Business ideas with minimal investment

What kind of business is profitable to do: 5 areas of profitable business + 3 ideas for business without initial investment + 6 ideas for success in the countryside + 5 tips on how to start a business + 5 steps to determine how "your" idea is.

Today, most people dream of financial independence. No wonder. If you receive the average salary for our region, then you can only dream of an apartment in the city center and a brand new car in the garage.

Still, people continue to go to low-paying jobs, naively believing that they cannot earn money on their own business. They simply do not know which business is profitable to do and how to start it right.

Up-to-date statistics on which business is profitable to do

In fact, at the initial stages it is difficult for a beginner to understand which business is profitable to do, and which one will only bring losses, fatigue and frustration.

Therefore, we offer you statistics of areas in which it is profitable to do your business:

options for profitable business directions

Their schemes above, you could understand how popular this or that direction is. What options are most in demand in Russia?

Business in Trade

Trade is a type of business that is always profitable to do. The only question is which product to sell?

Wishing to come to individual entrepreneurship, a person asks the question - which individual entrepreneur is better to open for beginners, how to do it with minimal investment, and what business ideas to use? The desire to start a business is commendable, but it is important to do it right, to take into account all the nuances so that the business develops and brings satisfaction along with a stable income.

There are several main directions in which a beginner individual entrepreneur can develop:

  • production of goods;
  • provision of services;
  • mediation;
  • work related to the possession of information; <
  • is a partnership business.

The first type of questions does not cause - an individual entrepreneur is engaged in the production of some goods, household or food, and sells it to customers. Provision of services is also a rather simple thing: the future entrepreneur offers himself as a performer. For example, a person with knowledge of electrical engineering makes minor home repairs, a carpenter fulfills orders for furniture (this is a business in the field of goods and services at the same time), etc.

Becoming an intermediary, an individual entrepreneur works according to the classic business scheme - purchasing goods at a bargain price and selling them at a profit for themselves. Subtype - a situation when a person brings a seller and a buyer together, receiving an intermediary percentage from this. Successful sales skills are critical here.

Business for individual entrepreneurs in the information field looks attractive today. So, if an individual entrepreneur has knowledge in mathematics and other subjects, he can become a tutor, teach courses, help in writing works. Any expert knowledge becomes a means of earning if you find those in need of this information.

Partnership is an interesting type of business. For example, there are cases when large corporations have turned to so-called problem solving specialists to solve complex issues. These are people with a unique vision of the situation, the ability to assess the current state of affairs and find an original way out of the crisis. An illustrative example is when a large manufacturer of sports shoes could not defeat the theft of products by employees. The invited specialist offered a simple solution: to spread the production of the left-hand sneakers to a separate factory, to a different region. An individual entrepreneur can offer ideas to the management of a partner company, receiving benefits.

An individual entrepreneur has a separate status in business - he is both a citizen and a legal entity. According to the Civil Code, there are few restrictions on the activities of individual entrepreneurs - but they exist, and some of them concern types of business that are acceptable for individual entrepreneurs.

  • Prohibited Activities.
  • Requiring permission.
  • Licensed.
  • Normal - that is, carried out without restrictions and prohibitions.

It is important to understand: the work of an individual entrepreneur is regulated by law. It spelled out the requirements and responsibilities of the individual entrepreneur, as well as the permitted areas of activity.

SP is prohibited from doing anything that is dangerous to the health and lives of people. The "forbidden" list of businesses also includes the military industry, the production of chemicals and certain branches of the financial and economic sphere.

  • distribute and produce alcohol-containing products;
  • sell weapons, ammunition, weapon parts;
  • generate explosives, pyrotechnics and store them; <
  • work in the space industry;
  • broadcast on TV and radio channels;
  • open mutual funds and private pension funds - non-state-owned pension funds;
  • work with drugs, psychotropic substances;
  • carry out activities in the field of work of Russians outside the country;
  • engage in air transportation;
  • sell electricity;
  • open a gambling business (including lotteries);
  • open an enterprise that actively affects the environment;
  • develop, test and repair military equipment.

The above list of businesses is incomplete, there are about 40 positions in total. If a citizen still wants to do business in areas prohibited for individual entrepreneurs, he must either abandon this idea or formalize himself as a legal entity.

Modern business trends require an entrepreneur to be constantly active, to improve the principles of doing business. To develop and achieve a consistently high profitability of an already established enterprise or just a business idea, it is necessary to regularly analyze the interests of the target audience, changes in business standards.

Most Relevant Business Ideas of the Year

An interesting business idea is, unfortunately, not enough to create a successful business. Many other factors should be taken into account: the relevance of the service for the target audience of the region, the investment opportunities of the entrepreneur, the correctness of the marketing strategy. Every year, important changes take place in business areas, new trends are formed depending on the needs of the population, innovative achievements in science, medicine, and industry. Traditionally, experts included the following in the list of the most monetary areas of entrepreneurship: real estate, education, sports, food, IT-technologies, franchise business.

Creating a gastronomic trend

Providing food services is a business idea that, with the proper approach, can be successfully implemented in any format and region. Standard approaches (opening a cafe, a canteen, a bakery, fast food outlet, etc.) are unlikely to take a special place among the interesting options for organizing your business next year. Experts predict a new surge of interest in creating gastronomic trends in the city, region (examples: Altai cheese, Arkhangelsk roe, Kupino gingerbread). In each locality, it is possible to find a special culinary flavor and interest the consumer in this. If you have investments, you can go even further by creating your own company that organizes gastronomic and wine tours around the country, for example, like the Moscow Travel Shop.

