Business ideas with minimal investment; we create our business from scratch

Many start-up entrepreneurs do not have their own start-up capital, so they experience certain difficulties in choosing a direction of activity. Lack of initial capital is not a problem. Business ideas without investments from scratch in 2021 allow you to start your own business without having large financial resources on hand. We will look at several such examples in this article.


Any hostel is not a simple hostel, but an excellent platform for creative communication, as well as a great business idea without investment in 2021. In large cities, you can find many themed hostels - for vegetarians, students, art hostels, and more.

The best PR is creativity. If you decide to implement such a business idea without investment, do not be afraid to make bold extraordinary decisions.

The main advantages of this mini-hotel:

But hostels have their drawbacks. The most important of them is the lack of personal space, since guests have to live in the same room with strangers. In addition, things often go missing in hostels. Many hotel owners install lockers to avoid such problems.

Now let's talk about the benefits of entrepreneurs who choose this idea for a business without investment:

  • Low entry threshold. This business idea is perfect for beginners who want to start their own business with a small start-up capital. Even if for some reason they go bankrupt, real estate will still remain. And such an asset, as you know, is always in price;
  • Another important advantage of this 2021 business idea without investment is its huge potential. In our country, hostels have appeared relatively recently, so this market segment is practically free. There is no overly aggressive competition here;
  • High demand. This business idea without investment is simply doomed to success, since the demand for such services never falls. Many travelers are looking for inexpensive accommodation, since it is much more profitable for them to stay in a good hostel than to spend on a room in an expensive hotel;
  • Simple paperwork. In principle, this business idea in 2021 with minimal investment in a small town can be implemented by any newcomer who has his own real estate. Before investing in the purchase of furniture and decoration of the premises, first ask how to open a hostel from scratch in an apartment and start drawing up all the necessary documents.

The largest initial costs are up to 1 million rubles, depending on the scale of the business. Full payback occurs in about 5-6 years. The profitability of the business is approximately 15%.


The main disadvantage of such a business is the high level of competition. There are many different catering establishments in almost all localities. The pizza market is growing at about 25% annually, so it takes a lot of effort to stay afloat. Before starting a pizzeria from scratch in a small town, research the market and evaluate the performance of your future competitors. This will help you quickly navigate and develop a competent development strategy.

The easiest way to open a new business in Russia in 2021 is franchising. The promoted brands are not afraid of any competition. They offer newcomers a well-thought-out business plan and established relationships with suppliers. A novice entrepreneur who buys a franchise will be able to easily bypass any pitfalls, since he will have a ready-made successful business at his disposal. The only drawback of this method is the large start-up capital. But everyone knows that a business without investments from scratch needs to be developed for more than one year in order to achieve positive results. It is worth noting that franchisors put forward quite high requirements, therefore, it is much more convenient for proactive and confident people to open their own pizzeria from scratch, without resorting to outside help. To do this, you will need 800,000-1,000,000 rubles.

Nowadays, it is not so easy to find a profitable business idea without investments from scratch. You can try many different options and none of them will show the expected result. Ideas for pizza delivery, time-tested and implemented by many entrepreneurs, so you can safely take it as a basis and develop your own business.

Entrepreneurship in Kazakhstan should be massive. And the state allocates money for this. Business with minimal investment and business for beginners starts with an idea. But even here the Ministry of National Economy and the "Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund "give a hint -" A Guide for Beginning Businessmen ".

About 2 thousand people received loans from the budget three years after the launch of the Enbek mass entrepreneurship development program. For the period from 2021 to 2021, the program allocated 39.51 billion tenge. Today, 2,271 borrowers have already been financed in the amount of 24.53 billion tenge. According to the data for the current year, taking into account the funds not spent last year under the "Enbek" program, projects worth 8.1 billion tenge were financed.

The Damu Foundation's Guide for Beginning Businessmen focuses on business ideas in agriculture, the manufacturing sector and promising new projects for the business market. By the way, it is small and medium business, as the state expects, should, after the implementation of programs to support it, increase the income level of Kazakhstanis. Read more in our material "Wages of Kazakhstanis in 2021: second place in the CIS ranking"

Top business ideas with a minimum investment of up to thousands of tenge

Growing strawberries all year round

The main advantages of growing strawberries are considered to be that they can be grown all year round. Therefore, in large cities, this berry is always in demand both in restaurants and among ordinary customers. Until recently, it was believed that growing strawberries was troublesome and unprofitable. However, as a business idea, it turned out to be very tenacious and popular. In general, to start a berry growing business, there is no need for special skills, equipment, and large investments. Few people know, but strawberries are grown for sale in bags with special soil. The berry, as it turned out, is very unpretentious and brings a stable harvest. This business idea is especially suitable for those who have their own summer cottage, or even a garage or barn.

