Business in a small town: ideas and advantages of location

On ADNE. NFO collect fresh business ideas that can be implemented.

No matter how new ideas may seem to some people, it will be an old song to others, so we will just present relatively new ideas that seem interesting to us. The material is constantly updated - add it to your bookmarks.

New ideas

Applications for collaborative online training. For example - running. Yes, there are already some options, but the demand for certain sports is great, so this is a worthwhile option. There is no reason to expect rapid growth, so we look at it as if it were an ordinary business.

Telemedicine, if there is an opportunity to approach this topic - act, this is a trend direction in the coming years. Moreover, the drivers are large megalopolises, but in terms of specifics, this will be a breakthrough in small cities.

The simplest thing is to create a local aggregator and a mobile app for it.

Broadcasts from clothing stores showing new collections. A store employee walks with a camera and takes pictures of what is happening in the store, tells the new collection. Other employees periodically try on new items and demonstrate them to customers. Plus inclusion from webcams in the hall. All this is broadcast on the store's website or on YouTube, twitch.

Business in organizing and supporting this case. In the US and Europe, it is now becoming a trend. Nobody in Russia does this yet.

For stores, this is an opportunity to spur online sales, under the videos we give a link to online order.

Autocinemas are an old idea, but we have very few of them. Now, after the pandemic, everyone has become more concerned about personal space and hygiene, an open-air cinema with good isolation may be in demand.

Preventive medicine business. Many people stake on it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, but "smart toilets" in the future will give huge profits.

The field of online games is very interesting, and although it is clear that there are already those who make a profit, many analysts agree that this huge market can still be squeezed out very strongly. The question is in finding new approaches. Moreover, not rich local markets like India and Brazil are also promising here.

The eco trend is very strong. There are a lot of products that, even without being environmentally friendly, try to integrate into this stream, at least in a marketing campaign. It's not just about food, clothing, etc. Construction companies have started promoting sustainable homes.

Anatomy of Business welcomes its readers! Today business is in a small town, ideas for its development are interesting to many novice entrepreneurs. Let's take a look at why this topic is so relevant. The material in this article will be full of life examples that we ourselves have witnessed!

Out of 1099 cities in Russia, 778 have a population of less than 50,000, the development and running of a business in such a city certainly has its own characteristics. If you are a resident of one of the small settlements, with quiet streets, small houses, with apple trees blooming furiously in spring, do not rush to complain about your seeming remoteness from the thundering civilization. In fact, everything is in your hands, the seeming disadvantages of your position can always be turned into advantages, and business ideas in a small city lie on the surface.

The benefits of doing business in a small town:

1. Your reputation can be a powerful asset. If you become the owner of a bakery on a corner in a large settlement or even more - a city with a population of one million, then most of your customers will be random. The permanent contingent, at best, will be formed from residents of 4-6 nearest houses. In a small town, a small bakery may well create a solid line in the middle of the working day. I personally witnessed this while I was waiting for a reception in the administration of one provincial settlement. After which, for the sake of curiosity, I went into this establishment - and nothing special, an ordinary, one might say, almost a dining room: a smiling saleswoman and the smell of fragrant pastries. In a large city, no one would have noticed such an institution, but here fresh and inexpensive pies attract people from all sides of this town and give a good income.

3. The population's demand is made up of familiar goods and services. If a business in a small town is focused on the local consumer, then you can not try to distinguish yourself from the crowd of competitors with various innovations and fashionable chips. There is no need to open a vegetarian restaurant styled after the interiors of an imperial palace or a nightclub with a rotating dance floor and crystal glasses 5 meters high. A shop with elite Japanese earthenware fixtures would also be appropriate here. The simplest goods, the most understandable services - this is what will be the key to the rapid development of your business. All tracks should be trodden, all circuits tested. Little competition in the business of small towns is provided not by the use of new niches, but by an initially small number of competitors.

4. relatively low wages and low labor costs. If your company begins to bring really high income, the hired personnel do not have to pay huge bonuses and salaries of the capital level. No matter how profitable a business in a small town is, the salary can be limited to the level of the average salary of the nearest regional center. For this money, in any provincial settlement, you can select good, experienced workers from among those who are forced to go to work in a larger city for the time being.

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We will not cover options such as printing on mugs and T-shirts or making temporary tattoos here. Yes, the costs of opening such a business are minimal (you can invest in an amount of about 20-30 thousand rubles for equipment), and they can be recouped in one or two months. By concluding an unofficial agreement with any organization for the coming March 8 or February 23 (so that your circles with themed symbols will act as gifts there), you can easily recoup your costs. But nothing more. The ceiling of income in a typical month, provided that you work in a small town, will be 10-15 thousand rubles, while you will have to take orders, develop drawings and print yourself. There is too rarely a need for such things in the provinces.

It is advisable to build business ideas in a small town in the area in which you are a mature specialist. Understand electrics - create a workshop and collection point for the repair of household appliances; close to construction - you will not be left without your customer either. Hairdressers, veterinarians, car mechanics, massage therapists and even loaders may well try to open their own business in a small town. There are a huge number of options here, but do not forget about the first paragraph of the previous chapter, your reputation in the conditions of a limited number of customers can either raise a business to the top in the most difficult times, and easily sink it.

Ideas for those who do not know the profession!

If you do not have a working profession, and you are far from manufacturing, construction and services, you can try to open your own store. The best option in such conditions is a household goods store on a rented area of ​​20-30 square meters. The assortment can be very diverse: household chemicals, dishes, tools, textiles; in the summer - coal, skewers and garden tools; in winter - snow shovels, scrapers and artificial trees. You will be helped by a stable demand for such goods, their long shelf life and a wide consumer audience. To open, you will have to agree with the lease of space in some supermarket or even a large grocery store, purchase goods at a wholesale center in a large city, purchase several showcases, counters and shelves. This approach can make starting a business quite cost-effective.

Food products are always in demand! Ideas for farming!

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