Business ideas with minimal investment for the village

For many people, business in the countryside is a priority. They dream of starting it from scratch using ready-made solutions. An idea of ​​your own is good, but in some cases there is no need to take risks and come up with something new, especially if many niches are free.

Entrepreneurial activity in a village has its own specifics. Typically, in rural areas, there is relatively low competition and relatively cheap raw materials for doing business.


Those who want to start a village business from scratch should consider breeding bees as their main option. This idea is the most promising in many ways. The National Union of Beekeepers claims that not enough honey is produced every year. The market is still very far from saturation, so the correct organization of the apiary can bring a good profit.

  • about 45,000 rubles will have to be spent on equipping an apiary with 10 hives, protective clothing and other devices;
  • the cost of purchasing bee colonies will amount to 35,000 rubles;
  • it will be possible to sell about 400 kg of honey in a year at a price of 200 rubles per 1 kg;
  • the payback period for the business is 12 months.

Attention: before choosing one or another activity, it is recommended to consider if the starting capital is not too large.

Breeding crayfish

Growing mushrooms

It is worth considering and. This is not a bad idea for a village business. Most often they are engaged in the cultivation of champignons. They are not so demanding for environmental conditions. A container system is ideal for small spaces divided into technological areas. Harvesting can be done up to 4-5 times a year.

  • the purchase of raw materials, equipment and additional materials will require spending about 80,000 rubles;
  • the average profit is about 30,000-40,000 rubles per month at the initial stage of development;
  • payback period - 2-3 months.

Greenhouse business

You can consider and. The competition in this area is not yet so high. However, it is difficult to estimate profitability as accurately as possible. This is influenced by many factors. The main role is played by the geographical location of the economic facility. In the southern regions, there is no need to spend additional funds on heating and lighting.

Many business ideas that bring good profit in a metropolis, most likely, will not be in demand in rural areas. Therefore, if you want to start your own profitable business, the most important thing is to choose the right line of business. In this article, we will show you what kind of business you can start in the countryside and how to lead it to prosperity.


At first glance, it might seem that opening a store is the most affordable. In fact, everything is not so simple. Before opening your own store, you need to carefully study the proposals of competitors and draw the appropriate conclusions. In small settlements, the presence of a large number of retail outlets can lead to a decrease in profitability, therefore, when planning your future activities, be sure to take this important point into account.

Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask the question which business is the most profitable in the village. According to experts, the biggest profit comes from food trade. You can conclude a cooperation agreement with suppliers of such goods and, thanks to this, significantly save on transportation costs. Another rather promising option is the sale of clothing and footwear. But in this case, you will have to go to the nearest city for goods on your own.


Home-made food products are in great demand among domestic consumers, so farmers who produce them never have any problems selling finished products. Breeding geese, ducks, chickens or turkeys is the best business in the countryside for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Turkey breeding

In our country, few farms are engaged in raising turkeys. But abroad, such a business is considered one of the most profitable areas of farming. Growing turkeys for meat is much more profitable than broiler chickens. In addition, at the moment you can buy such breeds of turkeys, which by the age of five months gain weight of 20-25 kg. If you cannot decide what kind of small business you can open in the village, try to do this profitable and rather promising business.

Over time, when the business starts to flourish, you can think about expanding it. Large farms that breed fur-bearing animals in large volumes fully automate the work, as well as purchase the necessary equipment and independently deal with the dressing of skins. Some companies open sewing workshops for the production of fur products. Such a business brings its owners millions of profits.


Many people believe that in small towns and villages only agricultural activities can be done. But this is not the case. In fact, many regions open up broad prospects for the development of various industrial sectors for entrepreneurs. Small capital investments, cheap labor and the possibility of renting inexpensive areas allow newcomers to open a profitable business in the village in a short time and achieve great success.

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Ways to make good money in the countryside

Growing oyster mushrooms can bring in about $ 6,000 a year. Read about this and other types of business in the village.

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  • Farmer Experience

In this article we will look at the possible types of income in the village. Ready? Let's go then!

First, let's go through the methods of making money on the Internet. For convenience, they are tabulated:

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Is it possible to earn money in the village

“Living in a village you won’t earn a million” - this is what those who simply do not know how to use the opportunities lying in front of their noses usually say. And they are more than real. Let's figure out which ones.

Let's start with the benefits of rural life.

  • Freedom of action. You can do whatever you want, when you want and in whatever you want. No annoying neighbors, walls and sidelong glances.
  • You are your own boss.
  • Clean air and no traffic jams.
  • Always fresh and tasty water. No plastic bottles or other nonsense polluting the environment.
  • Fares are lower than in the city.
  • Cheap housing without bureaucratic red tape.
  • And, most importantly, business prospects.

What are the prospects, you ask? Land, cheap labor, natural goods: forests, fields, lakes. There is you, and all these wonderful things. It remains to turn on your head, adjust your wit and start earning.

Now let's figure out how to make money on subsidiary farming. Is it possible to do this without investment. And how to realize your business so that it flourishes.

The current market development trend is aimed at business development in rural areas. Modern realities make it possible to start an excellent business in many areas, the list of which includes a business in the countryside. There are many benefits to starting a business in rural areas, including low levels of competition. As a result, a large number of buyers. The most common ideas are related to the production of vegetables in greenhouse conditions, i.e. it is a profitable and year-round destination.