In order to start growing strawberries, you will need to invest in bags and land, as well as materials for making a drip irrigation system. On average, no more than 100,000 tenge is needed per 100m2. If you plant 600 bushes worth 220 tenge, then the cost will be 132,000 tenge. In the cold season, you will have to invest in heating - roughly 200,000 per year. It will be necessary to allocate 80,000 tenge per year for fertilizers. In total, 512,000 tenge will be needed to grow strawberries. From one square meter of area, in general, 15-16 kg of strawberries are obtained. With an average price of 400 tenge per kilogram, and two harvests per year, the income will be 1 200 000 tenge (100 m2 * 15 kg * 400 tenge / kg * 2). At the same time, the annual net profit can be from 688,000 tenge, having recouped the investment in the first year.

You can sell berries yourself at the local market. Good help in marketing and advertisements for sale on the Internet or through friends and acquaintances. Confectionery shops and restaurants have a good demand for fresh berries. By the way, they can be offered discounts and make the product even more attractive. In addition, it is possible to establish permanent sales to kindergartens, camps and schools. Or, if you have received a large harvest, go to supermarket chains. There is also a demand for strawberries among producers of juices, jams, preserves and yoghurts.

As with any business, low-budget business ideas are also at risk. Initially, you need to calculate your funds with a margin for the whole year, as unforeseen expenses are possible. Harvest failure can also be added to the list of risks. That is, in the initial calculations, it is necessary to include the item of the minimum crop volume for payback, at which you can return your funds. Often, in the very season, the cost of strawberries, with high competition, can be reduced. Here it is necessary to calculate the risks and provide the crop with the possibility of short-term storage and, best of all, conclude preliminary supply contracts. These miscalculations will avoid both financial losses and the loss of the product itself.

Cleaning agency

In order to start a business for the provision of cleaning apartments and offices, according to the law, you do not need to obtain any permission from a government agency. At the same time, the business tax can also be minimal. The easiest way would be to obtain a license of an individual entrepreneur with the ability to use a special tax regime based on a simplified declaration. Since the estimated income will be at least 1400 times the minimum wage for the six months. By the way, under the simplified taxation regime, the amount of corporate income tax (CIT) and social tax, together, is equal to 3% of the amount of income, excluding expenses incurred.

During the period of business formation, it is more profitable to fulfill orders from employers yourself. But as requests come in, you will have to hire staff to do the cleaning. Their number depends on the volume of work and orders. To begin with, businessmen are guided by 2-3 cleaning ladies.

Depending on the region, the initial costs vary. But at the first stage, you do not need to rent a special room for storing inventory and supplies. They can also be stored at home. The initial investment in consumables can cost you up to 25,000 tenge. In general, the cost of the service reaches from 80 to 250 tenge per square meter. If you have 4 orders with a total area of ​​60 square meters with cleaning 22 days a month, then your income will be 528,000 tenge per month. Half of the amount will go to hired cleaners, 65,000 for detergents and consumables. That is, expenses per month will amount to 329 thousand tenge. Net profit, excluding advertising and other expenses, will amount to 199,000 tenge.

Hello dear reader. I am sure that you, like me, are a realist, and therefore, most likely, you are skeptical about ideas about a business without investment. The environment and your own experience have taught you that before you get a little, you need to invest a lot, and that is not the fact that the investment will be justified. All this is true, everyone lives like this, they cannot carry everyone ...

Let me ask you: what other stereotypes prevent you from living a normal life and successfully building your business? Analyze and discard them. Moreover, in spite of all outdated stereotypes, there is one excellent and not risky way to organize your own business, without investing anything, or by investing mere pennies - business via the Internet. Have you heard of this?

Now all progressive businessmen make money only on the Internet. I'll tell you more: any company, any service can be transferred to the Internet without any problems.

The advantages of this transition are obvious:

  • the target audience increases significantly, and, therefore, the number of potential customers;
  • the number of staff is significantly reduced - one or two managers, IT specialist and specialist are enough on SEO promotion.

In addition, there is no need to rent premises and pay for utilities. You only need to pay for the Internet.

Every student knows that a business on the Internet without investments can be easily organized. And he strives to occupy a certain online niche, as early as possible - long before graduation and entering college. Look, every second person already has it, and do you know this one of the most profitable options, if you need to start with no investment.

So, what are you waiting for in this case ?! It is in your best interest to start your own business as soon as possible before your competitors grow up.

What business to open on the Internet, options

I cannot guarantee that if you open an online store selling children's clothing (there are hundreds of thousands of them now), you will immediately find yourself in "kings" and start every day, as I cannot deny it. What business to open on the Internet is up to you, I can only suggest options, guided by general statistics and real examples.

best business ideas for beginners with minimal investment

To open your own business, it is not necessary to have millions of capital, if you have the competence, desire and perseverance, then you have every chance to get by with minimal investments. Small business that does not require large investments is becoming more and more popular, especially in the current realities, when crises one after another hit the big players, removing them from the market and clearing the way for newcomers.

