12 unusual cafes

The modern world dictates its own rules. The pace of life in the metropolis is growing every year. To keep up with tomorrow, today you need to run with all your might. A rigid rhythm is reflected not only in work, business, affairs, but also in a person's nutrition. Middle-level managers no longer have time for set meals in cafes and restaurants, and lunches take place in parallel with business meetings. In the realities of such a time, the fast food business is gaining global momentum.


The main idea of ​​the project is to serve the client as quickly and tasty as possible. Oftentimes, snacks are not expensive. But this in no way depends on the quality of the raw materials used.

Low cost is achieved by a small number of staff, low rent and high turnover. If you want to create a profitable establishment, don't skimp on groceries.

In recent years, the progressive population has come to a healthy diet. You can bet on this. Create a menu based on organic healthy food: salads, muesli, cereals, gluten-free bars, cereals, seeds, lactose-free milk and more. A minimum of sugar, salt, yeast, fat - maximum benefit. This is the motto of the institution. This newfangled trend takes place in the distant future.

The second common cuisine is Japanese. Rolls, sushi, miso soups, salads are so fond of post-Soviet people that not a single cafe and restaurant can do without them. In addition, rice with fish is nutritious balanced components. In addition to quick snacks, such dishes will be popular.

Standard fast food with the usual filling like hamburgers, cheeseburgers, salads, fries can be modified and amended. For example, to make sandwiches from a good grilled steak, without harmful fats and potatoes do not fry in a huge amount of oil, but bake in the oven.

Target audience and location

  • Students. Age from 17 to 21 years old.
  • Employees of the nearest offices and companies. The age range ranges from 22 to 40 years old.
  • Random passers-by. They will account for up to 30% of all customers and may not visit the cafe again.

If you decide to follow the standard proven route, opening in public places of large crowds, the data above will change. When creating public catering in the metro, at railway stations, crossings and public transport stops, do not expect regular customers, but a massive flow is ensured.

Location depends on assortment and orientation:

  • student campus areas, areas near hostels, computer clubs;
  • downtown, close to business centers;
  • large urban parks, embankments, squares;
  • train stations, airports, metro stations, busy avenues, markets.

Remember that targeting students and workers will be subject to seasonality, while other locations are passable at any time of the year.

Cozy interior, the smell of freshly ground coffee and delicious homemade cakes - how can you go past such splendor? It is in the cafe that young people spend their afternoons, and more mature visitors come there to have a snack, cheer up with a cup of their favorite drink or hold a business meeting. How to start implementing an interesting business idea? This business has its own nuances and subtleties. The main thing is faith in your capabilities and perseverance in achieving the goal. Even if, at first glance, the catering industry is not easy to break through.

A cozy, welcoming cafe will easily become popular with visitors

A big city is a source of customers and significant profit

Where is the best place to open a cafe? Of course, a big city is the best choice. It is beneficial to open a cafe in the immediate vicinity of train stations, historical or cultural attractions, shopping centers. In this case, you will have many visitors from among tourists, visitors, service personnel.

There are many varieties of coffee, but they are all great!

Another good place to place a cafe will be in an area where there are many students. In this case, office workers, builders, students and schoolchildren will become your clients. Diversity of clients means that your business will be known in different circles. Good reviews about the cafe will be the best advertisement. It is also worth thinking about launching your own website that will inform Internet users about adding some interesting items to the menu or any promotions and discounts.

Do not count true lovers of an exquisite drink

The comfort and convenience of visitors is a good trump card in gaining popularity

The key to the success of any business is a good idea. As for the cafe, it would be nice to equip it so that visitors can read a book or listen to music over a cup of coffee or cocoa. It is also necessary to open a Wi-Fi access point, which will be an additional bonus in winning the sympathy of young people. Thanks to the variety of offerings, you can reach a lot more potential customers than creating a regular and boring cafe.

Take care of a cozy interior in your cafe

Idea is just the core of your business. It is equally important to pay close attention to details, such as the arrangement of the cafe and the equipment and inventory needed for this. You can order all this via the Internet, finding bona fide suppliers, which will allow you to significantly save on small wholesale purchases.

In modern society, visiting a cafe has become a part of a social ritual and a necessary component of the image of a successful and progressive person. Business, romantic, festive, atmospheric, educational, entertainment and other meetings are held in establishments of various price segments. Opening your own cafe in a large metropolis or small town is a promising business, provided that you get into the client's request for each specific location. To help you make the right business decisions, we offer a list of ideas for atmospheric establishments and free examples of corresponding ready-made business plans for a cafe with all calculations.

Internet Cafe Business Plan

In the modern world, where virtual reality successfully competes with everyday life, opening an Internet cafe can bring great profits to the owner. It should be remembered that the utilitarian needs of customers, such as checking email and visiting social networks, are handled by smartphones. Success in the Internet services market will bring an institution with powerful machines, multifunctional office equipment, current programs and conditions suitable for working with texts, images, audio and video files. How to develop a business plan, see the link:

Children's cafe

Young parents always appreciate the opportunity to comfortably, safely and have fun with their child outside the home. The children's cafe business plan focuses on aspects such as healthy baby food, play equipment and ergonomic room design:

In a children's institution, the quality and environmental friendliness of finishing materials are important.

