9 best small town business ideas

What business to open in a small town?

The idea of ​​starting a business in a sparsely populated city attracts, first of all, those who do not want to work “for a man” for little money, go abroad in search of big earnings, and at the same time have the makings of an entrepreneur. For many of us, working for ourselves, our "family", is much more tempting than working for years for a minimum salary without much hope of improving the standard of living.

In big cities, interestingly, there is a lower ratio of entrepreneurs to the total population than in small ones. This is facilitated by a higher level of wages, which does not force people to conquer new "horizons" or look for themselves in the business sector.

In addition, in large cities there are more opportunities for organizing a business - completely different schemes and business ideas are effective here, which are far from always suitable for small settlements.

It is important to understand that the payback period in small cities can be much longer than in large cities. The main reason is the limited turnover due to the smaller client audience.

Of course, there are advantages as well, among which we can highlight low competition. This rule is not typical for all business areas; for example, grocery stores are everywhere. As such, a budding entrepreneur should do a good job of finding an unoccupied and potentially profitable niche.

When starting a business in a small city, start from basic human needs and strive to satisfy them. Medical care, educational and hairdressing services - people always need these things.

All pros and cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of starting your own business in a small town. Let's start with the benefits:

✔ Smaller financial investments than in megacities. Renting premises will be cheaper, as will the costs of an advertising campaign.

  • 1 Local decorations
  • 2 Calendars and postcards with customer photos
  • 3 Food
  • 4 “Unusual »Products - berries, mushrooms
  • 5 Personal professional skills
  • 6 Following the competition
  • 7 Entering the same business as everyone else
  • 8 Let's Serve the Crowd
  • 9 Selling Used Cars
  • 10 Sales Office
  • 11 Step-by-step plan for starting your own business
  • 12 How much you can earn on activities
  • 13 How much money is needed to start
  • 14 How to choose equipment for a business
  • 15 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 16 What documents are needed for a business
  • 17 What taxation system to choose for a business
  • 18 Do I need an activity permit
  • 19 Technology for starting a business <
  • 20 New to small town business

In a small town, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to find an idea for a business, but it should be at least universal.

Even the ideas that we will now try to give you will not work in every city. At the same time, after reading this article, you will not be left without an index, the ideas that are presented here will be able to push you to new thoughts and creative ideas.

Using the knowledge gained from us, you can start your business in a small town. Remember that most of all, the profit is brought just by new ideas, not worn-out and old ones.

Local decorations

If you create and sell jewelry that will be closely related to the history of your city, then you can start with special shaped pendants, earrings that will remind the owner of your city, or will be made of stone that is produced only by you ...

In addition, you can produce keychains for keys, which are very often popular. In general, here you need to show wit and a little imagination.

But if you do not have start-up capital, you can try to buy out the selected goods from the manufacturers in your city and fully focus on selling the goods.

Calendars and postcards with client's photo

To add even more creativity, you can take the first idea and offer your clients completely personalized calendars and postcards, where they will show off against the background of the most famous sights of the city.

All you need is a camera, printer and computer. With the help of all this equipment, in the first 15 minutes you will be able to give the client his set of postcards or a calendar.

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How to start your business from scratch

You can start your own business both without money and without experience in entrepreneurial activity. All this can be worked out in the process of running the business itself. To answer the question "how to start your business from scratch", let's take a closer look at what is required to start your business. Let's take a service business as an example. Let's say it's a people or taxi business. So, what we need to start this business: - dispatcher; - dispatcher; - taxi fleet; - cars; - drivers; - accountant; - office; - phone; - business cards; - money for the salaries of dispatchers, accountants, drivers, for renting premises , for registration.

Now let's see if all of the above is really needed to start a business. You can do without a dispatcher, because the dispatcher can receive calls anywhere, including at home. You can also do without a taxi company, since you can hire drivers with their own cars, who themselves are engaged in their maintenance. You can do the duties of an accountant yourself, because at first there is not much paperwork in business. If you need to draw up any complex documents, you can contact the services of accounting firms and pay for each service separately. An office is also not needed, since there is no one to sit there. Business cards are needed only if the focus on attracting customers is on distributing business cards. Money for the salaries of dispatchers and drivers is not required to start. You can agree with all employees on a piece-rate system of remuneration. Then everyone will be interested in the successful work of the entire company.

So, using an example, we found out that to start a business, you do not always need to have what firms that have been working in a similar field for a long time usually have. But there is a certain minimum, which depends on each business. Let's say in a taxi business you can't do without your phone. This phone will receive calls from customers. This means that decorating a beautiful room can be considered an initial cost. The phone needs to be charged sometimes, and this is the cost of electricity. It is also desirable to have a computer with Internet access in order to post vacancies and advertise the services of your company. Legal registration of a business in the form of an individual entrepreneur will require 800 rubles to pay the state duty.

It turns out that some of the costs associated with starting a business are borne by a person in any case. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity in defining what a business from scratch is, we can conditionally say that it is a business that does not require significant investments. For a reference point, you can take the figure of 58,000 rubles. It is this kind of gratuitous subsidy that is given by employment centers for starting their own business. To get a subsidy, you need to have the status of an unemployed and apply for a subsidy at the employment center at the place of registration. If there is a business start-up subsidy program in your region, then in order to receive a subsidy you need to protect your business plan. For more information about receiving gratuitous subsidies from the state, you can in the topic: subsidies from the state for starting a business.

