123 business ideas with minimal investment

We have made a selection of the most interesting ideas for a small business with an initial capital of up to 100,000 rubles. The selection includes a dozen of the most original projects - from a musical school for children in the provinces to organizing tours for motorists in Belarus and sewing cushions in Khabarovsk.

Online Chocolate Maker

A student of the Higher School of Economics Oleg Guskov always dreamed of opening a confectionery factory, but he had no money. Then he decided to start on a smaller scale and in 2021 launched an online chocolate maker, allowing each customer to create a bar to their liking.

100,000 rubles were enough to start the business. The young entrepreneur found his first clients among fellow students, and then information about the new product quickly spread through word of mouth. Now the project has more than 40% of repeat orders and a turnover of almost 50 million rubles. per month.

Organization of tours for auto travelers

A journalist from Belarus Inga Khrushcheva has launched a service that offers tourists unusual routes across the CIS and Europe, high-quality videos, texts and photographs. The investment in the project was only 1000 euros. They went to the site layout, hosting and domain purchase.

In two or three days Inga develops author's routes for tourists worth 150 euros, which help to save about 1,500 euros.

In the future, she intends to popularize tours around her native country in a new format - for example, to launch gastronomic travel.

Creative Agency

Alexander Besov, Pavel Raikov and Marat Bakirov, the founders of the Moscow agency Anima Interactive, have always wanted to implement an international advertising project, get the "Lion of Cannes" and become a digital agency known far beyond Russia.

They managed to run an advertising campaign for the smartphone maker Lenovo and attracted more than 7,000 potential buyers in an interactive competition. Only 50,000 rubles were invested in opening a business, and now its turnover already exceeds 20 million rubles. in year.

Updated October 26, 2021

Decided to open your own business, but don't know what business idea to start with? Which occupation or craft is right for you?

If you are looking for interesting business ideas that will help you make your choice, then this article is just what you need. Here are 123 business ideas from a wide variety of areas: personalized services, retail, cleaning services, animal care, technology and more.

In this list, you will surely find the best business ideas that ideally meet your goals and requirements.

But before you dive headlong into this extensive list, we want to draw your attention to one question - if you don't have a logo or other elements of corporate identity yet, we recommend you an online logo generator called Logaster ...

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Home business ideas

Home Makeup

If you know how to emphasize the dignity of a person's appearance and work wonders with eyeshadow and lipstick, then why not monetize your talent? For less than $ 250-500, you can start your own makeup business from scratch. With a skillful approach, such an undertaking can turn into a rather lucrative part-time job.


A well-organized business will eventually generate significant income that will delight you with consistency. But how to create it if you have a small start-up capital at your disposal?

Idea selection

The most important thing is to choose a suitable idea that can be fully implemented within the framework of the future business. At the same time, it is important that the chosen area coincides not only with your interests, but also with professional skills: only in this case you will completely surrender to your favorite business and the result will be fruitful.

There are many ideas for creating a business with a small start-up capital. Sewing clothes and home textiles, preparing and delivering food to the office, selling dumplings and pastries, making home accessories - there are opportunities for everyone.

When choosing an idea, it is advisable to study the market; the presence of competitors; demand in this sector.

Plan & Finance

Everything should be carefully planned: what, where, how much. A rational approach is a prerequisite for the further development of a business with a small start-up capital and turning it into a profitable enterprise.

All expenses and income should be counted, even if they are negligible. This will teach you order and accuracy in business, which is one of the main qualities of a successful leader.

Don't mix business-owned money with others. In this sense, be exacting of yourself. The income received must be invested in the business, as in a big business. Let every coin work for future success.

Fight in a good mood

And, of course, you need to remember that the right mindset is the first and important step towards building your business. Do not be confused that the amount you can invest in your future business is very small - work for the future. You know: the sea is made of drops.


Own business is one of the steps to financial independence. If you are a purposeful, morally stable person, then your financial investments will pay off pretty quickly!

The most relevant ideas are always close at hand. Today, it is quite possible to open a profitable business with a minimum investment of money, but not every person understands exactly where to start. In this article, we will give such tips to aspiring entrepreneurs that will help solve the issue of starting their own business.

Unfortunately, in our country the situation is rather unstable and not permanent. You will not be able to draw up long term business plans.

For example, the United States is planning a business for 20, or even 30 years ahead! There is no need to talk about this in Russia.

What business can be opened with minimal costs - an overview of ideas

Choosing a small business idea with minimal financial investment at home

Small business home business ideas with minimal cash investment represent a small cost in their own business, the starting amount is up to $ 4,000 (four thousand dollars). Choose the winning option in advance, do not get down to business if in doubt.

Take time-tested business ideas, use the experience of your colleagues who have already gone from starting their own business to a successful business.

There are two main areas of business:

  • Trade industry
  • Service industry

When you choose between these two points, keep in mind: the sphere of trade pays off gradually! But the service sector, on the contrary, has a wide range - from physical to mental labor.

Business ideas without start-up capital: what better to do?

Very often people think about starting their own business. But even more often they reject this idea due to the lack of funds for its implementation. They are afraid to borrow money for the implementation of their ideas, as they often do not believe that the business will go well and the debts will be fully repaid. But are there business ideas without start-up capital? Let's try to figure it out.

Where to start?

Many novice businessmen are sure that it is impossible to bring any idea to life without the availability of start-up capital. Of course, in most cases, this is correct thinking. Because in addition to a good project, funds are required for its implementation: renting premises, purchasing the necessary material and equipment.

But there are a number of projects that do not require initial capital, or its size is so small that such an amount can hardly be called capital. But without entrepreneurial talent, experience, certain skills, hard work and willpower, it will not be possible to establish a profitable business.

The first year is especially difficult, you may have to work 20 hours a day, but as a result you will get a well-oiled project that generates income.

How to plan a business without start-up capital?

When organizing a business from scratch without start-up capital, you need to understand that lack of funds is not a key factor. Don't get hung up on this. After all, investment is not the most important thing in the implementation of a successful business idea. The main investments are one's own talent, knowledge, experience, organizational skills and practical skills. This is the foundation on which further business will be built.

Try planning a business without start-up capital like this:

  • Decide on an idea;
  • Take a sheet of paper and write down, point by point, what is available for its implementation, not missing even the smallest details: experience, skills , individual characteristics, the presence of a garage, a vegetable garden, and the like;
  • We draw up a business plan with step-by-step instructions on what to do and when. And we start to implement it.

When choosing an idea, it is worth considering that it must fully and completely correspond to hobbies and skills, otherwise nothing will work out. Before choosing it, it is worth sketching on a piece of paper several options for projects that do not require investment and choose the one that you like.

Interesting business ideas without start-up capital

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