Business ideas for small businesses in a small town

Many aspiring entrepreneurs do not even suspect that in a small city it is much easier to open their own profitable business. To be successful, you need to start by looking for the right idea. What is the most profitable business today in a small town, we will try to figure it out in this article.

Small household services

This is one of the best business ideas with minimal investment in a small town. A small agency for the provision of small personal services does not require large financial investments and has a quick payback.

These firms provide services related to homework:

  • Washing ;
  • Cleaning ;
  • Furniture assembly and repair;
  • Cooking, etc.

In order to open such a promising business in 2021, you do not need to rent premises or purchase expensive equipment. At the start, it is enough to purchase the necessary tool, officially register your company and place advertisements in order to attract customers. A small agency for the provision of personal services can be opened with a start-up capital of 25 thousand rubles. Such a business is a great option for people who are willing to work in order to receive a small stable income.

Dry car wash

To provide this service, you need:

  • Special spray;
  • Microfiber cloth;
  • Vehicle for departure.

All work is performed without the use of special equipment. First, a washer spray is applied to the car to soften the dirt, and then carefully removes them with a napkin. The final stage is body polishing. The whole process takes no more than 15-30 minutes. As you can see, you can organize a dry car wash as a business literally from scratch, without significant financial costs. The most important thing is quality service and affordable prices.

Dry washing can be done anywhere, which is very convenient for customers who do not have time to go somewhere and stand in lines. Minimum costs and high-quality advertising will allow you to achieve great success in this business in the shortest possible time and reach a net profit. This idea is great for people who are wondering what is the most profitable start-up business to start in a small town.

Hello dear readers. Welcome to the online finance magazine Finova. u. Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in a small town. We will also analyze in detail 16 business ideas.

When talking about great opportunities in general and in business in particular, big cities are often taken into account. And first of all the capital. However, there are no less opportunities in small towns.

The pros of doing business in a small town

Why is it easier to develop a business in a small town than in a big one? What are the advantages of the province over the capital?

  • Business requires minimal investments, sometimes you can do without them. In the capital, this is much more difficult. Most often, considerable investments are required.
  • Rental price. Everything is clear here, the higher the cost per square meter of area, the more expensive the rent will be. These indicators may differ several times in the capital and in a small town.
  • Communications. When doing business, energy is always consumed. This is light, and water, and heating. Tariffs in the province are slightly lower than in a large city. This means that the monthly costs will be significantly less.
  • Staff salaries. The level of wages in the regions and in the capital differs several times. For an average amount of 15-20 thousand, you can hire a good specialist. In the capital, even low-skilled personnel will not go to work for this money.
  • Competition. Due to the smaller area of ​​the city, there are several times fewer organizations in it than in a large one. This means that the competition will be significantly lower. And the less widespread the business, the more chances it has to pay for itself in the near future. And start generating income.
  • Government support. Small business support is flourishing in the regions. If the officials find the business plan profitable, they will help with substantial injections. This is not as easy to achieve as it seems, but it is possible. It is almost impossible to get state support in the capital.
  • Word of mouth. When even a small shop opens in a small town, for example, but with attractive prices, investments in advertising will be needed only at the beginning. Within a short time, word of mouth will spread information no worse than television. In large cities, one can only dream of this, and large investments in advertising are needed constantly.

Cons of business in a small town

Despite the large number of advantages, there are also negative points. They need to be borne in mind when developing business in the province.

  • Low permeability. The population of small towns is appropriate. Rarely does it exceed 500 thousand inhabitants, and even then, these are already medium-sized cities. This means that the permeability near one specific point is extremely low. Hence it follows that we will have to work in two directions. First, to increase the average check. Secondly, to maximize the attraction of people.
  • Low purchasing power. The explanation is simple. Small towns have small salaries. Accordingly, the majority prefer to spend money only on the essentials. If your business is not a FMCG, you need to think about how to attract a customer. What to do to make him want to use these services or buy this product.
  • Competition in filled niches. Of course, if you open, for example, a service for spraying diamond chips on car wheels, there will be no competition at all. On the other hand, there will be many people who want to contact this service. Another thing is retail outlets with clothes, footwear, groceries and shops like "1000 little things". Competition even in small towns is immodest, and it is still necessary to break through to a stable income.
  • Personnel. Nobody says that there are no good specialists in small towns. They are there, but there are very few of them. These are mainly those who can and would like to leave, but circumstances do not allow. Those who have good knowledge and experience, of course, want to get more for their work. Therefore, they leave for large cities. This means that it is not so easy to find good specialists. You will have to take care of this issue in advance.
  • Low income. What constitutes an entrepreneur's income? This is the difference between service markup and monthly spending. The spending is not that high compared to the capital. However, the profit is lower due to the disadvantages described above.
  • Limited growth. It is difficult to open a network in a small town. If there is a desire for growth, you will have to go straight to the federal level. And this requires experience and knowledge.

Examples of business ideas for small towns

Despite the fact that it is somewhat more difficult to develop business in the provinces, there are advantages, and considerable ones. Therefore, it is worth trying to implement at least one of the proposed ideas.

Starting a business in a small town is not as scary and unpromising as it seems at the beginning. With the right approach, you can reach a fairly high level of profit and get an occupation that will be enjoyable. It is not necessary to be a professional, a new occupation can be mastered from scratch. Numerous courses and trainings will help you, including for aspiring entrepreneurs. Consultation of people with experience in this field is invaluable, allowing you to become the best in the city and enter a wide market.

