Business ideas for Crimea with minimal investment: medical tourism, delivery

Recently, Crimea has become an incredibly popular holiday destination for many tourists. Therefore, you should consider the prospect of starting a business in Crimea.

If you have significant money capital, then you can invest it in order to receive a good income in the near future thanks to numerous tourists. It turns out that there are a whole host of all kinds of options in order to start from scratch your profitable business in Crimea.

Real Estate Industry

If you have multimillion-dollar capital in your bank account, we recommend investing it in real estate in Crimea. Thus, you have every chance to equip your new living space and then rent it out either through acquaintances and friends, or by placing an advertisement on the Internet on special resources.

Let's say right away that your monthly income will be very high, especially in the summer season, because the influx of tourists to Crimea is growing every year.

Open a business in Crimea and become a wealthy person. No one can guarantee that real estate expenses will pay off after a year of active rental services, but you can have the passive income that many dream of.

Own cinema

It is imperative to consider entertainment services. For example, at the moment there is a shortage of cinemas in Crimea. A large number of interesting novelties in the world of cinema are now being released.

Therefore, rent or build a building with free financial resources, make redevelopment, make a list of services, determine ticket prices. It is also necessary to hire experienced employees and form a whole staff to start productive work.

If you don't want to make a movie theater, then arrange exhibition events for children and adults so that visitors of all ages can experience the real art even while on vacation.

Culinary products

Business ideas for Crimea need to be generated based on the current economic and social state of the peninsula. Crimea is developing rapidly, receives a huge number of tourists, and is replenished with new residents. This state of affairs opens up good prospects for entrepreneurs. Making the life of people in Crimea easier and more comfortable is the central concept for aspiring entrepreneurs.


In March 2021, the city of Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea became part of the Russian Federation.

If we consider only January-March 2021, then of the total number of migrants who arrived in Crimea, the share of Russians is 58.7%. Summer is almost all year round, the sea, Scarlet sails, and most importantly, endless possibilities for a new rich life. According to official data, over the 5 years that have passed since the accession, the flow of tourists to the peninsula has also doubled.

But the long struggle for independence and subsequent sanctions affected the economic situation of the peninsula. A huge number of spheres, such as industry, construction, energy, are poorly developed, the infrastructure is extremely unstable, and the republic was not ready for such a huge flow of tourists.

The existing conditions are favorable for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs, since the business of ideas for Crimea, given its state, is an incredible amount. In addition, entrepreneurship in Crimea is supported by the following factors:

  • little or no competition (depending on the niche);
  • government support;
  • Opening from March this year Free economic zone;
  • instant payback of most business ideas;
  • a huge number of unemployed specialists and workers.

We will discuss the most promising business ideas for Crimea, most of which do not require large investments, but promise a stable profit.

Consulting agency

It is no coincidence that insurance and financial activities are among the five most profitable occupations in the Republic of Crimea.

The managers and businessmen of the republic after its entry into the Russian Federation are forced to deal with new rules for tax and accounting reporting, rules for filing tax returns, and changes in legislation. A consulting agency capable of simultaneously offering the services of professional insurers, lawyers, accountants, experts, tax specialists will be worth its weight in gold in Crimea.

Initial investments for the creation of a consulting company are small - about 200 - 300 thousand rubles. This amount is enough to register an individual entrepreneur, rent office space, purchase equipment and furniture, recruit staff, and an advertising campaign.

After Crimea joined Russia, many problems arose related to the social sphere, infrastructure and economy. But despite this, many novice businessmen seek to open their own business on the peninsula. Consider some of the most promising business ideas for Crimea without investment, which will work in 2021.


If you have not yet decided what kind of business you can do in Crimea, take a closer look at such an area of ​​activity as the production of souvenirs. Each person who has come to rest tries to take with them a small trinket, as a memory of their beloved place on the sea. Therefore, the production of souvenirs is one of the most profitable business ideas for Crimea with minimal investment. In the off-season, the whole family can prepare a large number of pendants, magnets, key chains, painted plates and other popular souvenirs. In the summer, when the first vacationers appear on the beach, rent small retail outlets and start selling them.

The most profitable business idea for Crimea is the production of plaster souvenir plates and magnets for refrigerators. Such a business does not require serious financial investments or the use of sophisticated special equipment. All you need to get started is a small room, silicone molds, and your art skills. Such a business in Crimea in 2021 will be the best option for people with creative abilities.

Another new business idea with minimal investment is holding master classes for vacationers, where they can make a souvenir for friends or relatives with their own hands. Usually such events delight not only children, but also respectable adults. By the way, if you cannot implement such an idea on your own, you can contact the local authorities, which provide real support to small businesses in Crimea.

Tourism business

Since small and medium-sized businesses in Crimea are currently not in the best position, so as not to lose their money, you need to seriously and responsibly approach the choice of the direction of activity. The most profitable area is tourism and entertainment. In this market, great prospects open up for newcomers. In Crimea, various attractions are very popular - water skiing, slides, and so on. Such equipment can be operated for several seasons. But this type of business does not bring any profit in rainy or windy weather, therefore it is more profitable to use this line of business as a source of additional income.

