Business in the USA

The United States of America has one of the strongest and most influential economies, which is built on a developed credit system and the development of individual entrepreneurship (business) in the country and abroad. The most famous and wealthy businessmen in the world for the most part started their business in the States.

Due to the high standard of living of the population, the purchasing power is several times higher than in other countries, and people themselves are more willing to spend their money on buying things / services that they may not need so much. Any businessman in the United States has high prospects of getting rich out of it. In addition, there is a certain percentage of people who immigrate to the States in 2021 on a business visa.

Small and Medium Business in the USA

Many Americans know how to trade since childhood and have a rough idea of ​​how to run their own business, i.e. they are taught this in schools, many children sell something. About 80% of the US population has ever run a small business. Someone started their own business not quite legally, someone quickly closed for any reason, but as a result, small business in the United States is a very common phenomenon.

There are several small cafes, restaurants, shops and other attributes of a small business in almost any backwater. The development of small business is very beneficial for the state. entrepreneurs and businessmen take loans for opening and development, pay good taxes to the country's budget. Three of the most popular small business destinations in the States:

The wording of "small", "medium", "large" business is interpreted differently in all countries. Officially, a small business in the United States is an enterprise:

  • With annual income of less than two million dollars. Medium businesses are already operating within the range of $ 2-100 million.
  • Available assets must not exceed $ 5 million.
  • The number of active employees within the range of 10-500 people.
  • One company owner or two co-owners.

For starting a small business in 2021, ideally, an investment of 500 thousand dollars is enough. It is also necessary to draw up a business plan and register it with the tax office. In some cases, for the development of small business, you can get a loan from the state or private funds / organizations at low interest rates. Starting a medium business from scratch is much more difficult. This will require capital of several million dollars, a ready-made workforce, a staffed enterprise (s). Also, the state does not provide such favorable credit conditions for the development of medium-sized businesses in the States.

Basically, medium-sized businesses in the United States are formed from small ones, i.e. in this case, you already have certain income, tax statistics, workforce, staffed enterprise, etc. Also, in this case, you can count on more favorable conditions for investing and lending to medium-sized businesses than if you opened it from scratch.

It should be remembered that a medium-sized business in the United States pays more taxes and a slightly different scheme than a small business, but at the same time enjoys additional privileges. For example, the procedure for opening branches in another city or state is greatly simplified, you can take out larger loans and investments, there is an opportunity to cooperate with foreign partners.

How to start a business in the USA

Before starting your own business, you need to analyze the situation in the global market of the country, your state, city and even the street. On average, such areas are now popular across the country - legal and accounting offices, equipment / real estate / transport / space rental, dental services, body care services (hairdressing salons, beauty salons, fitness centers, etc.), floristic services , restaurant business (it is popular even though the market is oversaturated), organization of celebrations and funerals.

Presentation; Learning to draw up a business plan; (10-11 grades) presentation for a lesson in economics (grade 11) on the topic

Many aspiring entrepreneurs find it difficult to choose a profitable business idea. Most often, they are guided by the experience of domestic businessmen, but, unfortunately, this approach is not always justified, so some newcomers take business ideas from 2021 from the USA as a basis. In this article, we have collected some of the best projects that can bring good income in our country.

Business Features American Style

It should be noted that American small business ideas have their own characteristics. For the inhabitants of this country, entrepreneurship is a way of life. Perhaps some business ideas in the United States will seem unusual and even outlandish to you. Therefore, when choosing a direction of activity, you need to take into account the mentality of our people and compare them with real conditions. The fact is that not all business ideas from the United States can show high efficiency in Russia. American culture is composed of the traditions of different peoples. Thanks to this, in the United States, you can open a business associated with a variety of areas of human activity. But there are also models that can only work overseas. They are unacceptable in our country.

Despite this, many domestic entrepreneurs successfully implement American business ideas that are not in Russia and receive a decent income. Of course, there is a certain level of competition in every area. This is how the modern business world works. Basically, you can choose one of the new business ideas in the USA with a complete lack of competition. In this case, you will become a real discoverer. Of course, competitors will appear sooner or later, but by that time you will have time to make good money.


