7 crazy business ideas

When people are faced with problems, even minor ones, they often have thoughts about how to solve them. Some ideas can form the basis of inventions and be used commercially. In other words, you can sometimes make money on them, and not bad.

A few seemingly unusual concepts will be covered in this article. One might consider them strange, but the fact is that they are already making money. They are united by simplicity and consistency of design. It is possible that someone, after familiarizing themselves with these ideas, will take their own thoughts more seriously and find them useful.

The magic lid that makes drinks forever

Everyone knows that any industrially produced drink has a period during which it can be consumed. The duration of this time is due to various factors, in particular, the ability of the product enclosed in the package to enter into a chemical reaction with the container material. The more aggressive the composition of the liquid (most often it has high acidity), the faster these processes take place. No matter how neutral the plastic is, its molecules get into the soda, gradually making it harmful. The goal is to increase the shelf life of the product and to ensure that the drink remains fresh as long as possible. Better - almost always. This problem has been addressed before, making the packaging materials as inert as possible.

And there is a solution from AGFL. It is utterly simple, graceful and beautiful. Typically, the beverage is a diluted concentrate. The idea is to place the powder in a new type of cap, designated VIZcap, and at the push of a button dumps its contents into a bottle of water. In dry form, the filler can be stored for a very long time. Pure water also reacts weakly with plastic. It is possible that the future belongs to these miraculous covers.

How to provide students with free photocopies?

This idea originated in Japan, but it applies to any other country where there are students and advertisements. The Tadacopy company solved two problems in one step: it gave young students the opportunity to make blue copies of any necessary materials for free and at the same time received a good stable income. No, of course, nothing is free. It costs money to refill cartridges, paper, electricity, staff labor, and rent a place. It's just that all these costs (plus the planned profit) are paid by advertisers. Where did they come from?

It's quite simple. Any entrepreneur who wants a 10,000-copy publicly-available message about their product can get this service for ¥ 400,000 (roughly $ 3,500), a fairly modest amount in Japan. Advertisements are placed on the back of each free copy. The paper is used slightly thicker than usual so that the image does not show through. The students themselves came up with this business idea, they also make money on it. Not to mention the free photocopying service.

Advertising hanger

The American company Hanger Network has shown inventiveness not less, but more than the Japanese firm Tadacopy. She solved three problems at once in one successful way. Disposable hangers are considered a real disaster in the United States. Approximately three and a half billion of these products are disposed of in landfills every year. The main sources of environmental pollution are considered to be shops selling clothes on "hangers", laundries and dry cleaners. The plastic from which the hangers are made (or, alternatively, the wire) takes a long time to decompose, and the disposal of the material is difficult and expensive.

The way out is EcoHangers hangers made of recycled paper and having three significant advantages at once. First, they are cheaper in production - after all, they are recyclable materials, and this is with quite acceptable strength, not worse than that of plastic or thin wire. Secondly, they do not pose a threat to the environment; when they enter a humid environment, they quickly decompose. Thirdly, it is easy to print the same advertisement on paper, and you can make good money on it.

Crazy business ideas that have something in them

There are many creative and enterprising people in the world who embody their fantasies in art, science and entrepreneurship. Many of them not only found their fans, but even made a fortune on it. True, others will not be able to adopt them, because crazy ideas for business only work once.

Garbage sale

You can sell anything. This is perfectly understood by the American Christopher Goodwin. He somehow reached an agreement with the owners of the vending machines and started selling trash. For only 25 cents, the user received an airtight bag filled with newspaper scraps, cigarette butts, corks and other debris. Despite the apparent madness of this idea, the entrepreneur managed to sell more than 3 thousand copies of his products.

Space SMS

This idea came to the mind of two American students who decided to improve their well-being. The smart guys invented a sensor that sent messages directly into outer space. It's really all without cheating.

To send SMS into space, you had to call the number indicated in the advertisement and dictate the message. Within minutes, the students sent him directly into space. This crazy and absurd idea has earned the young people about one million dollars.

Socks subscription

This business idea is not as crazy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, hosiery can be found in any store, but some are too lazy to go to the store for socks, while others simply forget about such vital (especially when they run out of clean pairs) things.

