Catalog of ready-made business plans, examples with calculations

What business to open in Tyumen? The city is firmly entrenched in Russia as the oil and gas capital and the heart of heavy industry. Business ideas for Tyumen are, first of all, the service sector. Let's take a look at what entrepreneurs can do for the city and its residents.

Region Features

Tyumen is an old city with a rich history. Now more than 750 thousand people live on the territory. The climate is a long spring, short summers and snowless winters. Naturally, questions arise as to what kind of business can be opened in Tyumen, because the region is on the rise. At the same time, this adversely affects people's health, because some industrial enterprises are located in the city.

Best Business Ideas

Based on proven facts about the ecology, economic condition and prosperity of residents, we present you promising business ideas for Tyumen.

Bicycle rental

Tyumen attracts the attention of young people. The population is interested in the topic of sports. Bicycle stands are located in almost every car park. Since the beginning of the XXI century, the snow cover has been decreasing in winter, so the season has increased by at least a month. If you competently organize rental at an interesting price and a bicycle parking, cover a large target audience. Offer good bonuses, free and / or happy hours to students and seniors. What you need:

  • buying bicycles (6-12 pieces).
  • rent of premises (family garage or apartment as a last resort).

Promote rare routes and host marathons and competitions to attract media and local bloggers. A competitive advantage will be the creation of a chat with customers and posters of contests and thematic races. For example, “He who rides does not pay. If you drive 200 km, you don't pay for the rent. "

City Quests

Tyumen is a city with peculiarities that few people have heard of in their routine. Learn more about legends, historical buildings, and personalities to plan your quest. Tie participants' assignments to city history and local customs. It is worth motivating the players to win by promising a prize for completing all levels. Offer game programs for young couples and families with children, as well as holiday quests for birthday people. There are many more people who want to learn more about the city and spend their time actively!

Coffee break at events

The city is prospering economically, large firms and organizations are developing, the attention of creative people is attracted. For this reason, all sorts of events and parties are often held where time for breaks and networking is appreciated. Find out about meeting rooms and facilities that do not provide a coffee break. What you need:

Where Tyumen investors are ready to invest

This time, out of 160 announced projects, only 14 made it to the final. During the preparation, and it took several months, the participants underwent training, preliminary defense, received assistance in creating a presentation, only after that they were selected. In total, over the three years of this site's existence, 1,600 people have passed through the Investment Fair, and 15 of them received support for a total of more than 150 million rubles.

- It's not about money or investors. Most of the entrepreneurs who came to the site received a hint. Some realized that this was not what they needed to do. Others realized that they needed to start not with money, but with knowledge. And we helped them get this knowledge. And money, we, entrepreneurs, we know, is the last thing to look for when starting your own business, - said the organizer of the project, vice-president of the all-Russian public organization "Support of Russia" Eduard Omarov.

In total, the finalists had six minutes to find money at the Investment Fair - three for a presentation and three for questions from investors. The projects were presented from different market segments, differed in quality, as well as the amount of required investments. For example, the owner of the Brooklyn bowl restaurant Artem Rakhmeev, who needs up to 100 million rubles to scale the business, and Marina Massold, who wanted to raise 400 thousand for the opening of her first flower shop, spoke at one site.

- Good project. I am very glad that this is happening here in Tyumen. In general, there are not many sites in Russia where investments can be attracted. However, everything is still bad with startups in Tyumen. There are very few quality projects. Judge for yourself: in order for 10 face-to-face projects to appear at the Investment Fair, you need to select several hundred applications, which are really bad. Nevertheless, the number of high-quality projects is slowly growing, the situation is improving, but in general, in Tyumen, and in any other region, it is still difficult. Why? 99% of entrepreneurs do not count money, so most businesses are closed in the first three years, Artem Rakhmeev argues. “In total, the finalists were given six minutes to look for money at the Investment Fair - three for a presentation and three for questions from investors

Let us remind you that a year ago at the Investment Fair he raised 30 million rubles and launched the Brooklyn bowl. This time, he shared his plans to open this establishment in 22 more cities of the country.

Projects of a vegetarian cafe, schools of robotics and circus arts, a medical network, a bakery and a pastry shop, an online health school, a nightclub, a real estate investment company and an early childhood development and education center were also presented. TIU student Yanina Nashchinets presented an information platform for choosing gifts. In the production area, a plant for the assembly of LEDs and an enterprise for the manufacture of water catamarans were presented.

- We have a unique production. No one in the world makes catamarans of this level and format. The business has been operating since March 1, 2021. The certification process is underway. Then we will be able to sell products all over the world. We already have applications from other cities. We opened a case for one and a half thousand rubles. We made a concept of a catamaran in Photoshop, created a landing page, deposited it into a Yandex. Direct "one and a half thousand rubles and advertised. Received feedback and in this way studied the demand, and it turned out to be unexpectedly large. They just believed in us. We opened a production facility on a 100% prepayment basis. One of these days we will launch the first samples. At the Investment Fair we received several offers from investors, - says Vitaly Ionkin, creator of the project for the production of New Wave catamarans.

