Collection of ideas no. 8

Starting your own business in a small town has its advantages. First of all, it is worth noting good opportunities, since there are a huge number of business ideas for a small town. Also important is the fact that in most small towns there are many unemployed, which makes it easier to hire staff.

Quite often, business owners in small towns are people who do not want to work for low wages. Also, many people in the process of accumulating funds to buy something worthwhile think about business ideas for a small town.

The situation in large settlements

Compared to big cities, small villages have significantly more private entrepreneurs in percentage terms. This is due to completely different levels of wages. Of course, in cities with a large population, there are huge business opportunities, in such places those ideas that the residents of the villages do not even think about are easily implemented. However, mostly people from large cities are also satisfied with employment.

When thinking about the implementation of business ideas for a small city, you should understand that their payback can take quite a long time. This is due to the fact that the turnover will be small due to the small number of buyers.

Benefits of Small Towns

Despite their small size, villages and small towns have positive aspects, the most important of which is the absence of a large number of competitors. Of course, some business ideas for a small town have already been implemented before you, but there are many promising ideas that can be translated into real life. Therefore, it is very important for entrepreneurs to notice profitable niches in time.

If you are looking for business ideas from scratch in a small town, first of all you need to pay attention to the needs of the population and what you can offer. We can confidently say that people in any village always want to eat well, use the services of hairdressers, need the help of doctors, and have a need for educational institutions.


People have always needed and will need qualified help from medical professionals. This niche is often not particularly developed in cities with a small population. It can be very difficult to get help in public health facilities due to long queues, malfunctioning equipment or a lack of staff. This is a fairly profitable business idea in a small town, but its complexity lies in the fact that an entrepreneur must take care of providing truly highly qualified services.

The most expensive component of medical institutions is equipment. High-quality medical technology is incredibly expensive, especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. For example, the cost of an ultrasound machine from a reliable manufacturer exceeds 150 thousand dollars. That is why, quite often, used equipment is purchased for polyclinics. However, if you take care of hiring qualified staff, then the quality of the assistance will not be affected by this.

Registration of the necessary documents is also a rather problematic process. Working in the medical industry requires obtaining all necessary permits, licenses and certificates. It is these papers that pay attention to during any checks.

Emir Kusturica showed a mobile casino in the cult film Time of the Gypsies. Such a gypsy van drives itself through the off-road and slovenliness of the impoverished Serbian village of Tito's era, and inside there is smoke from Havana cigars, gold, gold, gold and well-dressed men, half of whom are already fingering with dirty bare feet, hiding them under the table.

Most of the ideas for a small town that we have collected here are precisely mobile ("on wheels") establishments. After all, most often a small town is precisely “dirt and off-road”, which practically does not have a traditional center with an asphalted square, beautiful glass showcases and lanterns. And if there is such an area, then you are unlikely to be allowed to place your establishment on it.

In such small towns, not people should go to business (wearing rubber boots and picking up a staff), but business should go to people, literally knocking on the doors of every house.

First idea for a small town

One call - and a professional coach drives up to your private house, which is buried in the mud of bad roads and conducts a glamorous personal training session in specially equipped company buses. It has everything a good fitness club should have. You don't even need to spend money on gas to go to fitness on your own.

Second Small Town Business Idea

“Repair, solder, tinker” Previously, wandering artisans walked along the roads, who, together with organ grinders and junkers, made up the flavor of a bygone era .. However, the Finnish company Pikku Juttu returned the old tradition, reviving it in a new way.

Finns offer services for minor repairs and help with household problems (what is called “husband for an hour”).

The third idea for a small town belongs to domestic minds and is called

As the inventors of this business say, a bathhouse on call is an ideal option for geologists, field camps, and other places where people gather people who miss hygiene, far from civilization.

a mobile bath was built from a GAZ-66 car by the Barnaul businessman Igor Chupin.

Fourth small town business idea

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