Business ideas for Ufa

Ufa is a platform for the embodiment of bold ideas. Natural and human resources are provided to businessmen. What business to open in Ufa? What will provide an entrepreneur with income? It is worth paying attention to the specifics of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Region Features

Ufa is a million-plus city. It contains a lot of resources. The rest of the republic's cities are not lagging behind: they are developing, striving to reach a similar level. What kind of business can be opened in Ufa? Bashkortostan is famous for nature, honey, hockey. The region has something to offer on top of these riches.

Best Business Ideas

Bashkortostan is characterized by rapid development rates. At the same time, there are a number of unoccupied business niches.

Suburban Bus Station

There are two bus stations in Ufa - North and South. The first one ensures the delivery of passengers to the northern regions of the republic. The second is engaged in transportation in the south of Bashkortostan. Additional bus stations operate in large cities in other regions. With their help, busy transportation centers are freed.

What is a suburban bus station for? For transporting passengers to gardens and neighboring villages. Specialization of transport on a specific route will improve the traffic situation. Also, passengers will no longer be dropped off at points remote from their destination. An investor is required to organize a suburban bus station. Initially, you need to create a platform. Buses will depart from it. Next, you need to work out the routes. For this, an analysis of stops demanded by citizens is carried out.

At the bus station, it is necessary to organize grocery stores, ATMs, cell phone stores and payment terminals.

Chain of stores with Bashkir goods

There is no supermarket in the republic that combines goods from Bashkir manufacturers. In similar stores, goods are presented not from local, but from manufacturers from other regions. What to offer in such a supermarket?

  • Food products: milk, meat, cottage cheese. Bashkortostan is a Muslim republic. Halal products are in high demand.
  • Honey and products with its addition. The products are popular among city residents. Tourists buy souvenir jars as a gift.
  • Non-food products: fur products, souvenirs (magnets, interior items). Tourists love it.

The organization of such a store will increase the entrepreneur's profit. In addition, interest in Bashkir-made goods will increase. Affordable prices are maintained through direct deliveries.

A group where you can: - submit your ads; - look for ads you are interested in; - find out, as well as share the latest news and changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the field of entrepreneurship; - share your experience, and also consult with other group members; - share business ideas; - and much more.

In the group, mat, pornography, fraudulent ads and all posts from the list under 18 are prohibited.

I spent my childhood in a village you haven't even heard of - Kueda. Wooden house, chopping frozen coal in the oven, music school and judo section. Could I have dreamed of becoming a dollar millionaire?

Even then I understood that the village is NOT my ceiling. I deserve more. My first business experience was when I was 14, I borrowed money from my parents and opened a gift department. In the 10th grade, I independently moved to Izhevsk. Show in full.

There was a lot of things: I studied, worked as a host, wrote poetry to order, and even felled wood. There was money, but not what I dreamed of. Then I had to go back to the village to help my father, an entrepreneur. His lemonade shop is on the verge of bankruptcy, so I decided to help.

Went for advice to a large businessman in another city. I could not rent an expensive room, so I was looking for a hostel. And I found an idea that turned my life upside down. Hostels network. Why not open your own?

I got this idea, I convinced a friend to lend me some money. Believe it or not, my friend's girlfriend gave us the first money. One hundred thousand of rubles. In 2021, no one believed in the idea of ​​launching a hostel in Izhevsk. But 100 thousand was enough for us. We were assured that nothing would come of it. The hotels were almost empty, and the hostel, which had been opened before us, closed after a few months. there were no clients at all ..

Now the Like hostel network includes 59 hostels in 41 cities in Russia and the CIS. And this is just one of 9 businesses of the Like holding. In 2021, our revenue was 1.8 billion. We have an office in Moscow City. There are more than 500 employees on the staff, for whom I am responsible and together with whom we are a team. We simply did not listen to other people's "BUT", but used the resources that we had and developed step by step every day.

