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Where to invest money in Kazan?

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Money should not lie, it should work. Kazan has a lot of options for where to invest money and what kind of business to open in order to get a good profit. If you have free capital, then it's time to think about how to properly dispose of it in order not only to preserve it, but even to increase it.

The safest and most reliable way to earn passively is to deposit in a bank. Today in Kazan the most interesting offers and attractive rates are presented in such banks as Rosinterbank, Ankorbank, Novikombank, National Bank Trust and other credit and financial organizations.

Opening a deposit guarantees an income, albeit a relatively small one. Consider other deposit options in this article.

Some people invest in mutual funds, as well as in the Forex exchange, however, you need to understand that without some knowledge you can lose all your savings. With proper trading, it is possible to get big profits in a short time.

Starting a business is another option for earning money that requires you to take active action and competent management. The most demanded areas of business in Kazan today are the following: sawmill, restaurant, dental office, service station, car wash, tire fitting.

Kazan also has many opportunities to open a successful entertainment business, for example, organize a paintball club or laser tag club, equip a fitness club. Other small business options are described here.

Here are some specific business ideas for Kazan.

  • Consulting firm. This is a profitable business, since many novice businessmen will need professional help in solving many issues related to starting their own business.
  • Bakery. There is a lot of demand for bakery products in the city, so your own bakery will bring you a good profit.
  • Real estate agency. This niche in the city is not yet fully filled, and the demand for services is high.
  • Nail bar. The new format establishment will be surely appreciated by visitors. It allows you to get an express manicure while sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee. The competition among manicure bars is still small, so this niche will be quite promising for you.

The city of Kazan creates favorable conditions for starting and running a business, allowing them to realize themselves in almost any area, and for those wishing to receive passive income - a number of banks with attractive conditions. Other investment options are described in the comments to the article.

If you want to know where to invest money in order to earn this year, then follow this link. If you are interested in deposits, you can get acquainted with the best offers of banks here. If you want to know how to get a loan without refusal? Then follow this link. If you have a bad credit history, and banks refuse you, then you should definitely read this article. If you just want to get a loan on favorable terms, then click here. If you want to apply for a credit card, then follow this link. Find other entries on this topic here.

Open your business in Kazan

Sink location and room

If you have a certain level of investment and the question of what business to open in Kazan from scratch is not worth it for you, it is optimal to consider places with busy traffic and convenient access for organizing a car wash. Better to focus on serving multiple clients at the same time. This allows you to make the most of the space. Important requirements are:

  • High-quality water supply;
  • Sewerage;
  • Power supply


To organize a car wash, you will need the following equipment and materials:

With significant financial possibilities, you can consider the option of purchasing ready-made equipment designed for automatic car wash: portal or tunnel car wash.


The list of services provided at a car wash usually includes the following:

  • Car body washing;
  • Body polishing;
  • Engine cleaning;
  • Interior cleaning

Answering the question - what business is profitable to open in Kazan - it is necessary to assess the level of required investments.

It is difficult to answer unequivocally how much money is required to start a business. It depends on many factors. Here is the scale of the enterprise, and the region where you are going to work, and the chosen place.

If all parameters of the car wash are close to the minimum, you can expect the need to invest $ 5-10 thousand

Gas Station, Kids Acting Studio, and Sinister Slaughterhouse

Realnoe Vremya studied what they offer to buy in Tatarstan in the field of ready-made business. The source of information for us is a popular classifieds site. As it turned out, you can buy not only shops and bars on it, but also quite outlandish companies. For example, there are gas stations, a horse yard and a bus-cafe among them.

Agryz woodworking and refueling on the way to Zelenodolsk

The most expensive lots that are currently offered in the ready-made business category are mainly related to industry and oil. True, their cost is such that, apparently, the owners are looking for buyers throughout the country, therefore, at the request of Tatarstan, objects that have no real relation to the region appear in the search.

Of the Tatarstan options - for 250 million rubles they offer to buy "the oldest woodworking plant in Russia". The announcement was placed in Agryz, when working for export, the owners promise more than a solid profitability of 45%, and the payback period is only 3 years. The investment seems to be profitable - this is in the event that the ad is true. The seller promises that it is possible to produce a wide range of wooden products - not only solid stairs, parquet, furniture, solid wood windows, but also gun butts, boxes and containers.