But not only money was found by entrepreneurs. For example, Mikhail Zyryanov and Alexander Zakamaldin, the owners of a real estate investment attraction company, at the presentation after a comment from one of the experts, decided to revise their business model. In the production sphere, a plant for the assembly of LEDs and an enterprise for the manufacture of water catamarans were presented

- We are engaged in the purchase of large real estate objects. Apartments from 200-300 "squares". We divide into smaller ones by area - one-, two-room, studios - and sell them. We earn on the fact that the price per square meter in small objects is much higher. Our company is already four years old. We have a pool of investors and our own loan money. We wanted to attract additional funds to take more objects. However, we were told that we are positioned incorrectly: we need not look for investments, but work ourselves as an investment agency. Now we have decided to revise our model, - says Alexander Zakamaldin.

My business is a project for those who want to start their own business.

Expert sessions, online webinars and educational materials for those who want to become an entrepreneur and pump their business.

Last year, 1050 people attended our intensive courses - 100 of them started their own business. Show in full.

Start your own business | For rural entrepreneurs

Rural business is not only agriculture. The village needs service stations, hairdressers, cafes and mini-factories. During the course, experts will tell you how to start and develop your own business in the countryside.

The course is suitable for: - those who are looking for a niche in business; - entrepreneurs who want to expand; - rural entrepreneurs who want to develop their business.

Start your own business | For thematic areas

A restaurant business and a digital agency are completely different things. Successful entrepreneurial practitioners will tell you how to take into account all the details and not get bogged down.

The course is suitable for: - those who have already decided on the field of business; - those who already have a business in the areas presented; - managers and top management of the existing business.

Start your own business | Basic

Basic intensive for everyone who wants to start their own business and gain basic knowledge of how to effectively develop it.

Catalog of ready-made business plans, examples with calculations

The implementation of any idea for your own business requires a competently drawn up plan for a period of 3 to 5 years. It will help reduce the risks when organizing an enterprise.

Business plan with calculations

Experts argue that business planning directly affects its success. Due to the lack of a project, most enterprises operate at a loss. What points should a plan with calculations include?

  • Choosing a business area;
  • Paperwork;
  • Choosing and repairing premises;
  • Purchasing equipment;
  • Recruiting ;
  • Capital investments ;
  • Opening stages;
  • Marketing and advertising activities.

Be sure to include all costs, even the smallest. So you can make a conclusion about how much is required to open and further develop the company. Take into account the cost of paying for electricity, utility bills, and renting premises. Mark how many people you will need in the initial stages of work.

It should be noted that within one year your ready-made business plans may change 3-4 times, depending on related factors.


Today, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to download free sample business plans on the Internet.

On our web portal you can download free planning samples and examples with calculations in the following areas:

  • public catering ;
  • beauty and health industry;
  • education;
  • advertising;
  • production;
  • trade;
  • and others.

On our portal you will find information about the payback of enterprises, possible ways of registering documents, methods of recruiting personnel and payroll calculations.

How to make money in Tyumen: easy ways!

Tyumen is one of the oldest and, at the same time, promising cities in the Siberian Federal District. Due to the high standard of living and the corresponding salaries, a large number of people who want to earn extra money from all over the country and the near abroad come there. But even under such circumstances, the Tyumen Employment Center does not have time to meet the needs of local enterprises for qualified labor.

Traditionally, most of the city's residents are engaged in professional activities in heavy industry and the fuel and energy sector related to the production of oil products and gas, working at the same enterprises for generations. It is believed that this is one of the most lucrative jobs in the region and, according to local residents, one in three tries to fill a vacant position at the earliest opportunity. As for the characteristics of the service sector, as in any city, it all depends on who you are - the owner of a successful business, an irreplaceable professional, or the average employee for hire. How to make money in Tyumen is a topical issue, it is necessary to approach it carefully so as not to be scattered in vain, since, as already noted, there is where to turn around!

Trading? Why not?

Industrial employment!

Investing in real estate!

Investing in real estate is an ideal example of how to make money in Tyumen with minimal risks for yourself. According to Rosrielt's statistics for January 2021, the real estate market in Tyumen, excluding lease transactions, has shown a rapid growth in comparison with last year. Land plots (+ 18.85%), office premises (+ 16.06%), retail space (+ 15.94%) are in particular demand.

[warning] We also recommend that you read the materials:

Unskilled labor!

Unskilled wage work is the least in demand among the local population, which, with rare exceptions, uses this type of work as a side job. As a rule, this is the prerogative of state workers. This is due to the low wages, on average from 10 to 17 thousand rubles. The most popular vacancies at the labor exchange in Tyumen include: movers, cleaners, dishwashers, packers, laborers in all different directions.

Remote work is an attractive income!

In order to earn decent money on freelancing, in the conditions of a far from cheap life in Tyumen, you need to select the most optimal types of remote work and weed out unnecessary ones. Let's get down to business right away. The most profitable types of Internet services are: 1. Working with texts: copyright, rewriting, translation, writing abstracts, term papers and theses 2. Remote administration of Internet resources 3. Web-design 4. Programming 5. Development and creation sites 6. Distance learning on a paid basis 7. Consulting activities

In turn, clicking ads, entering captcha, commenting on posts on social networks, watching videos on Youtube is a deliberately false direction. The bottom line is that this type of freelancing is beneficial, first of all, to the customer, and not to you. Even with a strong desire, on the resource promotion exchanges, you are unlikely to earn money in a month of high activity. Funds will hardly be enough to pay for Internet access. Ultimately, the problem of how to make money in Tyumen will remain unresolved for you for a long time.

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