Business ideas with small investments in Ukraine for beginners

Experienced professionals do not recommend investing the last money in a business, especially if you want to start your own business in difficult economic conditions. Many aspiring entrepreneurs overestimated their strengths and, because of this, found themselves in a difficult situation. In this article, we will look at several popular business ideas with small investments in Ukraine, which can be implemented with minimal risks, even during a crisis.

Personal Services

Looking for small business ideas with little investment? You can make good money on your own skills. For example, if a man has his own garage and knows how to repair cars, why not organize a small car service? Women can provide hairdresser, manicure or yoga instructor services.

Many housewives have started their home businesses selling works of art online. Today they have their own creative studios, where they teach their skills to other people. Learn from their experience and over time you will become a successful, wealthy person.

Reselling things on the Internet

Before doing such a thing, practice on your own unnecessary things that can be found in every home. These can be old children's toys, a bicycle, or a closet. Take a picture of the product and place an advertisement on the Internet for its sale. After that, all you have to do is answer calls and receive customers. Any city has its own website where you can place free advertisements for the sale of things. At first, the goods can be taken from friends or acquaintances who want to sell excess trash and get money for it. Over time, you can open your own online store and trade in both used and new things. Resale of things is a great option for those who want to open a business with little investment in Ukraine.


In European countries, such a business without large investments brings entrepreneurs a decent income. In Ukraine, this area of ​​tourist activity is still poorly developed, so you have every chance to occupy your niche in this market segment.

Green tourism involves walking or horseback riding, without the use of any technique. This idea for a small business with minimal investment is perfect for people living in natural areas that may be of interest to tourists. In Ukraine, almost every region has its own natural attractions, so there will be no problems with choosing a place where you can deploy your activities.

School of English

Recently, foreign languages ​​have become very popular, so learning them can be used to build a promising and fairly profitable business. On the Internet, you can find many offers from private tutors, but there are very few English schools in which people can not only learn theory, but also consolidate their knowledge in practice. It is very difficult for such educational institutions to stay afloat in Ukraine, since people prefer those schools that have been successfully functioning for a long time and have a good reputation.

To be successful in this area, before opening an English language school, you need to draw up a detailed business plan and carefully analyze the level of competition. After that, you can start looking for investors. Do not spare money to advertise your educational institution. This will help you attract your first customers. Another important issue that should be given special attention is the selection of personnel. You will need a team of professional teachers with all the necessary certificates and licenses. You can find such specialists through ads or through a recruiting agency. If you do everything right, such a small business with little investment will make a solid profit.

Table tennis

Many citizens of our country began to engage in entrepreneurial activities. This allows them to make more money and improve their well-being. To open a successful business, it is not necessary to invest huge start-up capital in it. Using promising business ideas in Ukraine for beginners with small investments, collected in this article, you can start a profitable business literally from scratch.

Receiving scrap metal

This is one of the rather lucrative small business ideas in Ukraine in 2021, which is often paid attention to aspiring entrepreneurs. Before doing such a business, you need to carefully analyze the market in your locality in order to assess the level of competition. This will help you understand whether it is worth starting such a business or maybe it is better to look for another idea.

Of course, in order to do such a thing, certain financial investments are required. But if you manage to properly organize the work of the reception center, they will pay off in the shortest possible time.

This business can become quite profitable if the work is properly organized. At the initial stage, you can cope on your own, in the future, you can hire assistants.

The scrap metal collection point can be set up in the garage or in another room.

Well drilling

It is worth noting that this is a seasonal business that brings good profits from April to July. Sometimes orders arrive before the very cold. This service is not cheap. If you execute 10 orders per month, you can return all initial investments in one season without any problems and reach a net income.

In order to do such a business, it is necessary to purchase special equipment and conduct a competent advertising campaign to attract customers.

Frameless furniture manufacturing

Ideas for business with minimal investment in Ukraine: rating of the year

Very many people prefer their usual work, entrepreneurial activity, as their main activity and source of income. However, to create a profitable business, investments are needed, which are not always available. In such a situation, business ideas with small investments in Ukraine provide the only opportunity for building a small but profitable business. Consider the most popular business ideas from scratch in Ukraine in 2021.

Home growing exotic

One of the most versatile and best business ideas is the cultivation of exotic plants. This type of activity works well for both men and women. The climatic conditions of Ukraine make it possible to grow many types of tropical plants that are in great demand on the market.

One such plant can cost from 15 to 75 dollars, but they can be grown in large quantities, and therefore get a good profit. In this case, it is necessary to carefully calculate the costs, and the possible ways of selling the finished product. Exotic plants can be sold online, thereby expanding the target audience.

You can run a small advertising campaign in the media and social networks. Such an idea for a business with minimal investment allows you to make good money practically from scratch.

However, for successful business development, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the conditions for growing plants, read thematic literature and, preferably, consult with specialists in botany.

Cleaning business

According to most experts, cleaning is one of the best ideas for starting a business in 2021. In Ukraine, this direction of entrepreneurship has not yet been developed, so for beginners this is the best option to achieve success. To organize this kind of business, you can apply one of two ways:

Most start-up entrepreneurs choose the second option, since it requires a minimum of investment and responsibility. The profitability of cleaning reaches 20-25%, so the invested funds quickly pay off.

