Business ideas in 2021 with minimal investment; top 10 ideas

In this issue, we will tell you about 10 promising business ideas in 2021. We will look at 5 business ideas for offline business and 5 ideas for online business. These areas (we believe) will be the most relevant this year.

Top business ideas per year with minimal investment

All these business ideas are promising, because they have already been implemented by thousands of other entrepreneurs and have shown their efficiency. If you are only interested in business ideas without investments, then you should go directly to the second part of the article.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with our heading - "business plans", in it you can find many interesting options for offline business with investments.

actual ideas for making money offline in a year

There are many areas in which you can make money offline, but, as a rule, large financial investments are needed to start in these areas. But not every novice businessman has the opportunity to invest at the initial stage 500,000 - 1,000,000 rubles in his own business. Therefore, below we present you ideas that can be implemented with investments from 50-100 thousand rubles. And get a ready-made working business.

Many are probably already aware that many new business ideas in Russia originate abroad. In large metropolitan areas like Moscow, ideas from abroad are implemented about 1-2 years after their start abroad, that is, this business has been operating abroad for several years, and in Moscow, such a business begins to work, at best, in a few years, and as for small towns, then most of the business ideas may not reach them at all.

Now it is becoming an increasingly popular area of ​​business with China, since the goods there are worth a penny and you can earn from 50 to 200% on 1 product. In addition, it has become much easier to work in this direction, now there is no need to go anywhere.

The pros and cons of doing business with China in 2021 can be found in the article "4 ideas for doing business with China."

For some reason, many people are used to thinking that business in a garage is only about renting out a garage, but this is far from the case.

Own business with minimal investment, specific ideas and feedback - Business ideas with minimal investment (from up to million rubles)

Small business or big job?

In general: I would like to do my own business, there are several ideas that are being pondered, I hope to get some advice from experienced and knowledgeable people!

At the moment I work as a system analyst (1 year experience in 3 different companies), developing and refining crm systems in banks. The work is interesting and at times I like it, but I feel sick of being in command and it is not possible to independently choose tasks for myself. Generally, in this regard, I decided to go into business, even if it will be less promising than work and will bring less money over time, but my own, dear

Several ideas that I have been nurturing for n time: 1. Investments: - equipment (20-200 tons) - hone technology, search for your own beer (from 3 to 12 months, from 10 to 100 tr) - a license to sell alcohol (a mystery, to be found) - premises (there is a garage) - logistics (there is a passenger car)

In general, the plan is not difficult, to buy a small brewery for 80 liters, for example. Brew beer, experiment. To suppress friends, acquaintances, if he does, then look for promotion channels. Fortunately, there are a bunch of bars in Moscow and it is not so difficult to find a client (a pipe in hand and forward). the problem is that, by my standards, the business requires not small investments and quite a lot of time for implementation, and the likelihood that it will not take off is quite high.

2. Selling handmade soap through instagram. The dey is quite fresh, the investment was not calculated accurately, but at a glance - up to 100 tons. ... The point is this: a girl is studying to be a chemist, a technologist and fooling around all day to keep herself and her busy - the idea arose to start making handmade soap, any beautiful one and sell it through Instagram and send it by Russian mail to customers. You can beautifully beat and make soap to order - with the desired smells and shapes. The problem is that after reading about such activities on the Internet, I came to the conclusion that the market is not very much in demand.

3. Selling clothes through Instagram. The idea is simple, to sell clothes. A 20-minute drive from the house there is a well-known gardener market, where a lot of all kinds of Chinese rags are sold. You can create an account, start promoting it and sell clothes as orders come in (an order came in - I went bought it and sent it). In the future, there is a prospect of growth in the "show room", the opening does not require small investments, so it is not possible to start from the show room right away. I looked around Moscow - Ouma shows are very popular now and are gaining momentum. the problem is that the clothing market is quite overheated now and the competition is great, it is necessary to somehow stand out from all the rest. In addition to everything, all sorts of giants like lamoda work on the Internet, which provide good service in very many cities of Russia.

Questions actually: 1. Is it worth slowing down on the idea of ​​a brewery while there is no start-up capital and focusing on ideas with less investment? Do you think it makes sense to try to produce soap, how can you grow up in such a business in the future? Does it feel like a big sales market in Russia for soap? 3. Does it make sense to go into clothes or is the market really overheated? If so, what is the best way to present photos on Instagram? Take it from the Internet or arrange a photo shoot with real clothes? 4. If you try to sell on Instagram, what mechanism should you use? Prepayment or payment of the order upon receipt by mail? What kind of work is the client more loyal to, or does he finally give a damn?

What realistic business ideas are there without a big investment? - Business ideas with minimal investment (from up to million rubles)

Business Ideas of the Year

Before we start talking about specific business ideas for 2021, let's first recall which business ideas of 2021 were popular and brought in good income.

So, the main directions of ideas for business were:

  • Automotive business;
  • Online business (setting up ads, opening an online store);
  • Food business such as small bakeries, minimarkets and farm products;
  • Cosmetology - nail service, eyelash, hair, make-up.

Let's say right away that ideas, of course, these areas in small business bring good profit. But, recently, there are so many people who want to start dealing especially with cosmetology services that the supply began to actively exceed demand. In this regard, competition is growing rapidly and the pricing policy is changing.

Of course, those who have been in the sales market for a long time, even at a relatively high price, have their own base of regular customers and, accordingly, profit growth. But, these are already professionals in their field, with a "full" hand, who not only quickly, but also efficiently do their job.

This article is not about those ideas that have already become boring to the public and have massive offers on the market. We will tell you exactly those directions that are not in our country, but they are in great demand, so much so that people are ready to go abroad to implement them. It is clear that articles on how to start Korean cosmetics from scratch do not, to put it mildly, inspire potential entrepreneurs.

Business ideas of the year which are not available in Russia

The time has come to tell you about the business ideas of 2021, which is not in Russia. And most importantly, the initial investment in them, in comparison with the payback, which will happen instantly, is minimal.

Often, the introduction of new ideas for business is hindered by the fact that entrepreneurs, in order not to "break" their brains and waste time developing something unique, simply decide to open a franchise business, which is currently popular abroad, for example, in Europe or America.

The first idea, or rather the direction, is mobile applications. Their profitability lies in the fact that in the intervals between exploitation, for example, when a person clicks a button or performs any other action within the framework of this application, as a rule, he is shown an advertisement.

Thus, many talented application developers, which, in fact, carry a banal meaning, for example, as a calculator of calories consumed by a person per day, or a TV remote control downloaded to a phone, as a result, dial popularity, and due to a long stay on the hype, their developers receive huge sums under contracts with advertising companies.

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