Business ideas with great income

In small towns, most often local residents start their own business, who do not want to work for a meager salary, or even cannot find a suitable job at all. Despite their low purchasing power, they make good money from entrepreneurship. If you live in such a locality, consider in more detail the ideas of a profitable business in a small town, collected in this article.


Opening a bowling club requires serious financial investments, but, as can be seen from practice, all investments in this profitable small business in a small town pay off in just one year of operation. Before opening such an entertainment facility, you need to decide for whom it will be designed - for ordinary visitors or for elite customers. According to experts, the most profitable option is a bowling club for visitors with average income. In our country, this market segment is not yet oversaturated. The profitability of this business is 25-30%.

How to open a bowling club in a small town? The main problem that entrepreneurs who want to do such a business may face is the lack of suitable premises. For bowling to be profitable, you need to equip 10 lanes. Each of them will take about 10-15 sq. meters of area. It is advisable that the bowling club is located in the city center, close to hotels and restaurants, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of money on advertising.

A set of Chinese equipment for one track costs 1.5-1.8 million rubles. For the American equipment will have to pay 2.3-2.4 million rubles. If you want to save money, buy refurbished equipment. In general, you will need 2-3 million rubles to open a bowling alley. If your club is visited by 30-50 people daily, you can make good money. To increase your income, run various promotions that attract the attention of visitors.

Karaoke bar

Looking for ideas on what kind of business to open in a small town? Pay attention to such a topical activity as a karaoke bar. Our compatriots love to take a walk. Any holiday is accompanied by dances and, of course, songs. And where can you sing your favorite songs from the heart? At the karaoke bar, of course.

  • Room selection. The easiest way to build a karaoke business is in your own bar or cafe. If this is not possible, try to negotiate with the owners of establishments operating in your city. For example, you can split the profit with the owner of the cafe in half or come up with some other way of distributing income;
  • Purchase of equipment. In addition to sound equipment and lighting equipment, it is necessary to purchase a karaoke installation. If you are planning to make individual booths in the nari-bar format, you should not buy too expensive professional equipment. In this case, the amateur version is perfect too;
  • Music Library. To satisfy the requirements of all customers, it is necessary to offer them a wide range of compositions. But by law, you have to pay for every song used in karaoke. As a compromise, you can use a monthly fee, the amount of which depends on the size of your karaoke club.

Such establishments bring not too large, but stable income. If you are thinking about what business is profitable to open in a small town, you should not discard this interesting and rather original idea.

Children's cafe

How to make money from scratch in a small town? Experienced businessmen who have been working in the catering sector for a long time claim that a cafe designed for children's parties and recreation, with a competent approach, provides a good stable profit. Such establishments are usually opened in shopping and entertainment centers.

A children's cafe is a good idea for a small business in a small town. If you want it to be successful, pay special attention to the interior. Everything in a cafe should be beautiful and bright, so that the child feels in your institution like in a fairy tale. As for the menu, it should contain:

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas with great income". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Small Business Startup Ideas

How to start a small business and what to do? A question that worries many aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone wants the business to be successful and the profit to be instant. But not everything is so simple and easy, remember this. In order to become a businessman, you will have to put in a lot of effort and work, overcome a bunch of obstacles, gain the necessary experience. You can find profitable business ideas in our section dedicated to small business. Interesting options, detailed ways of small business development, non-standard approaches to the implementation of business projects, read the articles.

Business ideas with minimal investment

Which Minimum Investment Business Ideas 2021 Are Profitable? How difficult is it to implement? First of all, I want to note that business ideas for beginners are distinguished by a relatively fast payback and availability. Therefore, think about what is lacking in your city, what consumers need, competently analyze the market for goods and services. As a result, make a choice in favor of the most promising, in your opinion, business idea for your specific city or village. For the sake of example, I will point you to successful business ideas 2021 with minimal investment, which can be implemented both in a large metropolis and in a small provincial town. All of them are collected in this section.

Business ideas from scratch or no investment for the "poor" - how to look for an idea for your own business at home

The global financial crisis, the instability of the economic situation, the growth of inflation - all this leads to the fact that the real incomes of the population are falling, and the prices of all types of goods are only growing. In such a situation, many have a need or just a desire to try to start a business. At the same time, the most attractive options are those without large investments, since most often the decision to go about their own business at home is made by people who are conventionally referred to as “poor”.

Who are the "poor"

Every year the Government makes adjustments to such a concept as a living wage.

A living wage is understood as the minimum amount of money that is needed per month for one person to provide himself with only the most necessary without frills.

