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Starting your own business requires a lot of effort, knowledge and financial investments from an entrepreneur. But if there is a great idea, but there is not enough money, the state can come to the rescue. It is interested in the development of the economy, therefore, it provides various types of support for small and medium-sized businesses: free consultations, training, introduces tax preferences, or provides soft loans. For businessmen, the main thing is to know when and where to go to get help for organizing and developing their own business.

What business can you support?

In order to receive government assistance, you must meet a number of criteria. This way you will not get money for the cigarette business, the organization of the alcohol shop or the gambling zone. The state allocates money to support socially significant projects, for example, the development of tourism, cultural events, support for high-tech initiatives, etc.

It will also not work to get government assistance if there are black spots on the reputation of the company. For example, if the head of the company spent money from the previous subsidy for purposes other than those specified in the application. And the most obvious fact is that your business must fit the criterion of small or medium-sized businesses: microbusiness, when you have no more than 15 employees in the company and an annual turnover of up to 120 million rubles; small business, when you have no more than 100 people in the company and a turnover of up to 800 million rubles; medium business - no more than 250 people in the company and an annual turnover of up to 2 billion rubles.

About non-financial state aid

A lot of useful information can be found on the SME Business Navigator website. Here are collected contacts of state and municipal organizations that support business throughout the country. And also interesting materials are presented to help a novice businessman.

In the Kaliningrad region, a lot of work in terms of supporting entrepreneurs is carried out by the Center for the Support of Entrepreneurship of Kaliningrad. Here, both a beginner and an already established entrepreneur can receive both non-financial and financial assistance.

“If we are talking about non-financial support, then these are consultations, training, various trainings, as well as participation in various events. There is also indirect non-financial assistance, for example, the Center finances the participation of entrepreneurs in foreign and Russian exhibitions, we finance marketing research, the popularization of entrepreneurship, advertising campaigns. In addition, the center pays for the work of those experts who provide consultations or conduct trainings for entrepreneurs, ”says Kirill Lilo, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Support in Kaliningrad.

Thanks to the work of the Center, start-up entrepreneurs can significantly save money at the start of their business. “They do not need to maintain an accountant or a lawyer, they can use the services of our partners and receive this assistance completely free of charge from us,” says Lilo.

Continues active work in the Center and coworking is a kind of office for rent on preferential terms. It has everything you need to organize your workflow: office equipment, high-speed Internet, electricity, water, tea, coffee, lockers for storing things and, in fact, the workplaces themselves. There are two meeting rooms at the disposal: for three and for eight people. Here an entrepreneur can not only start his own business, but also receive more than a hundred services on the principle of "one window".

This year the Support Center organized a fundamentally new project for entrepreneurs - a business incubator. This is a space where young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop more actively with the support of the Center.

“For the participants of the incubator, the Center prepares a program of exhibitions, attracts speakers at their request, provides support when going for export, in addition, we assist in filling orders and work. The essence of the incubator is to provide additional support for entrepreneurs, ”says Kirill Lilo.

State guarantees, soft loans and grants

Sovetsk, @mbkaliningrad invites everyone to a free event on the topic "Measures of state support"

At the meeting to entrepreneurs of the region, the Fund's specialists will talk about: existing support measures; opportunities for obtaining financial and non-financial support; answer questions from participants.

Foundation "Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Kaliningrad Region"

If you want to know about: 1. Support measures for export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses; 2. The practice of applying the norms of foreign exchange legislation, innovations and effective instruments for foreign economic activity; 3. Currency conversion to Alfa-Forex and currency (market) risk management.

Foundation "Center for Entrepreneurship Support of the Kaliningrad Region"

At the seminar, you will find an analytical review of changes in accounting legislation and the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

About the speaker: General Director of the Bureau of Conceptual Solutions LLC, business consultant, financial director, professional chief accountant

Core competencies: Setting up and automating management accounting and budgeting systems. financial and tax consulting. marketing management. change management. Experience in consulting and teaching since 2021. tried to manage business finances - since 2021.

The Forum is a modern platform for dialogue between business and government, for the presentation of the investment and economic potential of Russia, within the framework of which not only topical issues of the socio-economic development of Russia are discussed, but important agreements are also reached. render completely. Representatives of government, business, leading experts are together looking for a solution to the development of the world economy, prospects for the investment and innovative future of our country.

Youth Entrepreneurship Day is an excellent opportunity for young people from all over the country to make useful contacts, gain vast experience and improve their professional skills. Participants will enjoy networking, lectures, master classes, business meetings, discussions, a mentoring lounge, discussion of the most pressing issues of the development of the Russian economy, youth entrepreneurship, the IT industry and digitalization.

Citizens of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 35 can take part in the Youth Day 2021.

The group was created solely to discuss issues related to doing business in our region and mutual assistance.

On the wall - ask questions that interest you, including in the field of law, help the participants with answers, post links to useful resources. render completely.

Create topics for discussion.

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Let's make business in our region successful

Don't think of any kind of advertisement and forgive me if I break the rules, but this is important for all entrepreneurs.

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Kaliningrad is a city of great opportunities for those who decided to invest in starting their own business. The only one in Russia, for three years now, it has been recognized as the best city in the country, and the most beautiful in Russia, and most importantly, favorable for doing business. These are ratings of independent publishers such as RBC, Kommersant, Forbes. Details in this article.

