Construction of small country houses business ideas

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  • 3 Monolithic technology for the construction of country houses
  • 4 How much can you earn on the construction of country houses
  • 5 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 6 How to choose equipment for the construction of country houses
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A country house today is no longer a luxury, and a large number of residents of our state are striving to become the owners of such houses, the business idea is very promising.

However, everyone is asked a series of questions related to:

  • the choice of material for the construction of a turnkey cottage so that it has a long operational life;
  • the average cost of building a cottage and technology that will be the most profitable from a financial point of view and in terms of time costs.

A step-by-step plan for opening a business for the construction of country houses

To begin with, the customer must determine what to give preference to a summer house or a summer cottage winter house?

To choose the most suitable place and method for building a country house, you need to decide on its intended main purpose.

In the case when you want to build a small garden residential building intended for seasonal living, an excellent option would be to build a small one-story summer cottage, using thinner walls and saving on finishing work.

Construction of a summer cottage

In recent years, the construction of a country house for visiting at any time, and occasionally for the purpose of living in it all year round, has become increasingly popular.

A business in a summer cottage can bring good income if it is organized correctly. People in the country usually spend a lot of time in the summer. It can be spent not only on vacation, but also on earnings. You can pick up a variety of ideas for opening a small business in the country. Popular among summer residents are:

  • renting out a summer residence;
  • growing vegetables, fruits and herbs for sale;
  • production of smoked meats;
  • bath rental;
  • growing quails;
  • nursery for seedlings;
  • organizing an apiary in the country;
  • growing and selling mushrooms.

Lease of land and baths

Not all townspeople come to the dacha all year round. The reasons for the absence can be different: a business trip, the birth of a child or a lack of free time. Despite this, you will still have to pay for utility bills and site security. So that the dacha does not stand empty and brings some profit, you can rent it out to friends who love to spend time in nature. It can come in handy for neighbors in the area involved in growing vegetables. One of the conditions of the lease should be maintaining order on the site. If the dacha has a large house, and also has a bathhouse or pool, you can rent it out to companies for the weekend. The proceeds received will be enough not only for utilities, but also for small purchases.

At the summer cottage, the bath is not used too often, so it can be rented. If the site with a bath is located far from the city, then you can make money on this. However, it is necessary to create all conditions for a comfortable stay of visitors. Firewood should be available at all times, a comfortable and clean room for rest, and the steam room should be heated by the agreed time to the desired temperature. As an additional income, you can sell beer, cold water, barbecue, fish - everything that a company may need for a pleasant stay.

Growing vegetables and herbs for sale

Growing vegetables and herbs in the country will be profitable if you remember some rules:

  • Harvest should be all year round, not just during warmer seasons. One harvest will give a small profit, but if you sell it constantly, it will increase many times.
  • The conditions for growing plants must meet all the requirements: constant watering, timely fertilization, lighting.
  • The number of crops is the most important business criterion. The received profit directly depends on it.

It's easy to build a small smokehouse in the country, and the profit can be quite good. Alternatively, you can smoke meat, fish, poultry. It is better to buy raw materials from local residents or grow them yourself. If you carefully study the technology of smoking and various brines, you can find regular customers. However, such a business requires appropriate registration in government agencies.

Raising quail

A very profitable business is the construction of houses for sale, especially for those entrepreneurs who have a decent capital to invest.

It is not necessary to be a professional builder, your enthusiasm and a serious approach to business is enough. Such a business can bring you good profits and become a reliable source of income. Our recommendations and advice will help you implement this business idea.

Decide what exactly you will build. Whether it will be a cottage village, an apartment building, a townhouse or a separate country house - decide for yourself. But do not forget that the popularity of cottages is not decreasing. There are a lot of people who want to buy such a house. Therefore, the best idea is to build country cottages.

Site, project, communications

We acquire a plot of land for construction. Ideal if you already have one. Select a site in a popular direction, in a crowded area and with communications. Buyers will not be satisfied with an inconvenient and uninteresting place, so pay attention to the surrounding landscape, estimate the location of the house. Contact a real estate agent you know to help you choose a site and suggest the approximate cost of houses in this area. It is a good idea to purchase a piece of land through an auction, but this requires an increase in cash investment.

Contact the Geodetic Service for soil analysis. This must be done in order to be sure of the reliability of the earth under the foundation.

The next stage is project documentation. Order a draft design from specialists and a package of documents for it. When ready, submit it for approval to the regulatory authorities. All this takes time and money. After approval, you will receive a technical specification (technical conditions) for connecting to power grids, as well as to sewerage and water supply, if you are building within the city.

We bring communications. These works should be carried out by special organizations to which you pay for the works themselves, as well as the cable and pipes that are laid to your connection point. All connections to utilities must be of high quality. Agree, it's not a bad idea to bring a telephone line and the Internet to the house as well.

Building a house

We are looking for a team of builders who will perform the necessary work efficiently and on time. Make sure that the team has mastered the technique of masonry, facing, pouring the foundation. Hiring a construction company for this business is not a good idea. It is not cost effective. She will "swallow" all the profits. A hired crew will be much cheaper, but you will need tight control and frequent visits to the construction site on your part.

If you yourself are a qualified builder and the project of the house is not complicated, then you can carry out the construction yourself by connecting assistants. Or some individual construction stages in which you are a master, do it yourself. This will help you keep your project profitable.

Buying building materials from large wholesalers or directly from factories, bypassing shops and markets, you save about 20%. You should never skimp on the quality and reliability of building materials.