The poverty line at the state level is calculated according to this indicator. Moreover, each region, depending on its own security, can establish its own value of the subsistence minimum.

Published by NIK at 28.6.019 28.6.019

I'm tired of these managers in production, I'm becoming a robot with the owner, I want my own! But! ... there is no money for promotion and I am sure that I can be the master of my destiny. maybe you came from the army and are full of energy and ideas?

It's never too late to find a job, but trying to find your niche is worth trying even without decent funds.

But how to come up with your own, albeit small, but profitable business? How much money will be needed for this in the coming years? Which business idea should you choose? This article provides examples of projects for starting a business in 2021-2021 and why it is worth doing them.

- generating income on the Internet;

- sale of goods through ad sites;

- manufacture and sale of handmade items.

These ideas are different, but they are similar in one thing: they do not require large financial investments to implement them. The amounts required to start such a micro-business will not exceed 10-15 thousand rubles. These costs will not seem like a burden to most aspiring entrepreneurs.

There are many examples when people, having begun to embody their original, unexpected ideas, achieved material well-being practically from scratch. It is important not to make the mistakes that start-up entrepreneurs do. Such miscalculations include the overestimation of the demand for the proposed product or service, which is the basis of the business plan.

A set of measures, which in the business world is called marketing research, will help to avoid this. It includes the following tasks:

- analysis of the market for goods and services provided by other commercial structures and organizations;

- select the category of goods and services most preferred for promotion;

- determination of the circle of potential customers who will use the offered goods or services.

small-town business ideas with little investment

A successful business can exist not only in cities of a million, but also in small towns and regional centers. The main thing when choosing a business for a small town is to take into account some of the nuances.

When opening your own business in a small town, you should definitely pay attention to some of its features. First of all, this is the state of the economy, i.e. the well-being of its inhabitants. As a rule, there are few jobs in such towns, wages are lower than in large cities, and most of the residents work at the same city-forming enterprise. Also, do not forget that it is very difficult to find specialists in some rare areas, so you should not open a very extravagant business.

Often in small towns there is a shortage of basic goods: only one supermarket, no store with popular inexpensive clothes, etc. Therefore, opening another clothing or grocery store can bring huge profits.

Well, of course, one cannot discount such an important feature of small towns as mentality. In small towns, rumors spread at the speed of light and everyone knows about everyone. This can be beneficial - no need to spend money on advertising, word of mouth will do everything. Or maybe one mistake is against you and you will lose customers forever.

In general, if you take these features into account and choose your business wisely, it will only bring profit and pleasure.

About business: Organization costs - 17,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 5,000 rubles. monthly profit - from 30,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 1 month.

About business: Organization costs - 100,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 30,000 rubles. monthly profit - 50,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 2 months.

About business: Organization costs - 20,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. monthly profit - 5,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 6 months.

About business: Organization costs - 20,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. monthly profit - 5,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 6 months.

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. monthly profit - 30,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 1 month.

About business: Organization costs - 30,000 rubles. monthly expenses - 3,000 rubles. monthly profit - 20,000 rubles. bathing capacity - 2 months.

Beginning entrepreneurs are scared to take out a loan and spend hundreds of thousands of rubles on starting their own business. Fortunately, there is a chance in Russia to start a business with minimal investment. Ideas from the article will help you get inspired and have the courage to work for yourself.

Business ideas with minimal investment: the experience of billionaires

Subway, a well-known restaurant brand, records billions in revenue every year. The network has more than 44,000 franchised locations in various countries and 26,000 restaurants in the United States.

Like some other restaurant businesses, the company started out as a small diner open for $ 1,000. Subway is a classic example of a beginner business idea with minimal investment.

According to the memoir of Subway founder Fred De Luca, he had no intention of developing a restaurant empire. He was 17 when he asked a family friend for a $ 1,000 loan to start a restaurant to pay for college and medical school bills.

The restaurant changed its name several times, and in the end it was reduced to the usual Subway.

De Luca admitted that at the beginning of his journey he knew nothing about sandwich making and the food industry. However, they chose the right niche. Despite his inexperience, youth and small investment, he was able to achieve success on the first day.

He and his lender, who took on the job, sold 312 sandwiches on the first day, each costing between 49 and 69 cents.

It's safe to say that thanks to the idea of ​​a business from scratch with minimal investment, it eventually achieved its goal. I collected money so as not to think about how to pay off the debt for education.

DeLuca served as President of Subway from 1965 until his passing in 2021. Then he was replaced by his sister, Suzanne Greco.

Let's repeat! De Luca took out a $ 1,000 loan because he just wanted a job to pay for college. He ended up building one of the largest fast food chains in the world.

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