Business idea: we open our own wedding salon in a small town

Clients of the wedding salon are easily suggestible, they are very susceptible to the influence of advertising, various foundations, and in most cases they bring considerable income.

At the same time, a wedding salon, like no one else, needs a lot of advertising and is accompanied by additional expenses for designers and staff.

So how do you open a wedding salon? The business plan will provide a detailed answer.

Market and Competitor Research

The potential of a wedding salon in many cities is very, very good, but there is much more competition here than in any other area. The larger the city, the more opportunities, regardless of the number of marriages in the region. Be aware of neighboring cities and accessibility. Usually, through the right advertising, you can replenish the client base from other smaller cities.

Competitor analysis will primarily start with their advertising methods. Looking through newspapers and outdoor advertisements, you can conclude what budgets a particular wedding salon has, and adjust costs. In addition, advertising searches will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

Depending on the location of competitors, it depends on the best place to rent a room.

An article on how to easily and quickly open a coffee shop using a franchise offer.

Selection of premises

The choice of premises must be approached most responsibly. The premises should be chosen as close as possible to the city center and to crowded places. It is also necessary to remember about the availability of the premises for clients. If the main flow of customers will come from advertisements, then the place where your salon will be located is especially important.

A room with an area of ​​more than 100 square meters will be the most comfortable.

If you are going to showcase wedding dresses, it will not be superfluous to find a room with a showcase. Such a move will immediately attract customers.

A wedding is a rather important life step for every person. Therefore, they approach such an event very seriously, especially when choosing a wedding dress, various decorations. By organizing your business in this area from scratch, you can not only help brides look gorgeous at a festive event, but also significantly improve your own financial situation. How to open a wedding salon?

How profitable is it to organize your wedding business from scratch

Renting of wedding dresses has become a less popular service. This makes it possible for wedding salons to significantly expand their own client base.

Another reason why it is worth opening a wedding salon is that in our country a custom-made wedding dress is much cheaper than abroad. As a result, most foreigners buy their wedding dresses from us.

Market Analysis

  • If an entrepreneur is lucky and he became the first in his small town who was visited by the idea of ​​starting his own business, then this will serve as a good motivation for him at the initial stage of his work activity. To understand which product is better to put up for sale in your own salon, you should talk to the brides, find out what dresses, accessories they have in great demand, for what amount.
  • Still, more often than not, at least one wedding business has already been organized in each city. Therefore, in this case, it is necessary to find out the range of products offered by rivals, their weaknesses, strengths, in order to avoid similar mistakes when organizing your own salon from scratch, and to make it competitive.

Highlights of organizing a wedding salon

How to open a wedding salon?

How to choose the right supplier

Many firms provide online store services, that is, through the Internet, you can place an application for a specific product, which will be delivered to the required address by courier service. But, nevertheless, it is recommended to conclude contractual agreements with several suppliers so that in the process of work there are no force majeure situations that can easily undermine the authority of the enterprise.

In the case of partnerships with foreign sellers, it is necessary to clarify in advance the delivery time of the goods, accompanying documents, the conditions for customs clearance of the goods.


A wedding is a significant event in the life of a couple. Preparing for this holiday takes not only a lot of time from the bride and groom, but also money. Dress, suit, motorcade, restaurant, live music, photo and video filming are just some of the hassle items. Business in the wedding industry attracts beginners and experienced entrepreneurs, this is not surprising, because its annual turnover in Russia is about 400 billion rubles. A business plan for opening a wedding salon, pitfalls and growth prospects of the project - all this will be discussed below.

Wedding salon: advantages and disadvantages of the idea

The demand for wedding dresses and accessories is only increasing every year, as the number of couples wishing to celebrate their celebration magnificently increases. The bride's dress takes one of the central places in the preparation for the wedding, because every girl wants to look stunning on such a crucial day. This leads to the list of advantages of such an idea as opening a wedding salon:

  • Stable demand - the number of marriages in Russia has increased over the past five years. The slight decline in winter is offset by summer wedding booms.
  • Cost of dresses and accessories - wedding dresses are one of the most expensive investments in a celebration, and the rent and sale of related products are highly profitable.
  • Fast payback - considering not the largest investments and high demand for the product, the wedding salon pays for itself after 6–8 months.

But business also has disadvantages:

  • The need for constant updating - if the owner of the salon does not follow the development trends in his direction, then it will go downhill, as trends change every season, which is why the assortment is regularly replenish.
  • High competition - there are at least 100 wedding shops and salons in a big city, so you will have to approach opening your own with all seriousness and creativity.

What documents are needed to start a business from scratch?

Before opening a wedding salon, you must choose the form of ownership. Both an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity (limited liability company) can work in this area of ​​business, so the owner must independently weigh the pros and cons of each of the forms and register it.

