Business with a quick payback idea

All of the following business ideas for a small town have different profitability, nuances, advantages, disadvantages and payback period, however, the most important factor for success is skillful business process management. In other words, everything depends only on you. We provide only approximate, averaged figures, you may well deduce a reference formula for success, which others will be equal to.

Here are our 16 Small Town Business Ideas:

In addition to the initial investment, we recommend that you expect that the first 6 months, rent and wages will have to pay out of your own pocket, lay an additional 50% of the investment budget for amortization costs.

Opening children's playroom

This business idea requires minimal investment and is suitable, among other things, for a small town. The calculation is based on a children's room with an area of ​​30m 2, standard configuration. Installation of equipment in time takes about 1-2 weeks, installation does not require qualifications, so you can do it yourself. It is better to start before or simultaneously with the filing of an application for registration of a sole proprietorship (FOP).

Introductory to start:

  • The target group of clients is young parents with an average and high income level.
  • Optimal location - places with high traffic and high concentration of people, shopping and entertainment centers, hypermarkets, residential areas with dense development.
  • Advertising and marketing - outdoor advertising (bright sign), social networks.
  • Material support - toys, slides, trampolines and other similar entertainment.

Initial costs:

  • staff (2 people) ≈ 700-800 $;
  • purchase of equipment ≈ 3000-5000 $;
  • costs of premises renovation ≈ $ 500;
  • monthly rent ≈ $ 600-800;
  • monthly tax deductions ≈ $ 100;
  • incidental costs ≈ $ 1000.

Total investment for the start ≈ ​​$ 8050.

Monthly expenses ≈ $ 1500-2021.

What is your understanding of a fast-payback small business: one that is organized without large investments or one that quickly began to make a profit? Is it possible to combine both criteria and start making money as soon as possible - material for enthusiasts to note!

Factors affecting the quick payback of small-scale enterprises

A quick payback is an activity whose primary costs are as close to zero as possible. In Russia, there are no statutory restrictions on the amount of funds invested in business; the emphasis is on the number of people employed at the enterprise.

Depending on the chosen type of activity and the size of the investment, the time frame for making a profit varies, which indicates the quick payback ratio.

For example, if you opened a shooting gallery and returned the costs in 1.5 - 2 months, your business can be considered a quick payback. And if you start growing and selling decorative flowers, and compensate for your expenses in a year or two, the payback rate will also be high.

Only entrepreneurs, along with the ability to cover the amount of investment, are interested in the likelihood of capital gains, and what is essential - the net income should be stable and constant!

Therefore, the payback indicator is always closely related to other criteria for the effectiveness of business development (profit, productivity, profitability, income, etc.). And many ordinary people give up the idea of ​​starting their own business project, because they do not believe that a profitable business can be organized without significant, unbearable costs for the average citizen of Russia. Want to make sure you can do it realistically?

How to build a profitable business with minimal costs - choose a strategy

  • in market research;
  • in the purchase of equipment;
  • in advertising, in raw materials;
  • in the design workplace;
  • to registration. -

However, exorbitant amounts will not be required - more often than not, people who have decided to become independent already have everything they need. And what is important - there is a great desire to change fate!

Any entrepreneur who starts his own business is interested in getting a quick return on investment and starting to make a profit. And the expense item was not very expensive. Before starting a business, a beginner and a professional looks through all the options for ideas and calculates each step for a profitable investment. Everyone is trying to consider a business with a quick payback and carefully study ideas with minimal investment.

In this article, we have collected several business ideas that will return the invested funds on time and help you reach a stable income. It will be interesting for everyone. Sit back and start reading.

What is a fast payback business

For any business owner, the profitability of the enterprise is paramount. Otherwise, it makes no sense to open a case. And the first thing that businessmen pay attention to is the amount of investments and the term for the return of funds. The shorter the time frame, the more profitable the business. The less investment, the more profitable the idea.

What is ROI? This is the period required for an entrepreneur for the income received from investment to begin to cover expenses. In simple words - income should be higher than expenses and exceed the amount of the initial investment. A fast-payback small business is one that requires little or no investment. And for a large one, the definition is suitable - a large investment pays off in up to 12 months.