Using the example of a taxi dispatch business, we looked at how to start your own business without a large cash investment. A similar investment optimization can be applied to any business.

Business without risk of burnout

It is known that business is associated with risk, and statistics confirm this. According to statistics, 90% of business startups are closed within the first year after launch. Compared to the usual way of getting a job, this is no comparison. The chances of being fired are ten times less, and even in this case, the person receives a salary and gets a job at another job, that is, the risk is almost zero.

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider what is the payment for the risk or for its absence. When applying for a job, the salary level is limited to the average level for the industry and the region. If an enterprise has the opportunity to allocate more money for salaries, then it is more likely to find more workers for the same salary, or hire more professional employees for a higher salary. In order to have prospects for growth in salaries, education and experience are required. Higher education is 5 years of study. Sometimes paid study. Then it takes several years to gain experience.

Business in small towns has its own characteristics. Before starting a new business, the residents' solvency and the competitive environment are assessed. Business ideas for a small town will help you find the best option.

What to consider when starting a business in a small town

Business in small towns largely depends on the economic situation. When planning, take into account the following nuances:

  • Low purchasing power. In small towns, salaries are low. Therefore, it is difficult to implement expensive things here. Clothing boutiques and VIP-level car dealerships will not be popular.
  • Providing basic goods. For a small town, it may be beneficial to open a supermarket, pharmacy, household chemicals store.
  • Expandability. If at first a business attracts a lot of customers, then over time, demand begins to fall. Then they envisage expanding the activity to a new area or a neighboring city.
  • Starting capital. In small cities, the cost of rent and advertising is much lower compared to megalopolises. This will reduce the cost of starting a business.
  • Competition. In certain areas, the level of competition is very low. Small businesses receive government support in the form of subsidies.
  • Word of mouth. News of the opening of a new store quickly spreads throughout the city. Word of mouth advertising is considered one of the most effective. The main disadvantage is that potential customers also learn about problems and errors.

What kind of business to open in a small town

There are many business ideas, but not all of them are suitable for a small town. Aspiring entrepreneurs should choose an industry they are well versed in. For example, an accountant can open his own company for tax and other accounting. If a woman sews well, then she can open her own atelier.

What kind of business to do in a small town, choose from the main directions:

  • Trade. Includes supermarkets, stores of household chemicals, building materials, pharmacies, spare parts for cars, etc.
  • Service sector. These are beauty salons, hairdressing salons, tire fitting, repair.
  • Production. The enterprise can make local or any other products.

They also pay attention to areas that are always in demand. These are grocery stores, health, hairdressing services. You can choose the opposite option and master a direction that is not yet represented in the city. This usually includes the service and entertainment sector.

In small towns, franchise business is effective. The entrepreneur is using a ready-made brand that has already earned a reputation. Franchises are offered in various areas: fast food outlets, clothing store, cosmetics, etc.

Top business ideas for a small town

The following ideas will help you determine what kind of business to start in a small town. All of them cover different areas and require certain investments.

Business idea: private kindergarten

At the stage of drawing up a business plan, each entrepreneur carefully studies the current market situation in order to determine the most demanded business areas. This step allows you to create a profitable project that will become a source of regular income. However, it is not always possible to create a thriving business. Many beginners often make a mistake when choosing a direction for future activities. In order to avoid failure, it is very important to carefully assess the prospects of the chosen activity and study consumer demand. In this article, we propose to discuss the most popular production facilities in Russia.

Profitability means quick payback, high income and low risk percentage

Analysis of the current situation in Russia for small business

Studying the situation in the modern market is one of the main stages of preparation for the implementation of a business project. It is important to note here that it is possible to create a profitable project both in the service sector and in various areas of commercial activity. It should be mentioned that the above areas have the highest level of competition, which leads to various difficulties in starting a business. It is this factor that makes many entrepreneurs pay attention to the sphere of production and start manufacturing various goods.

This market niche is large in scale and includes several dozen different areas. Before starting your own business, an entrepreneur needs to carefully study all the subtleties and nuances associated with the production itself. First of all, you need to understand that opening your own production will require large financial investments at each stage of the project.

Despite the high complexity of the organization, the manufacturing business has the highest profitability.

According to statistics, the modern Russian market is rich in imported goods, the cost of which is quite high for most of the citizens of our country. This factor contributes to the emergence of domestic enterprises that are ready to offer similar goods at a lower cost. In order for the offered products to be highly competitive, the entrepreneur needs to create an ideal proportion between the quality of the offered products and their price.

Particular attention should be paid to bureaucratic issues in the implementation of a project related to the creation of production. In order to start your own business, an entrepreneur needs to go through state registration and receive a bunch of permits. The presence of a complete package of documents allows you to conduct a legal business and not be afraid of inspections by the control authorities.

In order to create a successful and profitable project, an entrepreneur will need to make a tremendous effort in the preparation phase. At this stage, it is very important to identify the most demanded products in the region where you plan to do business. This step will create a preliminary assessment of the sales market and determine the main stages of business development. It is quite difficult to identify a scarce product, but it should be remembered that all the efforts made will turn into profit. When conducting analysis, it is very important to pay attention to the pricing policy and behavior of competitors. Based on the available information, you can create an individual scheme of the future enterprise, which will reduce the production cost of the selected product.

Most Popular Small Business Areas

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