And such indicators are not accidental: the city not only has a rich history, but also an excellent location. Here you will find the resources you need in abundance, and the special situation will bring its financial benefits.

Most popular types of investments:

A distinctive feature is the location of the city on the border with Poland and Lithuania. This neighborhood makes it possible to organize shopping tours from Kaliningrad.

Both citizens and tourists can be attracted to such trips. To do this, it is enough to have your own comfortable buses or to conclude contracts with transport companies. It will take a careful study of the retail outlets of these countries, not just large centers.

Small but distinctive shops, shops with attractive prices are also very interesting. It will not be superfluous to be informed about the ongoing promotions and all kinds of sales.

A large flow of tourists opens up the opportunity for organizing excursion bureaus and travel agencies. As a host, a company may include the provision of a complete package - from flight, accommodation, to excursion programs, or just be part of the hotel business.

Car service will also be a profitable business. There are over three hundred thousand cars in Kaliningrad. Foreign brands account for the lion's share, and half of them are over 10 years old.

Walking along the sea and along the most beautiful streets of the city can be another topic for reflection. As vehicles, not only ordinary ones are interesting (they, of course, are in demand), but also something stylized, from past eras (this is already a matter of imagination and means).

If the options for starting your own business are not attractive for you, then you can always choose a passive source of income. The most popular is a bank deposit, which does not require large investments from you and is practically not associated with risks. Several options are suggested in this article.

In Kaliningrad, you can open any other business, typical for large cities of Russia, by investing your own money in it or using credit offers from banks.

Kaliningrad is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Russia. Considering this fact, transport and passenger transportation services will become a profitable business in Kaliningrad. Millions of tourists come to admire the architecture, nature and culture of Kaliningrad. To quickly, comfortably and at fairly reasonable prices meet a traveler from the airport, port, railway or bus station and deliver them to their destination - this service will surely become in demand, which means it will be profitable.


Carrier services can be combined with excursion services. These are quite close areas of work and may well complement each other. At the same time, it is not even necessary to have a luxurious car fleet. For the required number of seats for tourists, you can rent a bus from partner firms. The rental price is included in the cost of a guided tour for a person, and this inconvenience can be easily compensated for with an interesting, meaningful story of the guide.

Design and Printing

Today there are up to 47 printing companies in Kaliningrad. There is a demand for this type of product, which means that new ideas for the design and decoration of printed products, the services of a photo editor, layout designer, creative approaches and modern ideas also belong to the category of constantly necessary and important ones. If a person has a special education, talent of an artist, unlimited imagination and skills in working with programs Photoshop, Korel, InDesign, Illustrator - you can organize an additional business in Kaliningrad for these types of activities.

Actually, to open such a company, even official registration is not required at first. No office, no special printing equipment in large numbers and staff. All you need is the Internet, a personal PC, a color printer and, of course, advertisements on special websites about the possibility of providing such services. In the telephone or Internet contacts, the conditions for the performance of the work, terms and cost are discussed. And further - a matter of technology and creativity!

Such a business enterprise can be expanded by publishing brochures, business cards, advertising brochures for the city's firms. Depending on the volume of production, it will be necessary to increase the number and functionality of peripheral printing equipment. Undoubtedly, this is a rather promising type of activity for Kaliningrad!

business ideas in Kaliningrad

  • Cosmetic repairs of apartments and offices. The cosmetic repairs are carried out by a family contract. A license to perform repair work will allow organizing a construction team.
  • Evening boarding house for children. The boarding house looks after children whose parents are busy in the evenings. You will need toys, a TV, and game consoles to keep the kids from getting bored. You can open the boarding house in your apartment or rent a room.
  • Shopping tours from Kaliningrad. The city is located on the border with Lithuania and Poland. For the transportation of customers, contracts are concluded with transport companies. It is necessary to study well where the outlets are located in the above countries.
  • Festive agency. This is the organization of various holidays. Find people who will be responsible for the technical part, organizing the celebration, making photos and videos.
  • Box business. In Kaliningrad, there are amber deposits and access to rough stones. Put simple information on processing amber, a small master class on making a necklace recorded on a disc, amber stones and a set of tools for them in a beautiful box. Advertise your offer online.
  • Service industry. Creation of mini-hotels, opening of a small bar, organization of entertainment for children. It will be necessary to hire additional hired workers.
  • Manufacturing of semi-finished products. You can do business at home or rent a small space. Products are delivered to customers by car, and raw materials for semi-finished products are purchased from village suppliers.
  • Private garbage collection. You will need to buy or rent a truck with a waste collection container. You get permission for this work and conclude contracts with clients. It is beneficial to cooperate with residents of large houses or to take out construction waste.
  • Making wood products. You will need woodworking machines and premises for rent. You can use the garage for these purposes and make souvenirs, furniture, doors, arches, etc. there.
  • Beauty salon. To open it, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur and obtain permits from the relevant services. In the salon, open a hairdresser and beauty parlor.

Entrepreneurs who are thinking about what kind of business to open in Kaliningrad often consider the tourism sector. There are many attractions here. Residents from different parts of Russia, as well as European countries, move here for permanent residence. In addition to tourism, the service sector is developing. Such organizations have been and will be in demand among local residents and guests of the city.

Kaliningrad, founded in 1255, has always had the status of a European city. Previously, the city belonged to Germany and was called Konigsberg. It entered the territory of Russia in 1946 after the war, at the same time it received its current name. Now 475 thousand people live here.

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