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Even with a small start-up capital and minimal effort, you can start a business that can provide good income in the future. The main thing is to bring one of the business ideas in the garage to implementation.

Main business areas in the garage

For a start, entrepreneurs should decide on the specifics of their business project and its focus. It is advisable to choose based on your own capabilities, skills and abilities - if you have creative potential and love collecting antiques, then you should not open a turning workshop, even if such a project in the future can bring excellent profit.

There are several main areas of the garage business:

  • manufacture of various goods;
  • provision of services;
  • processing of materials or raw materials.

Each of these areas requires certain equipment and capital investments. Moreover, newcomers to the business will have to build up their client base, which means they will have to conduct an advertising campaign.

Top Working Ideas

1. Opening a sales outlet.

In accordance with current legislation, the garage is classified as a stationary trade, which means that you can organize a shop in it. Before creating a business plan, it is advisable to analyze the demand for certain groups of goods. For example, in a large garage complex, you can sell auto parts or supplies.

To organize a store, the premises should be insulated and supplied with high-quality equipment, which will require a lot of money, time and effort.

2. Car repair shop.

If you are a car enthusiast with a lot of experience and are able to quickly fix even the most serious breakdown, then opening a car repair shop will be an ideal way to start earning money for yourself. To do this, you need hand tools (wrench sets, screwdrivers, jacks, etc.) and a welding machine. Before starting work, it is also advisable to take care of the safety of the workplace and equip the premises.

Who doesn't dream of their own business? But sometimes all this remains at the stage of fantasies and plans, because it is not so easy to become an entrepreneur. However, if you have a garage, you are lucky, because at least you have a room in which to place your production. Now the matter is small - to decide on the type of activity. In the context of economic instability, it would be very wise to organize production in a garage. Ideas from China will help you make the right choice and understand the technical issues.

The simplest solution

If you have a garage but no car, the premises should not be idle. You've probably noticed how the prices for paid parking have increased. At the same time, the number of cars in cities is growing steadily. If you do not intend to open some kind of production in the garage, ideas from China do not inspire you either, just rent out your box.

On average, this type of activity can bring about 5,000 rubles a month, which will be a good addition to the family budget. But this figure can vary significantly depending on the region, as well as the condition of your premises. In addition, the rent will differ significantly depending on the purpose for which the person is renting a garage from you. Of course, if he plans to store his car or some equipment there, one should not count on a large profit. But if a person wants to open in your box, for example, a car service, you have every right to raise prices or demand a percentage of the profit.

Toothpick production

If you're looking to start your own business, garage production is a good start. Ideas from China impress with their simplicity and accessibility. In this country, entrepreneurs have long mastered the intricacies of organizing small businesses and are successfully taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the compact, inexpensive equipment available on the Chinese market. So, for example, why don't you go into the production of toothpicks? It would seem that this is such a simple object, but a person constantly needs it in the process of life. This way, you won't have any sales problems. You can negotiate supplies to local catering establishments, as well as to small retail outlets.

But it takes some initial investment to open such a garage business. You need a special machine. It is quite possible to order it from some Chinese online store, which will provide maximum savings. You also need to find a source of supply of wood (it will take very little). And, of course, take care of the packaging. The boxes can also be ordered from China for a minimal price.

On average, the initial cost of such a business is about 700,000 rubles. With a competent organization of production and sales, net profit can be achieved within a year.

Wood blanks

All over the world there is a desire of people to be creative. This trend can be used to organize production in the garage. Ideas from China inspire to start making wood blanks for later decoration. If you have the skills to work with such material, use your imagination. All kinds of figures, boxes, plates, pots, boards and other items will be sold out with a bang.

Regarding initial costs: you will have to purchase a set of tools (about 15,000-20,000 rubles). At a woodworking plant, it is worth agreeing on a regular supply of raw materials. If your products are in demand, you may need to purchase a milling machine. It will cost you about 200,000 rubles.

