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Good day everyone. I decided to share my experience in organizing my business of growing and selling coniferous seedlings, mainly Siberian cedar. How I came to this is a long question, and there is a whole thread on the forum with my diary, where I still describe my 2021 year. In short, it all started with some self-indulgence, a craving for knowledge of the world around and a desire to buy something at the bankruptcy auction, and also wanted to find a way to get rich with minimal effort. I will say right away that, alas, it did not work out with minimal effort, and of course now I have not become rich enough to solve my accumulated problems, but I believe in the prospect of the business I started.

Since 2021, I have been interested to understand how the sale of assets of bankrupt companies is going on. For a whole year I delved into and understood, but I learned a lot of interesting things. In parallel, he participated in the state. property sales authorities, I still own a governor's car (though I will soon give it back to pay off the mortgage, there was no time to study the small print in the contract :-))

In 2021, I saw a land plot for sale, 250 acres, in the center of the village of Verblyuzhie, a village 65 km from the city. It has always been interesting to become a landowner. The starting price of the land was 400 thousand. Nobody took, the price dropped to 80 tons. I paid the deposit, applied and won the auction. I phoned after the auction with the arbitration manager, drew up an agreement to-p by e-mail, and agreed to go to the justice department.

I boasted to my friends, saying that I bought myself a dacha of 2.5 hectares for 80 thousand, and then of course it started. Yes, you are a fool, but you got into other people's auctions, you will soon have a khan, this property was to be bought by other people. Indeed, there was one enterprise in the village since 1967 - this is the Yubileiny breeding farm. Since the 90s, our local oligarchs have seized it, brought it to bankruptcy and bought out almost all the property, something for a penny, but for something there was a real auction. But for some reason this field was still free. In general, I was ready for the fact that one day representatives of the oligarchs would call and offer to abandon the land. Moreover, I repeat, my friends caught up with the excitement. My best friend was not even too lazy to find a way out to the arbitration manager, and he kind of confirmed that I was in this auction by accident and this is a misunderstanding.

I suggested to my friend, since she does not believe, to purchase a similar field for 210 acres with two buildings for 160 thousand rubles. She didn’t believe it, but she gave the money for the purchase. We lost her bidding to a certain company "Romashka", because my friend doubted for a long time to participate or not, and we submitted an application on my behalf after the application from "Camomile".

I arrived at Justice for 100 km. from the city to register their land. There I personally talked to the affiliate marketer. He turned out to be a normal guy. Neighing at me, they say, what a devil do you need all this at all. Then he says - would you like to buy those 210 acres? I say, they say I lost the auction, but he says yes, "Chamomile" this changed her mind to take, and your application is the second in a row. Will you take? I said I would. I didn’t believe what was happening, because. on the one hand there was a reliable infa that they say the auction was done clearly not for me. I asked the affiliate in color - why I was allowed to buy this and why the oligarchs do not take it. He clarified for what purpose the question was asked. I explained that there is infa, that they will throw me out of the auction, and they also offer me to buy one lot, and I do not understand what to expect. The arbitrage worker neighing again, said that the oligarchs had already bought their own, and if they wanted to, they would have taken it into their hands, but he knows my girlfriend, and she is wrong, and there was no such conversation that I accidentally got into something, and in general, even thanks to me that I bought at least something, that the creditors will receive at least some money. For the final and the second field, 210 acres, I also designed for myself, but I no longer communicate with my friend. Two buildings, 670 and 70 sq. ... And six months later, I also replenished my possessions with a plot of 220 acres and three buildings of 1700, 1300 and 50 sq. ... Of course, their conditions are sad, but they took them more because of the land and just so that it was. Later I can write how it happened.

What was the acquisition? Nobody needed the land, no one wanted to work on it, but when I saw the territory of the former great breeding farm, I decided that in the future it would be possible to find a use for it. No one believed that in two years a new enterprise would be created in the village, and I myself was far from that. Friends joked - Mozart was going to put agriculture in the village on its feet. Look - this is the hope and support of agriculture - they said.

The first field is 2.5 hectares in the center of the village. Unfortunately or fortunately, there was a water tower on the field. Half a hectare of land beneath it was fenced off with a fence and a moat. The whole field was surrounded by birches and maples around the perimeter, the field was very beautiful. For even greater beauty, I decided to plant trees, but it was not clear where to get them. By the will of fate, I accidentally met a man who was carrying cedar seedlings from Altai, small, 2-3 years old. I decided to buy 200 pieces. the seller said that some nursery refused to buy them from him, that he had been growing cedar from seeds for 15 years, he had nowhere to put them. The man radiated kindness and respect, in general, instead of 200, I took 1000 small two-year-old cedarwoods for 8 rubles. Then I wanted to give 300 cedars to the city, but it turned out to be unrealistic to choose a place for landing. The seedlings were sold to friends and acquaintances at cost. I began to plant what I could not sell or give away in different places, I observed who was growing and how. There was very little information on the web about the cultivation of cedar. I learned everything from my own experience.

Material on the topic: "Business ideas for the village" with full explanation and justification.

business idea in the countryside and in the countryside - which business to open in, where to start

There are not many job opportunities in the countryside and in the countryside, so farming and rural entrepreneurship is one of the main areas of new business, but before considering them, it is important to understand that there are some really cool opportunities to receive a Moscow salary living in the village.

business lines you can start in the countryside

How to understand what kind of business to open in a village for you personally

If you are not afraid of the computer, then the strongest solution is to learn how to make money on the Internet, you get mobility and the greatest income. Improve your skills of earning online and in a few years you will be able to easily earn 3000 - 5000 $ per month, travel or live in your favorite village without moving to a big city.