Now Like is not a boy's dream from Kueda, but a brand, a large holding, a training platform and a team of people changing business in Russia. Thousands of followers every month give a start to new achievements with me. We have Concentrate, Army, Valley and Scale - projects that grow a business from scratch. We have you.

There was another secret tool that helped me a lot - I started a blog on VKontakte and shared everything there. With my plans, problems, I honestly told my subscribers about everything that happened to me and my business. I am as proud of my blog as I am of any of my major projects. Now I have over 560,000 subscribers, and in 2021 I was told that it was a waste of time and energy.

Business accelerator LIFT, @ lift, facebook

An accelerator participant gets free access to a coworking center, an acceleration program with master classes, trainings and workshops, mentoring from experts, project packaging and assistance in setting up a company. Priority areas are artificial intelligence, science-based projects and projects for the development of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Since April 1, registration for the Developers Students Club is open, a program for students who are interested in Google technology and products. Any non-graduate student can apply.

You can register using the link.

Food Accelerator, @ foodaccelerator, facebook

Food Accelerator is a practical program for the rapid development of a business project in the production of food. Organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan for Entrepreneurship and the "My Business" center.

For entrepreneurs of Bashkortostan, participation in the program is free.

Speakers - experienced chefs, restaurateurs, nutritionists, nutritionists, owners of large marketing agencies, techno broker, marketing and design consultants - speak at accelerator intensives.

To participate in the food accelerator, please write to the [email protected] mail to the program director of the project Marina Grigorieva.

Business Incubator SmartPark, facebook

SmartPark was launched in 2021. This is a creative space with infrastructure for people developing promising business projects. The park includes a business accelerator, coworking space, workplaces for project teams, a startup cafe, FabLab prototyping center, an event venue and an education center.

The incubator's work is aimed at existing and emerging entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-up teams developing intelligent business projects.

Realnoe Vremya's research: how has the republic's economy changed in the first year of Khabirov at the helm?

The past year was not easy for the economy of Bashkiria: the republic lost not only to Tatarstan, as it was in previous years, in terms of revenue of one hundred strongest companies, but also to another region of the Volga Federal District. As the analytical service of Realnoe Vremya found out, now the Bashkir fuel and energy complex, controlled by Rosneft, feels insecure. However, the "gas king" Alexey Miller also has something to think about. But Vagit Alekperov happily rubs his hands. And "Krasnoe i Beloe" is confidently winning the regional market. Who controls the economy of Bashkortostan - in the review of Realnoe Vremya.

Commodities economy and negative growth

The analytical service of Realnoe Vremya annually compiles a rating of the hundred largest companies in Bashkortostan in terms of revenue. Let us remind you that 2021 in the republic was held under the slogans: "Beҙ yҡshyraҡ buldyrabyҙ!" (We Can Do Better!), Happiness to Work from Home, Make Bashkiria great again and Alga! (Forward!"). Such phrases were repeatedly uttered by Radiy Khabirov, who took the helm of Bashkiria at the end of 2021.

Note that until 2021, the economy of Bashkortostan in terms of the turnover of the top 100 companies showed significant growth. So, according to the results of 2021, their total income amounted to 1.711 trillion rubles, and according to the results of 2021 - 2.062 trillion rubles. In 2021, the turnover of enterprises reached 2.521 trillion rubles. But 2021, the same year was marked by a slight decrease - 2.416 trillion rubles. And if in 2021 each of the participants in the rating was able to overcome the milestone of 3.4 billion, then over the year this level dropped to 3 billion rubles.

Moreover, the republic has worsened its position relative to other regions of the Volga Federal District. For many years, Bashkortostan in terms of total revenue of the top 100 was second only to Tatarstan (in 2021 in the Republic of Tatarstan it amounted to 3.15 trillion rubles), leaving behind the rest. However, last year, the Nizhny Novgorod region has built up its muscles (2.7 trillion rubles), pushing Ufa to third place in the Volga Federal District. Bashkiria is still ahead of the Samara Region (1.7 trillion rubles) and the Perm Territory (1.3 trillion rubles). At the same time, the republic is several times larger than Udmurtia (648 billion rubles), Orenburg region (625 billion rubles), Saratov (556 billion rubles), Ulyanovsk (405 billion rubles), Kirov (369 billion rubles), Penza (346 billion rubles) regions, as well as Chuvashia (276 billion rubles), Mordovia (268 billion rubles) and Mari El (231.5 billion rubles). For the sake of fairness, we note that the indicators fell in more than half of the regions, but the Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Ulyanovsk regions, Chuvashia and Mari El showed growth.