Resale Chinese Goods

In 2021-2021, many entrepreneurs got rich on a very interesting and profitable idea for a business from scratch - the resale of Chinese goods. You don't need any capital or special in-depth knowledge of the niche to get started. All investments in resale are paid off in the shortest possible time, after the sale of the first batch of goods.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas with minimal investment in Ukraine". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Small Investment Business Ideas in Ukraine of the Year

Based on the current situation and trends in its development, in 2021-2021, in the socio-economic plan, improvements should not be expected. This is also supported by the fact that the creative processes are much longer than the destructive ones. Broken economic ties are re-emerging rather slowly. This is especially true for long technological chains, i.e. high-tech sectors of the economy, where the final product consists of a large number of previous stages: mechanical engineering, instrument-making, medicine, etc.

Main directions of demanded business for - years in Ukraine

Based on the expected development of the situation, we will formulate the main directions of what kind of business is profitable to do and consider, by example, successful business ideas from scratch in Ukraine. Leaving aside the spheres that are deliberately beyond the bounds of generally accepted morality and often flourishing in times of social upheaval. Also, we will not touch on medium and large business - these areas at the moment in Ukraine are very closely intertwined with politics and require a separate study and description. For convenience, we will divide it into groups. Let's start with the most sought after: bread and circuses.

For all the drama of the situation, no one will allow Ukraine to die out, and the gas will not be cut off and aid will not be stopped. But some deterioration in life support is occurring and will continue. And this also opens up opportunities for entrepreneurial activity. First of all, in terms of demand, the sphere of life support.

This area will always be in demand. It is not possible to compete with huge retail chains and Western manufacturers. However, in the small business segment, this may turn out to be the most profitable business in Ukraine in the coming years. This is due primarily to inflation and rising prices for foreign products. Examples of business ideas:

  • Cultivation and sale of agricultural products. Here we mean both in your subsidiary plot and small farms. Due to the known difficulties, business growth is mainly limited to the immediate vicinity;
  • Vending machines. Although their number is growing rapidly, it is clear that the niche has not yet been fully filled.

Health for humans has always been of great importance, and at some times it acquires additional importance. Getting sick becomes not only unprofitable, but also very expensive, and sometimes not at all affordable. Examples of business ideas for a small town:

  • Organization of gyms, health groups. Huge fitness centers are not required, especially in a small town, it is enough to independently master various health-improving methods with their further application in groups;
  • Organization of massage rooms, beauty salons. Do not forget that aesthetics is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Organization of treatment with folk remedies. Including collection, preparation, sale of various medicinal herbs;
  • Private pharmacy or doctor. It requires the availability of appropriate education and work experience is desirable.

This is where various technologies come to the fore to save money. But despite the crisis, the construction business also continues to be in demand, although the demand has decreased. Examples of business ideas:

  • Manufacture and sale of wood-burning boilers, sale of firewood. Recent demand in connection with the increased frequency of disconnection of central heat, gas, electricity;
  • Installation of windows, doors. Modern technologies can significantly reduce heat loss;
  • Additional insulation of dwellings. Also, in various ways, additional insulation in order to reduce heat loss;
  • Installation and adjustment of heat, water, gas meters;
  • Conducting comprehensive studies of buildings and structures. Recommendations for improving performance, materials for working with authorities and private business;
  • Finishing business;
  • Rental business.

The transport sector has traditionally been considered profitable at all times. It is very democratic both for beginners and for expanding an existing business. Examples of business ideas:

Breeding pheasants

What kind of business can you open in a small town? There are many simple ideas that you can implement in your own backyard. For example, you can breed pheasants for sale. Few entrepreneurs are engaged in such a business in our country, therefore this market segment is practically free.

Pheasant meat is used in restaurants to prepare exotic dishes. But such establishments buy it in small batches. Entrepreneurs have found another way to earn money by breeding pheasants. They sell them to hunting farms, which arrange entertainment for wealthy people and earn 3-5 thousand dollars on each hunt. You can earn about $ 10 from one pheasant, while its cost does not exceed $ 5-6. This is a great idea for a small business in Ukraine, for the implementation of which you will not need significant financial investments.

Growing greens

You can do the cultivation of greenery on your own garden plot. To provide year-round income, build a small greenhouse. In winter, greens are much more expensive, so all costs will be repaid with interest in one season. This is a stable, profitable business that anyone can do, regardless of their age and education.

Herbal pillows

The simplest business idea with minimal investment in Ukraine is the production of pillows with medicinal herbs. If you want to start such a business without starting investments, you will have to collect medicinal plants yourself. Before you go for raw materials, first decide on the assortment, with which herbs you will produce pillows. Plants are dried outdoors in the shade, after which they are crushed, but not to dust.

To avoid any problems, be sure to study the properties of each herb. The size of the pillows can be any, but it is advisable to use only natural fabric for sewing them. Each product should be accompanied by a note on its properties. Such products can be handed over in bulk to specialized stores or sold on your own Internet resource.

Growing worms

You don't need any complicated equipment or serious financial investments to grow worms. The technology of their cultivation is quite simple, therefore, in order to engage in such a business, you do not need to have special skills. The high profitability ensures the prosperity of the home worm farm. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the features of this process and invest a small amount of money.

The following products can be obtained from the worm farm:

Biohumus is used to fertilize the soil. Such products are purchased by farms and individuals. This fertilizer enriches the soil with nutrients and significantly increases yields.

Worms are bought by anglers who don't want to waste their time digging up the ground. One worm costs about 50 kopecks. Each person takes at least 30 pieces for fishing. If you donate them in bulk to fishing shops, you can make a good profit.

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