A profitable business in Kazakhstan is real

Action plan: where to start?

If you nevertheless decide to open your own business, the first thing to do is to choose the most suitable option for the activity. To do this correctly, you must consider the following factors:

  • The skills and abilities you possess.

If an entrepreneur already has some knowledge in a certain field of activity, then it is much easier to develop these skills into activities that will bring profit and become a subject of business.

  • The ratio of supply and demand in the market.

You shouldn't choose for your business those industries in which supply exceeds demand. In this case, you may be overtaken by a lot of competition, which cannot have a positive effect on business.

Each specific field of activity has its own characteristics, which should definitely be studied before starting to engage in it. Particular attention is required to study the regulatory and legislative framework, as well as many issues that are related to the organization of accounting, reporting, obtaining permits from various authorities. It should be noted that it sometimes takes years (medicine, licensing) or huge amounts of money (construction) to complete the documentation for some areas of activity.

The most demanded areas of activity in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, as in any country, the most demanded in the modern world is the service sector of the population. And therefore, it is in this direction that the views of novice entrepreneurs are directed. And this is a fairly correct decision, but it is important to understand that if you have absolutely no experience in running your own business, then you should not risk huge amounts of money. The risk, of course, is a noble cause, but in this case it is better to opt for less capital-intensive projects that do not require large investments of money at the start, but have the opportunity to further expand the business.

Examples of such business options include:

If you live in Kazakhstan and really want to work for yourself, we will be happy to help you find a suitable niche for small business, which will very soon become yours.

Many sites now offer the freshest and most relevant ways to start a small or medium business. In particular, Kazakhstan is assumed for the place of sale. However, not all so simple. Most of these ideas are not suitable for beginners or do not apply in a specific setting.

Check out the best and really profitable ways to start a business at the lowest cost. After the implementation of the proposed ideas, the question of how to make money in Kazakhstan will cease to be the most urgent for you.

Penoizol - easy to produce, quick to sell!

This building material is becoming more widespread for the insulation of various buildings and structures, including Kazakhstan. Penoizol production can be easily carried out without a lot of time and money.

To do this, you will need to purchase the following list of components:

  • Polymer resin;
  • Water;
  • Phosphoric acid;
  • Foaming agent.

In a short period of time, when using these simple materials, you can get a profitable production of penoizol - a modern material for insulation.

You don't need to hire many workers, one or two people will be enough. The production of penoizol will not require large premises with expensive rent; this business in Kazakhstan can be called the most successful in terms of a combination of investment and return.

If there is a suitable garage or other similar location, then this will be enough to start your future business. There will always be buyers for penoizol, because construction is carried out almost all year round. In the building materials market, you will soon be able to take a leading position with a serious attitude to work.

Massage is a suitable idea for men and women

Such a service as massage is always in demand, is in demand at any time among various categories of the population, and is much more suitable for women than the previous offer.

Numerous courses, which are now widespread in Kazakhstan, will help you to become a true professional in your field. After you receive your completion document, you will need to work for free or at a minimal cost to practice enough and build your circle of clients.

Small business ideas in Kazakhstan, small business ideas from scratch

Small business ideas are one of the most read topics on the Internet. This topic is always relevant and people are always hungry for new ideas in business. Smart entrepreneurial people are constantly in a state of searching for this or that small business idea.

Why small business ideas?

  • easier implementation;
  • minimum cost.

The idea of ​​your business always beckons. As practice shows, not only foreign businessmen, but also ours, and after all, many small business ideas lie under our noses. In order to make it easier for you to find, to reduce costs (both temporary and others), we have selected for you the most interesting and real small business ideas that can be fully implemented in Kazakhstan and not only.

The ideas presented here are characterized as rarely encountered and relevant for your region. Their advantages are as follows:

  • niches of these business ideas are either completely empty or not very busy;
  • in most cases such small business ideas are not difficult to implement;
  • they are more interesting due to their rarity.

An entrepreneur must always keep his finger on the pulse of events, he must be aware of new small business ideas. After all, who knows, maybe this or that new idea will suit you.

"an idea is the only thing that never dies"

How to open a grocery store from scratch: business plan, step-by-step instructions. - here we were more focused on the Russian Federation, however, the specifics of the food business and the prices for equipment in the expanses of the post-Soviet space are not too different. The rent depends more on the locality than on the country. Therefore, this article will be relevant for both Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

At the junction of reality and virtuality

Making billiard cues

Making medals and awards

Kazakhstan is a huge territory located in two parts of the world at once and is almost three million square kilometers, allowing this country with a rich historical past to occupy the ninth place among the largest states in the world. In the Kazakh bowels, you can find all the chemical elements of the periodic table. And the richness and variety of mineral deposits make Kazakhstan a reliable and investment-attractive economic partner for world business. Therefore, opening a business in this country looks like a rather urgent and highly profitable enterprise with far-reaching, diverse tasks and prospects.

This article will examine in detail how to open a business in Kazakhstan and make the most of the favorable conditions created by the leadership of this country for the development of private capital.

How business developed in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The intensity of business development in Kazakhstan was akin to the transformation of the state itself. The constant alternation of ups and downs exerted strong pressure on the development of entrepreneurship in the country, and, in the end, all these processes influenced the decision to open the Damu Fund in 1997. The general course of this enterprise has been chosen and, most importantly, has not undergone the slightest changes in the direction of deterioration over the past twenty years, to provide financial assistance and advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

For the state it was and is the prerogative direction for the effective development of private entrepreneurship in the country. Based on this, for the government, providing assistance to entrepreneurship is the main task of both the national level and regional government services for doing business.