A businessman from Switzerland, apparently also suffering from the lack of clean socks in the house when they are needed, decided to make money on it. The bottom line is people subscribe to the delivery of socks. The annual subscription costs just $ 89. During the year, they receive 9 pairs of quality Italian products every month.

By the way, according to the personal calculations of a businessman, this service allows men to save up to 12 hours a year, and the entrepreneur himself was able to organize an outsourcing company BlackSocks and even expanded the scope of its activities. Now you can also subscribe to lingerie.

When people are faced with problems, even minor ones, they often have thoughts about how to solve them. Some ideas can form the basis of inventions and be used commercially.

The good thing about the Internet is that it essentially has no rules. Anyone can create a website with any idea. Therefore, there are a huge number of insane resources on the Web, but some of them really bring profit to their creators. Here are 10 such ideas.

When it comes to the Internet, crazy ventures can make crazy money. One such venture is selling pixels on a website. For 21-year-old Alex Tew from a small English town, it was a way to make money to study at the university. He opened a site where the home page is divided into 10,000 squares, 10 by 10 pixels. Each square costs $ 1. You buy the required number of pixels and you can place any picture or link to your site there. In essence, this is the sale of advertising space. But no one has yet measured it this way! Alex hardly imagined that this idea would give him a start in life and bring in over a million dollars, interviews on major news channels, and fame that the average 21-year-old would not know what to do. Others tried to copy Alex's idea - it's insanely, insanely successful. There are currently no free pixels on the MillionDollarHomepage.

Every year it becomes more difficult for children to convince that Santa Claus really lives somewhere at the North Pole. But the child will not argue if he receives a letter from Santa himself. Armed with this idea, Byron Reese decided to become a real Santa Claus for children around the world. On the SantaMail website. rg they can send their letters "To the North Pole, Santa". Santa's beautifully designed personal response will cost parents $ 9.95. Inexpensive - but multiply that by the 300,000 letters Santa sent over the past year. You can also order a certificate for your child that he is on the list of good children, or a postcard from the Hawaiian Islands - Santa Claus spends his vacation there.

What happens when you take an unemployed writer living with his parents, his father whose sarcasm will bring anyone to tears, and a Twitter account? In the case of Justin Halpern, it got featured on a hit TV show, published a book, and - last but not least - a comedy series. Just a month after the idea began to materialize - Justin began to publish the sayings of his father on Twitter, he was already on the way to a wealthy life, where a million is not the ultimate dream, without making any effort. “Oh, I beg you ... Yes, you think you have invented laziness! Before they get lazy, people should call you and ask for the right to use. ”(This is Daddy's sweetest tweet).

We are often told that we need to wash our hands after money, because you do not know where this money was before. Now you can find out exactly where they were - just register on WheresGeorge. om. Users enter the denomination and serial numbers of their bills, and the site tracks their movement. If a person registered a bill, and then it came to you, then you can find out where your money has been. And where did they go next if the next owner visits the site too. WheresGeorge currently monitors nearly two million bills totaling over a billion dollars.

At the beginning of the era “. om ”you had to pay thousands of dollars for a domain name alone if it grabbed the attention of the right people. Dmitry Davydov's success is based on the same thing, only each domain name he invented costs only $ 50. Plus, buyers only pay if they like the option - no risk. Dmitry liked the idea, because every domain name sold meant $ 50 in a class he enjoyed doing. Soon his story was published in the San Francisco Chronicle, and more clients came along with the fame. The next step in Dmitry's work was crowdsourcing (crowd is a crowd, sourcing is the use of resources: inviting a wide audience to work for a minimum fee or even free of charge, counting on the desire of people to share their ideas and see them implemented in production). But that's another story.

Crazy fans are everywhere, ideas to be next to idols pursue such adorers, no matter what step of the social ladder they are on, many are ready to spend a million (of course, if available) to spend at least a day next to with their idols. Chasing celebrities is a dubious hobby. Chasing after them after they have passed away is the idea of ​​Jim Tipton, with which he succeeded. When Jim visited the graves of all the celebrities in his home state of Utah, he founded FindAGrave. om to continue your "grave tourism". The purpose of the site is to locate the graves of all people buried in the United States. There were more than enough users, and soon the resource began to offer genealogical research and other paid services.