In addition, you can organize hiking trips or excursions for vacationers. If you are familiar with the local attractions, try providing a tourist guide. Crimea abounds in various sights and other interesting places, so you can always find something to tell visitors about it. Any tourist business in Crimea brings a decent profit, so you can achieve great success in this area without any problems.

Children's development center

A private kindergarten or child development center is an area of ​​activity that opens up broad business prospects in Crimea for aspiring entrepreneurs. Parents often complain that in our time it is very difficult to get a kid in a decent preschool. Therefore, recently a huge number of various children's centers and developmental clubs began to appear. If you want to know what kind of business is relevant in Crimea, experts recommend that you study this area of ​​activity in more detail.

Before opening a children's development center, familiarize yourself with the development programs offered by other similar institutions and develop your own version. It is desirable that your methodology be aimed at achieving different goals, for example, the individual development of the child or his adaptation in a team. This will help you attract more customers to your business.

Vending machines

Probably, almost everyone thought about starting their own business - after all, working for yourself is not only pleasant, but also very profitable.

Crimea is a great place to start your own business, for this very reason we will consider what type of business will be profitable for Crimea.

  • 1 Profitable business ideas for Crimea
  • 2 Earn quickly and easily!
  • 3 Open a demanded business
  • 4 Business without investment

Profitable business ideas for Crimea

Today, the government of the Russian Federation is doing everything possible to make the life of Crimeans and tourists stable, favorable and just normal, even in conditions of territorial isolation.

This factor makes it possible to start a business and earn money, while developing the life of the peninsula and positively influencing the economic sector of the state.

I would like to start with the fact that today there are a number of problems associated with the underdevelopment of some branches of activity in Crimea, and this is exactly what we can play on, so to speak.

  • Installation of wind power plants. The fact that the Crimeans are experiencing a shortage of electricity is no secret to anyone, which means that such a problem makes it possible to make money on this, and thereby provide people on the peninsula with a sufficient amount of electricity.

So this is another gold mine - to help people not suffer from a lack of such a resource and at the same time make good money.

  • Don't forget about the crossing. Today people, in order to get to the peninsula or leave it, wait in line for several days.

Having collected all the necessary documents and permits, investing a large amount of money, you can start your business.

  • Capsule hostels. Everything is quite simple: today a lot of tourists come to Crimea who are not averse to renting a hostel just in order to spend the night there, because during the day on the peninsula there is something to do and see.

There are already ready-made business plans that say that by investing 100-120 thousand rubles in a place, you can recoup the project within one season.

The Crimean peninsula, which became part of Russia, has opened up a wide field for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs - a vacant tourist niche has appeared here, which, with the right approach, could bring a good income. In this article, we will consider interesting business ideas for Crimea with minimal investment and analyze what is profitable to do on the annexed peninsula, given that the season here lasts from late May to late September.


Every visitor to Crimea will want to bring with them some kind of memory of visiting the peninsula, so souvenirs, especially thematic ones, are very popular in the season. Visitors usually buy souvenirs not one at a time, but several - for relatives, acquaintances, friends, etc. The problem is that the souvenir business is already developed on the coast, but with due diligence and the right approach, you can always push competitors out.

The scheme of work is as follows: you study the available offers and prices, after which you think what can be added or made cheaper than the market offers. The implementation scheme is simple: you either create your own point (a network of points) and trade through them, or simply hand over in bulk to specialized stores.

Let's consider what is especially popular and is bought by visitors:

  • Magnets depicting local attractions. Many people hang fridge magnets as a memory of their trips - almost 99% of tourists buy them.
  • Key rings (including car keys). Keychains are made of wood, plastic or metal.
  • Pendants, earrings and pendants made of beautiful stones, shells and other decorative materials.
  • Cups and plates with interesting inscriptions, patterns, pictures.
  • Photos in beautiful frames or drawings. Usually the plot is local sights.

Attention: recently, plaster crafts have become popular. They are easy to prepare and the cost of crafts is cheap. Having established production, you can make good money in the season.

For production, you will need bagged gypsum, silicone molds and video tutorials on YouTube. Take a look at a few to understand the process - there is nothing complicated about it. Dozens of souvenirs can be made even in an apartment per day, the price of which starts from 100 rubles.

Organization of lockers

Many vacationers face a serious problem on the beach when they want to go for a swim - they simply have nowhere to put their personal belongings, and leaving keys, phone and wallet under a towel is quite dangerous. Therefore, you have to go swimming in turns or risk losing all things in a matter of minutes. By offering people beach lockers, you can make good money and help people to have a good rest - such an idea for a business in Crimea is very relevant.

The principle of operation is as follows: you rent 5 square meters of the beach, install cells on them, like in supermarkets, and then offer services to vacationers. The number of cells should be selected according to the number of vacationers - you can start with 50 and then expand to the required number. For example, on popular beaches 400-500 cells are installed (accordingly, you will need more space).

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