40 original ideas for making money in the auto business

Nowadays, the well-known phrase that a car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation is perceived as a fact. Today, almost every family has a car, and their number on the streets is constantly growing. Therefore, business ideas arise with cars.

Taxi service as a business idea

A business is subject to registration as an individual entrepreneur with a single tax on temporary income. Since the work uses light vehicles, a license is not required for the taxi service.

Opening a taxi service does not require a huge start-up capital to purchase a fleet of vehicles. Many men have their own cars, so you can hire such drivers to work. The condition for hiring taxi drivers is a technical inspection of the car for suitability for its use. At the beginning of work, it is enough to hire 10 drivers with a twelve-hour work schedule, day-night or two days off. You also need to hire 3 dispatchers with knowledge of the city and PC.

Capital investments of the business consist in equipping the premises rented as an office with a computer, telephones (phone numbers should be easy to remember), furniture. Estimated costs - 60,000-80000 rubles.

Monthly expenses will amount to 300,000- 350,000 rubles: rent of a small office space (15,000 rubles), staff wages fund with social contributions (250,000 rubles), fuel costs, advertising. You also need to conclude an agreement with a service station to carry out those. inspection and necessarily - with a medical institution for every shift examination of drivers for alcoholic intoxication before leaving for work.

Usually, the net profit from the provision of the service is from 80,000 rubles per month, and the payback period for the business is about six months.

Car towing as a business

In business, the main component is the speed of response to a call. With a quick response to the order, the success of the business is guaranteed, since it is very important for the client to take his car to the place of repair as quickly as possible and not be an obstacle to the already loaded traffic flow. The faster the response rate, the more customers will use the services of this particular service. State tow trucks, due to their sluggishness, cannot seriously compete even with small private companies.

At the initial stage of the business, it is enough to purchase three cars: two tow trucks for transportation of cars (100,000 rubles) and one for the transportation of commercial vehicles and light trucks (700,000 rubles). You will also need safety cables and winches. Be sure to take care of the advertising of your company and the parking for tow trucks. Initially, the entrepreneur himself may be the coordinator of incoming orders, but when the number of tow trucks exceeds ten cars, a dispatcher will be required.

Monthly expenses will amount to about 100,000 rubles: drivers' salaries - 60,000 rubles, fuel costs - 30,000 rubles, consumables and spare parts for tow trucks - 4,000 rubles.

The price of evacuation of one car is from 2021 rubles, and a small truck - from 4000 rubles. The proceeds from the sale of the services of three tow trucks will amount to at least 20,000 rubles per day. The net profit for the month is from 500,000 rubles, and the payback period for capital investments is about 6 months.

Auto-selection services can be called a trend in the auto business: the service is in great demand on the market now, and a rather modest amount is needed to start. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what's what.

Buying a car on the secondary market has always been associated with certain risks. For an ignorant person, there is always a great chance to run into a broken copy restored by garage craftsmen after a major accident. No one is protected from all sorts of machinations of dishonest dealers and fraudsters - twisted runs, cars pledged by banks, assembled from fragments of different auto "constructors", "drowned" ...

The list can be continued almost endlessly, but the most interesting thing is that recently a rather interesting type of business has appeared that allows novice car owners to minimize most of the risks when purchasing a car on the secondary market. We are talking about a service for the selection of cars for clients, which has been gaining momentum in recent years.

In fact, using the services of an auto-picker, the client relieves himself of all the difficulties and worries about finding and selecting the future "iron horse" - the expert will check the technical condition, make sure that the selected copy is legal, and even bargain for you with the seller.

At the same time, for an entrepreneur who wants to try himself in the car selection business, there are also enough advantages at first glance - a rather modest amount is needed to start, while the service is now in great demand, in fact, being a real trend in the market. Many well-promoted experts have at the same time 10 orders or more in the process, with an average selection cost of 15 to 50,000 rubles. A real klondike for a savvy "techie" who loves and knows how to communicate and negotiate with people! However, do not forget about the risks - after all, looking for the right option, the auto-picker responds with its own wallet and reputation.