Fast food cafe business plan

The rhythm of the metropolis dictates its own rules - you want to live. be able to spin. Nothing here is valued as highly as time. The ability to have a quick snack without compromising personal comfort and quality of food is a gold mine. Whether to promote your own idea or join a promoted network is the main choice when creating a cafe business plan:

Pancake Cafe

A simple and beloved dish by Russian people is pancakes with endless variations of fillings. A colorful and warm atmospheric Russian diner will attract both supporters of the national tradition and tourists. The business plan will not require excessive investment:

People love to sit in cafes. Opening your own cafe is a profitable business today. You need to attract customers with delicious food, cozy atmosphere, good service and an original concept. Entrepreneurs who managed to come up with an unusual idea will not be left without visitors.

The establishments that will be discussed below are worth visiting at least once. What emotions they will evoke - positive or negative - is a separate question, but you will definitely not remain indifferent to them.

So, twelve cafes with original concepts.

Alkatraz (Japan)

This place is intended for lovers of "prison romance" and just for seekers of new sensations. At the entrance, visitors are fingerprinted, the rules of conduct are announced, and the same prison uniform is issued. The waiters will still strive to put handcuffs on you and give you a “soothing” injection. The tables in the cafe are separated by bars, so that customers really feel like in a prison.

The names of the dishes are also striking. Want to try the Brain Burner cocktail or the Dead Bird, Human Intestine and Penis Sausage dishes? Then go ahead for impressions in Tokyo Alkatraz.

Dinner in the Sky (Belgium)

There is a cafe in Brussels, where you can tickle your nerves. Here you will dine literally soaring above the ground. The establishment is a construction of a crane, a large table and chairs with reliable seat belts. At the same time, the table can accommodate 22 visitors, not counting the waiters. When customers are seated at their seats and fastened their seat belts, the crane lifts them, along with the table and waiters, to a height of 50 meters from the ground.

The combination of a cafe and an attraction has recently appeared in Kiev.

Metro St James (Australia)

The owners of the Metro St. James in Sydney came up with an unusual way to pay for their services. To get a morning cup of aromatic coffee, a visitor needs to kiss any person except the staff of the establishment. These can be both beloved ones who came with their halves, and casual passers-by.

Initially, paying with kisses was conceived as a one-month promotion, however, visitors liked coffee for kisses so much that the owners of the cafe had to extend the promotion for the same period. If a cafe client wants to pay for his order with a kiss, he needs to select the appropriate menu item on the tablet. Further, the kissing process itself is recorded in the form of a photograph.

All photos of non-standard payment Metro St. James posts it on the establishment's Facebook page. For two months, more than a thousand kisses were collected. “No fake, kisses must be sincere! We will carefully monitor you ”- this was the slogan of the action.

Opening a cafe is a complex and multi-stage process. If a person approached this business responsibly, then as a result he will receive a profitable business that will quickly pay for itself. At the same time, the entrepreneur receives almost passive income over time. The main thing is to organize the work of all employees. You must first figure out how to open a cafe and draw up a business plan.

How much does it cost to open

Cafe is not the most budgetary business. You need to be prepared for a significant initial investment. The main expenses are rent of premises, salaries of staff, equipment and arrangement of premises, preparation of the necessary documents, purchase of products.

When figuring out how to open your cafe, you need to immediately calculate what expenses are expected. Moreover, you should definitely invest the amount that is aimed at unplanned spending. Better to start a business with your own money. Taking out a loan is already the first step to failure.

The amount for opening is highly dependent on the chosen concept. You need to understand that only an entrepreneur can calculate the exact figure at the opening stage. For example, on a summer-type cafe, which is designed for 20 people, you will have to spend about * 800 thousand rubles. About * 300 thousand rubles - fixed costs.

You can open a cafe on a franchise. The only drawback is the need to fulfill the requirements of the network. But the opening is likely to be cheaper than starting it yourself.

Types of cafes

You need to decide on the type of activity of the cafe. There are several main directions:

  • Summer cafe. The outlet is small. The opening costs are minimal. There is no need for your own kitchen, which makes it possible to save on staff. The menu of such an institution usually includes the simplest snacks, hot and cold drinks, and snacks. It should be borne in mind that the establishment is seasonal. A great option is to open such a cafe near parks or on the beach in resort towns. The disadvantages of the summer cafe include attracting unwanted contingent.
  • Self-service cafe. The concept of the restaurant assumes no waiters. In terms of format, the institution resembles catering canteens.
  • Antikafe. The main idea is that visitors pay by the hour to be in the establishment. The emphasis is not on food, but on leisure. There is no kitchen in the cafe. Only the most common drinks and snacks are presented. But in the very room for the guests, various board games and books are presented as standard. For example, cat-cafes work according to the same principle, where payment goes by the hour, but cats are quietly walking around in the hall, with which you can play.
  • Traditional cafe. This is the most expensive option, but the income is also higher.

The finished examples of the restaurant concept are very different from each other. But each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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