Another small business idea growing in the US is a pet hotel where you will house and care for your pets. Such a business brings good income, both in the United States and in European countries. In Russia, hotels for animals are also not uncommon. Their services are used by people who travel on business trips or on vacation and do not have the opportunity to take their pets with them. While the owners are on the road, the hotel staff look after the unusual guests, providing them with proper care and nutrition.

Personal advice

This idea of ​​small business in the United States appeared relatively recently. Only specialists with extensive experience and the necessary knowledge in a particular area are engaged in the provision of individual consultations in America.

In our country, many citizens need outside help and practical advice. If you are a good economist, lawyer, or psychologist, try acting as a personal advisor. This is one of the easiest American business ideas without investment. All you need to get started is knowledge, a computer and access to the Internet. At first, you can provide such a service for free in order to attract the attention of customers to your business.

Rubber paving slabs

Some business ideas from Europe and America are already working in our country and bring good income. These include the production of rubber paving slabs. According to experts, such a business opens up broad prospects for newcomers. There is no high level of competition in this market segment. The profitability of such a business reaches 40%.

Rubber tiles have many advantages. First of all, it is a long service life. It has retained its original appearance and shape for over 20 years. In addition, such tiles do not slip, crack or fade in direct sunlight.

Such products are made from crumb rubber, which, in turn, is obtained from old car tires. It is the most profitable small business manufacturing in America. The cost of raw materials depends on the method of its production, color and fraction. If we talk about equipment, to implement such a promising business idea in the United States, you will need:

The presentation reflects the main sections for creating a business project

Organizing your business and achieving high profitability is not easy. This is especially true in markets where the level of competition is incredibly high. The American market is just one of those, but we will try to figure out how to build a business in the USA: what can and should be done, and what is better to refrain from.

US Business Immigration

America is one of the developed economies, which makes it very attractive for both ordinary citizens planning to relocate or looking for a job, and for investors. But you need to understand that working in an American company is rather your goal, but US business investment is a completely different matter: in this case, interest is present not only on your part.

However, there is one thing that unites potential workers and entrepreneurs who want to do business in the United States. Both of them need to obtain a business visa. The main categories of visas that are issued for the designated purposes are L1, EB1C, E2, EB5.

L1 visas are issued for foreign executive employees who are transferred to work in the company's office located in the United States. Top managers who have worked in this organization for at least a year over the past three years can count on such a visa.

A specialist can go to a new place of work with his family (spouse and unmarried / unmarried children under the age of 21). But family members need to apply for an L2 visa, which is issued for the same period as the L1 visa, and gives the right to work in the United States.

Business immigration to the United States for entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly popular. In this case, an entrepreneur is not an employee (even a top manager), but primarily an investor who plans to invest in the country's economy. For such purposes, other types of visas are provided.

The EB1C visa is almost analogous to L1. It is also intended for foreign top managers who are transferred to work in the United States. But, unlike L1, which gives the right only to official employment, EB1C visas are immigration and legalize not only work, but also permanent residence in the United States.

The E2 visa belongs to the category of immigration, and is issued to those who plan to acquire a business in America.

Before applying for the categories of visas described, you must complete an I-129 petition and submit it to USCIS and obtain approval.

Then you can contact the US Embassy. Required documents:

  • Application (Form DS-160).
  • International passport, which must be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of departure from the United States.
  • Receipt of payment of the fee. The fee for issuing a visa category L will be 690 US dollars (of which 190 US dollars - for the consideration of the application itself, 500 dollars - the fee for identifying and preventing fraud). When applying for an E visa, only the application processing fee is paid - $ 205.
  • Photo (photo requirements can be found here.
  • Petition I-129.
  • Petition approval number I-129.

Another category of visas - EB-5 - is provided for citizens who plan to invest at least $ 1,000,000 in the US economy or create / maintain 10 jobs for highly qualified American employees.