Market overview and business formats

The market for car selection services began to form relatively recently, just a couple of years ago, but already now, in almost every city with a population of over one million, the client has a lot to choose from. So even if, without any thickness gauges "by eye" you determine the painted part, you have driven Accents from Moscow to resell heels, and the forensic inspector from the nearest MREO is your good friend - do not rush to rub your hands in anticipation of light fees, there is already plenty of competition.

Briefly, the auto-selection market can be divided into three segments:

Promoted federal companies, leading in their market share. They differ, on the one hand, in the highest prices for the selection and diagnostics of cars, on the other hand, in the highest level of service. However, the latter is not always synonymous with a high level of professionalism - the founder of the company may, indeed, be a top-class specialist and make educational videos on YouTube, but his representatives in the regions do not always correspond to the company's high image.

Single professionals (each work locally in his own region (for example, in the Southern Federal District plus the selection and transportation of a car from Moscow). As a rule, this is a successful entrepreneur who has made a good name for himself, who for a number of reasons does not delegate his powers hired employees, and continues to work in the field of auto-selection.

Which way of business development to choose is up to you. Someone seeks to create a larger company and immediately with the growth of the business goes to develop other regions, while someone prefers the principle of "tit in hand" and quietly makes money within their city without outside help.

This is where the potential income for an entrepreneurial person hides. It is more and more difficult to purchase spare parts for old cars every day: car services prefer to specialize in brand new models - this is much more cost-effective for them. But it’s just for small business that new cars are not very interesting, because, doing them, you will have to compete with large companies, which means too little profit: a large company can receive quite good income due to high turnover, which is not the case in small business. But old cars are just what you need.

Recycling point

The easiest way to make money is to provide services for the removal and disposal of unregistered cars - cars that are sold not even for parts, but for scrap. On average, a car body “pulls” $ 300 at the nearest scrap metal collection point. You can buy such junk for $ 100, or even cheaper. That is, only the presence of a tow truck for transporting waste is already quite profitable. Of course, in order to have a stable income from this type of activity, constant monitoring is needed to find cheap cars for scrap, and, of course, constant work on transportation.

In principle, you can even do without a tow truck: some scrap metal collection points independently take out the scrap. Naturally, scrap metal is weighed at the point - no one takes the scales with them to the scrap metal. Therefore, in this case, the task is reduced to the delivery of waste for transportation and a visit to the scrap metal collection point to weigh the returned recyclable materials and calculate. Running, but not free.

What is in the car besides the body

This is especially true of old cars, and even more so - out of production. The owners of such cars also agree to used parts, even to bumpers with small cracks that can be welded.

Glasses (especially windshield), handles, doors, fenders, shock absorbers, interior, gearboxes, mufflers, tires, wheels ... The car can be disassembled to the state of a set of spare parts on the conveyor. And at the same time, there will still be scrap metal, which is calmly sent to the collection point for recyclable materials, and all other spare parts are selling well.

Metropolitan areas and periphery

One often hears the opinion that the sale of used spare parts for cars is relevant only in the periphery. They say that in megalopolises everyone prefers exclusively new parts, and used ones are not in demand at all.

Of course, new parts for cars are much better than used ones, no one thinks to argue with that. But the income of car owners does not always allow them to buy these new parts. Especially when it comes to a fairly expensive car in which an expensive part or device has failed. Nowadays, they often use a loan to buy a new and by no means cheap car, but the maintenance and maintenance of such a car requires a certain income. And, faced with the high cost of spare parts, the car owner is forced to turn his attention to what is considered the second grade - used spare parts.

Also, one should not forget about old cars - they often cannot do without used spare parts simply due to the complete lack of new ones. And old cars are quite enough both in megalopolises and on the periphery. So this kind of business is successful everywhere. Moreover, in megacities it pays off even faster, because more cars means faster turnover and more income.

How to arrange a car dismantling

According to statistics, the number of cars in the country has already exceeded 50 million, so many entrepreneurs are interested in alternative ideas for making money in the auto business. The auto business is considered to be one of the most steadily growing businesses, and economists predict the trend will continue.

Small businesses with small budgets can meet the needs of car enthusiasts for all sorts of services. Competition forces entrepreneurs to look for niches in which they can quickly recoup their investments. In addition to standard business ideas, they launch unusual services and implement original ideas related to cars.