The activities of the republican government are aimed at unquestioning support of private business in the state. For this, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan was created. And in 2021, the chamber came up with the initiative to create a "Business Roadmap - 2021", a program that is a service department that helps a Kazakh businessman. This program was developed and implemented under the patronage of the Damu Foundation.

Current difficulties in doing business in Kazakhstan

As for all developing countries, the main disadvantage of starting and doing business in the Republic of Kazakhstan is a small percentage of small and medium-sized businesses - up to twenty percent. Considering that all leading economic states base their economies on the existence of a powerful and fundamental average “pad”, then this indicator in Kazakhstan is rather low. The main share in commodity production belongs to oligarchic circles. For the development prospects of a powerful capitalist economy, this is catastrophically unacceptable. The raw material export orientation of the republic depends on the exchange price of energy resources and is subject to risk, which is a strategic problem coupled with a high interest rate in the country and the presence of bureaucratic red tape with the registration of a private enterprise.

Small and Medium Business

According to the politicians themselves, the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan is the number one priority. But, as always, if politicians talk about one thing, then something completely different happens in real life. Each step forward announced by the government for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the country is accompanied, to please the oligarchs, two bureaucratic steps back. An example of this is the chronology of the development of small and medium-sized private enterprises in Kazakhstan.

"Dashing" nineties for Kazakh business

During the transition from socialist to capitalist rails in the nineties, the economy of post-Soviet Kazakhstan had a procedure of then fashionable "shock therapy". She was thrown from side to side, undergoing sharp jumps and fluctuations, for the sake of frequently replacing "provisional governments". In the first years of "new" Kazakhstan, the entire burden of budget-forming industries was borne by state-owned factories and factories built by Soviet society, the energy intensity of which was beyond the power of young and only raising its head private capital. Towards the end of the ninety-second year, the first signs of small and medium-sized businesses appeared, gradually expanding and increasing the pace. And at the beginning of the ninety-sixth year, more than forty thousand private entrepreneurs of medium and small businesses were already registered in the country. This is what prompted the state to take emergency measures to support private entrepreneurship at the highest government level and to adopt laws to stimulate the development of individual commercial activities in every possible way.

Starting a business in a foreign country is always difficult. Especially if you open a company from scratch, and do not purchase a ready-made one. More and more people are thinking about how to open their own business abroad. After all, if you approach everything wisely, then any problems will be solved, and obstacles will be overcome

Starting and doing business in Kazakhstan is a topic that interests many young people who want to try their entrepreneurial skills abroad.

Why Kazakhstan?

This question may be asked by your friends and acquaintances when they find out that you have decided to start a small business in Kazakhstan. Indeed, why exactly there? In fact, this country is very promising in this area. New directions of entrepreneurship constantly appear and develop in Kazakhstan

The authorities are successfully implementing various programs to support young entrepreneurs, creating all the conditions for doing business in this country. The procedures for registering and obtaining licenses for various types of activities are being simplified, and new tax benefits are being introduced.

Two years ago (namely in 2021) Kazakhstan was in 47th place in the ranking of ease of registration and business management among more than 180 countries of the world. And now this country is not giving up its positions, but only strengthening.

How to open a business in Kazakhstan

The most common organizational and legal forms of enterprises on the territory of the country are individual (IP) and limited liability partnerships (LLP). There is:

  • Simple registration that does not require a long investment in time.
  • You can work under a patent (here accounting is not necessary).
  • There is no corporate tax, and income is paid at a rate of 10%.
  • The cash register is not required (unless the business involves the sale of goods on which excise duty is to be paid).
  • A simplified tax return can be used.
  • The maximum staff is 25 employees.
  • If the company's quarterly income exceeds 10 million Kazakh tenge (approximately 54 thousand dollars), then the company is removed from the simplified taxation system.
  • An individual entrepreneur is liable for debts with all his own property.
  • IE is sold as a separate property of an individual entrepreneur. In the event of the sale of an individual entrepreneur to another person, the entire acquired reputation of the enterprise is lost.
  • The SP form is convenient if you plan to conduct the business yourself.

Limited Liability Partnership:

  • The registration procedure is somewhat more complicated and longer, two versions of the company's charter (in Kazakh and Russian) are required.
  • Income tax is 20%.
  • A simplified tax return can be used.
  • The maximum staff is 50 employees.
  • The simplified taxation system is suitable if the company's quarterly income does not exceed 25 million Kazakh tenge (approximately 136 thousand dollars).
  • Accounting is mandatory.
  • Administrative fines are slightly higher than those of an individual enterprise.
  • The LLP is paid by the LLP itself. The property of the founders always remains safe.
  • Each founder has the right to sell to another person that part of the partnership that he personally owns. And at the same time, the reputation of the LLP remains the same.
  • If you plan to conduct business together with partners, then the LLP form will be preferable for you.

Also if there is a difference in terms of the "solidity" of the business. Most people perceive any individual entrepreneur as a small frivolous enterprise, while an LLP is associated with a large activity. Despite the fact that many entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan have created a serious and rather successful business in the form of individual entrepreneurs, this stereotype still remains in people's heads.

In order for a foreigner to obtain the official right to open a company in the form of an individual enterprise in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to have a permanent registration of stay in this country or a residence permit. Persons with temporary registration are legally prohibited from opening companies in Kazakhstan. All other forms of enterprises (including LLP) can be opened much easier, even without a residence permit.

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