Information product based on cloud service

Information technologies are getting closer to the everyday life of almost every consumer every year. With professional training and some investment, you can create a technology product that will make good money. What services are offered in this format? There are quite a few options:

  • security services, video surveillance of the object - video cameras will be connected to the Internet, and the image will be displayed on the screen of a laptop, tablet, smartphone at any time (Ivideon company);
  • printing photos via the network (cloud service Netprint);
  • development of games, mobile applications of various subjects, etc.

Driving Schools

In connection with the adoption of new legislative initiatives, economic changes in the field of teaching car skills (cancellation of external exams, an increase in the minimum training period for drivers to 3 months and the cost of car courses), the opening of a driving school with a good curriculum, material base and teachers - pretty good business. With the right approach, profitability can reach 100%.

Opening a pawnshop

The interest for a loan secured by jewelry, fur clothing, digital technology is quite high - an average of 7 to 25% per month. The costs of organizing a pawnshop outlet are not very high. Even 6 m² of rented area with armored doors and glass is enough for full-fledged work. You will also need to obtain a license, hire 2-3 cashier consultants, install a security system and, of course, have capital at your disposal.

Commercial rental service

Profitability is the main indicator by which the state of the business can be characterized. Usually it is calculated as a percentage. The higher the number, the more profitable the enterprise. In addition, it means that all your initial investment will pay off in the shortest possible time. Let's take a look at some examples of profitable business for 2021.

Fast food

Looking for profitable business ideas? Let's take a closer look at the fast food industry. In chain establishments, one cup of coffee costs about 160 rubles. The ingredients used to make this drink cost 10 rubles. In a small cafe, about 100 cups are bought per day, respectively, the owners of such a business earn up to 10 million rubles a year from selling coffee. If you are wondering which business is profitable in 2021, pay special attention to street food and drink trading.


This is the most profitable business in 2021. The issuance of loans secured by property brings huge profits. In some pawnshops, the monthly interest rate reaches 20%, which means that 240% over the year. No bank or any other financial institution can achieve such profitability.

This type of business pays off in the shortest possible time. During the crisis, the demand for such services begins to grow, so pawnshops bring excellent income in any economic conditions. attract many start-up entrepreneurs, so if you decide to open a pawnshop, hurry up, otherwise the newbies will take your place in the market.

Tennis Courts

In order to quickly return the initial investment, you need to build an indoor court that will be profitable, regardless of weather conditions. It is not worth investing a lot of money in the construction of a capital building. At first, you can build a temporary structure. To increase the profitability of the business, open a small cafe near the court, rent sports equipment or organize training courses for beginners.

Examination of antiques

Lately, many fakes of antiques have appeared on the market. Copies are made of such high quality that even experienced museum experts cannot distinguish them from the original. ? This question worries many of our compatriots. Buying antiques is a good long-term investment, but many people are afraid to invest in antiques because they doubt their authenticity. Therefore, many private companies began to offer clients professional services for the evaluation of antiques. The income of these organizations is about 100% per annum. To start such a business, you need to be well versed in antiques or hire experienced appraisers.

Private kindergarten

If you want to start a profitable small business in Russia, open a private kindergarten. In our country, there are already many more such institutions than state ones. The monthly fee for a child's attendance at kindergarten is 10–20 thousand rubles. Accordingly, a group of 30 children will bring in 300-600 thousand rubles. If you subtract the cost of food, staff salaries and rental of premises, there will be about 150-300 thousand rubles of net profit. In addition, parents pay a down payment of 25-30 thousand rubles. Some private preschools charge this fee annually.

This business has a fast payback. Moreover, it does not require large financial investments. At the start, you will need a certain amount for the purchase of furniture, toys and registration of permits. According to experts, the profitability of this business reaches 100% per year. , should be in demand and profitable. A private kindergarten fully meets all these requirements.

TOP-7 profitable business ideas

Business ideas that are profitable or ideas that no one believed in? Brave Russian entrepreneurs have mastered unoccupied niches (joint purchases, ice cream parlors, quests) and they paid off!

According to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the share of small business in the country's GDP by 2021 should increase to 30%. In total, SMEs will account for at least half of the gross domestic product. Such forecasts are not unfounded: every year new successful business ideas for small businesses appear, which are implemented by entrepreneurs not only in various Russian regions. The most original and profitable ideas of entrepreneurs will be discussed in this article!

Not by bread alone ...

Previously, Kozemsky was engaged in fish farming in Donetsk, after which he decided to launch a project unique for Russia - a fully automated sturgeon farm. Kozemsky and colleagues have been developing equipment for keeping and feeding sturgeons for over 10 years, using their own developments.

At the moment, the plant has more than 7 tons of broodfish at its disposal. The enterprise also has a fry growing workshop, that is, at the moment, the implementation of the second stage of a large-scale project has begun. At the end of 2021, the company sold:

  • 0.2 tons of black caviar;
  • 1.5 tons of fish.

Let's remind that the average cost of 1 kg of black caviar on the Russian wholesale market reaches 28-30 thousand rubles. Now the farm plans to start producing 2 tons of sturgeon and sterlet caviar by 2021.

Interesting: According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export of Russian black caviar last year increased threefold and reached 4.71 tonnes in the 1st - 3rd quarter of 2021. The reason for this is the active development of sturgeon fish production and favorable market the situation in the context of the depreciation of the ruble.

Small wholesale: making money on savings

At this stage, the store's assortment includes more than 20 thousand goods. According to the Alexa Rank, the store is ranked 260,378, it is viewed daily by more than 9 thousand people, and the average cost of a resource is estimated at just over 9.6 thousand US dollars. The success of the store is due to the increasing popularity of joint purchases (they account for almost 40% of the turnover). Most profitable startups are somehow connected with crowdshopping (Rentoid, Uber, etc.), but in Russia the niche is not yet occupied, and therefore everyone has a chance of success!

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