Business with minimal investment in 2021: 15 ideas

To start your own business in a variety of areas - from the production of clothing to the sale of medieval axes - you can get by with minimal investment. In some cases, 500,000 rubles will be needed. for renting premises and initial purchases, in others you can do without investments at all, starting production at home and independently focusing on promoting and finding customers.

We have made a selection of 15 business projects that entrepreneurs have launched with minimal investment from their own savings or credit funds.

Clothing and accessories

Sewing clothes and accessories does not require large investments. Raw materials and necessary materials can be purchased in small batches, promote your project and look for clients on your own in Instagrame and in groups on VKontakte. At the initial stage, before seriously investing in offline sales, you can negotiate partnerships with designers and bloggers and launch an online store.

An example is the Chelyabinsk clothing brand Siberia Wear, which was launched in 2021 by Eduard Minasyan and Ignat Yanenko, having sewn the first batch of 30 T-shirts for just 7,000 rubles. They managed to sell it in a week. Later, this line of T-shirts with the logo was named Siberia Classic and became the brand's most recognizable and best-selling collection.

Young entrepreneurs have invested almost 100,000 rubles in the next collection, Siberia Survive, including fabric purchases, sewing, printing and design. They managed to sell it in 12 Russian stores, the contacts of which the partners found on social networks.

Over the past three years, the Siberia Wear collection, in addition to T-shirts with prints, has appeared hoodies, down jackets and bracelets; Siberia's clothes are sold throughout Russia and are popular with bloggers and Internet celebrities. Young entrepreneurs spotted at the Faces & Laces streetwear festival.

Now the Siberia Wear brand is developing only at the expense of working capital, the guys are looking for investors through crowdfunding and thematic publications in order to increase revenue and develop faster. Their cherished dream is to open a point of sale in San Francisco and capture the American market.

Two friends Tatiana Martynova and Valentina Taranina opened a shop of bow ties "Chinaski" in St. Petersburg three years ago, having in their hands the amount of 80,000 rubles. Of the initial investment, 34,000 were spent on renting premises for the shop and workshop in the first and last month, while the rest of the money had to be spent on the purchase of fabrics, store shelves and packaging.

Now, in addition to bow ties, Chinaski sew braces and ties, and also make cufflinks. The assortment is large: about 2,500-3,000 items per season and 700-900 items during off-season. About 100 butterflies are sewn a day.

Do you want to start your own business, but no money or idea? Well, that's not a problem today.

On the Internet, you will find many hundreds or even several thousand ideas for small businesses, and as for money, thanks to social networks and Internet advertising, it is possible to enter any market around the world in a couple of days, you would have computer and primary skills of using it.

However, a list of business ideas, even with an approximate list of equipment and materials, is not really an answer to your question. Although here is a list of current business ideas with cases and tips for implementation. And 10 more techniques will come in handy in order to come up with an original business idea.

In addition to my experience for this article, I used the recommendations of two professional business trainers, active entrepreneurs who themselves have a great track record in business and can assess what works and what does not work in their students' businesses ...

Anton Stepin is a serial entrepreneur from Perm, every year he takes 10-12 people for personal mentoring. It will help budding entrepreneurs to determine the direction for business. He gives the first consultation free of charge, we recommend using this opportunity, Anton has launched several businesses in various industries since 0 and knows what to advise you.

Egor Antipov is a professional business mentor, as well as an entrepreneur from Moscow, works as a trainer on the Like Center programs. He, unlike Anton, gives a very short consultation in a free format, without reference to a specific project, but it will also be useful.

In this article, let's figure out how you can start your own business with minimal investment and succeed. Like Andersen in The Snow Queen, I hope that at the end of this article you will know a little more than you knew or knew at the beginning.

And at the end of the article, I will answer a few common questions about how to start a business.

How to start your business from scratch

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