According to the Ufa economist Rustem Shayakhmetov, the real revenue of the “golden hundred” of Bashkortostan for the year decreased by 0.3%, which indicates the ongoing recession in the republican economy. The reasons for this were the fall in world oil prices (9.2%) and the decline in oil production (2.6%).

As can be seen from the table, the economy of Bashkiria is still raw materials and shows, as they say today, negative growth. The stability of the region depends on the prices for "black gold" and oil products. However, since last year, new players began to appear in the top, showing significant growth in their revenues, this year they continued to break their own records. For example, sellers of gasoline and alcohol feel confident.

As before, the fattest pieces of the Bashkir pie went to persons “registered” outside the republic - in Moscow and other cities of Russia, as well as to foreign companies. Assets in the region are owned by Rosneft and Inter RAO, Gazprom, Rostec, Lukoil, Sibur, Transneft, UMMC, AFK Sistema, Mechel and others. Although the configuration of forces has changed somewhat over the year: there is some left for the republic and its inhabitants, many companies are rooted in offshore companies.

The podium continues to be occupied by enterprises that extract, process, transport and sell oil, gas or hydrocarbon products. And in the top ten (together with those serving the oil and gas sector) there are already six of them. And in a hundred - almost a quarter. And if we add to them companies associated with the extraction of minerals (as well as processing, transportation and sale), then the list will be replenished by another ten, reaching a third. So the key factor in the economy of the republic is the raw material component. In addition, Bashkiria is an industrial-agrarian region, so a lot of enterprises related to various spheres of production and agriculture were included in the “hit parade”.

- An insignificant number of innovative companies in the top 100 is determined by the low level of innovative activity of the republic, which is the main negative factor of the sustainable balanced socio-economic development of the region, which causes the migration outflow of the population, low incomes of residents of Bashkortostan, - comments Realnoe time "Shayakhmetov.

Oil crisis hits Sechin empire

Business Club of Young Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Strategic goal: To form a new generation of successful entrepreneurs in various areas of business, who will build a new image of Russia in the 21st century. render completely.

DIRECTIONS OF ACTIVITY: - Formation of a high-quality business environment - Personal Board of Directors - General Chat - Mentors' Club - Organization of the event

OPPORTUNITIES: - Quotas for participation in all major economic forums in Russia and abroad - Help from experienced mentors - Social lift for business - Individual consultations on state support mechanisms for business - Closed meetings with representatives of government agencies responsible for the development of entrepreneurship - Business breakfasts and dinners with iconic entrepreneurs of Russia

The head of our business club # EvgenyBuyanov and managing partner #Yareklama became the best entrepreneur of the city of Ufa in the IT projects nomination

Ilyas Chanyshev, a member of our business club, became the best entrepreneur in Ufa in the Youth Entrepreneurship nomination

We also sincerely congratulate our participants Regina Karimova, Platon Maslov, Elina Garipova on the prizes! Show in full.

This is a great achievement for our entire team!

Half of the best entrepreneurs in the city of Ufa are members of our business club - this is the main indicator for the formation of a high-quality business environment.

We thank our dear friend and ex-member of our business club Platon Maslov for the invitation and hearty welcome!

December 1, 2021 At my invitation (since November 20, I am acting as the first deputy head of the city administration of Agidel), a delegation of entrepreneurs from the regional branch of the All-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized enterprises "OPORA RUSSIA", headed by co-chairman Evgeny Andreevich Buyanov, arrived. render completely.

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