Who should think about their own business

Any person who has previously passed the registration procedure with the relevant authorities as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity can start to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

You can have a unique idea or analyze the market situation, identifying the most profitable and interesting niche for you. Business ideas for business in a small town will be presented below, among them it is not difficult to choose the most attractive one. Many do not require large investments, and for some online projects at the initial stage, funds will not be needed at all.

People often start small businesses in our country when they find themselves in a financial crisis, for example, when they cannot find a job or the wages do not suit, and sometimes does not even allow them to “feed” their families. These factors are especially relevant for small settlements, where you have to travel to the regional center or go “to earn money” to megalopolises in order to maintain a decent financial situation.

However, it would be worth thinking about the idea of ​​a business in a small town as early as possible, at the stage of choosing a higher or secondary specialized educational institution. Then, as a student, you will be able to acquire applied knowledge, which you will begin to implement before graduation.

After becoming a graduate, do not rush to "conquer" large cities. Of course, you can earn a lot of money there, but it will take more time and effort to achieve this goal, and the risk of losing not only time, but also the invested capital is maximum.

In a word, it's never too late to start implementing a commercial project, but it is advisable to do it as early as possible.

What is special about business in small towns

Regardless of the type of activity, all business ideas are assessed by the future payback. It is about the time and amount of profit. The accompanying factors are also important: competition, purchasing power, expansion prospects. Let's consider how small business differs in a small settlement and a large city:

  • Potential buyers or clients have an order of magnitude lower income, which means they cannot afford expensive, let alone exclusive things. In addition, the size of the average check, when it comes to trade, is also not commensurate with a large city;
  • High demand for everyday goods and low demand for unusual and high-status;
  • low financial investments due to low rent, materials costs, salaries, marketing and advertising costs;
  • The role of reputation is extremely high. If for a megalopolis a couple of dissatisfied customers will not play a role in further sales, then in a business environment in a small city this is tantamount to a complete failure. Thanks to word of mouth, residents will find out unflattering reviews about the company within a couple of days and will begin to massively refuse services. The result of this is known in advance;
  • Limited sales market.

To summarize, we can formulate specific advantages and disadvantages of doing business in a small town.

  • Low entry threshold: little or no competition, low start-up capital. There are great chances to become a monopolist in your market and "increase turnover": to sell goods or provide services for neighboring cities, regional centers, developing a branch network;
  • Small operating expenses: for renting premises, purchasing raw materials, materials or goods for resale, staff salaries;
  • The ability to quickly "declare yourself" and acquire customers through word of mouth and low marketing costs. A colorful bright signboard, distribution of flyers and leaflets, holding promotions is a sufficient measure for a good start and maintaining the image.

Important material in the article on the topic: "What kind of business can be opened in a small town." If in the process of reading you have any questions - ask them to the specialist on duty.

What kind of business to open in the village - Ideas

In case you are looking for what kind of business to open in a small town with minimal investment, check out the ideas below. Perhaps one of them will be a gold mine and the most suitable option for you.

Office for Printing

If your small town has a university or college, it is possible to organize a profitable business at home or in a separate office.

Students always require printing, and the only competitors are usually small office supply stores with this service.

You can organize a small business with minimal investment. Basic kit needed to get started: laptop, printer and printing materials. Also, you will need to rent an office space.

Less than 50 thousand rubles will be enough for you to start work. At the same time, you will be able to make a profit after six months of active work. If successful, the income can be up to 40-50 thousand rubles per month.

Furniture Assembly Services

If you have premises in your small town, you can create a company to assemble furniture at home. Financial investments in this business will be minimal, since only a set of standard tools required for assembly or disassembly work will be required.

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      • 4. ... Key making and minor repair business idea
      • 4. ... Business idea of ​​opening a hand-made store
      • 4. ... Business idea of ​​opening courses - dancing, sports club, martial arts
  • 5 For a newcomer in business

Features of business in a small town

Each of the small towns with a population of more than 100,000 people can already be considered an excellent sphere in order to start your own small business and the opportunity to pick up a business idea with minimal competition, and sometimes even without it.

This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses, but you should also take into account the fact that in such cities the level of purchasing power will be an order of magnitude lower than in any of the megacities.

This factor is due to the low wages of local residents, and rich people in such a city will make up an insignificant percentage.

So you shouldn't rely only on such clients. In addition, in order to launch and promote a business in a big city, it will take little time.

But to attract a large number of clients in the province, you will spend considerable effort.

Criteria for creating a business plan for a small town

Before starting your business, you need to think carefully about everything.

To do this, check if you have analyzed everything and entered into your business plan:

  • In order to competently form your work team, you do not have to look for a large number of qualified workers. Moreover, such specialists still prefer to work in megacities. Two or three professionals will be enough for you, who will eventually be able to train the entire staff;
  • First of all, your business project should be broad-based, that is, designed for various payment categories of the population. After all, you cannot acquire a large number of clients with just one layer. Your project should be in demand in a small town. The best option would be a case that is relevant among the general population, and an analogue that is not yet in the town;
  • You should be free to navigate in your project and understand what is at stake. If you have not experienced this activity before, then it is best to try yourself in another type of business.

Benefits of starting a small business in a small town

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