Where to invest in Moscow, What business to open in Moscow

In such a huge city as Moscow, at first glance it may seem that there are practically no places and regions that are not occupied for business.

But this approach for organizing your business is fundamentally wrong. Rather a turn. Such a metropolis as Moscow constantly requires the opening of new enterprises in various fields of activity.


The launch of any commercial enterprise (from a stall to a store) will be profitable in Moscow, given a few points. Trading in cheap Asian consumer goods is unlikely to provide sustainable profits and will allow you to develop your business successfully. The main competitor will be markets where rents are disproportionately lower. It's almost useless to compete with them. Plus, large chain supermarkets are actively taking over this niche - look at Auchan, Fixprice, etc.

The part of the population that is focused on cheap Asian consumer goods will rather shop in markets where they have the opportunity to receive hundreds of offers of the same product from different sellers in a relatively small space. Consequently, the store will not be in steady demand. And the prices in it will be significantly higher than in the market, if only because of the costs of rent, taxes, wages and so on. Market traders are free of this.

It makes sense to open a trading enterprise, focusing on the choice of location. If there are offices nearby, there will be a shop selling from stationery to a clothing boutique. If this is a residential area, especially a new building, then the demand for even an ordinary grocery store will be high. In other areas, it is worth noting that if Moscow is experiencing a shortage, then first of all, in a quality product at affordable prices.

For example, consider a clothing store with your own brand. And it is possible to order models from individual entrepreneurs, in ateliers near Moscow and small factories. Even trading in exotic fruits will generate some income.

Service station services

Moscow will always experience a shortage of enterprises working in the service sector. Service stations are very promising, including those with the departure of a master in cases of minor breakdowns. The car park is growing rapidly. The image of a driver who has a bunch of spare parts and tools with him is becoming a thing of the past. There are many more drivers who are not able to simply replace the fuse in the car.

A broken wheel is becoming a global problem. Service station will always be in demand. The organization of a service with the departure of a foreman who will determine the breakdown and decide whether to fix it on the spot or drive the car to the station, with good advertising, will certainly be in demand.


The tourism business has its own niches that are not yet fully saturated. For example, there are a lot of offers with outbound tourism in Moscow. Another thing is to focus on attracting tourists to Moscow from abroad. And first of all, the distant one. Here, the main role will be played by the creation and promotion of your own website, accessible to foreign tourists.

Favorite tourist places of the capital are solvent buyers, sweeping away souvenirs, ready to buy excursions (especially unique, and not boring routes for everyone).

Everyone wants to make good money. And to be your own boss, to do what you love, to build it as you see fit - this is generally the ultimate dream. However, how to approach this question from a practical point of view?

For everyone planning to go “on free bread” in 2021, start implementing their startups or raise a new segment of entrepreneurship in their small homeland - this material!

Any business is born from an idea. You need a push, you need a zest and some kind of basic basis ... Roughly speaking, it is worth understanding what exactly you want to do? True, with a wave of a magic wand, only the Fairy-Godmother's pumpkin became carriages, and mice became beautiful horses. If you dive into the wrong pool of business ideas, you can very suddenly retrain yourself into a horse ... a draft horse.

Tips for choosing a business area

The world is a monstrously diverse thing. And an active nature in him will always find something to do. But, you must admit, you often feel that you want both this and that ... and how to embrace it all and what to grab first is completely incomprehensible!

And it is not necessary, psychologists advise. Choose several fields of activity in which you can prove yourself like a real pro. Estimate which of them will be in demand among the target audience that you plan to reach.

For example, the organization of creative parties is unlikely to be in demand in a regional center ... Find the points of intersection with the first list.

Think which of the rest will be more profitable and, at the same time, easily organized? That's what finally precipitated - yours!

Goal Setting

Any businessman will tell you right off the bat that the most important key to success is the correct setting of goals. High expectations are pure evil and a well-trodden path to depression and loss of faith in oneself. Not to mention financial. Therefore, first of all, engage in setting goals - when you see specifically what you are striving for, things will go much easier!

That being said, remember that goals are always set at several levels. Should be global. For example, in the end, save up for the construction of your own two-story house with an area of ​​800 sq.

m ... Enter the European market with your idea ... See your name in the Forbes lists ... Oh, dreams, dreams ... However, you shouldn't treat them lightly! All the mighty of this world once started with such banal "houses".

We necessarily break the big goal into many stages, immediately prescribing a parallel of compliance with the stages of the business and, if possible, estimating the time frame for implementation. And when you acquire just such a package of clearly distributed small goals, you can safely proceed to their gradual implementation!

Opening a business in Moscow is not difficult, it is much more difficult to choose a promising business niche and create a successful business. We will devote this review to the most relevant types of business and ideas for the capital with examples of successful cases in small business. Not every startup that is successful in another city will have the same success in Moscow. Absolutely any business project in the capital has both pluses and minuses, which you need to have an idea of ​​before starting.

But Moscow is called the city of opportunities for a reason. Due to the huge market and consumer activity, it is in the capital that you can start a business for every taste, even with the most minimal investment. The metropolis is also open to high-tech, innovative startups. Before entering the mega-market of the capital, entrepreneurs should conduct a market research, monitor, in order to understand which project will “shoot” in Moscow today.

In comparison with provincial cities, Moscow small business spends more on advertising and rent. The costs of entrepreneurs in the capital are higher, but the income of a successful business is an order of magnitude higher than that of provincial companies: Moscow still provides the greatest opportunities. The income of Muscovites, and most importantly, the openness to new, original ideas, give startups a serious chance of success.

Business ideas and cases for Moscow that are working today

Healthy food trend

There are many examples of successful business in the field of food production. In recent years, the demand for organic, healthy lifestyle and craft products has been steadily growing. The XXII Century Products company specializes in superfoods: it sells at least 60 tons of healthy products per month with a profit of 2 million rubles. Chia seeds popular with healthy lifestyle supporters, for example, are so cheap in their homeland, in South America, that the markup of 300-400% is considered low.

Home delivery of healthy lifestyle food is also a profitable direction. The family company BeFit launched a delivery service in 2021 - and despite the impressive competition, in 2 years it reached a turnover of 137 million rubles and a profit of 13 million. The main customers are busy people seeking to lose weight and athletes. The company delivers an average of 30 thousand food sets per month - all of them are developed by professional nutritionists, take into account the preferences of allergy sufferers and vegetarians, and are available to people with a monthly income of 60-70 thousand rubles.

Fresh Cocoa startup is engaged in the production of craft chocolate - 3 tons of products per month bring 700 thousand rubles in profit. The launch of the company cost 1 million rubles. Craft chocolate is a healthy, tasty and, most importantly, profitable delicacy. In Europe and the USA, this is a highly competitive niche, but in Russia there are still few manufacturers of an exclusive product.

Confectionery, pastries and fancy cakes

According to a Nielsen study, confectionery is the second largest segment of FMCG in Russia. “Healthy” or traditional sweets are popular among the people.

The founders of Sweetclub came up with an interesting idea of ​​a business on cakes and cakes - they developed a franchise for the production of baked goods decorated with edible cartoon and comic book characters from Disney, Star Wars, Universal, Marvel. Despite the pandemic, the company's monthly turnover in the summer of 2021 exceeded 5 million rubles.

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