By registering as an individual entrepreneur, the owner will risk all his property in the event of debt formation. However, the low cost of registration (800 rubles) and the simplicity of accounting for individual entrepreneurs make this form more profitable for a small business.

If a network of salons is planned, a large number of suppliers, loans, investments from a partner, then it is worth opening an LLC. This will allow us to share responsibility for all financial obligations with a partner, increase credibility in the eyes of suppliers and simplify issues of lending and leasing. The cost of registering an LLC is much higher (state duty in the amount of 4000 rubles + opening an account, obligatory office rent).

Remember: fines for legal entities are dozens of times higher than for individual entrepreneurs.

There are the following types of taxation:

  • 1 Relevance of the idea
  • 2 Assortment of wedding dresses salon
  • 3 Step-by-step plan for opening a wedding salon
  • 4 Choice premises
  • 5 How to choose equipment for business
  • 6 Hiring personnel for a wedding salon
  • 7 Business registration
  • 8 Technology of opening a wedding salon <
  • 9 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 10 How much can you earn in a modern wedding salon
  • 11 Possible risks of a wedding salon

Relevance of the idea

According to statistics, 6-7 marriages per 1000 people are concluded in Russia annually. Approximately 3/4 of newlyweds buy wedding dresses in salons. Divide the number of inhabitants in your city by 1000, multiply by 6 and by 0.75 - this will give you the number of potential customers per year. For example, for a city with a population of 1 million people, the potential target audience for a wedding salon will be approximately 4,500 people: this is an average of 375 people per month. In fact, there will be a little less people, since some of them will not reach your salon and buy a dress elsewhere or order tailoring in an atelier.

Be prepared for an influx of customers from early spring to September. In winter, there will be noticeably fewer visitors, although some hold weddings in winter.

The core of the target audience is women from 20 to 35 years old. It is desirable that, in addition to selling dresses, the salon also offers rental services. This is due to the fact that the price of a wedding dress starts at 10,000 rubles, an average dress will cost 30,000 - 50,000, and expensive designer models can cost more than a million. Not everyone is ready to spend that kind of money to buy a dress that will be worn only once. Rental services for such outfits are in great demand.

The population of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other megacities is more solvent, so wedding salons there are more in demand and bring more profit. If you are planning to open a salon in a small town, you need to soberly assess the number of potential customers, their ability to pay and competition in the region.

Assortment of wedding dresses salon

To stay afloat in winter, expand your assortment - in addition to wedding dresses, you can also sell evening dresses, as well as festive children's outfits, men's suits, various wedding jewelry and accessories (ribbons, rings, bouquets for decorating cars etc.).

Choose models in different styles and colors (other than white), as well as different types of shapes. Pastel colors are very popular: ivory, peach, beige, pink - and some brides choose outfits in bold bright colors. A variety of styles is important for the salon: some brides prefer strict fitted dresses, others - mini dresses, and still others - classic fluffy dresses with a corset and fluffy skirts.

Here are a few suppliers:

Organization of weddings is primarily a woman's business, which can bring both substantial income and moral pleasure. At weddings, most people do not save, and the income even from 1-2 orders per month can be very significant. Let's look at all the nuances of this holiday business.

Business Features

The task of the wedding agency is to turn the wedding into a holiday where the newlyweds will have a rest. It is important to understand the specifics of organizing a wedding, to be aware of fashion trends, to be able to offer different options, and also to have the necessary connections and contacts of photographers, artists and other people whose services may be needed.

There is seasonality in this business. Most of the work will be in the summer and early fall - this is the traditional time for weddings.

This niche hasn't been filled yet. In America and Europe, more than 90% of people in preparation for a wedding turn to professionals for help. But we have not yet developed such a business, many people are engaged in organizing weddings themselves. Some of the companies working in this area specialize in a narrow range of services.

Such business is more suitable for Moscow, St. Petersburg and large cities. For a city with a population of less than 100,000 people, it makes no sense to open an agency. In addition to the number of residents, the level of the population's ability to pay matters.

Areas of work

First of all, it is worth deciding on the main services that the wedding agency will deal with. The choice is quite wide:

  • selection of a restaurant and wedding menu;
  • wedding decoration;
  • ordering and decorating a car;
  • decoration or ordering a bouquet;
  • organizing an outdoor ceremony;
  • selecting a toastmaster, DJ, artists;
  • printing and sending invitations;
  • ordering a photographer and video filming;
  • fireworks, chocolate fountains and other services,
  • organization of turnkey weddings.

"Turnkey wedding organization" is a kind of all inclusive program for clients who do not have time or desire to prepare themselves. Most often, they start with the decoration of the hall. If you are not yet ready to provide the full range of services, you can start from this direction, gradually adding other tasks.

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