The second most expensive option for a ready-made business in the region will cost 100 million rubles. For this money, you can feel your involvement in the oil sector and buy a gas station. It is not far to drive and check how the work is going: the gas station is located in the village of Aisha, on the road towards Zelenodolsk. The filling station is now operating under the Lukoil brand, it was put into operation in 2021. The gas station has eight tanks, two four-nozzle dispensers for gasoline and one two-nozzle dispenser for diesel fuel. Judging by the photographs, there is also a minimarket there - in general, the folk path will not overgrow.

Everything for kids

The bulk of the business currently offered in Tatarstan is, of course, much cheaper. In addition to the "standard" outlets - round-the-clock bars and shawarma stalls "in the area", outlets for the sale of electrics and accessories for mobile phones, you can also find businesses, for example, on the topic of children.

Several announcements in different cities of the region offer to sell small orphanages. However, it is difficult to call it directly a business - apparently, the seller is looking for sales channels, offering to “occupy the city” (apparently, we are talking about the exclusivity of the rights to sell such a niche product in a separate settlement). The seller promises that the partner will buy a house for a thousand rubles, and sell - already from 4 thousand. The seller even promises to "provide customers with up to ten orders a day." What, however, will be the demand for 60-centimeter houses is unclear. If such is as described, then it is not clear why the business owner needs partners at all. Judging by the photographs, a two-year-old child can hardly fit inside the "house", but there is light in it.

There is another type of retail oriented to children - a point in Kazan for “selling the right children's shoes”. “Right” means sandals and winter shoes of a particular brand. The seller calls the business “favorite business,” but admits that he does not have enough time to do it - a sad story. The business buyer is promised to be told where to buy the “right” sandals cheaply and what models to look for so that they are in demand. The cost - and it is not too small - 200 thousand rubles - includes the rest of the shoes. and, in general, everything. The ad does not describe the criteria for "correct sandals". But in addition, the seller points to "the accumulated customer base and a ready-made Instagram page that works", but their cost is difficult to measure in money, without knowing exactly what it is about. The outlet is located in the Novo-Savinovsky district of Kazan, the rent is 8 thousand rubles.

Overview of the most interesting offers for the sale of a ready-made business in Tatarstan

More than 150 ready-made businesses are currently being sold in Tatarstan, of which almost 100 are in the service sector, 65 are in the trade sector, manufacturing businesses account for only 23 ads, however, two production lots are the most expensive: An aluminum plant or production of beer containers in Kazan will cost 85 million rubles to the buyer. For how much you can become a tenant of Pyaterochka or a gas station, the owner of a private kindergarten or a mobile hairdresser, read the review of Realnoe Vremya.

Aluminum plant in Kazan - for million rubles

More than 150 ready-made businesses are currently being sold on the Avito classifieds website, of which almost 100 are in the service sector, 65 are in the trade sector, only 23 ads are for manufacturing businesses, but two lots of them are the most expensive. For 85 million rubles, for example, you can buy a secondary aluminum foundry with a license for the procurement, storage and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The monthly capacity of the plant is 400-500 tons, the gross monthly profit before taxes is 3.5-4.5 million rubles.

By now, the seller assures us, sites for further development have been prepared, all technical processes have been completed to bring the first workshop to the planned capacity, contracts have been concluded with scrap suppliers and buyers of finished products, the plant is 6 years old.

The plant has an area of ​​1.3 thousand sq. m three metallurgical furnaces (totaling 31 million rubles), a conveyor, a press and a laboratory, not counting auxiliary equipment on a 1.8 hectare site. The current owner of the smelter assures that the aluminum smelter has high development prospects, given the existing “huge demand for secondary aluminum due to its low price and environmental friendliness. Why is such a promising production put up for sale? It's simple: lack of working capital. By the way, the owner offers to enter into a share with him and is ready to cooperate with potential investors.

The production of beer containers can be recouped in three and a half years

The same price - 85 million rubles - will cost the large production of PET containers, PET preforms, as well as PET kegs (plastic containers). The business is already 14 years old, it produces containers using patented technologies (patent term until 2026), with organized sales throughout the Russian Federation and a base of 300 contractors. Average monthly revenue - 12.2 thousand rubles, average net profit - 937 thousand rubles (in 2021 - 2 million rubles). The main cost falls on high-tech equipment worth 50 million rubles. The staff is 57 people (for comparison, at the aluminum plant - only 16). It is possible to recoup 85 million rubles in 40 months.