Pizza according to customer sketches

The idea was invented by artist Jonas Lund in collaboration with the Famous Original Ray's Pizza series, and was successfully implemented. Within the scope of this project, everyone can order the pizza of their dreams. The client is invited to choose the size of the pizza, ingredients, and even personally participate in its preparation. But we are not talking about cooking, but about drawing - the client "draws" the pizza, and the chef is trying to bring the picture to life. The price of such a pizza depends on the complexity of the preparation.

Benefits of a business idea:

  • great demand - in America the demand for dishes of personal creativity is huge, maybe our business will be no worse ?;
  • small costs - you just need to purchase groceries, necessary equipment, and pay a marketer and create a website where visitors will draw pizza.

User actions are aimed at overcoming obstacles.

Author's table lamps

This is a very cool and interesting idea for creative people who like to do something with their own hands. Lamps are in demand among designers and people involved in the repair and decoration of premises in an unusual way. Such lamps can be made from any material: wood, metal, plastic, glass, bottles, dicoupage. A lot of new ideas can be found on YouTube and on foreign sites.

You can start making designer lamps at home, it does not require a lot of space.

You can promote your product through Instagram. You need to take professional photos of good quality, because this product is visual and the main thing here is a beautiful presentation. Also for promotion, you can make several lamps for free and give them to your friends and acquaintances. Ask them to take photos and reviews of your product on their social media pages.

Also, you can donate such a lamp to a famous blogger, and he, in turn, will post about your product on his page. This will attract new customers.

The cost of manufacturing one lamp - up to 1,500 rubles. You can sell goods from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

This is a very cool and interesting idea for creative people who like to do something with their own hands.

Sweet Shawarma (Burrito)

You can open your business in the United States without citizenship and even without a Green Card. However, even for immigrants who have gone through a lot for their status in the United States, it is often difficult to understand the process of starting a business.

Despite all the obstacles in the way - and there is only one language barrier for many - immigrants are an impressive part of the overall success of the small business segment in the United States. The names of successful people who once immigrated to the United States and earned their impressive fortunes speak for themselves. According to the Fiscal Policy, 30% of small business growth in the United States between 1990 and 2021 is accounted for by immigrant entrepreneurs.

Despite Trump's harsh immigration policy, both entering the country as an entrepreneur and starting a business in the United States in legal status (including for Green Card holders) is not unrealistic.

US Business Startup Process

The classic steps primarily include: market analysis, location selection, business planning and other rather individual things that depend on whether you rely on luck or adhere to strict rules? p>

The following are the steps that can be called the official launch of a business:

US Enterprises Select Structure


This type is beneficial for foreign businessmen for its tax and legal benefits:

  • The corporation has its own rights and obligations under the law.
  • It is a separate legal entity from its shareholders. It leads an existence independent of its owners, that is, for example, retirement or the death of a shareholder will not affect its activities in any way.
  • Conversely, owners have strong protection of personal liability.
One of the main disadvantages of this option is the payment of double tax. That is, first you deduct income tax, then - income tax on dividends. In addition, opening a Type C corporation is more expensive than other structures.

Being a mixed form of business, the American prototype LLC has in the list of its advantages:

  • Pass-through taxation, that is, the company does not pay taxes at the enterprise level, but only through the owner's personal income tax return.
  • Flexibility in resource allocation. The owner decides for himself how the company's profits will be spent.
  • Less bureaucracy. Since this form of organization does not imply a board of directors and a joint-stock company, there will be much less work with documentation.
The disadvantage of such a choice is that some states of America may require the dissolution of the LLC or reorganization in the event that one of the owners leaves the company or a new one appears.

In addition to these, the most popular and convenient solutions for foreign businessmen, it is also worth remembering the existence of Sole Proprietorship, where personal assets are not separated from business resources, and they are not so willing to issue loans. The advantages of individual entrepreneurs in America are: sole ownership and the ability to take risks, implementing any of their ideas, due to their relative cheapness.

In addition, you can consider the option with a partnership: sole proprietorship (Limited Partnership - LP) and limited liability (Limited Liability Partnership - LLP). In the first case, one of the co-owners will have unlimited liability, and all the others will have limited control over the company, in the second, all participants have limited control. This form is perfect for dealing with multiple persons, as well as professional groups of persons (lawyers, etc.).

States for business Which is better?

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