All business ideas in this area can be divided into several large groups:

  • Transportation services (with narrow specialization).
  • Car tuning, as well as sale of accessories and components.
  • Car washes with unusual additional services, for example, a bikini car wash.
  • Fast food on wheels and entertainment.
  • Earnings using buses.

Let's take a closer look at each of the groups.

Read also how to get a stable income on auto topics.

  • 1 Auto business: Ideas for making money on taxi and car sharing services ????
    • 1. Route taxi
    • 1. Ladies Taxi
    • 1. Psychological taxi
    • 1. Pick up your child from school
    • 1. Taxi off-road vehicle
    • 1. Car sharing
    • 1. Interior padding
    • 1. Lighting and painting of wheels
  • 2 Spare parts for trucks ????
    • 2. Auto parts store
    • 2. Pasting with plastic film
    • 2. Creative wipers
    • 2. Auto painting
    • 2. Installing car alarms
    • 2. Sale of car air fresheners
    • 2. Production of washer fluid
    • 2. Sale of parts for retro cars
    • 2. Sale of car seats
    • 2. 0 Sale of car tents
  • 3 Car business at a car wash ????
    • 3. Bikini car wash
    • 3. Onsite car wash
    • 3. Freight car wash
    • 3. Automotive business ideas for fast food and entertainment
    • 3. Snack bar on wheels
    • 3. Mobile coffee shop
    • 3. Ice cream from wheels
    • 3. Bulldozing
    • 3. Party bus
    • 3. 0 Karaoke taxi
    • 3. 1 Rent for weddings
  • 4 For buses ????
    • 4. Meditation Bus
    • 4. Toilet bus
    • 4. School bus
    • 4. Hotel in old bus
  • 5 Other services ????
    • 5. Snow removal
    • 5. Dispatch office for construction equipment
    • 5. Original trailers
    • 5. Auto hostel
    • 5. Evacuation service
    • 5. Gasoline delivery via the app
    • 5. Sanitation services
    • 5. Extreme Driving School
    • 5. Sale of garage furniture
  • 6 Conclusion

Auto business: Ideas for making money on taxi and car sharing services ????

The usual taxi service acquires the status of a new idea for the auto business, if you approach it, discarding stereotypes. Then the taxi will become a profitable business for an entrepreneur and an irreplaceable service for clients.

Route taxi

Route taxi for many cities is an alternative to public transport. Therefore, this type of business is attractive and promising. You don't even need to have a car park to open it. It is estimated that on one route you can earn up to 150,000 rubles / month.

The car is distinguished by such qualities as convenience, comfort, speed of movement. For this reason, it is the most popular type of vehicle, and, therefore, a car business is able to bring a high and stable income to those people who are well versed in the device of cars, are engaged in transportation or sale of vehicles. In this article, we bring you lucrative ideas for your auto business.

Liquid rubber car painting business

The benefits of this auto business include the following:

  • Small initial investment;
  • Profitability;
  • Constantly growing demand for a car painting service with liquid rubber.

To implement this auto business, you will need a remote control for applying paint, a spray gun, the paint itself, solvents, detergents, consumables (tape, cardboard). As for the premises for this business idea, it should be of the garage type.

It will take you about 15,000 rubles to rent, purchase the necessary materials and equipment to implement this idea. The cost of painting one vehicle is 6,000 rubles.

The disadvantages of such an auto business include, first of all, the fact that it sometimes takes several days to prepare a car for painting. All other disadvantages of this idea relate mainly to the liquid rubber itself as a material. First, it is susceptible to the harmful effects of solvents. Secondly, with its help it is impossible to remove tar or oil. Thirdly, it is easy to damage it with a sharp object.

You can franchise a car business related to liquid rubber painting. We recommend that you study the offer of the Dope Car Dip company.

Automotive cold retreading business

  • Small initial investment;
  • Ability to work with any type of tires;
  • High level of profitability;
  • The ability to repair several tires at the same time.

The disadvantages of this type of auto business include the high cost of consumables, the risk of misjudging prospects, and the need for special skills.

To implement the idea, you will need a lamp, a scanner, an autoclave, machine tools, an extruder, a tire holder, a container to maintain the wet state of rubber.

You can buy a ready-made auto business for restoring tires by the cold method for 3,000,000 rubles. You can also use franchising, which will be much cheaper.

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