Business ideas from Europe; selection of the best, creative projects

Business ideas from Europe

Why are business ideas from Europe interesting for us? They attract our enterprising compatriots mainly by their novelty, creativity and uniqueness of the solution.

Of course, they must be adjusted to our conditions - adapted. A businessman who has managed to implement European ideas for entrepreneurship can be awarded the title of pioneer.

Let's look at those that will take root or have already taken root and adapted to our mentality, geographic and economic conditions.

- Protective liquid for surfaces "Ultra Ever Dry". The essence of the action; water-repellent and stain-proof function. Before starting to use the surface, it is covered with this product. After use, they are removed, and the object or thing remains dry and clean. A very useful thing. Useful on the robot and at home.

This case is not very common in our country. The niche is almost free - occupy and do whoever is interested.

- "Bicycle rental on the machine". The innovation was introduced by the bikedispenser company. om in the city of Amsterdam. To improve the bike rental service and the speed of the operation itself, which takes only 15 seconds, they installed rental machines. Where you take a drive for a couple of euros, and you can return it there or to another similar rental point.

This type of activity is called vending. There are almost no competitors in our country. The field for collecting fruits is wide and few will interfere.

- The next innovation is the use of snow for advertising purposes. Curb, a well-known advertising agency in London, has always distinguished itself by using natural materials in its activities.

This is the first time Curb has used winter wealth in an advertising campaign for Extreme TV. About two thousand TV company logos were created in the snow. The inhabitants immediately noticed this innovation. An original approach to advertising, brought its results.

The bottom line is that our winters will never end. The main thing is imagery of thinking, imagination and of course clients.

The Russian market has always been distinguished by its originality, due to the fact that most consumers consider themselves conservatives and find it difficult to perceive the novels of creative entrepreneurs.

However, thanks to globalization trends, the situation has begun to change somewhat. A Russian citizen now often wants to try something new.

Among the features of doing business in Russia are the following:

  • A great desire of citizens to live in comfortable conditions that exist in European countries;
  • Venture specialization is at the stage of development (investments in startups);
  • The narrow specialization of doing business is in good demand;
  • A small company "takes root" faster in the country than a large firm (this allows significant savings on business development and, in the event of a crisis, allows for a more flexible response to economic processes);
  • A business tailored to the conditions of demand of a particular region is a golden niche, since it will not only improve the local infrastructure, reduce the outflow of population to the central regions, but also save on production costs.

Business ideas from Europe are becoming interesting in Russia because they:

  • Minimize or completely eliminate the participation of intermediaries (which makes the offer as profitable as possible at a price, free from unreasonable markups);
  • Considered the highest quality;
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    Actual business ideas from Europe

    It always seems to us that it's good where we are not. Looking at Europe, it becomes clear that the statement is largely true, which prompts Russians to use successful business ideas from Europe.

    Below are the most recent business ideas that will help your investor from Russia choose a promising business.

    Water repellent liquid

    This business idea from Europe with minimal investment is a special ultra ever dry solution, through which you can protect your clothes from all kinds of contamination. The composition is water-repellent and prevents the penetration of any kind of liquid, be it juices, oils, mortars or ordinary street dirt.

    Successful entrepreneurs regularly study business ideas from Europe and implement the most promising ones. In the article you will find TOP 25 European business ideas that will help you take a fresh look at business and make good money.

    Server water heating

    A cool idea from Holland is to install heaters that get energy from server cooling systems (computers).

    They reduce the amount of energy consumed, cut costs, and improve the environmental situation.

    The Dutch who use server water heating can save up to 300 euros per year.

    Garages Aggregator

    An example of a business with minimal investment is an auto services aggregator.

    The essence of the idea is to create a website and / or a mobile application, with the help of which a client can leave a request for repair and choose a car service that meets his requirements.

    SIP panels production

    Structural insulation panels are used in low-rise construction, they are characterized by low cost, good thermal insulation and durability.

    Promising and unusual startups from Europe

    Tatyana Bakalchuk, who founded the Wildberries online store from scratch, demonstrates a striking example of the use of European business ideas in Russia.

    The USA has long been considered a generator of successful and well-known startups. However, business ideas from Europe are also relevant for a domestic entrepreneur. In addition, European business models are perfectly adapted to the realities of the Russian market. The peculiarity of such a business is its diversity and effective management.

