Business ideas up to 200,000 rubles: top ideas

Don't worry, there are tons of marketing ideas you can take without burdening your budget, here are 22 of them.

Let's see how you can use cash effectively with these 20+ small business marketing ideas that work and don't cost a lot.

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Low-budget business ideas with minimal investment

Opening a business without large investments is not only realistic, but also quite profitable if you find and implement a successful idea. To begin with, it is worth choosing a project that will be profitable and attractive in terms of profitability. Specific low-budget, low-investment business ideas include service jobs, home businesses, and farming. You can learn more about business ideas with minimal investment from our articles, which you will find in this section.

List of ideas for the most profitable business with minimal investment for 2021 in Russia. How to open a profitable business with a small investment?

List of new business ideas with minimal investment 2021 in a small town for aspiring entrepreneurs. Tips on how to start a business with a small investment?

List of profitable business ideas 2021 with minimal investment in Moscow for aspiring entrepreneurs. What business to open with a small financial investment?

Top new business ideas with minimal investment 2021 in Russia. How to start your own business with a small investment and achieve a quick payback?

List of profitable mini business ideas 2021 with minimal investment. Types of income for entrepreneurs at home, in production, in the service sector.

List of business projects with minimal investment for beginners in 2021. Interesting start-up small business projects for beginners with a small investment.

Expert advice on how to start a business with minimal investment in 2021 for aspiring entrepreneurs. Earning ideas with small financial investments in different fields of activity.

Top - low budget business ideas!

TOP-80 LITTLE BUDGET BUSINESS IDEAS! An excellent selection of real business ideas with minimal investment for those who are going to start their own business. We discarded seasonal and adventurous types of earnings, and for your convenience, the remaining ideas were sorted by the size of investments into 3 groups: up to 50 thousand rubles, from 50 to 100 thousand rubles and from 100 to 200 thousand rubles. Size of investments up to 50 thousand rubles: 1. Selling tea -> 2. Subleasing apartments -> 3. Express dating -> 4. Selling popcorn -> 5. Taxi service -> 6. Making house signs -> 7. Mediation in the field of repair services -> 8. Cotton candy sale -> 9. City Quest ->

Material on the topic: "Business ideas with a small budget" with full explanation and justification.

Business without investment or from scratch: best ideas

In the conditions of the financial crisis, when the number of jobs is decreasing, but at the same time the consumer sector and the service sector remain in demand, ideas to start their own business without large investments or even a business from scratch occupy the minds of ordinary citizens.

The desire to find additional income opportunities is an important reason for looking for activities without capital investments. The benefit of such a business can be considered a minimum amount of risks, and if a person believes that he is strong in some area, then this will serve as an additional guarantee of the success of a new undertaking.

No, there is no such business. In any case, you have to attach:

  • Education.
  • If there is no education - time.
  • And, in any case, huge enthusiasm.

There is a point of view that all the proposed ideas for beginners are not a business, but a craft. But there are no other options for a zero start. If there is no money for hired workers, you have to be a hired worker yourself. And only with the growth of the business, their own skills, skills and incomes will it be possible to delegate some of their functions to someone else. Moreover, very often even “grown-up” small businessmen are forced to create an adequate replacement for themselves for years. This is the specificity of a small business. Small business is a way of life. To dream that in a couple of years the gears will spin without your participation is at least naive.

This material contains proven ideas in which you can still find your niche. Think over what is your highlight among the masses of the same, and forward. Each of these ideas fits perfectly into the “low start” requirement.

Types of business you can start without big investments

We will provide at least 100 ideas for organizing a small business without unnecessary investment. There is no clear division into separate groups, but for a better understanding of the sphere into which one can apply, we will accept a conditional classification by type:

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas with a small budget". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

How to start a business with minimal investment Working options on

When considering the type of business that can be organized with minimal investment, first of all, you need to choose a type of activity that can be organized in your own premises and issued as an individual entrepreneur. IT specialists can create a company that promotes client sites, online stores. Women can open a beauty salon at home, and they only need money for tools and advertising.

In addition, a workshop for the repair and tailoring of clothes, the production of souvenirs, and gift soap will become a good business. A promising option is organizing a home-baked kitchen or preparing homemade meals, cotton candy or devices for its production.