This might be the most useless invention in history, but for Ken and Roni di Lullo, this crazy idea has turned into millions of dollars. Most dog owners would not have thought of buying sunglasses for their pets, but when Doggles hit the market as UV protection, thousands of dog owners rushed to the stores for dog glasses. There are also hats, backpacks, glamorous collar pendants and more on sale. Total: cool dogs, their happy owners, and in the club of millionaires there are two new members with a chain of stores in 16 countries of the world.

It's not an online business, but it was with the help of the Internet that David Marcks turned a relatively simple idea into a business that generates $ 2 million a year. In 1986, David was working on a golf course and noticed that wild geese were terribly annoying, and his Border Collie dog was very effective at driving them away. Combining these two discoveries, David Marks started his own business, which today employs 27 trucks and 32 dogs. Their mission is to clear any area of ​​wild geese. Animal advocates can be calm: the birds are not destroyed or even touched - they are simply persuaded to get out of city parks, school grounds, private and corporate properties and, of course, from golf courses.

Many Internet users will agree that nothing is more powerful than a forced registration to access a free site. However, Guy King is annoying like no one else. We've got to do something about it, King decided, and created BugMeNot, a free online service that instantly provides logins for free sites (like YouTube). A lot of users are tired of wasting time on pointless registration processes and shining their email for spam, and BugMeNot. om has become popular. Ironically, the site gained prominence simply because it was about to be shut down in 2021. Wired magazine wrote about it, and the site received even more attention, and soon expanded its activities to Retailmenot. om (coupon sales service).

Only a madman would be imbued with an idea like this. To the delight of the owners of ShoppingCartAbuse, there are a lot of crazy people around. From the site description: “The Supermarket Trolley Abuse Center is an organization dedicated to preventing the spread of trolley abuse. We are here to help you understand this hidden threat and celebrate the Silver Parking Chariot. ” Think of it! Creative pictures of the carts, videos starring the carts, and of course the branded T-shirts and the site was an instant hit. Even some Hollywood stars could not resist and took part in the "campaign".

I was looking for pictures, screened, copy-pasted specifically for pikabu D. ovak =]

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Billionaires aren't just known for getting rich off their innovative business ideas. They are also known for their eccentric and wild ideas, the implementation of which usually seems impossible. These are the same ideas that made them the billionaires they are today.

When promoting our ideas, we face a lot of pressure from people. For some of us, this is a challenge and motivation. For others - the collapse of all aspirations. But despite all the negativity about our dreams, we are still able to move towards the goal.

Even billionaires have to prove their ideas work. Today we will talk about 11 of the craziest ideas from the most famous and richest people in the world.

crazy ideas from billionaires, bold ideas that almost worked

Titanic II by Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer, an Australian billionaire businessman who owns Mineralogy, planned to create a replica of the Titanic that would cost $ 500 million. It was reported that the "Titanic II" will be unsinkable and will be about 270 meters long, 50 meters high and weigh about 40,000 tons. It would also have 840 rooms and nine decks. However, there is speculation that the project has been shelved.

The Titanic II wasn't the only bold idea Palmer tried to bring to life. In 2021, he opened Palmersaurus Park, which is located in his Coolum resort in Queensland. The park had over 160 dinosaur copies, making it the largest dinosaur park in the world. The park is now closed.

Mission to Mars by Dennis Tito

Engineer and founder of Wilshire Associates, Dennis Tito, announced in 2021 that he is working to make a 501-day flight to Mars a reality by 2021, but it looks like it has been pushed back to 2021. when the next parade of planets takes place.

The Mars Inspiration Fund will include two members who will travel to Mars with as little fuel as possible. Even if this is just a flyby of the planet, the mission will lay the foundation for real exploration of space by humanity.

Yuri Milner's Global Intelligence

Investor Yuri Milner made his fortune by early joining companies such as Facebook, Groupon and Zynga. However, in 2021, Milner believed that technology was in its infancy and that we were moving towards a “global brain”. According to Milner, the global brain will be made up of "all people connected to each other and to machines and interacting in a very unique and deep way, creating a common intelligence that does not belong to one person or computer."

Bill Gates' War on Poverty

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