Rural small business ideas with minimal investment

The main advantages of rural business include the allocation of government subsidies and subsidies for starting or developing a business in the countryside, a wide range of areas for starting a business and the demand for agricultural and livestock products.

Moreover, this interest comes both from the population of cities and large retail chains.

We must not forget the low prices for utilities, rent payments. The increased demand for environmentally friendly products allows us to speak of potentially great demand and great development prospects. As a rule, homemade products are classified as environmentally friendly - dairy products, meat, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

There is a wide range of business ideas in rural areas. Let's consider the most popular and profitable ones.

Production of frozen vegetables and fruits: seasonal and business all year round

Various varieties of berries and fruits can be grown on the personal plot, which can then be supplied to large retail chains. And now retail chains prefer to purchase frozen mass in bulk. In the future, they pack them up on their own. The most common business options in this area:

  • Strawberry cultivation is a very common type of activity in our country, and at the same time it is quite profitable. The only drawback is competition is possible.
  • Cultivation of grapes - there is a certain risk, as grapes are very dependent on capricious plant and highly dependent on climatic conditions. Therefore, not all areas can be engaged in this activity.
  • Raspberry plantations are a rather risky step for our country, but there is practically no competition here.
  • Growing blackberries is a very profitable and promising business. It can be organized both in large and small villages. The popularity of this berry is growing every year.
  • Orchards are an unusual and progressive small business that is the easiest to implement. A big disadvantage is the high cost of seedlings of fruit plants, as well as a long time interval from planting a seedling to the first harvest.
  • Greenhouse for growing vegetables is a promising direction. The redistribution of the finances of the family budget towards vegetables is natural, and since there is demand, then it is necessary to establish production as well.

This business requires minimal investment if there is already a plot with grown fruit trees and rooted shrubs, otherwise the profitability of the business will be in the future. To open such directions from scratch is to wait several years for the first good harvest.

Breeding bees from scratch

This is not easy work, and the profit is seasonal. For implementation, you need a plot of land, equipment for breeding bees, the bees themselves, and certain knowledge and skills. But as a result, you will get very popular products on the market - honey, wax, royal jelly. All these products are quite expensive. Bees are not bred at home. For this, certain plots are allocated to create an apiary, remote from the city or village, village, where plants grow in their natural environment for "raw materials".


How to make money in the village? Many will be surprised, but organizing your business in the countryside is much easier and cheaper than in the city. In addition, when you have your own subsidiary farm and a piece of land at hand, you can save on the initial investment and use existing equipment and raw materials. So how to open your own business in the countryside?

Business specifics

Today, many are interested in the question: how to start a business in the countryside? Experts recommend making the most of existing resources. This will help reduce your initial investment. And when the income is more or less stable, you can think about expanding the enterprise.

But how do you start a truly profitable and successful business? For a village business to be successful, you need to carefully study the market and determine what there is a stable demand for. In addition, the consumer audience matters: if you plan to meet the needs and requirements of fellow villagers, then you will have to do what is in demand from your neighbors, and if you expect to sell your products (or offer services) in other settlements, then, therefore , you need to monitor there among potential consumers.

What does this mean in practice? If you want to organize a business in your village, where mainly retirees live, then it is clear that a beauty salon or spa will not be successful. On the other hand, off-site trade - a car shop - can be very profitable. And if you have a subsidiary farm that gives much more milk, cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits, eggs than you can use yourself, then it is reasonable to sell the surplus to shops or restaurants.

How to start your business in the countryside?

Before starting a business in a village, you need to assess your capabilities, available assets, as well as the demand for various goods and services. After that, you need to compare several possible options, their profitability and the amount of investment at the initial stage and choose the most profitable business. After that, you need to draw up a business plan and purchase the necessary equipment and tools (unless, of course, you have one) and get down to work.

Own business in the countryside: ideas

If you have a large house and a subsidiary farm in your village, then you can start your own business, practically without investing additional funds. What is it about? For example, you can:

  • Grow vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and more for sale. Since you have a vegetable garden and a minimum set of equipment, all you have to do is work to increase yields. And the finished product can be sold independently on the market, taken to shops, restaurants or intermediaries (but this option is the most disadvantageous for the farmer in terms of cost). The cost of additional greenhouses, fertilizers, product packaging and transportation costs will amount to about 50,000 rubles.
  • A similar business can be organized in the production of dairy products or animal husbandry. And to increase your earnings, you can start growing exotic plants, animals or birds. For example, by raising ostriches, crayfish or quails, you can make good money selling them to nearby restaurants. But, of course, in order to breed ostriches / quails, you will first have to buy chickens and raise them, having created good conditions for their survival, which will require an investment of 80,000-100,000 rubles.
  • A profitable business can be organized by having your own apiary. Selling honey and bee products has always been profitable. The initial investment for setting up an apiary and special equipment will amount to about 80,000 rubles. But, starting such a business, you need to remember that it is quite complex in terms of organization and in order to make a profit, you will have to take into account many factors: from weather conditions in your area to planting honey plants.

But you can organize your own business in the village without being tied to the garden. It could be:

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