Business ideas with minimal investment: 4 best

In the article, we will consider several business ideas with low costs, calculate the approximate expenses and income, and also tell you what documents are needed to get started and much more.

Registration and required documents

Any business starts with the registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. To register a legal entity, you will need a package of documents:

  • statement ;
  • charter ;
  • minutes of the meeting of founders;
  • print;
  • To register an individual entrepreneur, you only need an application.

    [box type = ”download”] All these documents can be drawn up independently, you can find templates on well-known legal Internet portals. You can contact a legal agency that will register your documents for a very reasonable fee. [/ Box]

    Variants of startups with minimal investment

    Seals and stamps business

    Many businesses are opening today that need seals and stamps. We set ourselves the task of attracting clients who need them. It is best to rent a small office where tax offices are located. There are several technologies for making seals, the most modern and highest quality is the manufacture of seals from photopolymer.

    The print production process itself consists of the following steps:

    • An original print layout is drawn in the graphics editor.
    • This original layout is printed on a printer on a special film.
    • Then the printed copy is pasted over with tape.
    • The resulting form is poured with a liquid polymer, then covered with a film on top.
    • The form is clamped with glasses, sent to a specialized camera, in which it is illuminated.
    • After exposure, the form hardens and it is washed with water, resulting in a cliché. The last step is to put the mold back into the camera and light it up. The form hardens completely and the print is ready.

    The cost of one copy of such a seal is about 30 rubles. The market value is from 300 rubles to 1000 rubles, depending on the size, complexity of the drawing and accessories. At the exit we have at the cheapest price 270 rubles. Pretty good!

    Let's see how much money is required initially:

    Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse

    Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is a rather laborious, but at the same time, profitable business. Its greatest advantage is that you will get an excellent harvest, regardless of the weather conditions. In the season when the price for such products is reduced to a minimum, you can start preserving them or salting them.

    In winter, the profitability of this business reaches 500%. In spring and summer, it drops to 150-300%. Growing cucumbers all year round is a great small business idea in a small town for those who have their own backyard.

    Besides cucumbers, you can grow other vegetables, thus expanding your business. Alternatively, you can start growing tomatoes, bell peppers, greens, or give preference to growing fruits.

    Cinder block production

    If you want to open a profitable business in a small town, the idea of ​​making cinder blocks will be an excellent option to start. This is a practical and quite popular material that is used for the construction of houses and outbuildings. The simplest cinder block machine costs about $ 300.

    If you establish a constant sale of finished products, after a certain time you can purchase more expensive high-performance equipment. The cost of one cinder block is 10.6 rubles. Its market value ranges from 30–35 rubles. If you are able to competently organize the work of your home mini-enterprise, it will bring an excellent and stable income.

    Walnut Oil Production

    The profitability of a walnut processing enterprise reaches 50-100%. If you want this 2021 business idea in a small town to bring serious profit, try to find reliable markets for finished products before starting production. The best option is to contact foreign partners.

    If you have limited financial resources, at first you can use manual equipment for work. You can design it yourself from scrap materials. The production of one liter of walnut oil will cost you 1.5 thousand rubles. The wholesale price of this product is 2.7 thousand rubles per liter. If you have not yet decided what kind of business you can open with minimal investment in 2021, try to implement this interesting and quite profitable idea of ​​making money.

    Growing oyster mushrooms

    Can't decide which business in 2021 with minimal investment to open at home? Grow oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms sell for about $ 1.5 per kg. From 100 sq. meters of crops, you can collect about 4 tons of finished products per year, respectively, you can earn from 500 to 6000 dollars per month.

    Of course, growing oyster mushrooms will not make you a rich person in just a few months, but if you constantly expand your business, over time it will turn into a highly profitable and promising enterprise. This is an ideal business idea with minimal investment in a small town for aspiring entrepreneurs living in their own home. The demand for oyster mushroom does not fall in any economic conditions, so your business will be guaranteed to bring a stable profit.

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