For men looking to generate additional income, activities in their own garage are suitable. You can open a small auto repair shop, a carpentry shop, a workshop for cutting glass, repairing household electrical appliances, making plates and license plates, and galvanized products. Students can realize themselves in advertising activities, or provide the services of a photographer. The easiest way to organize additional income is to open a tea and coffee shop at the market, bus station or shopping center.

Look for other ideas with minimal investment in this section.

Small budget business ideas


An excellent selection of real business ideas with minimal investment for those who are going to start their own business.

We discarded seasonal and adventurous types of earnings, and for your convenience we sorted the remaining ideas according to the size of investments into 3 groups: up to 50 thousand rubles, from 50 to 100 thousand rubles and from 100 to 200 thousand rubles ...

Investment amount up to 50 thousand rubles:

1. Selling tea -> 2. Subleasing apartments -> 3. Express dating -> 4. Selling popcorn -> 5. Taxi service -> 6. Making house signs -> 7. Mediation in the field of repair services -> 8. Cotton candy sale -> 9. City quest -> 10. Organization of promotions -> Promotion in social networks. 1. Growing greens, dill, onions -> 12. Advertising agency -> Promotion of groups in social networks13. Earnings on your own channel in Youtube -> Promotion of Youtube videos14. Creation of training courses -> 15. Earnings in the production of handmade soap -> 16. Ceramic floristry -> 17. Unified advertising coupon -> 18. Directory of extreme situations -> 19. Advertising on headrests -> 20. Production and sale of canopies -> 21. Colored crushed stone production -> 22. Resale of Vkontakte goods -> Promotion of Vkontakte groups 23. Manufacturing of seals and stamps -> 24. Manufacturing of vertical blinds -> 25. Resale Domains -> 26. Badge making -> 27. Making business cards -> 28. Shoe cover vending machine -> 29. Shoe shine machine -> 30. Online store of LED strips -> 31. Small wholesale resale of potatoes -> 32. Weather leaflet -> 33. Sale and installation of GSM alarms -> 34. Window tinting of apartments and offices -> 35. Resale of log cabins -> 36. Filling out documents -> 37. Earnings on photo banks ->

Investment amount from 50 to 100 thousand rubles:


A good profitable business usually requires a lot of capital. But not all beginning businessmen have it. That is why you have to spin and try to find a business that does not require large cash investments, and at the same time promises good prospects. Hence the question arises: "What kind of business can you open with a small budget?"

Business up to 200,000 rubles is a completely objective reality, while you can earn a lot more later. But only for this, you first need to find a suitable business idea, think over its correct organization and go to success. A clear business plan, an analysis of your actions and results, a set goal - all this is simply necessary.

Business ideas up to rubles without leaving home

Nowadays, home business is becoming more and more popular. This type of activity allows you to start your own small business without any risks and costs, and at the same time receive income. And if you are thinking about starting a home business, then first you should analyze your abilities, since running a home business also requires a lot of time and effort.

Today there are a lot of home business ideas with initial investments of up to 200,000 rubles. Let's take a look at some of them.

Children's clothes and things for children for rent

And sometimes unnecessary children's clothes in good condition are generally thrown into a landfill or put on rags to wipe off the dust. However, there is a smarter solution - why throw it away when you can sell it. To do this, you just need to advertise in a newspaper or on the Internet on your page in classmates or in contact. And if you still have a crib, swing, walker, bicycle and the like left from your child in good condition, then this is generally good. All of the listed items for children can be rented. That is, open your own mini-business. Of course, it is unlikely that among your child's things there will be enough things to open this business. But there is a way out, you can borrow children's things from your acquaintances or friends, and if there are none, you can buy something. In any case, this business does not require a large initial investment.

Preparing and then selling fresh juices

A freshly squeezed juice business, if properly organized, can become very profitable due to the fact that many buyers have long doubted the quality and naturalness of juices in cardboard packaging from stores. To open this business, you should purchase a good juicer and fruit. And in order to sell the prepared juices, you need to rent some retail outlet, preferably located in places where children congregate, because it is for their children that parents buy real tasty and healthy juice. A retail outlet located near a playground, a hypermarket and so on is ideal. In this business, you also need good advertising to attract customers' attention to your product and convince them of its quality.

At the initial stage, a businessman will need an average of 150,000 rubles. This amount of money will be used to rent premises, purchase equipment for the production of juices, refrigeration equipment, a special uniform for sellers, dishes, effective advertising and the first purchase of vegetables and fruits.

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