    Rules for finding business ideas

    If you are looking for business ideas from Europe to use in the Russian market, there are two ways to find them:

    • Ask friends and acquaintances who have business abroad what interesting startups are at the moment. In addition, you can subscribe to groups of Russian emigrants in Europe and receive information from them.
    • Use foreign business sites. This will require proficiency in a foreign language, however, with a competent approach, you can get dozens of fresh ideas that have proven their effectiveness.

    Remember! A good product solves problems and meets the needs of the customer. Only then will consumers be willing to pay for it. You cannot build a business on personal preferences, it is better to choose what will be in demand on the market.

    In order for the selected business idea to be as effective and efficient as possible, you should follow these tips:

    • Variants should be hunted in different places and in massive communication with potential consumers.
    • Any idea, even if it seems ineffective, should be recorded. Ideally, create a filing cabinet where possible projects are categorized.
    • Making important decisions and moving on to action is possible only some time after the idea has been acquired.
    • When studying a potential startup, you should put yourself in the shoes of a consumer and analyze what they are missing in the region. This increases the chances of finding a good idea that will make a profit.
    • If the business plan is not unique, then first you need to study the level of competition in the region and think over the competitive advantages of your business that will help it develop.
    • After the selection of a business, it is extremely important to communicate with a person engaged in such a business in order to get information about all the pitfalls and problems.

    Business ideas that do not exist in Russia

    To start your own successful business, you need to offer customers something that is not yet on the market. Having found an idea for a startup that is not in Russia, you can become a monopoly in a certain area, which always leads to great profits.

    It's not necessary to use startups. You can just take business ideas from Europe that have been tested by foreign consumers, but have not yet been used in our country, slightly adapt them to Russian reality, and - here's a ready-made, excellent, and, most importantly, new business idea.

    By the way, it is business ideas from Europe that are especially popular among our compatriots. The United States, Canada are a little further away, the mentality there is not somewhat different than ours, as in European countries, but at times differs from the Russian one. But even in spite of this, business ideas from America also find their application in Russia.

    By the way, new small businesses in Europe allow citizens of those countries to achieve some real result in entrepreneurship. While in our country it is mainly the wealthy people who are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and the layer between these two classes, the "efforts" of our government, will apparently disappear altogether. However, it's time to move from words to deeds so that you move to a higher "league" as soon as possible. This overview of business ideas from Europe is composed of creative (in my opinion) projects that (again, in my opinion) should be relevant in our country. back to contents ↑

    Vegetable and fruit processing

    Those readers who closely follow the publications in the blog "Own Business" probably remember the article about the production of natural jam. Those who have not read it can familiarize themselves with it by clicking on the link. As a source of raw materials for jam, most manufacturers use fresh raw materials, purchasing it from farmers and individuals. But there is a way to significantly reduce your costs by using fruits that have lost their presentation, but are quite suitable for human consumption.

    How long have you been to the supermarket? Surely not so much time has passed that you had time to forget how customers choose fruits and vegetables in the store, meticulously examining each item of goods. At the end of the working day, the most unsightly goods are often left, which they probably will not take the next day. They have only one way - to the trash can. But few people know that in order to somehow cover their costs associated with the loss of consumer properties of fruits and vegetables, retail chains sell this product to “their” people at half the price, or even lower.

    Jam, jam, jam, canned vegetables in Russia are sometimes made from frankly rotten raw materials, while completely fresh fruits and vegetables are sent to the trash heap.

    In Europe, this business is considered to be prosperous - entrepreneurs engaged in the processing of fruits and vegetables earn millions. Moreover, there are a lot of these products in Europe due to the ban on their import into our country (the Russian response to the economic sanctions of 2021). back to contents ↑

    Ecological tourism

    Forbidden to rest in Turkey, Egypt - the most popular resorts available to most Russians. The Crimean direction, I am sure, is no worse, but Crimea cannot accommodate everyone. In addition, unscrupulous businessmen are actively starting to use this, inflating prices "to heaven."

    Therefore, tourists are now beginning to gradually change the direction of their holidays, going instead of south to east, west, or even north. I have already talked about ethno-tourism, which has become quite popular in the country. Knowing your "origins", of course, is good, but in Europe they began to pay more attention to outdoor recreation - the so-called ecotourism.

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