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# 6 Construction of an apartment building

Probably, for any construction organization, the highest degree of success is the construction of the first apartment building, and in the future - a whole residential complex of several multi-storey buildings. But not everyone succeeds in translating such an idea into reality. And it's not just the high cost of such a large-scale project. render completely. Investments in the construction of an apartment building are, of course, very impressive. But the main problem is obtaining a building permit from the administration of the district where the construction of the building is planned. And also summing up all communications.

What is such a structure?

If you don't go into terms and speak in simple and understandable language, then the description will be as follows. An apartment building is a building within which the owners and legal entities own rooms, apartments or commercial premises. In such a building, there must be two or more apartments at the same time. Each of them must have its own exit to the street or to a common area (corridor or staircase).

In addition to apartments or rooms, such a house (usually on the ground floor) may contain non-residential commercial premises. They are used as offices, shops, reception areas. Also in the apartment building there are common areas - corridors, staircases, elevators, stairs, balconies and terraces. From the definition, let's move on to the main stages of the construction of an apartment building. And let's start with the most important thing.

Choosing a land plot for the construction of an apartment building

Let's turn to experienced construction companies for help and see what they first look at when looking for land for future construction. Firstly, it is the proximity of urban heat, water and power supply networks. That is, the required minimum for a comfortable stay.

Secondly, the availability of telephone networks and cables for connecting the Internet and television. Today, most people cannot imagine their life without these benefits of civilization, and they will never buy an apartment where the leading Internet providers have not yet extended their cables. The closer all the necessary communications are to the place of future construction, the lower the cost per square meter will be. This means that potential buyers will be able to count on the most favorable prices. And you, in turn, will be able to quickly sell or rent out all the apartments.

Small Business Online

Here is a list of great business ideas you can make on the internet

1-Cybersecurity Services Cybersecurity is a growing concern today for companies small and large. While large firms have sophisticated cybersecurity departments that monitor the company's internet and computer systems to prevent hacking, phishing, spyware, and ransomware attacks, small organizations cannot afford such an infrastructure. IT professionals can start a small business online from home.

2-Content Writing / Blogging Fast moving consumer goods manufacturers (FMCGs), banks, newspapers, and many other small business ideas now rely on content creators to provide product reviews. These independent reviews are presented on the companies' websites. Other companies run independent blogs to promote products and services. With great writing skills, you can start a content writing and blogging business.

3-Software Development Americans spent $ 360.3 billion on online shopping in 2021, which is expected to grow to $ 630.4 billion by 2021. Consequently, e-retailers will demand faster, more user-friendly mobile apps to attract customers. In addition, the demand for various types of software for accounting, tax calculation and other purposes is already high. For IT professionals who specialize in software development, this is one of the best small business ideas on the internet.

4-Data Analysis Almost every company wants to know details such as cost structure, demographics of people who access their website, shopping and internet usage trends, transaction patterns, and more. Data analysts can offer this service to companies by starting a small business on the Internet.

5-Online Editing Editing raw videos, providing subtitles, adding audio tracks are some of the tasks you can do online from your home or small office. Advertising companies, manufacturers, television channels and others are looking for a business from which they can outsource services. If you have the required skills, software and hardware, try the online editorial business.

Sales and Marketing is the Best Small Business to Start

6-Network Marketing Business Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is by far the best small business for people with a penchant for sales. Partner with major American MLM companies like Cutco, Amway, Avon Cosmetics and more to start your own business.

7-Insurance Agency Buying life, health, vehicle and home insurance can be tricky. Thus, potential clients are looking for agents who can explain various aspects of the policy. Insurance companies also depend on agents to increase their sales and market share. With some knowledge of finance and insurance, this is a fairly lucrative small business.

8 - Real Estate Agency Trading real estate can be very profitable in the United States. People move from one house to another in order to meet their financial situation, or move to another job. You can associate yourself with a large real estate company and work as their subagent or start your own business.

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