If a company does not guarantee a quick payback, you should think about purchasing or opening it. Therefore, looking at the reports of companies, conclusions are drawn about the profitability of production and the success of the company as a whole by payback periods. Although any area of ​​business activity can be quickly recouped if you are ahead of the market and conduct top-class marketing moves.

First steps in starting a business

First, determine in what field of activity you would like to develop the most and what brings pleasure to you. Since, most often, the development of an idea depends on whether “there is a fire in the eyes from it” and whether there is a prospect of growth;

Be sure to analyze the market and throw in commerce options that bring high income and have high profitability;

Find out what the citizens of your area are asking for the most. What areas of services do they need and are willing to pay well for;

There is only one direction to choose. It is convenient and practical. Do not waste yourself on several things at once. Better to focus on one thing you love and do only it. For example, cleaning carpets. And not to add to it the laundress and the delivery of goods. Better to work on quality and increase office work in the future.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business with a quick payback of the idea". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

We start a business with small capital and high profitability

However, today's practice clearly demonstrates that a fast-payback efficient business with small investments really does exist.

A few examples of fast payback business with minimal investment

The first numbers that a novice businessman will have to face is the size of the start-up capital, as well as the payback period (the period of time during which it will be possible to return the funds invested in launching their business).

The payback speed is extremely important in the conditions of countries with unstable economic indicators, including Russia.

A series of crises, high inflation, lack of confidence in the future make us pay special attention to the payback period. After all, the sooner the invested money returns, the sooner the business will start to make a profit. This means that the payback period is also an indicator of success, prospects, stability. First, you must definitely decide on the type of activity. A clothing boutique or a candle factory is clearly not a fast-payback business with little investment.

According to experts, the service sector is developing especially dynamically today. You can open your own service or offer consulting services.

IT technologies are in especially high demand today. What do you need to start a real business in this area? A computer that has already settled in virtually every home and, of course, certain knowledge.

However, even a computer may not be needed if you fulfill orders with a visit to your home, for example, install operating systems, clean from viruses, restore lost data, etc.

You can take a large order, and use the proceeds to invite employees to cooperate, expand the range of services and further promote the company.

Material on the topic: "Business with a quick payback of the idea" with full explanation and justification.

Business ideas with quick payback

For some, a large start-up capital does not matter for starting a business, they open one after another, counting on a quick payback of the business project. This scheme is very relevant among literate entrepreneurs who take not profit from one business, but the number of projects with low income. In this case, they enclose themselves with airbags on all sides and will never be left without profit, even having lost one of their profitable projects.

Here you can also add business ideas without investments, where the start-up capital does not exceed 10 thousand rubles, but we will distribute the articles with greater profit and the fastest possible payback.

Serious business ideas

A business that requires investments from 300 to 500 thousand rubles, but this amount, with the right advertising and with beautiful washers, pays off in less than six months and will serve as an excellent business project bringing in up to 100 thousand rubles a month. With such a business, you can create additional assets in a year in the form of carpet cleaning at home and in your car wash. This business will serve as a bonus and will bring additional 10-20 thousand rubles a month.

A cool business for men, which also requires no small start-up capital, but the work itself is not difficult and will be profitable in any city with a million population. This business idea requires start-up capital in the amount of 100 - 150 thousand rubles, but the payback period is also less than six months, and the profit will be on average 30 thousand rubles per month.

The advantage of this idea is that you can combine it with other business ideas that generate large annual income. Among them:

Auto-parsing with a start-up capital of half a million rubles and a payback of about a year. The advantage of this idea is that you constantly communicate with people buying a supported car with certain problems. Your auto-parsing solves these problems.

Car resale. You may be able to reduce the cost of a certain car and then resell it. In addition, having its own service station and auto analysis, this business will bring about 10 thousand rubles from the resale of good cars. Of course, you have a diagnostic device.

Training in car repair. Even though this idea is rarely found on the market, it will be useful to many motorists. Even the simplest lessons can be in demand among the female half of society, eager to drive cars.

The Christmas tree business will only be active for one month. The starting capital of this business idea is minimal, but it belongs to large ones for the reason that in 1 month you can earn up to one hundred thousand rubles on this business idea. We'll have to work, but the New Year will be a hundred times sweeter.

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