Features of a wooden house

Over a long period of time, there has been an increase in demand for houses built of wood. Today, more than 40% of all houses under construction on the territory of the Russian Federation are made up of wooden houses. And there is an explanation for this. Firstly, wood is an environmentally friendly natural material that provides a person with a comfortable living environment. A house made of wood has an increased air exchange, so a person's well-being in such a house is much better. Secondly, a wooden house is something closer to a person by nature. Own country house made of wood allows a person to escape further from the bustle of the city and become closer to nature. Thirdly, the construction of a small wooden house does not require large expenses. A wooden house measuring 6 by 9 m, ready for living, will cost only 600 thousand rubles. Thanks to these three factors, the demand for wooden houses is only increasing every year.

And if earlier the demand for wooden houses was restrained by the idea that such a house is difficult to manufacture, shrinks and deforms after construction, then modern technologies available in construction today make it possible to avoid these negative moments.

A variety of wooden houses and their characteristics

Timber frame houses are usually the cheapest and at the same time warm enough, but they are inferior to houses made of logs and beams in terms of comfort and environmental friendliness due to the presence of synthetic materials in the walls.

Rounded log houses are usually 10-15% more expensive than frame houses and have all the advantages of wood as an ecological building material. At the same time, the most labor-intensive processes associated with the construction of a house from a log are transferred from the construction site to production. And the installation technology itself is determined at the design stage of the house. In Europe, houses built from rounded logs are considered the most prestigious.

Houses built from timber are relatively inexpensive and quickly built. But they have one drawback - the lack of a thermal lock. Because of this, such a house is very difficult to insulate and the blowing coefficient of such a house will be higher than that of a house built from a log. Therefore, in order to reduce heat loss, additional insulation is used with the help of lining with euro lining, siding or other material. Despite this, the log house has proven itself very well in our climate. After all, wood itself has a very low thermal conductivity. A wooden wall of 20 centimeters, equivalent in heat saving to a brick one, 1.05 meters thick.

The cost of a wooden house built of laminated veneer lumber will cost the client from 20,000 rubles / m3, from a profiled bar - from 11,000 rubles / m3, from a rounded log - from 6,000 rubles / m3.

Today, the success of a construction company depends not only on the quality of the house built, but on the range of construction services that the company provides to the client. For example, some clients do not want to bother themselves with such difficult moments as finding a site for construction, bringing engineering systems, landscaping, etc. It is easier for such people to buy a turnkey object, which is immediately ready for living. In this regard, some construction companies are developing a development business by building entire public villages from wooden houses.

But this is more likely a question for the future, since for start-up firms, the issues of registration of activities, search for personnel, equipment, raw materials and materials for construction, and of the customers themselves are more important.

Step-by-step plan for starting a business

In addition to registering a company (LLC), in order to provide construction services "according to the law", you must become a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO) by submitting a relatively small package of documents. The so-called building licenses are issued on the basis of the decision of the SRO commission after making contributions to the compensation fund and completing the necessary formalities. As practice shows, a construction license can be obtained fairly quickly, but it should be borne in mind that the SRO will have some control over the progress of construction and installation work and the timing of putting the facility into operation. The license is valid for 5 years. In total, the cost of obtaining a license is usually about 50 thousand rubles.

An additional cost item will be the purchase of construction tools. This may require up to 300 - 350 thousand rubles, depending on the price category of the tool and the type of work (sawing, drilling, grinding, etc.). The main tools include saws, drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws, stepplers, grinders, hammers.

The problem of housing construction is still acute in our country. The demand for comfortable individual housing remains steadily high even in the context of an unstable economy and falling living standards of the population. This business plan for the construction of frame houses will help entrepreneurs open a socially significant business that will help in solving the most important task.

General concept of the project

Construction of frame houses is one of the most profitable and promising areas in the development of low-rise construction. The variety of projects and designs of these structures, low construction and finishing costs, simplicity of technology and the absence of the need to use bulky equipment create attractive conditions for doing such a business.

There are two main technologies in frame construction:

  • The use of the floor as a base (platform) for the erection of vertical elements of the structure;
  • The use of a post-and-beam system, in which the entire frame structure of the future house is a complex interconnected beams and racks.

Both of these technologies allow, by increasing the length of vertical and horizontal elements, to flexibly adjust the area of ​​structures and their number of storeys. After the frame has been erected, it is exposed to double-sided cladding. As a rule, from the inside it is made of plasterboard or wood, from the outside - from moisture and windproof materials. Insulation is located between the facing layers.

The advantage of frame construction is also the possibility of combining it with panel construction, when a panel with a strapping is fixed on the frame, sheathed on both sides, between which insulation is laid. Investments in the construction of such houses are small, so they are gaining increasing popularity in Russia. With the use of high-quality materials and proper care of the house, the guaranteed service life is at least 50 years. Compared to brick, the cost of building a frame house is lower by about 25-30%. In addition, there is no need to use expensive specialized equipment and machinery - such a house can be erected by a small team of builders in just a few weeks, and at any time of the year, because there are no so-called "wet" processes in technologies.

Our example examines the use of the "DKR" technology, developed by experienced practitioners in the field of erection of frame structures. They note the high profitability of building houses using this technology, which confirms our business plan for the construction of frame houses with calculations.

Market Analysis

World experience clearly demonstrates the obvious turn in individual construction towards wooden buildings. Such housing is currently perceived not only as the most comfortable and environmentally friendly, but also as prestigious.

In our country, the share of timber frame housing construction is still very insignificant, although it has been constantly growing in recent years. The Russian market potential is estimated by world experts as one of the most promising due to the fact that our country has 25% of the world's timber reserves, relatively cheap labor and modern technologies in this industry.

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