Wooden toys

If you're planning to start a garage business, making wooden toys is a viable option. Now that even baby products are made from unsafe, toxic materials, it is important to provide the market with environmentally friendly toys. In principle, this type of production is very similar to the previous one. You will need about 150,000 rubles of starting capital for tools and materials, as well as unlimited imagination. Safe toys will certainly be in demand.

Anyone who wants to start their own business and with the available impressive initial capital, which can be used for a startup, the choice becomes quite simple. Because you only need a good idea, and the money will not stand up. For those who are not burdened with large savings in order to rent premises, hire workers and purchase expensive equipment, the choice is very limited. But nevertheless, even with low costs, you can start your own business in the garage. A working idea should be in demand in the market and not include additional financial burden in its design.

Most of the ideas offered to us on the network are more consistent with financial capabilities, as well as the dimensions and conditions of a Western-style garage. Moreover, many ideas are not designed for the average man in the street, since it is important to take into account that in our latitudes garages are not an extension near the house and are not located in residential areas, but rather are located in garage cooperatives, where they also have their own rules. These places are far enough from the residential area, so some ideas just don't work there. But here, too, there are a lot of opportunities with minimal investments, as well as not burdensome legal registration in order to start your own business and receive a stable income.

Before thinking about creating your own business or, more correctly, a small business in the garage, you should consider its size, the possibility of sufficient investment and payback of the business project in the shortest possible time.

The biggest problem faced by a person who wants to start his own business, but does not have a lot of capital, is the lack of faith in himself and his capabilities. The future entrepreneur begins to say that without a large start-up capital, nothing will come of it, or our garage conditions are not suitable for any small business, unlike Western ones, or I do not have a garage and this is not for me. In these conditions, renting a good spacious garage is not too expensive. At the same time, in comparison with any industrial building, it is several times cheaper, and, accordingly, all existing expenses will be covered faster in order to obtain net profit and further development.

Positive and negative points to consider when starting a small business in a garage

Engaging in such a business as setting up a small business on the territory of an ordinary garage has its own nuances, both positive and negative. By studying this aspect thoroughly and carefully, you can eliminate the problems associated with this. Knowing what pitfalls await in the future, you can, if possible, insure against them.

  • Savings on rent. If the room is sufficiently equipped and meets the requirements for the kind of occupation that you decide to establish, then all the advantages are obvious. A self-owned garage is ideal, as you only have to pay the ongoing fees and bills for the resources consumed. But even a rented garage is several times cheaper than renting any, even the most seedy office on the outskirts of the city.
  • Renting out a garage space is already a small but stable monthly income in itself. Also, the garage can be rented out for the organization of a warehouse or production by third parties.
  • Being in your own premises, with low financial costs for its maintenance, even if you fail with one project, you can always start a new one. Since the issues of organizing and renting a technical room disappear by themselves.
  • For most industries, the garage usually does not need large capital and investment to start them up. At the same time, the garage premises are quite spacious, they do not have unnecessary partitions, so it is much easier to plan a workspace in such an area.

But like any business, this idea also has a second side. Of the negative moments that await a new entrepreneur, it should be noted:

  • The presence of a fairly high level of competition. The fact is that in the field of small business it is unlikely that it will be possible to become a discoverer of some very original super-idea. Accordingly, due to low costs and the ability to engage most interested persons, there is a very high level of competition in small business. Therefore, before a startup, in order to count on a decent profit, it is necessary to be very careful about the analysis of the market and the offers that are available on it. Your idea may not be new, but by adding your own flavor to it, you can take a leading position in your industry.
  • It should also be understood that the garage is not suitable for any production and the choice is very limited. So the manufacture of food products, for example, no inspection will allow, in the absence of appropriate conditions and equipment. And alteration of such a scale for the necessary conditions does not justify itself in the end.

Minimum Space Requirements for Starting a Small Business + Tips on Choosing Equipment

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