Owner of a plant with an area of ​​1.9 thousand sq. m assures that the asset is very profitable “due to the high demand for PET kegs from breweries with a high export orientation, since PET kegs, unlike metal ones, are lightweight, compact, and also eliminate problems with returnable containers, storage, repair and flushing ”: production volumes and sales geography are in a growing trend, the peak has not been overcome.

Truck service on the M highway - with clients like Coca-Cola - for a million

If we exclude the rental business in Salmachi - buildings with an area of ​​2.8 thousand sq. m with 34 tenants for 65 million rubles, the rest of the expensive lots - in services, trade, catering. For 50 million rubles, you can become the owner of the Harvest truck service center (an auto complex for the repair of trucks and cars) on the Kazan M-7 highway near the village of Ozernoye: a two-story building with an area of ​​780 sq. m with a log house for a recreation area. The main assets are a brake shoe riveting machine, a drilling machine, an air compressor wired to the workshop, and diagnostic equipment.

Among other things, the new owner will immediately acquire "many contracts with major clients": "Coca-Cola", transport companies "PEK", "Business lines", "Volzhsky transport", a company working in the field wholesale trade "Original-design". The turnover of this business is 3–3.5 million rubles a month, the net profit is promised in the region of 700 thousand - 1 million rubles, the asset should pay off in 8 years, or even less.

A similar business - a gas station with a car service and a car wash in Kazan itself is offered not to buy, but to rent for 26 million rubles. Gas station with an area of ​​150 sq. m, the seller assures, the new one - put into operation in 2021, is located on a site of 1.5 thousand square meters. m. The gross income will have to be 25 thousand rubles per month (probably a mistake - and in fact 250 thousand), it is possible to double it due to independent work, then the payback of the project will be halved - up to 5 years. The reason for the sale is sad: the founders disperse and divide the business.

According to statistics, about 50% of financial resources in the Republic of Dagestan are concentrated in the hands of 20% of citizens. These include businessmen who at one time decided to start their own business. With business acumen and perseverance, they became successful and secured a solid income. Today, you can make money in a wide variety of areas. There are many opportunities to open your own business in Dagestan. They assume the need for a material and technical base and a minimum start-up capital. Among a huge selection of promising areas, a novice businessman can choose the most suitable option for him, based on his budget and preferences.

Things to consider when starting a small business in Dagestan

  • When planning to start a trade, you should choose which of its types is best for you: retail or wholesale. Each of them comes with different financial costs, risks and sales volumes.
  • The future enterprise can be independent or act as a franchise for a promoted brand. The second option is easier to start a business, but it involves paying royalties and working under a contract with the brand.
  • You can sell a service or product, although in some cases you can offer them in a complex (for example, a beauty salon can sell cosmetics).
  • Think about whether you need a separate room (office, store) or a presentation of your company on the Internet to run your business.
  • Choose an industry for your business that is familiar to you. Having an interest in a case is also very important.

Having solved these nuances, it will be easier to choose the best option for starting your own business.

Construction of baths, hamams and saunas

The construction of such objects has become widely demanded in recent years, because the popularity of baths in houses and even apartments has increased significantly. If you have knowledge in the construction business or can hire experienced craftsmen on the staff, this business will be profitable for you for several reasons:

  • It will not require large investments.
  • The process of building baths or saunas is simple among other types of construction.
  • In Dagestan, you can find the required number of skilled workers.
  • This service is in demand among individuals and businessmen.

When starting such a business, it is worth taking care of the availability of tools and equipment. The costs for it will amount to approximately 9-10 thousand rubles. At the same time, the net profit from one order for the construction of a bath reaches 35 thousand rubles or more.

Opening a sports nutrition store

  • It is worth carefully studying the features of sports nutrition, the types of drugs, the method of their use, possible side effects after taking and the list of contraindications.
  • Then define the target audience for the store: amateur athletes or professionals.
  • An important point is finding a supplier. You need to study the cost of products and the terms of their delivery to your store.
  • The company needs to be registered. This can be done independently or through special law firms.
  • Next, you need to choose a trading platform, taking into account its optimal area, location and rental cost.
  • It is better to choose the staff for the store from among the athletes (this will attract customers and have a positive effect on sales).

Of course, it's important to think about advertising for your store. It can be placed not only in the trade pavilion, but also in gyms and complexes.

Children's hairdresser is a business destined to succeed

The profitability of such an enterprise is about 20-30%. At the same time, the level of competition is low, which will ensure a constant influx of customers.

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