A business that requires minimal investment is usually also a quick payback, bringing good profits in the first months. Therefore, before starting, it is worth analyzing the market for goods and services and thinking about what the consumer is missing. It is necessary to make a choice in favor of the most profitable and promising area.

To prevent your business from failing at the very start, you need a competent organization, i.e. business plan. Any project starts with a business plan, and although in itself it is not of great value, the ability to set goals, analyze your actions is very important - any successful company has a plan to achieve its goals. That is why, after analyzing the market, you need to draw up a business plan that will be useful not only to you, but also to your future investors.

In short, for your business idea to generate 100% revenue, it must meet the following requirements:

  • be based on what you love;
  • be in demand in the market;
  • comply with legal and ethical standards;
  • contain unique benefits.

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 10,000 rubles. Profit per client - approx. RUB 10,000 Payback - 1 month.

About business: Organization costs - 50,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 30,000 rubles. Payback - 2 months.

About business: Organization costs - 50,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. The monthly profit in the season is 30,000 rubles. Payback - 2 months

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 30,000 rubles. Payback - 1 month.

About business: Organization costs - 20,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. Profit per client - about 15,000 rubles. Payback - 1 month.

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. Monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. Monthly profit - 5,000 rubles. Payback - 6 months.

Small and medium businesses are not in vain considered the key to economic progress. In the developed countries of the world, it accounts for up to half or more of the total volume of the aggregate national product. In this area, it is possible to successfully implement almost any idea (even a startup) with minimal investment, which will meet the requirements of the region.

Starting a new business is always accompanied by many questions and tasks. What business to choose, where to start? It is not always possible for a novice entrepreneur to find accurate answers and successful solutions. Choosing his idea, the owner should feel that this is his sphere, because it will take a lot of effort, dedication, desire to develop to implement the planned business plan. You also need to make sure that the idea, even with minimal investment, can be profitably implemented in a certain region, and its residents will be able to pay for the product or service. These are the main rules for opening your own profitable business (even at home) with a small start-up capital, because large investments are not always a guarantee of success.

Business ideas with minimal investment at home

You can start making money at home and with little or no start-up capital. The main thing is to find an interesting offer for potential customers and calculate the possible risks.


What business can you do with little or no money? There are real options. Dropshipping is a no-cost small business built around the sale of goods from a supplier by independent intermediaries without transferring or rights to the product. A dropshipper sells goods on its own behalf with a wrap, placing an order directly to the client. The entrepreneurial risk of an idea is quite small if the goods are consistent with the declared characteristics and are dispatched on time.

A reseller can work with a large number of suppliers at the same time, offering the end customer a wide range of products. You can open this business from scratch with minimal investment. The owner does not need a warehouse, investment for the purchase of goods, there will be no salary costs for the seller. Recently, the idea of ​​a dropshipping trade in clothes and goods from China has become popular (you can start from online shopping platforms, for example, TaoBao, Aliexpress).

Designer candles

Decorative candles are popular all year round, because they can be given as a present, for holidays, special events. To open a production, you will need minimal investments: metal containers, paraffin wax, a wick, candle molds, flavors and dyes, plasticine, toothpicks. The main component is paraffin, to reduce costs it is better to order it not from large manufacturers, but from small sellers via the Internet.

When choosing this idea for a home business, it is important to pre-form a sales market (souvenir shops, self-sales through the network, medical centers with aromatherapy services, wedding salons), find interesting offers for potential customers (discounts, personalized , themed candles). At the initial stage, do not overstate the price and focus on product advertising.

Original decorations from fabric, ribbons

Such a business idea as the manufacture of accessories for the holidays, hair ornaments requires minimal investment and, with the proper approach, will be profitable all year round. Master classes, video materials on the network will help you master the technique of manufacturing goods. What tips can help you save time and money? To reduce the cost of purchasing materials (fabric, tapes, glue, decor, bases), it is almost always more profitable to make it from sellers through the network. In local shops, the price is usually overpriced. It is better to start with inexpensive products for example, then you need to offer your services online, place ads in local newspapers, social networks, retail stores, and on special Internet sites.

What other profitable and relevant ideas can be implemented in a small town with minimal investment? The list is quite extensive. Practically no costs will be required for the production and sale of fried sunflower seeds, the sale of home preservation, the provision of babysitting services, computer repair and programming, the creation of websites, the transportation of furniture when moving, cleaning apartments. But it is impossible or very difficult to make some business ideas profitable in this economic situation. For example, fattening gobies for meat at home requires significant reserves of feed, labor (hiring workers will increase costs). It makes sense to open this business from scratch only if there are more or less significant material and financial resources, having a reliable sales market and some experience in this area.

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