If you want to organize your business related to breeding or growing something, of course, then use your strong resource - desire and inexpensive (free) land, as well as various options for subsidies and soft loans to support rural business.

How to start a business in the countryside and in the countryside

The stereotype that exists in our society that you can make money only in big cities is absolutely not true. The village is a promising industry in itself, and now the state is interested precisely in its restoration, which will significantly simplify the task.

Living in a village, you can self-realize commercial projects in the following areas:

  • Organization of a farm for breeding and growing agricultural crops and domestic animals.
  • Production and sale of building materials.
  • Providing tourism services. Ecotourism, a new direction that brings good money.
  • Internet business. You can always start working as a copywriter and get 20 thousand rubles.
  • Exotic animal breeding. Why not create an ostrich farm if there is a demand?

I have been writing for more than one day, chaotically and in places superficially.

The main myth of small towns is the lack of money from the population. A couple of years ago, I attended a meeting of entrepreneurs where the mayor of the district spoke. He announced the figures: for 30 thousand inhabitants, about 2 billion rubles are on deposits. This is an average of 65 thousand rubles per person. It is clear that this is all conditional, and someone has nothing in their accounts besides loans, and someone has half a billion, but nevertheless, we are doing business for a specific segment of the population who has money.

All small towns have several things in common.

Feature 1) The desire to do everything with your own hands, and if your hands are not from the right place, then call your brother / matchmaker / friend. Gradually this relic is becoming obsolete, but among the older generation it is very well fortified.

How is it useful for us as a businessman? When there is no brother / matchmaker, you have to look among friends who do work for money. If in a large city I go to a search engine, then in a small city the plumber Petrovich or the tractor driver Stepan do not have their own website, so people search mainly through friends. Word of mouth works very (VERY !!) here, since in a small town it is very easy to find common acquaintances from any person. Yes, if you are new, it will be very difficult for the first six months, since there is no effect of word of mouth and dating. 5 years ago I was engaged in PC repair, they still call. The problem was (and still is) that few people are involved in PC repairs with a visit to their homes. If I could not / did not know how to do something, then I took the computer and took it to my familiar masters (who not only know how to rearrange Windows, but also solder spare parts), they did diagnostics, I found out the price and informed the client, taking into account the delivery / my earnings ...

Task # 1: Make it so that they know about you, so that almost everyone has your number written down! Take any orders (even small ones), because if you do a job for one grandmother, she will tell 20 more grandmothers about it. Accordingly advice:


Did it suck - you can forget about good earnings. This is not a big city where you can beat a horseradish, knowing that the client does not communicate with many people and will not make a rustle (well, maybe he will put it on a pick-up), and a new one will come in his place. Work!

Problem # 2: create pages on social networks. Even if you have a grocery store, canteen, or cement sales in a garage. In small towns it is very easy to get out into the CEO from social networks (there is very little competition). I will not describe how to attract people to the group, it is not very difficult and you can read about it in many places. Let you have 5 subscribers, this is not important at all for a small town. Another thing is important: someday there will be rumors about you in this vein: "And Petka was adjusting the computer for me, only I lost the number, he told me about the Vkontakte page, look there ..." Such a friend comes into VK, looking for "Petka computer repair" , and there you are. Everyone is happy. By the way, you need to give a discount for joining the group / review. Firstly, when your customer is asked for your contacts, he will go to the group or throw off the link (I did / eat / walk / watch / buy / wash the car here, I really liked it).

Feature 2) Problem with personnel. If it is not a problem to find a seller / security guard / assistant, then there are very few professional narrow-profile specialists and they work for others. Therefore, it is better not to start a highly intelligent business or be prepared for the fact that you have to take everything out yourself (do you want to do a craft or business?). By the way, there is always a problem even with waiters and bartenders. Think about the staff in advance, and do not recruit anyone on the last day before the opening. In theory, this problem can be solved (not for all positions), you can invite a specialist from your field and organize courses for employees.

There are also difficulties in the field of catering / cafes / clubs. Firstly, the older generation goes to cafes at lunchtime only if they go far to home, or they just don't want to bother with cooking. Therefore, when opening a cafe, it is advisable to choose a place where many people work. This will ensure the flow of customers at lunchtime. It is also desirable to provide food delivery to the office. For the rest of the time, the cafe will be empty and nothing can be done about it.

If the cafe is open until the morning, you should be prepared for a large number of "gopniks". You can make money on them. If you are not attracted by such a prospect, then you can raise the prices for alcohol - the majority will stop coming to you. The most important thing in the entertainment business for any city: if girls come to you, you will always have money. Tinkov wrote about this very well: boys don't go because there are no women, women don't go because there are no boys. Objective # 3 for the club / youth cafe - ALWAYS SHOULD BE BABA. LOTS OF BAB. In general, it is problematic to beat off rent and make money only on dancing. Choose such a room so that you can have a wedding / anniversary / birthday! This is your main source of income. A beautifully decorated hall will provide you with a stable income for a long time, do not neglect it. I have many friends who are engaged in this or that business related to catering and dancing, I can answer most of the questions (I don’t know, I’ll ask).

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